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Ruth - continued

While fucking Ruth, I'd noticed two things (other than her great breasts) which
turned me on. First, while grasping her ass I noticed it was considerably
bigger and firmer than I had realized, and secondly that she had a big, thick bush.

After the quick stand-up fuck we sat back, still drinking, where she told me
more about herself. She had married young, been with her husband over 40
years and had only had sex with two men other than him. More about that later.

As she talked, I couldn't help but play with the glorious hair on her cunt,
fingering her hole and tickling her clit. She would moan occasionally and
hunch against my hand. Her pussy was actually leaking she was so wet, and
she started stroking then jacking my dick with her soft hand. She had a
gentle, delicate touch and my dick was soon rock hard.

"Can I suck it", she asked, "I've always liked sucking." "Ruth, don't be shy
around me", I answered, "I want us to do everything there is to do."

My cock is not huge - 7 inches - but the mushroom head is much bigger than the
shaft and women seem to love it's looks. Ruth bent over and sucked the head
into her mouth. She nursed on the head for a long time, swirling her tongue
around and even trying to stick her tongue tip into the urethra, making me
crazy with lust. At the same time, I was reaching behind to play with her
beautifully large heart-shaped ass. I slid my moistened finger around her
asshole to see if she liked anal play and was pleased when she moaned.

She then got between my legs as I sat on the couch and tried her best to deep
throat my cock. I could tell she wanted it all and helped by pushing down
on the back of her head. She would choke and gag occasionally, but used her
throat slobber for lube and kept trying. She finally got it all down, and
using her swallowing muscles made me cum right down her throat. I had never
experienced such an orgasm, and felt ecstasy.

She didn't even slow down, just swallowed my sperm and kept sucking and jacking
it off with her slick slobber until it was hard again. I'd never been with a
woman so eager for sex. "Please fuck me again," she said, "any way you like."

I pulled her up on top of me, she straddled my legs and inserted my dick in
that hairy tight hole. It was as wet as her throat had been, and as she
hunched my crotch, I felt the juice running down my big balls. She came soon,
and went to the bath to freshen up. I opened the sofa bed and spread out some
soft sheets and pillows so we could get more comfortable. When she walked back
in, naked, I could finally admire her whole body and asked her to pose for me.

She was a little shy, but took a big slug of Scotch and another hit of pot and
asked what I wanted to see. I was stroking my still-hard cock and asked her
to step beside my full-length mirror to get 2 views of this great body. Her
full, thick pubic hair was light blond and grey, and made a perfect V down
to her big thighs. Her beautiful dark-nippled boobs looked even bigger now
because of her tiny waist and those big hips.

In the mirror I could see that big heart shaped ass was firm and solid, and it
turned me on more than anything else because I am a confirmed ass man. Don't
get me wrong, I love tits big and small, and hers were the best I've seen to
this day, but asses are what makes my dick twitch.

After feasting my eyes, my cock needed more, so I invited her over beside me on
the couch/bed. I sucked those big tits and fingered her wet snatch while she
jacked my dick and licked my ears, face, and lips. I rolled on top and fucked
her for a long time, feeling her come twice - her pussy seemed to squirt it got
so wet. I rolled her onto her hands and knees and started licking her moist
pussy from behind, fingering her asshole a little at the same time.

When I rose to fuck her, she said loudly "Fuck my ass!" As I started to try
she reached under her legs to wet her hand with pussy juice and spread it on
the big head of my dick. "Go easy," she said, "I'm not used to one that big."
With considerable effort I finally lodged the head and slid in slowly all the
way. "Oh God", she cried, "that feels so good."

And it did. Her asshole clamped down on my cock like a wet rubber o-ring, yet
the channel itself was so tight it was like fucking a gloved hand. I let it
just soak for a while, then came after only a couple of strokes. I laid on
top of her, spent, for a while and when we got up she said "let me clean you
up" and bent over to suck my cock clean. I had never been fucked so well be-
fore, certainly not in all 3 holes of a woman in one night, and knew Ruth was
someone I wanted a long relationship with. We remained lovers until her passing
a few years ago, and I have more adventures to tell of her and others I knew
when I was a young man.

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