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King University's New Slut Part 9

Chapter 9: Mystery Solved

I felt around my asshole, which was burning and leaking from some guys cum leaking from it. I felt really embarrassed to even be thinking like this, but I felt somewhat turned on by this. I don't know where these feelings were coming from, when I was suppose to be feeling angry and upset. 

I got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned out my hole which had a really big load planted deep inside me. I really started to wonder who did this, it had to be Quinn or one of his friends. They were the only ones in our room. 

On my walk up to my class, I contemplated on whether I should keep investigating this or should I leave it alone. Then I heard someone call my name from behind me. I turn around and it was Antonio. I gasped at how sexy he looked. He had on a black wife beater on with long black shorts on, his dark skin glimmered from the sunset beating down on him. I had to stop and soak in all the sexiness that was coming towards me. 

"Hey Tyler, do you have time to talk?" Antonio asked.

I looked up at him mesmerized completely forgetting about being over twenty minutes late for my class, but then I remembered what happened in the shower room and I started feeling awkward.

"Ahhhh... ummmm...." I stuttered.

"Don't worry, it'll just be a minute. I just wanted to ask you a few things." I figured since I was already late, it wouldn't hurt to be a few more minutes later.

We walked around one of the buildings were it was more secluded near a lake. The sunset making the setting look stunning.

We sat down on the a bench and he took no time to ask, "So what happened in there? Tayshawn told me you freaked out when he walked in." He said.

My face heated up and turned red from shame.

"It wasn't like that dude, is that what he told you?" I ask.
He shook his head yes and grinned.

"I can't really talk about it." I say shyly.

We were silent for a while listening to the lake wash upon the shore. I didn't know what else to say, I couldn't even look at Antonio straight. I felt my dick starting to grow in my pants.

"So since you can't tell me about what happened." Antonio said, "I guess I'll tell you that he told me everything." ?

My eyebrows raised and I stared back at him. He had this sexy smile plastered on his face.

"So, why did you ask me about it when you already new?" I ask.

"I just wanted to hear you say it. I knew you were feelin' us when we first met you." he said. I didn't respond but I listened to his truthful statement.

"I'm about to go back to my dorm, you can come if you want to." Antonio asked.

I stared for a second thinking if I should go there or not, but then I remembered my class.

"Actually I should go to class, I can't miss anymore than what I've already have." I say.

He shook his head ok and then said, "Alright then, if you change your mind, our dorm room is D345, we can just hangout." he said. 

He got up and I watched his ass bounce and calve muscles strain as he walked away. My dick got harder as I watched "The Hulk". I starting walking my way to class still staring at him at the same time, then I stared down at my dick. I was rock hard, there was no way I was going to class like this. There was only one way I had to get this off....
I made sure I was far away enough for Antonio to not be able to see me following him. I watched him enter his dorm room and I he closed his door not expecting anyone to be following him. I creep up to the door not hearing anything for a while. I felt down at my cock still rock hard in my pants, still begging me to give it some attention. Then I felt myself getting nervous, but I wasn't sure why I was. Maybe it was the anticipation...

I knocked on the door but I didn’t get a response immediately. I knocked on it again and then that sexy hunk of a man Tayshawn greeted me. He had his chest exposed and his shorts were below his waistline exposing his very smooth V shape pelvis. He was a fuckin' God on Earth. 

"Tyler? I didn't know you were coming by." he said surprised. "You shoulda called me first." 

"I wanted to talk to you... Are you free?" I ask. I knew he wasn't going to turn me away.

"Yeah, sure, come on in." He said. I followed him back to the living room area noticing how big there rooms were compared to ours.

"Wow, your living room is so much bigger then mine. Even the kitchen." I say, there place looked more like a condominium.

"I guess its cuz were seniors." Tayshawn said. "I used to stay in those dorms when I was a freshman. Your treated like a God when your senior." he said sitting down on his sofa.

He reached in a bowl of candy and asked me if I wanted any. I looked in the bowl and saw a licorice stick that was brown.

"What kind is that?" I ask picking it up. "Chocolate, its pretty good." he said. I took one then asked,

"Where did Antonio go?"

"How did you know he was here?" He asked.

I guess there was no use to be around the bush here anymore so I told him. "I followed him."

Tayshawn was going to respond when all of a sudden we hear loud porn going off in Antonio's room. I stared at Tayshawn then smiled hearing the moaning from the couple on the television. I stood up and decided control this time.

"I'm not gonna beat around the bush anymore. I came him for one thing.... Okay two things." I say walking closer to Tayshawn.

He stared at me trying to figure out where I was going at. "And that’s you." I got on my knees in front of him he finally got the picture and smile.

"And Antonio, once he's done with his movie." I got bold and rubbed on his crotch, feeling his soft dick covered up by his shorts.

"I see you finally came to your senses." Tayshawn said.

"Yeah it took me a while to realize it, but this is where I belong..." I say. 

I wasted no time and took out his huge dick that filled up my hand finally getting a chance to see all of him.  Hearing the moans from the room put me in the zone, I took his dick in my mouth and just started sucking it. His cock tasted so good, just washed with the scent of Irish Spring soap coming from his skin. He put his hand on the back of my head pushing me up and down his dick. 

I moaned along with the guy from the movie and I looked up to see Tayshawn his eyes opened and staring down at me with his huge cock in my mouth.

"Yo' this is so good. You look so good with my dick in your mouth." He said.

To thank him for his complement, I showed him my skills that I developed over the last few days and deep throated him. I gagged and coughed from feeling his big dick going past my tonsils.

"Oh shit! Oh man! You just swallowed all of me! How the hell?" Tayshawn says in amazement. ?

I stayed down on his dick feeling pulsing and jerking, I was losing my breath but he held me on his dick. Finally I pulled away and took a deep breath, my eyes watering, and face flushed from the lack of oxygen.

"Where did you learn to do that? I thought you were a virgin?" Tayshawn asked. Not willing to reveal my secret I say, "I guess some were just born to suck dick the right way and that’s where I come in." 

I stared at his big dick completely covered in my spit, my hand looked like a k**'s hand wrapped around it. It had to be way over nine inches.

"So are you gonna tell me the truth?" Tayshawn asked. Instead of answering him I just went back down on his dick.

"Shit man!" He yelled. I started eating him up like this was my last supper. I even did some nice tongue action that I remember doing to Darius. I was so proud of myself, how many guys can say they learned the art of sucking cock with in 48 hours?

I sucked him for what seemed like hours, my mouth was getting sore so I felt like it was time to take him up my ass. I stopped sucking him and he said, "Why'd you stop? Man I was so close."

"I want this big fucking black cock up my ass and I want you to shoot your load up inside me." I say. His eyebrows raised from hearing me say those nasty words but he was immediately turned on by it. 

I took the rest of my clothes off and slipped off his shorts. I stood up and sat on top of him and started kissing him, feeling his big hard cock rub against my ass. I've wanted to do this for so long, I couldn't believe this was happening. His arms reached around me and he pressed me up against him making me feel every inch of his pillowy soft warm body up against mine. I sucked his tongue tasting the sweetness of peppermint mixed with chocolate from the candy he had eaten. This only made me hungrier for him.

I reached around and grabbed his dick and jacked it off. Precum coated my hand so I rubbed on my ass hole as lube. Then Antonio’s door opened from his room and he walks out completely naked. Tayshawn and I looked at him, he didn’t even notice us on top of each other. He went straight to the kitchen to get something but he stopped when Tayshawn called out his name.

“What da?… Tyler! When did… Why are… Whoa.” He stuttered.

“Tayshawn was just about to fuck me.” I say. “You can have my mouth if you want it?”

His attention went back to the porno that was playing in his room, then back to us. I went back to kissing Tayshawn just to bring make the invitation more tempting. Then I hear him say, “Fuck it, lemme get some.” He walked over to us and stood behind us. His dick was facing me but wasn’t hard yet, it was about the size of mine when hard.

I stopped kissing Tayshawn and grabbed a hold of Antonio’s dick and hungrily started sucking him off.

“Ohhhhh Fuck man!! Look at him!” Antonio shouted out. I was slurping all in Tayshawn’s ear but he didn’t seem to mind. “I know I said the same thing.” He said.

Tayshawn grabbed my ass and lifted me up like I weighed nothing, then rubbed his cockhead around my asshole. Then he slowly f***e fed his big dick inside of me.

“MMMMmmmmMMM… (slurp!)… MMmmmm…(Slurppp!)… Oh yes fuck me.” I say in perpetual heat.

I felt all of him slide inside of me, feeling pain all the way making room for his thickness. Quinn was way bigger and longer then Tayshawn but it still was a struggle taking him.

Once I had every inch of his big dick inside me, I took over and started fucking him.

“Holy shit!” All of us shout in unison. I went back to sucking Antonio off vigorously, taking every inch of his big cock. I bounced up and down Tayshawn’s dick just as fast as I was sucking Antonio.

If my parents could see me now… leaving an innocent Catholic school to a school full of horny black men, and I’m the one taking control of two right now.

I had to look like the biggest whore right now, taking two dicks at the same time in both ends, but it felt so damn good.

“Fuckin’ take my dick you fuckin’ slut!” Tayshawn yelled out.

“This ass is so wet, look at it cumming on my dick!” I was in shock to hear that, I stopped sucking Antonio long enough to look down and see cum sliding down his dick. It must have been that mystery man who fucked me earlier while I was sl**ping. His load was STILL coming out of me! I couldn’t tell Tayshawn and Antonio that or they would have really thought I was whore.

So I ignored it and went back to sucking Antonio. Tayshawn fucked me hard making me bounce all over the place, I held onto the sofa feeling like he would through me up in the ceiling. So much was happening at the same time, I couldnt process it all in.
I jacked Antonio's big cock in my hand hard and watched spew out precum all down my hand. I licked up as much as possible, then deepthroating him all the way down to his balls.

"Suck that shit good baby. Oh my God you can suck dick so fuckin' good!" Antonio said.

"This ass is just as good he's suckin' me off like his mouth did.... You should try it."  Tayshawn said to Antonio.

"I think I will. Get on your knees Tyler." Antonio demanded. 
I slid off of Tayshawn's dick and quickly got on my knees.  Antonio moved in place and just stuck it in without me feeling any pain.

"Damn he's still tight." He said.

"Please fuck me hard!" I say to Antonio. "Don't worry, daddy's gonna give it to you good!"
Antonio did exactly that, screwing me so hard I had to hold on to Tayshawn for support.

"Damn man don't fuck his ass up. His ass won't be no good." Tayshawn said.

"Yo' he asked for it! I'm just givin' him what he wants." Antonio said.

"Yes, I love it like that! Please give it to me like that!" I say. "Shut up bitch and put this cock back in yo mouth." Tayshawn demanded.
I did tasting the unfamiliar cum that was coated on Tayshawn's dick. Then I started thinking about it. If I remember correctly Quinn had a sweet tanginess to his cum flavor. Kelvin had left the room being mad at Quinn, leaving one person.... Rufus.
My mind went back to focusing on the cocks in my mouth and ass and Antonio was slapping on my ass.

"Yeah you like that bitch? This is how I get down. I love smackin' this tight fuckin' ass." Antonio said to me. I loved it too so I responded by gyrating my ass in circles.

"Yeah I see you like that dick, take it good... I’m gonna own this ass." Antonio said again, not realizing this ass was own by three other guys before him.
"Fuck his ass good Tony. Make him feel that shit." Tayshawn egging him on. I went wild on both of there dicks like some chick in a porno. They were all loving it just as much I was.
It wasn’t long after that when Antonio announced he was cumming. I gripped his dick with my ass using my ass muscles to suck him dry.

"Oh fuck man! I'm cumming!!!" He shouted. His cum shot deep in my used up pussy, so deep that it felt like it was entering my stomach. 
Tayshawn took his dick out of my mouth and jacked it off at my face.

"Yeah I'm gonna nut on this sexy face. Is that what you want Tyler?" Tayshawn asked.

"Yes please feed me! I want it so bad!" I say. I open my mouth and stick out my tongue.

"Shit, Here it goes!" He said. He painted my face with about seven shots of his hot cum all over my face.
Tayshawn shook and yelled, trying to catch his breath from his intense orgasm. I sat there smiling and licking his load off my face, like a fuckin' slut in a porno. I grabbed his dick and rubbed it on my lips and sucked the rest of his cum out.

"Damn k**! No ones ever fucked me like that before." Antonio said. "Are sure you were a virgin?" Tayshawn asked.
I didn't say anything but I got up and started wiping my face with some tissues and putting my clothes back on again.

"Aye, where you going?" Tayshawn asked.

"I gotta confront somebody about something. I'll see you guys later." I say.

"....Oh and thanks for everything. You two were great." I say with a smile.
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