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The Rich Bitch Part 1

Chapter 1: The New Gardner

It was Adam's 18th birthday and he was more then excited to be on his own for the occasion. His parents Andrea and Phil, unintentionally made plans to go to Maui for their anniversary the day of. Adam, of course didn't mind. He had his own plans for his special day and he wasn't about to play safe. ??

Adam lived in Los Angeles right off the coast overlooking the Pacific. Adam laid out on his chair next to his long crystal blue pool, soaking up the sunrays that tanned his athletic body. Maroon 5 played in the background stereo system on low volume while listening to the ocean crash on the beach. Adam truly lived the life that most people envied and of course, like most overly wealthy adolescents he took it all for granted.

 ?His parents walked outside to let Adam know that they were leaving. ??

"We will be back in a three days." His mother said.

"The new Gardner should be on his way here and don't forget to sign for a package that is coming around three..... Oh, and please don’t forget to not have too many people over. It took the maid longer then usual to clean up the mess and you know how I don’t like hearing her complain in that language she speaks." 

??"Its Spanish... mother." Adam said in snotty tone not even looking at her. He hated how discriminative his mother was. 

??"Whatever... I'm leaving.... bye sweetie! Kisses!" She shouted running out the door. ??

Adam listened to loud clogging of her stiletto's running out the door. Adam went back to his mode of relaxation. He listened to Adam Levine's voice in the background, reminding him of his own boyfriend who kind of favored his voice.

He had been dating his boyfriend for just seven months but he felt like it was about that time to take it to the next level. Adam was ready to give up his virginity to him. ??Adam smiled at thought of his boyfriend Corey on top of him.

All 218 pounds of him and all of it smooth muscle. He thought of him going slow taking his time with him, slowly working his dick inside of him. Adam read many stories of people's first time experiences and he was planning on making it memorable. ??

Adam ran his hands down his speedo and slowly began to play with his six inch cut dick. He thought of Corey's dick, which he had seen and felt on a few times before. Corey told him it was eight inches but Adam really thought it was much bigger. Either way he couldn’t wait to experience his first time. ??Adam's thoughts were broken when he heard the doorbell ring. ??

"Shit, that must be the Gardner..." ??Adam got up and lazily walked to the door without covering up himself. A young and sexy guy greeted him. Adam stood there speechless checking out the sexy latin stud standing taller then him. ??

"Is this the Covington residences?" The man said. ??

"Yes... I'm Adam Covington. My parents are out for the evening." Adam said making sure he kept his composure.

Adam glanced over to the big truck that had Rodriguez Gardening Co. written on it.   ??

"Your the Gardner?" Adam questioned. He figured this guy needed to be a model not pulling up weeds. ??

"Yup, my name is Kyle... and my Uncle Eli is on his way out." He said. 

??Adam glanced at the truck and saw movement from the outside. 

??"You can Kyle come in, I’ll take you to the back yard." Adam said with a warm smile. ??

Adam hoped the guy was checking him out while he walked him outside. He even walked slower and made sure his ass did a little switching. Adam was always a major flirt with everyone but he was not that type to go any further then showing off. ??

"So here it is. Weeds, weeds, and... You guessed it... more weeds." Adam said comedically.

The Kyle smiled at his joke and checked out the area he was about to work on. ??Adam took his time to check out what he could see from the sexy specimen with a nice accent, checking out his garden (pun not intended) 

??Kyle reminded him of a guy he had a crush on back in high school, tall, beautiful caramel cappuccino with a splash of cream colored skin tone all over. He must have been doing this job for a long time cause it was definitely showing in his legs and arms. Adam could only imagine what his chest looked like under that thin dark green shirt.??

"Alright well it looks like we will be here for a while, you seem to have a lot weeds and other little things but it will be perfect as soon as we are done." Adam said. 

??"That's fine, but as long as your out before 4, I'm having birthday party today." Adam said. ??

"Really? Your Birthday?.....Happy Birthday Adam." Kyle said with a warm smile.  

Adam felt like he was going to melt on the ground from Kyle's smile. ??

"Thank you. I appreciate it." Adam said shyly. He was going to invite Kyle to come but felt that would be strange. ??

"Well we better get to work, I'll tell my uncle to work fast so you can get ready for your party." Kyle said walking back to the front door.

All the while Kyle thought to himself, "You can stay as long as you want." ??

Adam laid back on his cot but faced it towards the garden so he could watch Kyle and his Uncle work and get his tan at the same time. He turned his music up a little more to give them a little entertainment while they worked. 

??Adam watched Kyle's arms strain and contract as they pulled up the ground plants. His lightly hairy butt crack peeked out from Kyle's shorts and Adam had his eyes locked on it. It looked so tasty to him and he felt his dick rise in his speedos. Adam covered himself up with his hand but rubbed himself up a little.

??Adam closed his eyes and imagined Kyle stopping his work and over to him. Kyle kneeled down and pulled down Adams speedo, grabbed his cock and began to suck it. Adam laid there and enjoyed his hot, wet lips on his dick.

??"MMmmmMMMmm..... Ahhhh...... Kyle..... That’s so good.... Your lips are fuckin' awesome dude." Adam said in heated passion.

Kyle just kept working his tongue and lips up and down dick just the way Adam wanted. ??

"Oh God, Kyle... your amazing... suck me good man!.... I wanna cum so bad!" Adam said again. 

??"Fuck those plants Kyle, please take me.... right here, right now." Adam moaned to Kyle again.??

Kyle stood up and pulled off his shirt. In Adam's mind Kyle's body revealed a sexy smooth chiseled body of a Latin prince. 

??"Take those shorts off and show me your cock man." Adam said. ??Kyle dropped his shorts and out popped his dick already hard and lubed up. 

??"Perfect...." Adam lifted his legs and spread his hole and said, "Get in that virgin ass and make it yours baby." 

---??Since this was a dream...... Kyle buried himself all the way inside of Adam.---

There moans were loud and infectious, they didn't care that they were outside in the surrounded by other neighbors that could hear everything they said. ??Adam let himself go telling Kyle to fuck him hard and telling him how much he loved his big dick in his ass. Kyle just responded with harder and quick thrusts. His thrusts creating a loud slapping sound.

Adam held onto Kyle tight as he took it all out him and Adam screamed for more. ??Feeling exhausted from the rough fuck, Kyle picked Adam up and turned over so Adam was top. Like a wild a****l, Adam hungry bounced up and down Kyle. He couldn't get enough and it showed. They were both sweating intensely and the sun wasn't helping them cool off. Kyle grabbed Adam's ass and slammed him up and down. 

??"Ride me you slut!... Yeah just like that.... Ride my fuckin' dick!" Kyle shouted. 

??Kyle reached up and started lightly choking Adam, getting into this new mode of a****listic perpetual heat. Adam's shouting weakened but he still took it like a man. ??

Kyle slapped his ass with his other saying "Tighten that ass up! Make me cum bitch!" ??Kyle took control of Adam and was ready to own his new rich bitch.??

"That's it!!! I'm gonna shoot! Milk outta me you bitch!" Kyle shouted. He stopped choking Adam and grabbed his tits and pinched them.

Adam shouted out loud "OH FUCK!" ??Kyle felt Adam's ass grab onto his dick and he started shooting his load up in his new boy. ??

"Fuck I'm cumming!!!" Adam shouted.

Adam didn’t even touch his dick the whole time and just started shooting his hot white cream all over Kyle's tanned skin. 

??"Fuck yeah dude!" Adam shouted but still out of breath.

"That was amazing. I never thought my first time would ever be like that."??

"I'm glad you liked it.... but what about Corey?" Kyle asked.??

"Corey? Oh... shit I forgot about him...." ??Adam woke up from his dream, still in dazed about his extremely X-rated thoughts.

He figured he should lay off the erotica stories for a while. He looked up and noticed that Kyle was gone and his Uncle was still fixing the garden. ??Adam lifted from his chair and realized his speedos were wet. He felt the spot and realized it was cum. Adam had shot a load from his dream. ??

"Shit I better change before he comes back." Adam said to himself.

??Adam got off his cot and quickly sped walked back into the house. Then he unexpectedly ran into Kyle knocking some of the tools he had in his hands on the floor. Feeling embarrassed, he apologized and helped pick up the tools. ??

Adam didn't realize it but Kyle saw a few strings of a white liquid flowing down his leg when he knelt down to pick up the tools. A smile grew on his face when he figured out what it was. 

?"Sorry about that again... ummm... I'm going to the bathroom." Adam said not knowing what else to say in the awkward moment.

Adam ran to the bathroom and Kyle stood there and shook his head. He knew just what to do this spoiled rich bitch....??To Be Continued.... 

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