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The tease

The father and his son had been watching the young girl walk by every day. She had big full tits and a great ass. She wore no bra and panties. She loved to tease the two men. One day she had her blouse unbuttoned so they had full view of her tits. She was a slut and the men where going to teach her a lesson. There was no woman in their house and they wanted a female body bad. They were hot and horny.
As she walked by today, the son stepped out and grabbed her arm. He pulled her into the yard where the dad was. They both then took her into the house. Inside they removed all her clothes. Then they tied her hands together and attached them to a bar hanging from the ceiling. She was strung up with her hands above her head. Both men felt every inch of her sexy body. The son sucked her tits till he had the nipples stretched way long. The men then got naked. They lowered the bar till she was now on her knees. The dad pushed her head to the sons cock and ordered her to suck. As she opened her mouth the dad pushed the son's cock in all the way. He took her head and bobbed it up and down the son's cock. The son had a big cock but not huge like the fathers 10 inches. He used her head to fuck the sons cock till the son shot cum down her throat. He made her swallow all of it. Next the dad stepped forward and placed his cock to her mouth. "Suck me till I cum, of of me. Take every inch or I will cram it down your throat." He then fucked her mouth hard as he could till he shot even more cum inside her. Next they raised the bar back up till she was now standing on her toes. He told the son to put his fingers in her cunt and fuck it. As the son was ramming her cunt the dad pulled a switch and whacked her ass. He watched the red welt across her ass. He ordered the son to fuck her cunt hard as he whacked the ass many times. The ass was covered with welts many in a criss-cross pattern. Then he walked in front and eyed his son and then whacked her tits with the switch. She screamed and he whacked her nipples 6 more times.He spread her legs and let the son fuck her pussy. The son fucked her hard and fast. He was not allowed to cum in her hole as the dad wanted him to cover her with the cum. So when he was ready to cum he aimed his cock at her tits and stomach and covered her. She was to be humiliated.
The dad then showed her his huge cock and said "Are you ready for this?" "I am going to put it in every hole you have, every inch of it. I will stretch you to the limit." Then he shoved the huge cock into her pussy. He gave her no time to adjust to the large rod, just pushed in. He fucked her hole so hard she thought it would split in two. As he fucked her cunt, he rubbed the welts across her nipples. He pulled out and she thought he was done till he reached for her ass. She had a fear if he shoved that huge cock in her ass it would tear. But he told his son, "spread her ass." "Now finger her ass with three fingers." The son finger fucked her ass. "Now replace your fingers with your cock and shove it all the way in as I fuck her battered cunt." As the son mounted her ass with his cock, the father entered her cunt once again. Her ass and cunt were now stretched to the limit and the pain was more than she could bare. As they fucked her hard, she stretched and started to feel erotic. She almost liked being fucked in both holes. Both men came and filled her holes.
The dad now looked at her pussy. It was stretched and soaking from cum. He inserted a finger and soaked it in cum and then poked it in her mouth to lick. He did this several times filling her mouth with his cum. Next he inserted three fingers in her cunt. He fucked it till he added a fouth. He kept fucking her sore cunt till he got his thumb in also. Then he shoved his whole fist in the hole. He pushed his fist up in he to his wrist and as it was inside he then spread his fingers. With the fingers spread inside her she came hard. The dad did not want her to have pleasure, just pain so he took the switch and started whacking her ass till it left welts on the welts. He knew she would not be able to sit.
He then brought out thin rope and started binding her tits. He tied the rope around them tight. When the ropes were tight he brought them down between her legs and thru her slit in her pussy. He tied the rope to the bar tight as he could putting presure on her fucked cunt.
"Now we can fuck her and use her any time we want," he told his son.
"Tomorrow I shall take her to get her nipples and pussy pierced. I will put chains on the piercings and attach the tits to the pussy. We can keep her like we want by pulling the chains." Then he leaned over and sucked her nipples. He loved her huge tits and nipples and wanted her pregnant and full of milk to suck. Then he and the son would nurse her.
"Lets rest, so we can fuck her more." Before he left her, he put a butt plug in her ass and fingered her pussy till she came for him.
Stay tuned for part two.

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