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Fun with s****r Ch.1

*Note that this is entirely a work of fiction, even though I may wish it was true...*

When I'm not in college, I live in a very small house that doesn't afford much privacy. My older s****r's room is just a few feet away from mine and night after night I would lay awake in my bed, watching porn on my laptop and thinking of her. I got into i****t/taboo porn and I would imagine my s****r and I in those situations. Of course my cock would get instantly hard at the thought of seeing my s****r's magnificent boobs.

Let me describe myself and her. I am about six feet tall and I carry a few extra pounds (I'm a little chubby, but not too bad), with short black hair, and a seven inch long cock with trimmed pubic hair. My s****r is about 5'5", a little chubby, with long brown hair, and great tits. My cock is hard just writing about them!

Anyways, I was laying in bed stroking my cock and my door creaked open. I stopped for a second, but as no one was barging in, I figured that it couldn't be my dad, so I started up again. Now I was being a little noisier, getting turned on by the fact that someone was watching me! After about a minute, I noticed that the door was open a little more. Now I could see who was watching me. It was my s****r! She had one hand down her loose fitting pajama pants and one hand was groping a massive breast that was covered up by a tanktop. I didn't think that she knew I saw her, so I played it cool. But I knew that I couldn't possibly keep this up for much longer!

I was stroking harder and faster and then I saw something. My s****r removed her hand from her pants, brought it up to her mouth, licked her fingers, and then put it back down her pants. This was enough for me! I immediately began cumming rope after rope all over myself, one shot hitting my shoulder, one landing on my chest, and the rest on my stomach and cock. I reached for the towel that I keep by my bedside to wipe myself clean and when I looked back, the door was closed. I listened very carefully and heard my s****r's door to her room close. I cleaned myself off, smiled to myself, and went to sl**p.

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