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The Guest

Mom and dad had left for the week end and the young daughter was all alone. She was asked to entertain a friend coming to stay for a week. He arrived just after noon and she was out by the pool in her bikini. She was going to sun bathe topless, but knew the visitor would be arriving any time. He walked to the pool and greeted her. He stared at the girls sexy body in the skimpy suit. The triangles of fabric barely covered the huge tits and the bottom thong had less material. He liked what he saw and knew he had to have her. He went in and put on his swim suit and came back to the pool. She had turned over to tan her back and he gazed at her nice round ass. He grabbed the lotion and put some on her back. As he spread the lotion, he untied the bikini top. She did not seem to mind. He rubbed her back and down her sides but not touching her tits. He rubbed lower on her back and then started to rub her ass which was bare because of the thong. She let him which pleased him. He rubbed her ass for quite a while and then stroked his finger down her ass crack. She did not object so he spread her legs. He ran his finger to her smooth waxed pussy. She still let him touch her. He felt her from her ass to her clit. Back and forth he stroked her. He then felt her get wet. He turned her over to her back which made the top fall off. She had nice huge tits and he took his hands and fondled them and then took the nipples between two fingers. As he played with the tits, he started to kiss her. When he pushed his tongue in her mouth she immediately sucked it. He kissed her long and hard for several minutes till his cock was getting hard. He leaned over and sucked her plump nipples as he ran a hand between her legs moving the slit of bikini to the side. He took turns sucking each nipple as he pushed his finger into her cunt. She was wet and spread her legs to give him complete access to her treasure. He sucked the nipples deep in his mouth as he fingered her hole. She reached over and rubbed his hard cock thru his swim suit. With her rubbing his cock he fingered her hole and sucked those nice tits hard. It was not long till he felt her cum on his finger. Then he jerked his suit off and turned her so she could suck his cock. Her eyes got large when she saw the size of it. He grabbed her head and pushed his cock to her mouth. She knew to lick the huge shaft up both sides and also the balls. He got so excited with her tongue on him that he held her head and pushed inside her. He was anxious to see how much she could take of the huge cock. As he pushed deeper in her mouth she gagged and he would pull back. But soon he grabbed her head and began to fuck her mouth. his cock was so large that he pulled in and out loving her lips wrapped around his big shaft. Soon he was ready to cum and held her held still as he filled her mouth with a big load of his warm juice. She was f***ed to swallow it all. He kept the shaft in her mouth and let her softly suck it till he got hard again. Then he put her on her knees and ass in the air as he prepared to fuck her pussy. He rubbed her hole to get it wet then pressed his cock at the entrance. He slowly pushed in inch by inch till he stretched her into taking all of it. Once in he then started fucking the tight pussy. It felt good all around his big cock. As he humped her he grabbed her tits and squeezed them. He loved to fuck and could cum many times with great stamina. He pounded her cunt and was soon ready to cum and fill her with more of his juice. His cock was so wet from her cumming so many times on his shaft. Then he unloaded in her cunt. As they both relaxed he laid her down and rubbed her body feeling evey inch of her as she was beautiful. He had two more days till her parents got home and he planned to waste no time.
Then took her naked body into the house and to the room he always stayed in. He laid her on his bed on her back. He quickly tied her hands and feet to the bed with her legs spread wide for him. Now she was his to use as his pleasure. He would be the master. He played with her tits rubbing, squeezing and sucking them, He loved that they were large and full with the nice big nipples. He nursed on them for several minutes. Then he licked down to her pussy. With her legs spread and tied he could see the sweet pink treasure and went right to work sucking every inch. This made her wild and he felt her cum several times. He sucked the clit pulling on it with his teeth and then pushed his tongue into her cunt. Her cunt was wet from cumming so many tomes and he tongued fucked her for several minutes, making her cum again and again. His cock was now so hard he needed to relieve it so he mounted her and pushed his cock deep into her hole. He grabbed her tits as he pounded her hole hard fillng her hole with cum. He pulled his cock out and laid on top of her and started kissing her. She was talented at sucking tongues and running her tongue over the inside of his mouth. He loved this. He then ran his hand down to her ass and found her round bud. He circled the rim with a finger. Then he pushed the finger in her ass. At first she did not like it, but as she got used to it she really loved the feeling. He fingered her ass getting her used to his stretching her and then added one more finger. As he fingered the ass he licked her pussy. This drove her wild. Devouring her pussy with his mouth he added another finger to the ass. She was now thrashing as much as possible getting off wih the licking and fingering. Finally he got four fingers in her ass which was his goal. He pushed in and out as he felt her cum. He pulled his fingers out looking at the the stretched ass and then pressed his cock to the entrance. He moved the four fingers to her pussy and slowly pushed his cock into her ass. As his cock entered her ass, his fingers were fucking her hole fast and rough. As soon as her ass adjusted to the huge cock she loved the feeling. Now he started to fuck her ass hard and as his fingers fucked her hole, he took his other hand and rubbed her clit. He was amazed she could cum so many times. Then she started screaming as the sensations were more then she could handle. But he kept fucking till he then filled her ass with the warm juice. He pulled out of her to let her rest till he would then mount her many more times. They were going to fuck all week end and many times next week when he could get her away from her parents.

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