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A Tale of Two Moms - Book One

'A Tale of Two Moms" - Book 1

Another ambiguous biographical fantasy by DizzyD

Story Codes: Fb, mom-son, inc, voy, mast. oral

This story is a work of fiction, and is intended for adults only. It is a fictional biography, and it conforms with all legal statutes and is protected under the Byrne Convention.

Chapter One

Alice Taylor had spent the entire day getting ready for her son Richie’s return home. She felt terrible that the barely adolescent boy had spent his birthday in the hospital, but considering how much worse it could have been, she was just thankful that he was coming home at all. The accident had been bad. Richie was riding his bike when he ran into a delivery truck. He had broken his left arm and wrist, his right wrist and severely sprained his left knee. Luckily he was wearing a helmet so none of his injuries were life-threatening. But they were serious enough to keep him immobile in the hospital for five days, and thanks to the casts on his arms and the injury to his knee, he would be fairly helpless for at least the next few weeks.

Richie was a really good k**, and Alice’s pride and joy. Due to a complication during her pregnancy, he wound up an only c***d. His size and mop of blond hair made him look a little frail, but he took part in all the things boys his age enjoyed doing, including football, baseball and riding his bike. He did well in school, was always polite and respectful to his elders, and prior to the accident was a really big help to his mom around the house. Unlike a lot of k**s his age, Richie never complained about doing his chores. This was a huge blessing to Alice, since her bastard husband John had walked out on them nearly two years earlier for his 20-something secretary.

John’s infidelity had surprised a lot of people that knew the Taylors, because it seemed like they had the ideal f****y. He was a handsome, successful businessman who played golf at his country club and enjoyed barbecuing on weekends. Despite having a degree in retail marketing, Alice loved her role as a stay-at-home mom. She was involved in the school PTA, and oversaw a variety of civic and charitable organizations. She was the perfect neighbor and liked by everyone. And while she was no longer in her twenties, she was still very attractive with fair skin, blonde hair, blue eyes and an athletic figure. As a matter of fact, many people thought she bore a striking resemblance to the actress Elizabeth Banks.

When John walked out on them, Alice and Richie were both devastated, and their mutual sorrow helped them forge an even stronger bond than they already had. They loved doing things together, and since Alice was awarded primary custody of Richie, as well as their beautiful home and a very healthy financial settlement, the two were only separated when Richie was in school or out playing with his friends. When he was at home, he would watch a movie or play board games with his mom rather than immerse himself in video games. It was obvious to everyone that mother and son adored each other.

The day of Richie’s accident was one Alice would never forget. She was in the kitchen preparing dinner when her neighbor and best friend Barb Davis ran to her back door and told her that Richie had been struck by a car. As they ran down the street, Barb told her that Richie and her son Billy were riding their bikes together and Richie had run into the back of the delivery truck. By the time they arrived, the paramedics were already attending to the young boy. He was crying out in pain, and this caused Alice to immediately panic. A paramedic quickly got to her and told her that there was no evidence of head or internal injuries, but that it appeared he was suffering from multiple broken bones, and that they were going to transport him to Metro Hospital. That terrifying experience had been five days ago, but now her baby was coming home.

At about 1:00 a large red and white ambulance pulled into the driveway and Alice, along with Barb and Billy Davis rushed out to greet Richie. The paramedics opened the back door, and there sat the bruised young boy, reclined on a stretcher, with a wide smile on his face. Once the stretcher was extracted, Alice gave her boy a careful hug and a kiss on the cheek, followed by Barb, and then he even got a quick hug from his best friend Billy. He was so happy to be home with his mom, his best friend, his own bed and some good home cooking. Alice had already told him that she had invited the Davis’s over for a cookout, and that she was making one of Richie’s favorites… barbecue cheddar cheeseburgers!

The cookout was great, even though Alice had to feed Richie like a baby thanks to the casts on both arms. Still, after a week of lousy hospital food, his burger was about the best tasting thing he had ever eaten. It was also fun to have the Davis’s over. Barb Davis was like a second mom to Richie, and Billy had been his best friend since kindergarten… and Richie really liked the Davis’s beautiful sixteen year old daughter Shelly. As a matter of fact, since Richie had recently begun to notice girls, Shelly had become his first crush. Even Mr. Davis came over, despite the fact that Barb had confided in Alice that the two had been experiencing some marital problems.

After dinner, the Davis’s said their goodbyes and left for home. Alice helped Richie into a wheelchair that he would need to use for a few days until the swelling in his knee went down, and wheeled him back towards his bedroom. Normally his knee injury might only require him to use crutches, but since he also had two broken wrists and a broken arm, crutches were out of the question. Alice had never been so glad that their big suburban home was a sprawling ranch-style, having everything on one floor. Even so, the next few weeks would be a challenge. To his credit, John had actually offered to come over and help out, but Alice still carried a grudge over his betrayal, and turned down his offer.

Once they were in Richie’s room, Alice stood in front of him, put her hands under his arms and gently lifted him to a standing position. Luckily, the young boy was still pretty light for his age. That, combined with the fact that the thirty-five year old mother kept in shape with regular visits to the gym, made it easy for her to maneuver Richie around.

As Alice started to move Richie towards his bed, her young son said, “Umm, mom… I have to use the bathroom.”

Alice knew it was only a matter of time before this issue arose, and with both his arms in casts and support bandages from his fingertips to his upper arms, she was prepared for the fact that he would need help. She had suggested a bedpan, but Richie had begged her to spare him that indignation. So when he said he needed to go, Alice just laughed and said, “Ok sport, number one or number two?”

The young boy blushed just a little and said, “Number one.”

Alice gave her sweet angel a hug around the shoulder and said, “It’s ok sweetie, I know I have to help you… and besides, it wasn’t that long ago that I was still giving you a bath.”

Truth was that even though it had been a few years since she washed his back while he sat in the tub, he didn’t look much different than when he was nine or ten. He had grown a little in height, but he was still thin, and his teenaged body was only beginning to show some signs of definition.

Alice slowly guided him back to the bathroom and stood him in front of the toilet, putting most of his weight on his good leg, and then she reached for the waistband of his boxers and began pulling them down. As she tugged them over his narrow hips, she realized it had been a while since she had seen his privates. It wasn’t that they were prudes, but since Richie was old enough to shower and dress himself, the occasions just never really arose. So Alice had to admit there was a little curiosity as she pulled down the garment. With one last tug, his boxers were around his knees, and Richie’s private region was exposed to his mom’s eyes.

Alice didn’t want to embarrass her adolescent son, but she did want to take a minute to look at him. His penis hung a couple of inches down, a soft, pale white shaft with a pink mushroom head at the tip… easily visible since Richie was circumcised. Underneath her son’s penis were two acorn sized testicles in a smooth white sack. Alice also noticed that, while Richie’s chest and legs were virtually hairless, a few wisps of fine blond hair had begun to spring up in the area above his young penis. While she looked him over, Alice noticed a little flutter in her tummy as she realized her little boy was showing signs of becoming a man.

She finally looked up at Richie and noticed he was starting to blush, so she decided to ease his embarrassment with a joke and said, “Well, it’s not like this is the first one I’ve seen!”

Thanks to health classes in school and the ‘sex talk’ he had with his dad, he knew exactly what his mom meant and they both laughed at her comment, helping ease the tension. But that relaxed moment quickly passed when Richie said, “Mom, I kind of have to aim it so I don’t pee all over myself or the floor.”

Once again Alice smiled at her young son and said, “That’s ok honey, I’ll aim for you.” Then they both laughed when she added, “And besides, if you pee all over, I’m the one who has to clean it up!”

With that, Alice reached towards her son’s crotch and took his limp penis between her thumb and fingers. Then, aiming the pink head towards the bowl, she giggled and said, “Ok sweetie, let ‘er rip.”

His mom’s jokes had really relaxed Richie, and with a sigh he let go with a steady stream of light yellow liquid from his boyish penis into the bowl. Richie noticed how soft and gentle his mom’s touch felt as she held his dick. Alice was being observant too, noticing how warm the limp tube of flesh felt as she held it.

Before long the steady stream turned to a drip. As Richie finished relieving himself, Alice gave his penis a few shakes. But as she shook off the last drops, she suddenly felt it beginning to swell. She couldn’t believe it, but it felt like her little boy was getting an erection. As she held his small organ, it began to get thicker and longer. It quickly doubled in length and girth, and Alice was momentarily mesmerized by the transformation. Richie was also aware of what was happening, and tried to make it stop… but his mom’s soft touch had made that impossible. Finally she snapped out of her trance and realized she was still holding his stiffening penis, so she quickly released the swelling shaft and pulled up his boxers.

As Alice helped Richie get back to bed, both were thinking about what had happened in the bathroom, though neither mentioned it. Both were just so happy to finally have him back home in his own bed. The young mother gave her son a prescribed pain medication to help him sl**p, kissed him on the forehead and told him that she loved him. Then she turned off the light and left the room.

Now that the busy day was over, and Richie was sound asl**p, Alice poured herself a glass of wine and sat on the couch with her book. But as she tried to read, her mind kept wandering back to when she was holding her young son’s growing penis in her fingers. Just then she realized what Richie already knew… that it was her touch had caused it. ‘I can’t believe I was giving my own son a hard on’, she thought to herself. She tried reading her book… to block the thoughts of her little boy’s inflating cock out of her mind, but she couldn’t. She still thought of him as her baby, which made the thought of him getting an erection even more intriguing, and while she denied it in her mind… more exciting. Finding it impossible to concentrate on her book, she finished her wine and went to bed.

Chapter Two

After an uncharacteristically restless night of sl**p, Alice woke up to a beautiful morning. She decided to let Richie sl**p in, knowing that the pain medication had probably put him out pretty good. After keeping herself busy for a while, she heard Richie calling, “Mom… hey mom.”

Alice made her way into her son’s room and opened the d****s to let the sun in. Then she looked back at her boy, still propped up on the pile of pillows that helped to keep him from rolling over on either of his broken arms. She walked over to him and kissed him on the forehead, and then said, “Good morning honey, how did you sl**p?”

“Pretty good,” Richie replied, still sounding a little groggy. Then he added, “Those pills really help.”

“Do you think you need one this morning?” his mom asked.

“No thanks mom… they don’t feel so bad right now,” he answered enthusiastically.

“Ok honey,” Alice replied, and then she added, “Do you need to use the bathroom.”

Richie looked away from his mom, and then after a brief pause said, “Maybe in a few minutes.”

Alice looked at her young son quizzically, thinking it odd that he didn’t need to use the restroom after ten hours of sl**p, and then she asked, “Richie honey… is everything alright?”

The fact was he did have to pee, but something was wrong… he had a morning erection. And it wasn’t the semi-erect penis he had gotten the night before… this was full-blown hard on! Richie had been getting morning erections for a while now, and the one he was sporting this morning felt like it was made of steel. He was hoping against hope that it would go away, because he was too embarrassed to let his mom see it, but he knew he couldn’t hold his bladder much longer.

Once again his mom asked, “Richie, are you ok?”

After another minute of evading his mom’s questions, he realized he couldn’t hold it any longer and said, “Mom, I do have to pee, but… ummm”

“But what honey,” his mom asked, truly not knowing what was wrong.

He finally dropped his head, and in a soft voice he said, “Mom, my, ummm… my thing is hard.”

For a split second she didn’t know what ‘thing’ he was talking about, and then it suddenly donned on her, and in an understanding voice she said, “Honey, do you mean you have an erection?”

Once again, he looked straight down and said, “Yeah.”

Alice just smiled and said, “Honey, it’s perfectly normal for boys to get erections in the morning.” Then she said, “And they also get them at other times… just like you started to get yesterday.”

Richie blushed. Now he was certain his mom had noticed his penis getting hard the day before. And she was right… he had started getting them at other times. Sometimes it was because he had to pee, and sometimes it was because of a pretty girl… and that included her. He would never admit it, but he did think his mom was one of the prettiest women in the world, and when she would occasionally walk by in a towel or her bra and panties, his dick would get hard.

Once again Alice reassured her boy that what he was experiencing was no big deal. Then she said, “Look honey, I’m your mom, so nothing you have or do should embarrass you in front of me, ok?” Richie just nodded. Then his mom said, “Good, now let’s get you to the bathroom.”

Alice rolled the wheelchair next to the bed, and then helped Richie slide into the seat. As she moved behind him to wheel him into the bathroom, she couldn’t resist looking over his shoulder at the fairly prominent tent that had formed in his boxers. She wheeled him down the hallway to the bathroom, and once again stood in front of him and lifted him underneath his arms. When she stood him up straight, his hips came forward and his rock-hard dick bumped into her upper thigh like a battering ram.

Alice laughed and said, “Hey, watch that thing… you could hurt someone!”

Richie grinned and sheepishly said, “Sorry mom.”

His beautiful mom just smiled and said, “That’s ok honey, I’m just k**ding.”

Once Alice had him in position, she took a deep breath, grasped the waistband of his boxers and started to pull them down. At first the elastic waistband pushed his hard penis straight down until it passed the head, and then his erection sprang from the material and bounced up and down like a diving board.

Now the young mother got another good look at her little boy’s penis, but this time it was jutting straight out from his thin frame. It had grown to about five inches in length, and the shaft was twice the diameter it was when it was soft, with a slight upward curve. And the tiny pink head she had seen the day before was now more swollen and a light shade of purple. She could also see it bobbing slightly up and down as his bl**d pumped into it, keeping it stiff.

After taking the sight in, Alice composed herself and said, “Ok honey, are you ready?”

Richie just nodded, and then Alice reached for his hard prick. She noticed her hand was trembling slightly as her fingertips gently grasped his cock, causing Richie to let out a little gasp. Then she tried to point it down towards the toilet bowl… but it was too hard to bend. Alice tried to move it at different angles, but instead of helping, her inadvertent squeezing and stroking was actually causing Richie’s penis to get even harder. When Alice heard her little boy let out an involuntary groan, she finally realized she was unintentionally giving him a hand job!

Alice suddenly released his prick, causing it to spring up again, and then she said, “I’m sorry, sweetie, I can’t bend it far enough down.” Then she said, “How do you pee when it’s hard like this?”

“I usually lean forward with one hand on the back of the toilet and I aim with the other,” Richie replied, then he said, “But I can’t do that with these casts.”

Then Alice suddenly had a brilliant idea… she moved Richie over to the shower stall, and once inside she stood behind him holding him under his arms. Then she just gave him a little pat on his cute bare butt and Richie sighed in relief as he relaxed his muscles and his pee arched up from his hard dick and splashed against the back shower wall.

When the stream eased, Alice reached around his body to once again shake off the excess droplets before pulling up is boxers. Only this time, instead of using a couple of fingers around Richie’s penis, she u*********sly wrapped her entire hand around the hard column of flesh. Richie’s body jerked as his mom’s fist gently squeezed his stiff cock. When Alice heard her little boy’s reaction, she snapped back to reality and quickly finished shaking him before pulling up his boxers.

For the rest of the day, neither mother nor son mentioned the incident, but Alice couldn’t stop thinking about her baby boy’s hard penis felt in her hand. While it was only about five inches (still pretty impressive for a boy his age), it looked much bigger next to his skinny, almost hairless body. And when she held it, she actually felt it gently throbbing. As much as she tried, she couldn’t shake the image of his boy-cock, or how it felt in her trembling hand. She also couldn’t deny that when she thought about the incident, she could feel a stirring deep in her own groin.

For Richie, the feel of his mom’s soft, warm hand gently gripping his shaft was maybe the most amazing thing he had ever felt. His only regret was, because of his injuries, he couldn’t use that memory as stimulation during his newly learned hobby… masturbation. Both Richie and Billy had heard of masturbation… or ‘jerking off’ as the older boys called it, but neither had tried it until a few weeks earlier when Billy came upon a hidden stash of his father’s old Penthouse magazines. That day they both learned an erection had a purpose, and since then they had both become fond practitioners of the art of self-pleasure. But while Barb Davis had found some evidence that Billy was jacking off, Alice had no idea her sweet little Richie knew anything about masturbation… but that was going to change very soon.

The next couple of mornings were pretty uneventful, with the issue of Richie’s morning erections being solved by peeing in the shower. But on Richie’s third full day home, a new issue arose. With both of his arms in casts and his knee in a brace, Alice had been trying to get by with just washing Richie’s face, brushing his teeth and changing his boxers and t-shirt every day. But when she walked into his room on day three, it was obvious that he was in need of a bath.

In his condition, Richie couldn’t take a conventional bath or shower. So Alice got him into his wheelchair, then after stripping his bed sheets, she laid down a plastic sheet with towels on top so she could give him a sponge bath. After changing herself into an old night shirt, she took off Richie’s t-shirt and boxers, and then helped him back on the bed. Before she could begin, Richie gave a faint protest by saying, “Mom, do you really need to give me a bath… it’s kind of embarrassing?”

Alice laughed and said, “Honey, no offense… but you stink!” Then she added, “Besides, you weren’t embarrassed when some nurse was giving you a bath.”

Richie laughed and replied, “Yeah, that’s because my nurse was a guy!”

Alice hadn’t realized a male nurse had given him his baths, so she laughed and said, “Well, now you’re stuck with your old mom.”

“You’re not old mom,” Richie said in a sweet defensive tone, “you’re prettier than any other girl I know.”

Alice was both flattered and taken back by what her little boy said, having no idea he felt that way about her. She actually welled up a little, and as she began washing his back with the soapy sponge, she said, “Honey, that is about the nicest think anyone has ever said to me.”

After she rinsed and blotted Richie’s back dry, she laid him back on the soft towels and then moved down to his feet. She gently washed each foot, causing Richie to let out a contented sigh as she massaged the soap in. As she did, she gazed at his soft prick and his hairless balls. Then she began moving up each leg. She washed around the brace on his sprained left knee first. Then, after doing the right leg, she lifted it straight up to get access to his cute little bum.

She took the warm sponge and gently washed around his cheeks, before pushing the tip of the sponge between them to wash his tiny puckered anus. But at some point she told herself the sponge wasn’t doing the job, so she put it aside and began using just her soapy fingers to wash the sensitive area. The feeling of his mom’s warm, smooth fingertips rubbing his little bum-hole was incredible to the young boy. Alice could also tell Richie was enjoying the feeling, because right before her eyes, her son’s cock began to swell. She tried to tell herself she was just being thorough, but she kept massaging the area for longer than needed until Richie’s cock had grown to a full erection.

Neither mom nor son said a word as she finally rinsed his backside and laid his leg back down. Then she moved to his upper body. First she used the sponge to wash his underarms, but as she got to his undeveloped chest, she put the sponge aside again and soaped her hands. When she began to gently massage the soap into his chest with her soft hands, Richie let out another low moan.

Despite Alice’s best efforts to convince herself differently, this had become more than just a sponge bath… and she really didn’t know where it was leading. She just knew that she was enjoying the reactions she was getting from her son, both in his low moans and the hard column of flesh now bobbing over his groin. Just then she purposely dragged her thumbs over his erect little nipples, and her baby let out a gasp as his rock hard cock jerked.

After rinsing his chest, Alice moved over his taught little tummy. By now she had abandoned the sponge all together, and was using her hands to soap his soft, unblemished skin. It was at that moment that Alice noticed something else… a fluttering deep in her own belly, and a wetness forming between her legs. She knew right then that she should stop, but she convinced herself that her little boy needed her comfort and attention, and that nothing she could do for him would be bad. And with that, her hands moved even lower on his belly.

Richie knew his mom had washed every other part of his body, and there was only one area left. He was sure his mom had seen his erection, but when her hand bumped into it, he whispered, “Sorry mom.”

Alice heard him, and in a soft tone asked, “Why are you sorry honey?”

But before he could answer, he felt his mom’s warm, soapy hand cup his balls, causing him to let out another low groan. Once again, Alice asked, “Richie, why are you sorry?”

As Alice gently massaged his balls, Richie finally regained his composure and said, “I’m sorry my uhhh… you know, it’s hard again.”

Alice slid a finger between his legs and massaged the spot between his balls and asshole, causing him to squirm, and then she asked him, “Is it because you have to pee?”

Richie just groaned, “No.”

Then Alice decided to tease him a little by asking, “So why do you think it’s hard, honey?”

The shy boy wasn’t sure if he should tell the truth, so he said, “I don’t know.”

By now, Alice had lost any inhibitions, and whispered, “Do you think my touching you made it hard?”

Just as Richie was about to answer, Alice wrapped her soapy hand around her son’s rock hard boy cock and squeezed, and all he could do was groan, “Yes.”

Then, without thinking, Alice began slowly sliding her soapy hand up and down her young son’s erect penis. As she did, she could see the soft pink mushroom head swelling and turning a darker shade. She could also see Richie’s face contort and his breathing become more rapid.

She already knew the answer, but she still couldn’t resist asking, “Do you like what mommy is doing?”

Richie groaned “uh huh”, and then opened his eyes and looked up at his mom.

When he did, he realized that he could see down the sagging neckline of his mom’s night-shirt. Since Alice hadn’t put on a bra, Richie had an unimpeded view of her firm breasts, capped with their hard pink nipples. These were the first real boobs that he had ever seen, and he thought they were beautiful. Up to that point Alice hadn’t realized the view she was giving her son, but when she looked at his face, she saw where his eyes were fixed… and knowing he could see her bare tits excited her even more.

Now, the combination of his mom’s soft hand stroking his young cock and the sight of her naked breasts was causing an intense pressure to build behind his balls. And since Richie had learned to jerk off, he knew that pressure meant one thing… he was about to shoot.

Alice had thrown any caution to the wind, and as she continued to stroke his hard shaft, she watched the head of her son’s cock turn a deeper shade of purple. Suddenly the young boy mounted every bit of self-control he had and said, “Mom, I think you’d better stop doing that.”

Alice knew exactly what was going to happen if she kept stroking him, but she wanted to hear her sweet boy say it. So she slowed her stroking and asked, “Why should I stop honey?”

Richie was still afraid to say something that might get him in trouble, but he also knew what was inevitable, so he said, “Because if you keep doing that, I’m gonna… you know.”

Alice wasn’t about to give in, and softly whispered, “You’re gonna what honey?”

As she waited for his answer, Alice began moving her hand up and down his shaft a little faster. Finally, knowing that there wasn’t much time left, Richie blurted out, “If you don’t stop it’s gonna squirt.”

Suddenly Alice stopped stroking him and just held his throbbing cock in her hand, and then she asked, “Honey, how do you know that… have you ever made your penis squirt?”

Richie just diverted his eyes and nodded.

That was the confirmation Alice was looking for… her baby boy did know how to masturbate. But then it donned on her that she had probably just given her sweet young son a terrible case of blue balls! And to make matters worse, the poor k** had no possible way to relieve himself. Alice suddenly felt awful. She never intended to let this go as far as it had, and she knew that she had probably put him in a state of agony that would have to last until one of his casts came off. She also knew she had probably embarrassed him by forcing him to admit to his own mom that he masturbated.

Alice wanted to assure her young son that he had done nothing wrong, so as she continued to hold his hard cock in her hand, she softly said, “Honey, masturbation is perfectly normal, and when you squirt, that’s called an orgasm, or cumming.” Hearing his mom say it was ok to masturbate did reassured Richie, and he relaxed. But then, to his surprise, he felt his mom begin to stroke his hard penis again.

Richie groaned out loud as his mom’s soft, slippery hand began gliding up and down his shaft, from the tip of the head down to his swollen balls. Nothing he had ever felt, even his first self-induced orgasm, was near as wonderful as what his beautiful mom was making him feel. Once again he felt the intense pressure building at the base of his cock. The feeling was so exquisite that, without realizing what he was saying, the young boy groaned, “Mom... I can't hold it.”

Alice had no intention of stopping, and she leaned over and whispered “Let it squirt honey... mommy wants you to cum.”

With that she began expertly stroking her young son. She looked down to see the head of his boy cock swell even more, and she could feel his shaft getting harder in her hand. She knew that her son was going to cum at any second, and that caused an ache deep in her own groin. Up until then, Alice had been telling herself that she was just doing this for her helpless little boy. But now she couldn’t deny what the trembling in her vagina and the wetness in the crotch of her panties told her… that jacking off her young son was turning her on.

She hardly had time to contemplate her own arousal when she heard Richie cry out, “Oh mom, I’m gonna… aaahhhh!”

At that very moment, she felt her son’s cock lurch violently in her hand as the first rope of milky-white fluid surged through his hard shaft and arched from the engorged head, landing on his chest. Alice inhaled deeply as she felt her son’s prick flex again and again, and Richie cried out in ecstasy as each contraction shot another thick strand of his boy cum onto his chest and belly. The young mother couldn’t take her eyes off of his spurting organ as she milked the pent up load from his balls. She gently stroked him until his groans of passion turned into a whimper, and the f***eful blasts of virgin seed became nothing more than a dribble.

When Richie’s orgasm was finally over, his little body went limp. Alice, on the other hand was still trembling, both from what she had just done to her son and the strong feeling of arousal in her own body. As she held her son’s softening penis in her hand, she thought she’d feel guilt or shame… but she didn’t. All she felt was love and protection for her sweet boy. She was glad she could take away her son’s frustration, and felt no remorse for using any means necessary to do so.

Once her head was clear, she looked down at Richie’s small frame. There were tiny pools of opaque colored fluid on his chest and belly. There was also some that had dribbled onto her hand as she milked the last remnants from his wilting prick. For a moment she thought about bringing her cum-coated fingers to her mouth for a taste, but her adolescent son was looking up at her with a grateful smile on his face, and she thought doing that might freak him out. Instead she grabbed a wet wash cloth and cleaned up the mess she had coaxed out of him.

For a few minutes, neither said a word, and knowing Richie might be a little too embarrassed to speak, Alice broke the ice by saying, “Do you feel better now honey?”

Richie just smiled up at his beautiful mom and said, “Yes,” then he added, “Thanks mom.”

Alice just smiled and said, “You don’t have to thank me honey… I knew how frustrated you were, and I wanted to help.” What she didn’t acknowledge was that she was as turned on as he had been.

When she had finished cleaning him up, Alice felt she needed to say something. She looked at her sweet boy and said, “Now Richie, there is nothing wrong with masturbating, and since you weren’t able to relieve yourself, I just wanted to help you because you’re my baby and I love you.” Then she added, “But even though there isn’t anything wrong with what we did, not everyone might feel that way… so this needs to be our secret.”

Richie just looked at his mom with total trust and said, “I understand mom… I won’t say anything to anyone.”

Then Alice said, “That’s good honey,” then she added, “And Sweetie… I did that just this one time to relieve the pressure inside you until you get your cast off and can do it yourself, ok?”

Alice could see a little disappointment in Richie’s face as he quietly said, “Ok mom.”

The young mother didn’t want to hurt her son’s feelings, but even though she had convinced herself she was just helping him, she still felt this should be a one-time occurrence. She only hoped that she had the self control to make that happen, because as much as she tried to ignore them, she couldn’t deny the cravings that were building inside her own body.

That night, after Richie had gone to sl**p, those cravings inside Alice grew stronger than ever. She sat in bed trying to read, but she couldn’t shake the memory of her boy’s hard cock throbbing in her hand. She put her book aside and closed her eyes, and as she thought about stroking her son’s hard penis, her hand slid over her firm belly and under the waistband of her silk pajama bottoms.

Since John had left, Alice’s only real sexual activity had been self-induced, despite the fact that she had always been a very sexually uninhibited and adventurous woman. She hadn’t dated anyone, and had only one very unfulfilling one-night stand with a guy she met at the gym. So the young mother had relegated her sex life to her own fingers, and a pocket rocket that was a supposed gag-gift from Barb. It turned out, as she confided to her best friend, it was a gift she used frequently. But besides the occasional self-stimulated orgasm, the rest of her time was completely devoted to her son.

As the image of Richie’s hard five inch boy-cock played in her mind, her hand slid lower, through the small patch of downy-soft blonde pubic hair, and between the swollen, wet lips of her tingling pussy. Now she pictured her baby’s angelic face, contorted with pleasure, and as she did, her middle finger sought out her throbbing clit. She let out a gasp as she dragged her wet fingertip between her swollen cunt lips and over the hard button of flesh. Then, as she remembered the feel of Richie’s beautiful cock in her hand, she began rhythmically stroking her love button.

Her hips began lifting off the mattress to meet her delving fingers. Alice briefly stopped her ministrations long enough to peel off her sl**p pants, allowing her to spread her long legs even wider, and giving her better access to her dripping pussy. Then she reached into her nightstand and retrieved her little battery operated friend.

A low buzz resonated through the room as she turned it on, and then that buzz was muffled as she pressed the vibrating tip to her aching clit. Her body jumped as the vibrator contacted the excited flesh. For a moment she felt guilty and tried to block out her son’s image and think of something else as she rolled the tiny buzzing cock on clit. But it was no use... only the image of her son’s hard, spurting cock was going to satisfy her tonight.

As she felt the muscles deep in her groin start to tighten, she remembered how his cock felt right before he came. She recalled how hard he had gotten in her hand. She could see how shiny and purple the head got as the bl**d rushed to the burgeoning rod of flesh. As her insides began to quake with her approaching orgasm, she recalled her young son’s sweet voice saying “Mom... I can't hold it!” Then, just as she recalled the moment when she felt her baby’s cock twitch, and saw the first spurt of boy cum leap from its tip… she came.

The young mother had to keep herself from crying out loud as the walls of her cunt contracted, and then spasms of pleasure exploded from deep in her pussy and shot throughout her body. Her tight, round ass lifted from the bed, pushing her quivering clit against her vibrator. Alice’s head rolled back and forth as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her body in the most intense orgasm she had experienced in years. Finally, her clit became too sensitive for any more stimulation and she pulled the vibrator away from the hard nub. Then, she gently inserted two fingers in her soaked vagina and slowly finger fucked herself until her orgasm subsided.

Alice collapsed back onto her bed and closed her eyes. As the final twinges of her orgasm waned, she was faced with the realization that it had been so intense because it was inspired by her young son. She also needed to accept the fact that, since she would be put in many intimate situations with Richie over the next few weeks, avoiding any further incidents would not be easy. And quite frankly, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to avoid them. As she contemplated what the future held, she drifted off to sl**p.

Chapter Three

The morning after the ‘bath incident’ started out like the previous one had. Alice still had to help Richie to the bathroom, and he still had to pee in the shower due to a morning erection. But this morning she had just let him drip-dry without shaking his erect penis before pulling up his boxers. It was almost as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened the day before, but they both knew something had. They were just doing their best to act as if everything was as normal as possible… under the circumstances.

After Alice got Richie back to bed, she sat at the kitchen table reliving what had happened the day before… and fought the urge to give her vibrator a morning workout. Then her concentration was interrupted by a knock on the door. When she turned around she saw it was Billy Davis.

“Hey Billy,” Alice called out, “C’mon in!”

Billy opened the door and said “Hi Mrs. Taylor,” and then he asked, “How’s the patient?”

Alice laughed at his question and said, “He’s in his room… go ahead back.”

“Ok, thanks” he replied, and then he stopped and said, “Oh by the way, my mom said she has a fresh pot of coffee on if you want to get out of the house… I’ll hang with Richie if you want to go over.”

“Well thank you sweetie,” she replied, “I think I’ll take you up on your offer.”

Alice really liked little Billy Davis. Like her own son, Billy was a polite k**, a great student and a joy to be around. The two k**s were always welcomed at the other’s home. Alice also thought Billy was cute as a button. Both boys were about the same height, but Billy had a mop of dark curly hair, which was a direct contrast to Richie’s straight blonde mop. He also had a darker complexion and a stockier build.

After making a final check on Richie, Alice thanked Billy for hanging out with him. The young neighbor boy just blushed and said that she didn’t have to thank him for staying with his best friend. What Alice didn’t know was that her son’s best friend actually had a little crush on her. As a matter of fact, both boys found the other’s mom to be pretty ‘hot’ as they liked to say.

The Davis’s had a fence around their back yard to give privacy to their pool, so Alice walked around the front and rang the bell. Barb Davis hollered, “C’mon in Alice,” as she poured two fresh cups of coffee.

The two young moms sat at the kitchen table and began to chat. Both were very attractive, and neither looked their mid-thirties age. But like their sons, their appearance was almost a complete contrast. While Alice was blonde with fair skin and an athletic build, Barb was dark haired and more voluptuous… not fat by any stretch, but with more rounded hips and larger breasts. If Alice resembled Elizabeth Banks, then Barb resembled Sophia Vergara… at least in body shape.

“So,” Barb asked after a sip of coffee, “how’s Richie doing?”

“Pretty good,” answered Alice. “He still can’t get around on his own, but he doesn’t need the pain pills anymore.”

“That’s good,” said Barb, then she asked, “How about you… how are you holding up?”

“Me?” Alice laughed, “Oh I’m fine. Richie’s pretty light, so I can get him into his wheelchair, help him in the bathroom, and give him a sponge bath.”

Barb giggled and said, “Bathroom and sponge bath… I’m sure that can get a little embarrassing.”

Alice thought to herself, ‘If you only knew’, but she just said, “It hasn’t been too bad.”

Actually, Alice did wish she could talk to someone about what happened during Richie’s sponge bath, and how she felt about it, and Barb was probably the perfect person. But she worried that even her best friend might think she was a freak. Still, she didn’t really feel guilty over what she had done, and she honestly thought that Barb might understand… but she wasn’t sure she should take that chance.

Just as Alice was ready to change the subject, Barb said, “I don’t think Billy would want me to give him a sponge bath.”

“Why not,” Alice asked, “you are his mom.”

“Yeah,” Barb laughed, “and I’m also a woman… and the way that k**’s hormones are raging, I’d probably have to tape his little pecker down to keep it from standing up like a tent pole!”

Alice laughed at Barb’s lack of an expression filter. One of the things she loved about Barb was that she never hesitated to say what she thought… no matter how politically incorrect it might be. And what was even more ironic was that she was describing exactly what had happened between her and Richie.

Alice decided to keep the attention away from her and Richie and said, “So, Billy is on hormone overload huh?”

“Yep,” Barb replied as she took a sip of coffee, “If I find one more wadded up Kleenex under his bed, a crusty pair of his underwear in the hamper, or a pair of my panties missing… I may have to put both his arms in casts just to keep him from playing with himself.”

Alice laughed at first, but then she said, “Wait, he’s, ummm… he’s using your panties to masturbate?”

“Well, I wasn’t sure at first,” Barb replied, “but a couple pair of my sexiest panties went missing. At first I thought maybe the dreaded ‘dryer monster’ may have gotten them, but then one day I was changing Billy’s sheets and found them, and a couple pairs of his s****r's panties tucked between his mattress and box spring… and it was pretty obvious he had cum in them.”

“Oh my god,” Alice gasped, “Did you say anything to him?”

“Nah, I didn’t want to embarrass the poor k**,” Barb said, and then she added, “Besides, it’s kind of flattering that the horny little bugger might find me that attractive.” One fact Barb did leave out was that knowing Billy used her panties to jerk off actually did excite her very much.

Alice had also been flattered that her young son found her attractive enough to get an erection, so once again she thought she might be able to tell Barb what happened... but she realized there was still a big difference between being flattered that your son finds you attractive, and giving him a hand job. But then Barb opened the door when she said, “So, has Richie left you any presents to clean up after he relieves himself?”

Alice laughed nervously and said, “No”, and then she said “What makes you so sure my Richie masturbates?”

Barb laughed and said, “C’mon Alice, do you really think Billy would know how to jerk off and not let Richie in on the secret… those two share everything!”

“True,” Alice said, and then she added, “but masturbation?”

Barb laughed and said, “Sure.” Then she said, “Didn’t you ever go to a slumber party that turned in to a jilling off session with your friends?”

Once again Alice laughed at Barb’s bluntness and said, “No.” But then she blushed and said, “But when I was about the boys’ age, my best friend found her mom’s vibrator… and we used it.”

Barb laughed and said, “You see, everyone learns somehow.”

After they both had a good chuckle, Barb said, “My Billy wakes up sporting a hard on every morning… half the time me or his s****r have to tell him to go put a robe on to hide the tent in his pj’s.” Then she said, “I’ve actually considered telling him to go jerk off to get rid of it for a while!”

Before she could think, Alice said, “Yeah, Richie’s had an erection the last couple of mornings, and then he got one yesterday when I was giving him a bath.”

At first Barb laughed and said, “They all get them,” then she paused and said, “So Richie got a hard on while you were giving him a bath?”

Alice squirmed a little in her seat, thinking about what she had just revealed, and said, “Yeah.”

Barb shook her head and said, “The poor little guy, he can’t even do anything about it because of those casts.” Then she surprised Alice when she said, “I’m glad that wasn’t Billy… knowing how miserable he’d be if he couldn’t masturbate for a few weeks, I’d probably do it for him.”

When Barb said that, she saw Alice’s pale fair skin go deep red. She realized she may have shocked or offended her best friend, so she quickly said, “Alice, please don’t think I’m some kind of freak, I just don’t know if I could watch Billy suffer without doing something to help him.”

Alice sat flushed and speechless for another minute, and Barb said, “Alice, are you ok?”

Barb thought she may have really upset Alice, but then her best friend looked down sheepishly and said, “Barb, can I tell you something?”

“Sure Sweetie, anything,” said Barb in an understanding tone.

Before she spoke, Alice took a deep breath, and then blurted out, “Barb… I gave Richie a hand job yesterday.” Then she quickly added, “It was just like you said… I was giving him a bath and he got an erection, and he was laying there so helpless that I... well, I just started stroking him and he came.”

Barb thought for a second, and then laughed and said, “I’ll bet he loved that!”

That broke the tension, and a relaxed Alice laughed and said, “He sure did.”

Then Barb surprised Alice when she said, “So how big was his dick?” But when she saw the puzzled look on her friends face, she quickly said, “I’m sorry Alice, that might be a little too personal.”

Alice shook her head and said, “No, it’s alright,” and then she said, “It was about five inches.”

Barb giggled and said, “Not bad… about the same as Billy.”

Now it was Alice’s turn to be a little surprised, and she said, “I thought you said you only saw Billy’s erection through his pajamas?”

Barb just giggled and said, “Well, I guess now I have a confession to make.”

As Alice listened intently, Barb said, “The other day I went to the store and realized I had forgotten my wallet, and I guess Billy thought I’d be gone longer because when I walked past his room, there he was laying on the bed with a Penthouse in one hand and his dick in the other.”

Alice said, “Oh my god… what did you do?”

This time it was Barb who blushed as she said, “I watched him.”

Her best friend looked at her wide eyed and said, “You watched him until he… climaxed?

Barb just smiled and said, “Yep.” And then she said, “I couldn’t believe how much cum the little guy unloaded.”

Alice giggled and said, “Yeah, Richie too.”

Now both women laughed at the revelations they had both shared. Then Barb got a more serious look on her face and said, “Alice, I have to confess… watching Billy masturbate turned me on.” Then she added, “It took all the self-control I had to not walk over and finish the job for him.”

Alice sighed and said, “Well I guess I one-upped you, because I didn’t just give Richie a hand job to relieve him… I did it because I was turned on too.”

Then Barb said, “Do you think we feel that way because of our shitty marriages?”

“Maybe,” Alice said, and then she added, “Or maybe we just like their innocence.”

And finally Barb laughed and added, “Or maybe we’re just a couple of horny old broads!”

Chapter Four

The next day Barb sat alone in her kitchen drinking coffee, and thinking about the conversation she and Alice had the previous day. She couldn’t stop thinking of how Alice, someone she considered to be more conservative than her, had confided that she had given her son a hand job. She couldn’t get the image out of her mind, and really wished she had something to do to distract her... but her daughter was at the beach with a friend’s f****y for a couple of days, and her husband was away on business. That left just her and Billy, and as usual during the summer, he was out in their built-in pool.

Normally Richie would be swimming with him, but since he was still laid up with the injuries from the accident, Billy was left to play in the pool by himself. Barb watched her son diving in the clear water again and again. She adored both of her k**s, but Billy was the baby, and the apple of her eye. He was so cute with his curly black hair, deep dark eyes and dark, smooth complexion. But what Barb thought was really cute was his little bubble butt… a trait he had taken from her.

As she watched him splash in the pool, she thought of how it was a little sad that he had to get older. Now that he was a young teen, puberty was causing major changes in him. Her mind wandered back the day when she had seen him masturbating. She could still see him with his fist sliding up and down his hard prick. She remembered how his balls, just beginning to sprout some dark peach fuzz, bounced up and down with each stroke of his cock. And finally she recalled how he groaned out loud, and then spewed a fountain of cum from his young, hard dick that landing on his chest and tummy. That memory caused a twinge deep in her groin… a twinge that she wished she didn’t have.

The young mother had to do something to occupy her mind, so she decided to have a swim with her son. She went to her room and opened the drawer that held her bathing suits. She pulled out the black one-piece she usually wore, but then she saw another one stuffed down behind it. She recognized it as a suit she had bought for a romantic vacation she and her husband were supposed to take, but never did. It was a bright green thong bikini.

After thinking for a second, she decided to try on the bikini. It was a suit she had never planned to wear around her f****y or friends, but she never threw it out because she thought that the vacation with her husband might still happen one day. But with the marital problems they were having, it seemed very unlikely it ever would. So with Billy being the only one home, and the high back yard fence giving privacy, she decided it might be time to wear it… plus she was curious to see what reaction her young son would have to the skimpy suit.

Once she had it on, she looked in the mirror… and loved what she saw. The bright green color was the ideal contrast to her Mediterranean complexion, and the cut of the suit showed an almost obscene amount of her voluptuous body. Even though she was 35, she still had the tight, flat tummy of a 20 year old. The top of the suit barely covered her ample 36C breasts, while the bottom showed as a bright green triangle at the V of her muscular thighs, accented by her shapely hips. But the real attraction was when she turned around and looked over her shoulder into the mirror. Her perfect round ass was completely exposed. Her butt was her favorite feature. It wasn’t as big as Kim Kardashian’s ass, but it was the ideal shape and got many glances from men of all ages… and even some appreciative women.

Barb thought for a second about changing back to her more conservative one-piece, but after a couple of deep breaths she grabbed her sunglasses, a towel and some sun screen and headed for the door. With her complexion, she probably didn’t need the sunscreen, but with her bare behind being exposed, she thought she’d better not take any chances. Then, just before she walked out onto the deck, she added one last accessory… a pair of gold pumps. Then after one last deep breath, she walked outside.

Billy didn’t hear his mom come out of the house at first, but when he did see her, he had to do a double-take. His eyes grew as big as saucers as he watched her walking towards him… her full hips swaying like a Victoria’s Secret model. The bright green bathing suit was the tiniest he had ever seen… even smaller than some that his older s****r and her hot friends wore. And the gold heels really made her legs look long. Usually his mom wore her hair up, but now it flowed in waves over her shoulders.

As she approached him she called out, “Mind some company sweetie?”

Billy was still staring so intently, he didn’t even hear her, so she decided she’d get his attention by saying, “Should I take your stare to mean you approve of my suit?”

This time her voice broke his concentration, and her young son said, “Wow... I mean yeah, your suit is nice mom, it makes you look really ho… I mean really pretty.”

Barb looked at him over top of her stylish sunglasses and coyly said, “Why Billy Davis… were you just going to say your mom looked hot?”

Billy turned a deep shade of red, but Barb smiled and quickly said, “I’m just k**ding honey.” Then she added, “And I’m very flattered that you think I look hot.”

But if Billy thought the front of her suit made her look hot, he really wasn’t prepared for what he was about to see. Barb was standing right near the edge of the pool, only a few feet from where her young son was leaning on the deck. So when she turned her back to him to lay her towel on a chaise, she heard Billy gasp as he got an eyeful of her naked ass.

He couldn’t believe his own mom was wearing a thong. Barb purposely took her time unfolding the towel so her son could get a good look at her bare behind. The sight was amazing, and caused Billy’s penis to grow hard as a rock in a matter of seconds.

After letting him soak in the view for a minute, Barb slowly bent over to spread out her towel, intentionally giving Billy an even more intimate view of her most private region. Through the thin ribbon of material between her legs, he could actually make out the swell of her pussy lips, and just above that he could see the edges of her tiny puckered asshole under the string that ran between her ass cheeks. While Barb couldn’t see him, she was sure his eyes were glued to her ass, and she was willing to bet he had an erection as a result of her pose.

Once she was sure Billy had gotten a good look, Barb turned and sat down on the footrest of the chaise. Her feet, with their perfectly painted toes, were just inches from where Billy was supporting himself on the side of the pool. The young boy watched wide-eyed as his mom began putting on sunscreen, and she made sure she put on a good show.

As Barb started putting the lotion on, she made idle conversation, but Billy was barely paying attention. He was too busy watching as she slowly, almost sensually rubbed the sunscreen into her gorgeous tanned skin. First she applied the white lotion to her arms, and then she moved to her chest. Billy watched as his mom spread the liquid on the top of her large boobs, and then down into her very visible cleavage.

Then, as Barb quickly glanced to make sure her young son was watching, she raised each arm to apply lotion to the underside, and as she did she exposed sides of her large breasts. Billy could see almost the entire globe of flesh, and knowing how exposed she was, the young mom made sure she held each arm up long enough to give her little boy a good look.

After slowly rubbing some lotion to her flat tummy, Barb started doing her legs. She started with her feet, then her shins, and then she stood up to apply sunscreen to her shapely thighs. Her little boy was totally engrossed as he watched her lotion-covered hands caressed her smooth skin.

Billy figured that was the end of the show, but then his mom began rubbing lotion along the exposed area right on her bikini line. He watched intently as her fingertips actually slid under the material right next to where he knew her pussy was. At one point, Barb pulled the material aside to be more thorough… or so she pretended, and when she did, Billy actually got a glimpse of the little strip of dark pubic hair she kept neatly trimmed.

Thanks to watching his mom’s incredible, and intentional show… Billy’s penis was now a steel rod inside his swimsuit. As a matter of fact, as he floated with his arms d****d on the deck, the head of his hard dick kept bumping into the side of the pool. He was glad he didn’t have to get out at that moment because he knew there was no way he would be able to hide it from her eyes.

His mom finally sat on the chaise, and Billy thought he would just swim around until his erection went down. But just as he thought he had time to get his hard penis under control, Barb said, “Billy, I want to get some sun on my back… would you come and rub some lotion on me?”

The young boy panicked because his erection hadn’t even begun to show any signs of deflating, so he said, “Awww mom, I want to swim some more.”

In a mock-stern voice, Barb said, “Now Billy, you can get right back in the pool after you put sunscreen on me.” Then she dropped the chaise into a flat position, rolled on her tummy and closed her eyes.

When she did that, Billy saw an opportunity to get out of the pool without her seeing the tent in his trunks. He climbed the ladder and quickly scampered towards her, his wet little feet making slapping sounds as he ran along the concrete deck. As Billy padded towards her, Barb opened her eyes just a slit, and she could see his erection pushing the material of his suit straight out. She had to suppress a smile so her son would have no idea she was watching him.

Once he reached where his mom was lying, Billy quickly pulled another chaise close and sat down next to her. After he took a deep breath, and checked to see that her eyes were still closed, he took another look at his mom’s beautiful ass. He still couldn’t believe he was so close to her naked bum. His prick twitched as he visually examined the soft round flesh. The young boy wanted to make sure he took a detailed mental picture of his mom’s incredible behind so he could he could use it later on when he would undoubtedly jerk off.

As he sat there staring, his mom finally broke the silence when she laughed and said, “Well, are you going to just sit there and let me burn or are you going to put some lotion on my back?”

Billy snapped back to reality and said, “Oh… sorry mom.”

Barb giggled and said, “That’s ok honey, I was just k**ding with you. Actually, she knew he was probably ogling her bare ass, and purposely shifted a little so it shook under his gaze.

Once the young boy had composed himself, he picked up the tube of sunscreen and squirted a little dollop onto his mom’s back. When the cool lotion hit her warm skin, she cried out, “Whoa cowboy, that stuff is cold… how about putting it in your hands first!”

Billy, still having a hard time taking his eyes off his mom’s perfect ass, just mumbled “Sorry.” Then he squirted some lotion into his palm, rubbed his hands together and then began rubbing the lotion on his mom’s back.

As the young boy rubbed the lotion into his mom’s upper back, she surprised him by letting out a little moan, and then she said, “That feels really nice honey.”

Then, she really surprised him when she said, “Billy, untie my top… I don’t want tan lines on my back.”

Billy gulped and said, “Ok mom,” and then, with trembling hands he untied the string that came around her back and let it fall to her sides. As he did, he watched his mom pull her hair aside and untie the one that came up and around her neck. Now there wasn’t anything holding her bikini top to her body.

The young boy looked up and down her body, and realized that all he could see was smooth, naked skin. The only material that was left, from her head to her toes, were the small strings that came around her hips and then disappeared between the soft cheeks of her bum. Billy’s hard dick was throbbing in his trunks now as he surveyed every inch of the exposed, unblemished skin. He couldn’t believe he was this close to a practically naked woman… even if it was beautiful mom.

Barb knew that her little boy was probably mesmerized by what he was seeing, especially since he had forgotten about trying to hide the tent which she could now see in his trunks. But after taking a good peek at it, she closed her eyes so not to embarrass him and said, “Ok lotion-man, back to work.”

Even Billy had to laugh when she called him ‘lotion-man’, and then he squirted some more of the liquid in his hands and began rubbing it into his mom’s soft skin again. First he rubbed the lotion into her nicely shaped shoulders, and then made his way down to the small of her back. Barb let out little “Mmmm” sounds as her son’s small hands caressed her skin. Then she said, “Don’t forget my sides.”

Billy sucked in his breath, because as his mom raised her arms over her head, he realized that with her bikini untied, he could see almost her entire naked boob. The young boy put more lotion on his now visibly shaking hands, and then he started to apply it to his mom’s sides. At first he did just above her hips, and then he moved up her sides but more in towards her shoulders. As he rubbed lotion into her lat area, his mom said, “You need to go lower Billy.”

The young boy knew that going lower would mean he would be touching the sides of her boobs, and his forehead began to sweat as his fingertips grazed the soft flesh. He was still being careful to not go too low when his mom said, “Billy, you have to get that whole area so I don’t burn.”

Billy took a deep breath and moved his hands lower, and when he did, he went from rubbing the sides of her firm rib cage to cupping the soft flesh of her breasts. Barb let out a low moan as her baby gently massaged the side of her tits. Up to this point she had been concentrating on what affect her teasing was having on her young son, but now she felt an unmistakable trembling deep in her own groin. There was no denying her sweet boy’s touch was turning her on.

As for Billy, he couldn’t believe he was touching his mom’s boobs… even if it was just the sides. His erection was straining against the fabric of his suit now, and he could feel a faint tingling at the base of his hard penis. But even though the young boy couldn’t remember ever being this excited, he didn’t think there was any way he would shoot off without rubbing his hard dick. All he was worried about was hiding his erection from his mom after he finished putting the lotion on her.

He decided that when he was done applying the sunscreen, he would just sit on his chaise until it went down. So after giving the sides of his mom’s full breasts one last caress to remember later, he reached for a towel to put across his lap to help hide his excitement. But before he could cover his erection, his mom said, “What about the backs of my legs honey?”

“Mom,” Billy groaned, “can’t you reach the back of your legs.” It wasn’t that he didn’t want to rub any more lotion on his mom, he just knew if he kept looking at and touching her, his erection would never go away.

“C’mon Billy,” his mom answered in a disappointed tone, “you rubbing the lotion on me feels like a mini-massage, and you know how much I love getting a massage.”

Billy could never disappoint his mom, so he decided he could put up with his hard penis for a few more minutes. He squirted some more lotion on his hands and started rubbing the sunscreen into his mom’s legs.

Barb sighed as her son’s slippery hands kneaded her shapely calf muscles. Then he worked his way over the back of her knees to her full thighs. As he reached the back of her thighs, Barb d****d her legs over the sides of the chaise, spreading them wide. She told Billy it would give him easier access… but she purposely did it because she knew it would give her young son a clear view of the crotch band of her bikini.

Billy couldn’t believe it. Here he was rubbing lotion into his mom’s beautiful legs, and at the same time getting an up-close view of string that ran between her bum cheeks and the small patch of green material that covered her pussy. Billy’s hard cock was throbbing even more now, and suddenly he worried that maybe he might actually shoot off without rubbing himself. But he also knew he may never get an opportunity like this again, so he squeezed his legs together and took his time rubbing the lotion into the back of his mom’s thighs.

The young boy started to worry that he might be lingering too long, so he gave his mom’s thighs one last caress, just to burn the memory of how her skin felt into his brain. But as he started to sit back, his mom said, “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

“I got everything mom,” Billy said.

“Well,” Barb crooned, “you don’t want my bum to burn, do you?”

This made her little boy swallow hard. Did his mom really want him to rub suntan lotion on her naked rear? At first he thought he may have heard her wrong, but then she said, “I know I can reach my bum honey… but your massage has felt so good, I don’t want it to end.”

Billy had never imagined he would ever be able to see his mom’s naked behind this close, let alone touch it. At that moment, he thought giving women a massage might be a pretty good job when he got older! With that, he rubbed some lotion into his palms and then reached his trembling hands towards the soft skin of his mom’s round ass. Both his, and his mom’s hearts raced as the young boy spread the sunscreen over her ample bottom. Then Barb let out a low moan and arched her hips upwards slightly as her baby boy began to knead her fleshy ass cheeks.

Every time Billy pushed his hands outward, his mom’s butt cheeks spread, and when they did, he had a clear view of the crotch band of her bikini… and suddenly he noticed it seemed to be dark with moisture. What he didn’t realize was that his massage was causing the wetness, and that his mom was getting very turned on.

Now Billy started to get bold, and his fingers started to go deeper between the cheeks of his mom’s rear… almost touching the thin string of green material that ran between them. But as his touch got more intimate, the pressure at the base of his penis was getting even stronger. Barb was also starting to moan softly, and raising her ass to meet his fingers.

Billy was really starting to worry that he might cum, and clamped his legs together even tighter, hoping to ease the pressure building deep in his groin. At the same time his slippery fingers slid to the bottom of his mom’s ass cheeks, and then inward towards the crotch of her bikini bottom. As his fingers strayed close to the wet patch of material, his mom’s hips involuntarily jerked upward, and as they did, two of Billy’s lotion covered fingers slipped right under the crotch band of her bikini… and buried themselves into her soaked pussy.

Barb froze and let out a groan as she felt Billy’s fingers penetrate her smoldering cunt… but Billy’s reaction was much more intense. When he felt the warm wetness engulf his fingers, he immediately realized that they were stuck inside his mom’s vagina, and that realization caused him to start uncontrollably spewing his load into his bathing trunks.

The first contraction of his orgasm made Billy cry out loud. He quickly pulled his fingers from his mom’s wet pussy and folded his hands in his lap, trying to hide what was happening. Then he doubled over and groaned as spurt after spurt of his cum splashed against material of his swim suit. Barb heard his moans and quickly sat up, thinking he was hurt. She didn’t even think about her bikini top being untied, so when she turned towards her son, her naked breasts were right in his face. This just intensified his orgasm, and he grunted again and again as his cock kept pulsing with pleasure.

Billy continued to groan and rock back and forth, so Barb grabbed his shoulders and tried to sit him up straight. But her young son stayed doubled over, holding his arms around his middle and sobbing softly as the last spasms of pleasure rocked through him.

Barb now realized that her large round breasts were fully exposed to her son’s eyes, but she didn’t even care because she was worried that Billy might be suffering from some sort of stomach ailment or attack. She just kept saying, “Honey, are you alright?” as she tried to get him to sit up.

But Billy just stayed quietly doubled over. He could feel that his softening penis and balls were now covered in his sticky discharge. He remained in that position, hoping his mom would just leave him alone, but once again she asked, “Billy honey, are you ok?”

When the young boy failed to respond again, Barb began to panic. She was worried that she may have hurt him in some way. So she stood up and said, “Billy, please tell me what’s wrong.”

Suddenly Billy realized he had no way out, so he finally just sat up straight. Barb could see tears welling up in his eyes, and as she cocked her head to the side in an inquisitive look, her little boy broke down. The young mother put her hands on her sobbing boy’s shoulders and said, “Honey, what is it… you can tell mommy anything.”

Hearing the understanding in her voice, Billy finally decided to fess up. As he fought back tears, he said, “Mom, I guess I got excited from massaging you and, I… ummm,” then as embarrassment overcame him, he broke down and cried, “Mom, I jacalated in my swim trunks.”

Barb almost laughed at his failed attempt to use the word ‘ejaculated’, but more than anything else, she was relieved that he was ok. She also felt bad that her little boy was so ashamed, and she didn’t want to embarrass him anymore. So she tried to comfort him with hugs and understanding.

She cradled him in her arms and whispered, “Honey, don’t be embarrassed… sometimes boys your age have an accident like that when they get a little too excited.” Then she kissed his forehead and said, “Can I tell you a secret?”

Her little boy sniffled, and said, “What?”

Barb smiled and said, “I’m actually a little flattered that you think your old mom is sexy enough to cause that to happen to you.” Then she hugged his shoulder and said, “C’mon honey… lets go get you cleaned up.

Chapter Five

Barb hadn’t bothered putting her skimpy bikini top back on, so she was still topless as she e****ted Billy into the house. He did his best not to look at her full round breasts, worrying that his mom might get mad if he did. Once they were in the kitchen, Barb pulled out one of the tall bar chairs and d****d a towel over it.

Billy watched what she was doing and said “Mom, I can clean myself, I’ll just go take a shower.”

“No honey,” his young mother said, “If I caused you to make the mess, then it’s only right that I clean it up.” Then she surprised and embarrassed him a little when she said, “Besides, I’ve already been cleaning up the messes you’ve been making in my underwear the last couple of weeks.”

Billy looked at the floor and sheepishly said, “I’m sorry mom.”

Barb just laughed and said, “It’s alright honey, you’re a growing boy, so you're bound to masturbate... a lot!” Then she said, “But from here on, use some tissue or a towel, ok... those panties are expensive!”

Billy giggled and said, “Ok mom, I promise.”

Barb’s attitude had really relaxed Billy, so it was no big deal when she knelt in front of him and said, “Ok, let’s get these off.” With that, she reached up to the waistband of his trunks and pulled them down. When she had them off, she saw that his limp penis and nearly hairless balls were covered in his sperm.

Barb kept the mood light when she laughed and said, “Wow sweetie, you really did make a mess.” Then she put his cum-soaked trunks in the sink with some warm water and retrieved a warm, wet cloth.

“Ok k**do… up you go,” his mom said as patted the towel covered bar chair. Billy stepped up onto the tall chair and sat down. It was then that he stole another look at his mom’s soft round tits.

After he was seated, his mother knelt in front of him, took the damp cloth and began cleaning up his crotch. First she dabbed the drying spunk from around his pubic area. Then she had him lift his cute little butt so she could clean any that had run down to his butt-crack. After that she gently cupped his balls and held them up so she could clean under them.

Once the wash cloth was covered with Billy’s discharge, Barb walked back to the sink to rinse it with some warm clean water. As she walked back, Billy took another long look at his mother’s body, now covered only in the skimpy bikini bottom. Suddenly he felt a new stirring in his recently spent penis and quickly closed his eyes, not wanting to get another erection. That worked for a moment… but as he would soon find out, it would take more than just looking away to control his young penis.

Now that she had cleaned the surrounding the area, Barb began to gently swab her young son's testicles. First she wrapped her fingers around his limp penis and lifted it so she could get to his adolescent balls. As she did, Billy looked down at her luscious breasts, and that’s when his penis started to inflate again. The boy tried hard to think of anything to stop it from happening, but this time the sight of her naked boobs combined with her soft touch made it impossible to control his hardening cock.

Barb also felt her son’s dick begin to harden, but she did her best to act nonchalant as she continued cleaning him. When she finished washing his scrotum, she gripped the base of his cock and wrapped the warm washcloth around the nearly erect organ.

There was no way Billy could stop his growing penis now, and as it grew to a full six inch erection, he just murmured, “Sorry mom.”

Barb just smiled at him and said, “That’s ok honey,” as she continued to clean his hard penis. Then she laughed and added, “Besides, it’s actually easier to clean this way.”

As she wiped the last of the residue from Billy’s earlier ejaculation, Barb gently wrapped her fingers around his hard young cock. She marveled at the fact that it had been less than ten minutes since he had cum, and now he was fully erect again. As she held her son’s erection for the first time, she noticed that the tingling she had felt in her own crotch was getting more intense.

Barb continued to hold the shaft of Billy’s hard cock in one hand while she used the other hand to dab it with the wash cloth, and as she stared at it hypnotically, she said, “When you were a toddler, bath time was your favorite time of the day.”

“Really,” Billy croaked, trying to control his voice as the pressure starting to build at the base of his penis again, despite the fact that he had just cum.

“Yes it was,” Barb said as she put the washcloth aside. Then she wrapped her hand around his cock shaft and said, “You want to hear a little secret?”

Billy groaned, “Uh huh,” as his mom started to slowly move her hand up and down his stiff prick, causing it to twitch in her palm.

Barb knelt straight up, looked at him and said, “As soon as I would finish powdering your bum, I’d make you giggle by kissing your little pee-pee right on the tip.“ And with that, the young boy’s beautiful mom pursed her lips, leaned forward and planted a lingering kiss on the swollen head of his hard dick.

Billy didn’t giggle this time, but shuddered when his mom’s soft lips made contact with his sensitive cock head. Barb felt his reaction, looked up into his eyes and said, “Would you like me to kiss it again?”

The excited young boy could only nod as he watched his mom wet her full lips with her tongue, and then bend forward to kiss his dick again. Only this time, instead of giving it a kiss on the tip, she let her lips part, and Billy watched in amazement as the head of his penis disappeared into the warm confines of his mother’s mouth.

Billy let out a loud groan as Barb’s full lips slid down his hard shaft, sucking about half his young cock in her warm, wet mouth. He had never felt anything so incredible in his life. Then his mom started to use her soft tongue to gently massage the sensitive spot just behind the head. His whole body began to shake as Barb gently suckled his turgid penis.

Barb felt as if there was a flock of butterflies fluttering in her tummy, and her pussy began to quiver as she started sliding her hot mouth up and down Billy’s throbbing shaft. She had never intended this to happen… she was only going to tease her little boy. But now that it had, she began putting her best blow job skills to work.

She heard her son groaning louder as she worked her tongue along the sensitive underside of his excited prick. Barb was glad that he had just had an orgasm, because she knew that it would help him last longer… and she wanted both of them to savor his first blow job.

Billy couldn’t believe what was happening. His penis felt like it was encased in warm velvet. He looked down to see his mom’s moist lips sliding up and down the shaft. Each time she slid her mouth up until only the head was still encased, he could see the hard shaft glistening with her saliva. Then she would plunge back down again, engulfing his entire cock back into her hot, sucking mouth.

Now the young mother started stroking her right hand up and down Billy’s hard shaft in the same rhythm as her mouth. At the same time her left hand began gently caressing his balls. This new sensation caused him to cry out in pleasure. As Barb kept up her ministrations, she looked up at her young son’s cherubic face, and saw it was contorted in pleasure. She also saw his eyes were wide open, watching everything she did. She took that moment to pull his cock from her mouth, and as her eyes locked with his, she licked the entire organ before taking it deep into her mouth once again.

Even though he had just cum, Billy knew he wouldn’t be able to stand his mom’s oral stimulation much longer. The young boy felt the pressure at the base of his cock building towards an unbearable level, and Barb’s soft lips and tongue were showing no signs of stopping. Suddenly he faced a dilemma: Did his mom want him to shoot his stuff in her mouth? Would she be mad if he did?

He decided that he needed to make sure, and groaned “Mom, I'm getting ready shoot my stuff again.”

If Billy had his doubts about what his mom wanted, they were dismissed when she pulled her lips from his twitching cock, looked him in the eyes and said, “That’s ok baby… do it in my mouth.”

With that Barb took her son’s burgeoning prick back in mouth. She was actually making slurping noises as her tongue started massaging the underside while her head bobbed up and down. The combination of her mouth, tongue and hands had the young boy right at the edge.

Just then Barb felt his shaft starting to get harder. She knew he was getting ready to cum because the mushroom shaped head had swelled to the point where it was bumping the back of her throat. The young mother could also feel her own passion rising, and thought about letting his balls go and fingering her inflamed clit. But she decided she could take care of herself later… for now, she wanted to give her sweet boy the best blow job he would ever have in his life.

Barb started to bob her head up and down even faster, and as she dragged her tongue along the nerve-filled spot on the underside of his prick one more time, Billy cried out, “M... Mom, I’m gonna... oh mom... aghhh!”

Suddenly Barb felt her son’s cock begin bucking wildly, and the first burst of his sweet virgin cum gushed into her waiting mouth. She could actually feel the shaft pulsing between her lips as the contractions propelled spurt after spurt of his creamy fluid onto her tongue. With each spasm, Billy let out a strangled groan of pleasure. And even though he had just cum, Barb had to swallow again and again to handle the copious amount of delicious juice he was pumping into her mouth.

Now the young mother backed off until only the head of her son’s hard prick remained between her lips. As his spurting orgasm eased to a dribble, she used her hand to gently milk the last of his load into her mouth… letting the thick, bittersweet nectar coat her tongue. When she felt his cock stop twitching, and the swollen shaft starting to deflate, she knew her baby was done. With that, she sat back on her haunches and let his softening cock slip from between her lips.

Barb took a moment to savor tangy sweetness of her son’s spunk, and then as her baby boy watched, she swallowed the last of his gooey treat with a gulp… then she smiled at him and said, “All gone.”

Billy’s small body was limp now… completely drained by his second orgasm of the day. He looked down at his beautiful mom, still kneeling in front of the chair on which he sat. Her perfect breasts were still visible, and she made no move to cover them.

Finally she stood up and cradled his head to her naked breasts and asked, “So, how did you like your first blow job?”

Billy just pressed his cheek against the soft globes of flesh and whispered, “It was the best, mom… and so are you.”

Barb just smiled and squeezed her baby boy as tight as she could. She hadn’t had time to fully process what they had just done, but at that moment all she felt was joy over the fact that she had given her young son the most pleasure he had, and may ever have in his life.

Then she kissed the top of his head and whispered, “Now Billy, you have to promise that what we just did is our secret, ok.”

“Ok,” the young boy replied, and then he said, “I love you mom.”

Barb cuddled her son and said, “I love you too,” smiling with the confidence that she and her young son had shared something special that would be their secret alone. But what mother and son didn’t know was they had been watched… and their f****y would never be the same.

The End

To be continued in: ‘A Tale of Two Moms – Book Two’

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