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As a photographer back in the 80's, I had some fantastic sexual experiences
I'd like to share with you. Let's start with Ruth.

My friend Charley, the biggest pussy hound I ever met (more on him later),
called and said he had an older woman friend who needed photo head shots in
order to join a "Big Beautiful Girl" modeling agency. I told him I'd do it
for free after hours to add to my portfolio.

She came to me later that week and I was surprized to find her a beautiful
specimen of an older woman - in good shape, very well built, with short
blond hair and a pleasant personality.

Ruth needed professional-type shots for older woman jobs she wanted to book,
so we concentrated on that the first couple of hours. After this, I asked
her if she might consider something more provocative. "I brought some
lingerie just for that reason," she said, "Charley said you might want that,
and I've heard about you photographers."

She came out of the changing room in a sheer black baby doll with tap pants.
Ruth was a tall woman, and I couldn't believe how big her tits were out of
the business suits she'd been modeling. They were long with half-inch
nipples aimed upward poking out the fabric. After several dozen shots, trying
to stay professional, I sent her home, promising prints the next weekend.

Cleaning up I noticed she'd left a small bag with some makeup and plain white
underwear behind. The bra had a tag on it - 38C. For some reason the size
of this big bra turned me on and the chubby I'd had for an hour turned into
a raging hard-on. I sniffed the sweet scent of the bra, then the crotch of
the slightly musky panties, while jacking my big dick to a great orgasm -
thinking of fucking Ruth.

Ruth swept in the next Sunday evening with a bottle of Scotch "to thank you for
your work," she said, "I like to drink, and a little smoke, too, if you've got
any." I fired up my bong, poured us drinks, and we proceeded to get mellow
looking at the pictures I'd printed in my darkroom. She would lean across the
table to look, giving me a close up view of her terrific cleavage. Her skin
was very pale and free of blemishes and her tits were making my dick hard.

We were both slightly d***k and toasted from the pot by this time. I brought
out the lingerie photos and she loved them, saying "I never thought I could
look this sexy - you know I'm almost 60 years old." I was floored. I knew
she was an older woman, but maybe 40, never 60. I was 25.

The Scotch loosened her inhibitions finally, because she suddenly said "I've
got to get out of this bra - it's uncomfortable - do you mind?" She stood up
back to me, unhooked it from the back and slid it out her sleeve. It was a
sexy strapless lacy bra, and she laid it across the table.

"You know you left one of those here with some other things," I said. "yes,
but I don't know whether I did it on purpose or not," she said. "My husband
has been sick for 3 years now, no sex for me, and I'm so very horny. I was
hoping you'd be interested in these." With that she opened her blouse to
display her wonderful breasts.

I stood, embraced her, and her strong wet tongue swirled in my mouth. I played
with her beautiful soft titties and lightly pinched the big nipples. At the
same time she pulled out my hard dick, stroking and squeezing it. I bent down
to suck those erect nipples, but she held on to my cock as if afraid it would
get away.

"Please fuck me" she murmured. I unzipped her skirt, dropped it and her black
slip to the floor, then slid down her black satin panties. Ruth bent my cock
down to aim it into her pussy, then went up on her toes to slide it into her
cunt standing up. Unused for so long, her pussy was as tight as a young girl's.
Having thought about fucking her all week and with the tightness of her cunt,
I shot a huge load into her with a few minutes, she seemed to cum right after-
wards with my dick still soaking in her warm hole, moaning "Oh, God, yes" over
and over.

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