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Once it happened that our relatives from another city came to visit our f****y. Because of this reason the parents asked my s****r to give them place in her room and to sl**p several nights on a sofa in my room.
I was already a student of 19 years old but I was still virgin. My 16 year old s****r was finishing the school (and she was virgin too, I suppose).
Thus on the first night of guests’ stay my s****r and me came to sl**p in my room. When I entered the room, the s****r was already in her nightgown lying under the blanket. I wished her good night and climbed onto my bed. My bed stood by the wall adjacent in relation to my s****r’s sofa in such a way that there was a right angle between them. And we were lying in such a position that we could look at each other.
It is worth to say that at nighttime, when lights in the room were off, it was rather dark inside. Any outside light almost could not reach through the windows, but when the eyes adapt to darkness, one could distinguish relatively small objects.
Rather soon I started falling asl**p and eventually started snuffling but something made me open my eyes. I was laying on my side in such a manner that I could see the s****r. Having my eyes open but staying immobile I noticed that the s****r’s silhouette, lying on her back, is strangely swaying. It did not resemble usual breathing of a sl**ping person. The movement of the blanket that she was lying under, happened much more frequently than breathing and, which is more important, occurred much below her breast.
Having peered at it I understood that her right hand regularly goes up and down under the blanket on her stomach like if she was scratching, but the scratching did not stop.
And then I understood, WHAT she was doing! She was masturbating!
This revelation caused the strongest effect on me. Never before, even on pictures, did I see masturbating women, and generally hardly imagined how it happens with them. Naturally, my penis responded immediately. But I still did not move, just feeling the growing burst of excitation. And I continued my observations. My eyes adapted to the darkness completely and I started to distinguish the details.
My s****r was still lying on her back with slightly spread legs. The movements of her hand repeated rather monotonously and lasted for 10 or 15 minutes. At some moment her left hand came to her breast and started stroking it. Then from the heave of her breast I noticed that she started breathing faster and deeper. At this moment the movements of her right hand slowed down more and more. With her legs still spread apart she raised her knees and almost ceased moving her hand. Suddenly she abruptly draw her arm from under the blanket and smelled the hand! At the same moment her pelvis raised abruptly and started swaying from side to side. She was enjoying her excitement abiding the edge of orgasm! But she could not bear it too long. Already after 5 or 10 seconds her hand jumped back under the blanket and started moving very quickly. Still moving the hand and with bent legs she slowly tumbled on her side. The movement ceased and I heard a sweet sigh upon just experienced pleasure.
These observations drove me to the extreme stage of sexual excitement. My dick was strongly strained and was issuing a drop of precum from time to time; the scrotum hardened as a stone and pressed the balls; my perineum was throbbing.
My s****r had already calmed down, still resting on her side with bent legs, and possibly started getting asl**p, but my excitation kept on. I was afraid of any movement; moreover, how could I let myself to masturbate, though I wanted to badly? That would a bit too thick, if now I become an object of observation!
Obviously, in such a condition I could not sl**p. About half an hour passed but I was still lying with open eyes, without moving a bit. And suddenly my s****r again turned onto her back.
No doubt, she wanted to repeat the procedure. But this time she threw the blanket away and formed a kind of wall between herself and me that hid her body and hand. I saw nothing any more. Instead, sounds appeared that had been absorber by the blanket before. First I heard a regular rustling caused by movements of the hand over the body and pubic hair. The rustling was hardly audible but distinct enough and repeated with the same periodicity as hand movements that I saw in the previous session. Then another sound added to rustling, the sound like smacking.
I understood that a moist oozed out of her labia and they smack, departing and meeting under the movement of her hand.
As soon as I imagined it, my excitation became incredible. I lost my mind. I could not resist any more the f***e that arose within me.
As a sl**p-walker I rose from my bed. With an imperceptible movement the s****r pulled the blanket on herself and pretended to be sl**ping. I came up to her sofa, sat to the floor and passed my hand under her blanket. She flinched a little but gave herself by nothing else.
My hand travelled over her stomach and reached unusually soft and curly hair. And I found a warm and humid cavity between them. Touching it I felt a paroxysm of madness. All my parts ached of pleasure caused by this touch.
My s****r was still lying calm but spread her legs slightly broader. And I starter touching her, feeling all soft prominences of her body, moving my hand up and down her perineum that was filling with moisture more and more.
Then she put her hand over mine, again throwing the blanket away. I felt a sourish womanish smell that I never knew before. This is why she had smelled her hand! For her, this smell is also pleasant! But it excited me even more, if a higher excitation could be possible in my condition of that moment.
Her hand commanded mine, giving the rate and direction of movement. The rate gradually slowed down, and simultaneously my s****r started trembling with all her body and moving her pelvis. At each movement of my hand up the trembling grew, her pelvis came up and she issued faint sounds, pent-up groans, mostly like whimper. Finally the synchronized movement of our hand almost ceased, but the groans became more distinct and mixed with her wild breathing. She was approaching the edge.
My penis, all my parts overloaded with sperm experienced a painful wish to get rid of it.
Finally my s****r made my hand to fulfill several fast movements and finished, convulsively jerking with all her body. Then her body relieved, stretched, and her right hand powerlessly dropped from the sofa.
Dropped, and unexpectedly met my high stretched overexcited dick that emerged from my trousers by itself. After a second of confusion she understood the property of this object and started touching it with unskilful movements. I felt these touches of a maiden’s hands as an incredible bliss, but it could not last long. I cummed fiercely, pouring my sperm into her hand, to my trousers and the sofa.
During all our manipulations with my s****r not a word was spoken. After staying a while on the floor, I returned to my bed, still saying not a single word, and laid down. I could not sl**p. The madness of passion emerged, the biting shame replaced it. How could I make such a thing with my s****r? How we would be able to look at each other the next day? So I was lying in my bed until the next morning, without closing my eyes.
In the morning, not a word was spoken about the event. We just exchanged a single long glance — and forgot this episode forever. As it were a nightmare. Never more in our life we repeated this experience.

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