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My time in prison.

So I was in prison for about 4 years on some false charges, I was 18 when I first wen in, about 5'9", the months while the trial was going on I worked out, thinking it would help me in prison, because I figured I was probably losing. With long dark brown hair, and almost hairless body, it just made me look like more of a pretty boy. Anyway, I lost, and had to go to prison.

They threw me in a tight cell, just 2 bunks with thin matresses, 1 blanket, 1 pillow, a sink and a toilet. I looked at my new cellmate, Billy, who was just reading a book, he was huge, probably 6'3" and arms as big as my head, tattood all over, and bald. He looked pretty mean so I kept to myself and tried no to bother him, fearing that he will beat me. Soon as the guards left and we could hear them get down the hall, he came and stood over me and my bunk. He said "I could tear you apart, and so could 90% of the prisoners here, but since your my cellmate, im going to take you under my wing, and protect you, but first things first." He pulled his pants down and waved his semi hard cock in my face. I asked "Is this a test to weed out the fags or what?" He replied "no, your going to be a fag weather you like it or not, unless you want to be killed."

I grabbed his cock and started to slowly stroke it, I just got the mindset "Im gay, be as gay as possible" even though im strait, It was either embrace it or fear it, so I embraced my new lifestyle. I took his 9 inch thick cock into my mouth, my first cock ever, he was not forcing anything, letting me go at my own pace. I started by going up and down his shaft with my lips, and going to work on his head with my tounge. I did this for a while, sometimes taking it out to rub it with my hand, I didnt know what else to do. I actually got hard, the hardest my cock had been since the first time I fucked a girl, maybe I was gay. After about 15 minutes he came, overflowing my mouth "swallow" and I did as he asked, taking 4 gulps to get it all down, then licking his cock clean. He said that later my as was going to get it, and that I may want to take the few hours between now and then to "loosen up" so it wouldnt hurt me. He wasnt totally selfish.

I spent the next little while, with my new gay attitude, spitting on my fingers and widening my ass, one finger, then two, some rest, then 3, and fucking myself with 3, I got naked and told him I was ready, Billy just stayed silent, and read his book, half hour later he got up, already shirtless, took off his pants and rubbed his cock hard. I got on my bed in doggy potion, and he got up behind me, shoved my face into the mattress and quickly shoved his whole length into me, hitting the back of my ass, not painfull, but made me tremble and I screamed out a moan then yelled "fuck me." He started and a quick pace, in and out, and got faster, and faster, in a minute he was going more rapid than I ever imagine. I moaned and moaned, drooling onto the pillow. My first cock ever, had pressure on hot spot, and each thrust was hitting the back of my ass, another hot spot, and the sensation of his cock rushing in and out of my ass, all together. It felt like I was at my peak and about to cum, but it didnt end, just continued and got more and more intense as he fucked. I couldnt even think of where I was, It felt like I was just on a cloud in heaven. He fucked furociously and came in my ass, filling it.

I now knew that I was gay, or bi, because after that, there was no way I could live my life, denying that, that was the best thing I ever felt, and better yet, I was going to get this all the time now.

To be continued???

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