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I'm a 5'11,mid -built about 155lb.with good hair(low cut)with a dark brown skin tone.I have gold front teeth,and a diamond earring in my left ear.I HAVE A STRONG SWEET TOOTH for thick sexy women.I'm a dark chocolate b*****r that has a sex drive that hits right at a womans heart. And this is one of my sexual stories of my future wife and her getting a little taste of DARK CHOCOLATE!!!!IF YOU LIKE LEAVE A COMMENT!!!IF NOT LET ME KNOW!!!HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!

Me and my girl try different things all the time to enhance our sexual relationship,you know just to keep a spark in it. So, late night when I came home from a run I had to make.I walked in the door,the living room was rearranged with the bed on the floor and candles all around it and a slow jam playing in the background.I looked around and noticed her laying across the bed all oiled up and looking sexy as fuck.In my head I'm saying "Damn know that's what's up".But what came out was"baby,I'm hungry can we eat first".
Feeling a little disappointed ,by putting myself in her shoes.I decided to make it up by flipping her over ,spreading her thick thighs and giving her couple of passionate licks at her clean shaved pussy.SWEET AND JUICY AS EVER!!!With every lick and stroke I took against her nice round clit.She moaned and produced juices for me to enjoy till she cooked something up.I asked her to make something simple so we could get back to business.
After eating we rolled a blunt,d***k some ARBOR MIST and watched (SAW6).
While we SMOKED AND WATCHED THE MOVIE ,SHE LAID IN MY FAVORITE SEXUAL POSE.That kept my attention more on her ass then watching the movie.So every now and then i'd rub and and lick all over her ass,just to keep the pussy wet till the movie went off.
Now I remind you that smoking green causes you to have the sweet tooth.So once the movie was over, that sweet tooth and horniness kicked in.I told her that I had a sweet tooth and she flipped over to spread her legs, grabbed and opened her juicy pussy and said:"here you go".So with no problem and with the speed of light I went down to satisfy that desire.With the sight of this JUICY PUSSY in my face,my dick instantly got hard.I pushed back her legs and grabbed both sides of her pussy lips and opened them as far as they could go and stuck my tounge in as far as I could and stroked till my jaws got tired,in the process of swallowing all the juices that slid down my throat.Once my jaws got tired from tounge fucking the pussy I'd suck on the clit and finger the pussy with two or three fingers.Three is kind of hard cause she's so tight,but with her cum and pussy juice lubercating my fingers, made it easy.
Once she nutted a couple of times in my mouth I gave it one last good lick,to get the extra cum that ran down her ass cheecks.Didn't want to waste any.
I got up and took a sip of our drink and lit up the blunt ounce again.She crawled up on her knees gabbed my dick and stroked it with her hand and slowly worked it into her mouth.With every pull of the blunt and every stroke of her wet,warm mouth my dick grew till it was at it's full 8 and a half inches.At that point I pulled it out her mouth and put whipp cream down it's full length and served it back to her.She grabbed it and sucked it till it was clean.
While she continued to suck my dick bent over doggie style,I poured baby oil down her back and all over her ass till it shined like a glazed ham.I rubbed the oil all over her ass while I fucked her in the mouth,sticking my dick deep down her throat and grinding causing her to gag with each pump.SHE LOVES THAT SHIT!!!!!
After the oral play was done she remained on her knees while I climbed on that oily big ass and fucked her to an out bursting climax,and even then I still didn't stop pounding the pussy.Pussy feeling so good I almost came ,but didn't cause I had a idea in mind.I pulled out the pussy ,stood in front of her and stuck my dick back in her mouth and waited till she sucked and licked all her cream off my shit.I flipped her over and lifted one leg on my shoulder and stuck my dick back into that juicy pussy,and pounded it till her cream covered my dick again.
As I was feeling myself about to cum ,I pulled out sprayed it with whip cream and she sucked my dick with the whipcream in her mouth till I came down her throat.
Watching her lick the cum and whipcream off the sides of her mouth like an exotic porn star,caused my dick to harden instantly again.With plenty of energy left I went back in for a second round.This time I gave her a creampie,and gave her a soft passionate kiss and told her" I LOVE YOU"as I came deep in her pussy.



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