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Daddy's girl

Her mom had died a year ago so she was the lady of the house. She took care of everything. As she cleaned house, she wore only a t-shirt and thong. After she cleaned she would shower. Her dad walked in and saw her bending over and her ass bare except for the thin fabric of the thong. He got hard just seeing her ass. She turned before he could exit the room and saw his cock hard in his pants. After she finished cleaning she showered and went to find her dad. He was in his study. She wore only a towel barely coving the size D tits. they oddly were so like her moms. He looked up at her and smiled and asked what she needed. She walked behing him and leaned over and kissed his cheek. She ran her hands down his chest as she breathed in his ear. She knew she needed to take care of her dad now. She kissed his mouth. At first he did not respond till she entered her tongue in his mouth. Then he sucked the tongue like he was starving. She dropped the towel and rubbed her tit against him. She came around and sit on his lap and continued to kiss him. She pulled his hand to her tits and he started to massage them feeling the nipples firm up. She unbuttoned his shirt and rubbed his nipples massaging his tits. She felt him get hard as she sat on him. She took his hand to her shaved pussy and pressed it to her. She moved it over her as he seemed to not know what to do. As he felt her pussy, she stood up and stood the dad up and undid his pants. She pulled his pants down till he was bare. His cock stood straight out and she was impressed at his size. She sat him in the chair and got on her knees and began to lick his cock and balls. He immediately leaked cum for her to taste. She then took his cock into her mouth and started to suck it. She heard him moan. He leaned back and enjoyed the sucking till she took every inch of his huge cock in her mouth. "Oh baby, that feels so good." he told her. Then he pushed her head down on his cock as he shot his cum into her mouth. He was amazed to see her swallow every drop and then lick his cock clean. She then kissed her fathers mouth and let him taste his own cum on her tongue. She sat on his lap and spread her legs. She placed his hand over her pussy. "finger my pussy daddy." "Make me cum." Her dad pushed his huge finger into her hole and started finger fucking her. "Yes, give me more." she said and he added another finger. Soon she was cumming over his fingers and hand. She took the fingers and sucked them tasting her own cum. She straddle his lap with a knee on each side of him and felt his huge cock against her ass. He was hard and ready to fuck. She raised up and placed his cock to the entrance of her hole and then sat down on it pushing the dad's huge cock into her. She was thinking how lucky she was that he was hung so well. She raised up and down on his hard shaft. He then grabbed her by the hips and moved her with great speed up and down on his cock. He could not believe he was fucking his only daughter and enjoying it. His cock felt so good in her tight cunt. He grabbed a nipple between his teeth and chewed and sucked the big round marble. He now moved his hands from her hips to cup her ass. What a great ass she has. He could not believe his daughter has such large tits and a perfect ass just like her mom had. He fucked her deep and hard till he shot his cum deep inside her. She stayed on his lap with his cock inside her. "It is my job now to take care of all your needs." "I will sl**p in your bed and fuck you all night. I will fuck you in this study and in the kitchen. We will shower and stay naked in our house and I will suck your cock many times. Mom told me you have a big thirst for sex and used to fuck her four and five times a day. She asked me to take care of you. I will take great care of you."
The father then stood with his cock still inside his daughter and walked with her on his shaft to his bed. Tonight he would not hate going to bed. and tomorrow would be a great sexual day.

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