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Escaping the Streets

True Story: I've had my share of difficulties in this life and then some. But I've survived. Had to sell a little pussy and suck a few dicks. Kept my self clean, but it's not a good life. Every man thinks it's a great life, but for a woman it's not. Been robbed a few times, but nerver beat up.

So one afternoon I'm a little, innocent looking black girl waitint for a city bus in a bus stop shelter in Richmond, Virginia and this white guy stops his car to ask for directions. Found out pretty quickly that what he really wanted to know was if I was available. I was - gotta survive, you know.

I didn't have any place to take him so I recommended a by-the-hour dive south on Jeff Davis Highway. It's safe and clean enough, but definitely not fancy.

I think Bill wanted a GF experience because he started out real slow. We were standing up in an embrace, him leaning back against the dresser. Soft kisses, rubbed my back and shoulders in a light embrace. Man, I was getting turned on myself. He was respectful of me, unlike so many other MFs, but a little too slow. After about 15 minutes, I leaned back away from him and unbuttoned my blouse. I was smaller then and my tits still in my bra were tiny like a very young girl.

Bill reached down and cupped my ass with his hands, and I tightened up my muscles as he pulled me into him. Now things were picking up speed like they should!

I undid his belt, unzipped his pants, and let them fall to the ground. I could see the outline of his swollen dick, not enormous, but proportional to his 6-foot height. I lightly traced it up and down his dick with my finger nails, just teasing a little more size out of it. I pulled the elastic of his tighty whities forward to get a look. The circumsized head of his dick was wet with pre-cum, which I rubbed around in a circle with the tip of my index finger. His muscles made little jerking movements in response, and I could hear his breathing speed up. We're still standing up.

Bill removes his shirt and mine, then quickly undresses me completely. Now for the first time, he leads me to the bed. I laid down on my back with knees raised and spread wide so he could see everything through my unshaved hair. He was real interested in my pussy - no surprise - and really examined me closely, maybe to make sure I didn't have any obvious disease.

He sees the full height of my excited clit the moment he spreads me open with his fingers. He teases me with one finger, then takes me into his mouth. Wow, he's no stranger to a woman and his tongue movements make muscles jerk in excitement.

Then he positions himself over me supporting his weight with his arms, not laying on top of me. Only the head of his dick is touching near my clit. "Monica, rub me against your clit," he instructs. I am more than happy to enjoy that contact, up and down, up and down.

In a matter of minutes, Bill's getting close to cumming and so am I, so I push that white head into my black hole and raise my hips. I think he only got another 4 or 5 strokes before he came deep inside me. What a load; I could feel his dick shoot stream after stream of semen against the back wall of my vagina. I must have cum too because I felt a wave of satisfaction and relief.

We relaxed into each other's arms, back to the soft kisses.

And yes I took his money and have for nearly 10 years since. What He gives me and the help of f****y members for shelter, I never sold out again. So, why didn't I marry or move in with Bill? Unfortunately he already had a wife and c***dren and wasn't in a position to give that up. I do love him and he loves me too...every chance he gets!

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