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House-sitting 2

I'm standing at the front door of No 17 when I spot the hastily scribbled note pinned to the letter box saying to go round to the back garden via the side gate, so off I toddle.
What a pleasant surprise I get, two lovely women in very brief bikinis.Sandra,the owner off the bungalow, is wearing a deep purple number that leaves very little to the imagination and Lucy,Sandra's next door neighbour is wearing a pale lemon colour swimsuit.
"Hi girls,are you ok,you certainly look it from where I'm standing?"
"Cheeky bugger" replies Sandra,"Why don't you join us and get yourself a drink, there is a full jug of Pimms in the cooler,we'll have refills while you're there?"
"OK,thanks I will" and then I carry out my duties.
"You look a bit over-dressed, why don't you strip off and catch some sun" says Lucy.
"I've only got my boxers on,I didn't come prepared to sunbathe."
"Don't wory about that, go further if you like, it's nothing we haven't seen before" Lucy replies.
"Ahem, it is something I haven't seen" says Sandra,loudly.
"Sorry I forgot that!" says Lucy."Any way Stu,take off as much or as little as you like".I take them at their word and in seconds I am in the nude,and with a semi-erect cock to show fo it.
"Things, or should I say SOMETHING is beginning to look up" says Sandra while sitting up on her sunbed and removing her bikini top,releasing her full breasts with large brown nipples from the confines of the material.With that,my old man stands to attention and within seconds Sandra is stroking my enlarging penis and cupping my balls,oh WOW, she then pulls me toward her starts to lick my cock and slowly,very very slowly takes him into her mouth; after a few minutes of this we manouvre so that I'm laying on the sunbed while she straddles my face so I can service her cunt with my mouth and tongue, while all this is going on, I feel my prick entering a hole,a very wet,warm hole that can only belong to Lucy, sure enough I open my eyes to see the two girls over me,feeling each others tits and kissing each other deeply.I double my efforts and they both start moaning louder and moving faster,I can hold back no longer and release large spurts of love-juice deep into Lucy's shuddering quim as Sandra unleashes a stream of lady juice all over my face. Good grief girls, I've only been here half an hour, give a guy a break,I'm thinking to myself as I slowly descend from such a beautiful high I never thought was possible.Sandra and Lucy are both flat out on their backs getting their breaths back, all three of us covered in sweat and heaven knows what else.
"Time for the pool" cries Sandra, getting up and heading for the swimming pool at the bottom of the garden, "theres enough towels for all of us" she adds.She slides open the large glass door and dives straight in causing hardly more than a ripple as she glides though the blue water,Lucy and I hold hands and jump in together,screaming and shouting like k**s.We splash around for a while until we are all exhausted and, as the sun has now disappeared behind a great rain cloud we decide to adjourn to the warmth of the bungalow.We all have a shower,separately,funny enough.As I come out,Sandra is at the door paying the pizza delivery boy who is absolutely soaked.Turns out his delivery van conked a mile away and he walked/ran here so as not to disappoint us.He asks if he can come in and phone his boss and tell him whats happened and of course Sandra says yes.He's comes back from the phone saying as its a relatively quiet night his boss has told him to take the rest of the evening off.I offer to run him home but before I can, Sandra asks if he'd like to dry off a bit,even have a shower while his clothes go in the tumble drier for half-an-hour or so.He is a bit shy and reluctant but then Lucy gives him a seductive wink and he changes his mind.Sandra finds him a clean towel and directs him to the bathroom,telling him to leave his wet clothes outside the door.Off he goes and after a couple of minutes Lucy and I think, at the same time, where's Sandra got to? I head towards the bathoom to find her standing there looking through a small gap in the door frame at the lad in the shower, not only that,she has her hand inside her knickers and is giving herself a good old seeing to while her other hand is rubbing her breasts over her dress.I creep up behind her and appreciate what she can see, a very well built young man who is hung like a donkey,and he is not even erect! I whisper in he ear "I can see what you're going to be upto in the next hour or so!"
"OH YES!" she replies.With that she pushes open the bathroom door and is staight in that shower, clothes and all, and is giving that boy a real going over.Poor bloke, he doesn't know whats hit him but he soon starts to make a stand, if you know what I mean.Now he is hard, his prick has changed from that of a donkey to one of a stallion.
"Whats going on?" says a small voice behind me as a pair of female arms go round my waist and I feel Lucy behind me on tip-toe trying to see whats happening.
"What do you think ?" I reply and push the door open wide.By now Sandra's pale cream dress has gone completely see through and she has gone down on the lad and is sucking him for all she is worth, his massive dick sliding easily in and out of her lips .Lucy's hands have now undone my flies and I feel her fingers round my roused dick, here we go again I think to myself.With that we step into the bathroom and start to join in,we ae soon naked except for Sandra who keeps her soaking knickers on , and then to my surprise tuns to me and guides my throbbing cock deep inside her,moaning with pleasure as I sink into he willing fanny.I turn my head and see Lucy receiving a very long length from the pizza boy Pete.I concentrate on my mission in hand and soon have Sandra coming again and again until I can't keep it in any more and just have to release my load right inside her juicy pussy.Oh boy, I'm not doing too bad for a 62 year old, twice in six hours and still feeling up for more! I must admit I feel absolutely knackered but hopefully I'll soon be back in action; after all,I only popped round to give Sandra her keys back!!

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