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I was new in the big city, a country boy through and through and it was the first time I had ever visited London for the sites rather than work, I was nervous just for the fact that I had never been anywhere like it and the place was so big, my town being one hundred houses tops, all of a sudden the bus I was waiting for pulled in and kicked me out of my daze, being the shy and gentle person I am let all the other tourists get on first and just out of the corner of my eye noticed the hair of a blond lady getting on to the bus, I couldn’t see her face just the back of her head and the lovely colour of the skin on her back, that’s it I thought I got to get a better look at this because from the back it was looking great. “ARE YOU GETTING ON MATE” ! I heard and as I looked round the bus driver was looking at me with a face liked a slapped ass obviously pissed off that I had held his bus up, uuhhggg “yes I am” I said a bit embarrassed to my day dreaming. I paid the man and looked for a seat, the bus was packed and I found myself going upstairs to sit down. Once upstairs I found out that there was two seats left one was next to the blond and the other a single seat at the back on the bus, as I got to the blond she looked up and I got a full view of her, she was beautiful, her hair glistened in the sun and the wind caught it every now and then which flicked it up, her skin was golden bronze and her makeup that she wore looked classy and well applied she wore a red dress with a low cut neck that showed her cleavage and with the black belt around her waist they looked even bigger than what they properly where, to my disbelief she asked if I wanted to sit next to her and moved her bag from the chair and put it on her lap, I think I must have looked a right fool just standing there and staring and gawking at her I didn’t say anything and just sat down, it must have took me a minute or two just to say thanks.
The bus pulled out of the station at that point and I began taking in the sites of this massive city. As I looked around while listening to the tour guide the stunningly beautiful women I had on my left spoke and said “this tour is shit wish I never got on this fucking bus now, what about you are you having fun” I was trying to think of something to say when she said “sorry for being so rude, I’m Holly” holding out a hand, “MIKE” I said grabbing her hand and shaking it. We talked for hours and after a while I felt totally comfortable telling her everything about me and she did the same and told me everything about her. We must of talked for hours when I noticed that we where pulling into the station where I had begun my journey. Outside of the bus I plucked up enough courage to ask Holly if she wanted to go and get a drink with me and maybe something to eat, she said that she would love to and off we went to a bar.
Three hours later and two and a half bottles of wine later I was taking Holly back to her hotel which was just a nice walk away, holly then grabbed my hand so I moved closer and but my arm around her and she did the same. Now I don’t know if it was the wine or I was getting brave but I went in to kiss her and to my astonishment she kissed me back, but only for a short while and she pulled away and straight away said “before anything happens with us I have to tell you something important” I nodded and was expecting her to say she was married or something but what came out of her mouth next shocked me and to tell you the truth excited me. “I’m a transsexual” she said and she went back to kiss me and I kissed her back more passionately than I had ever kissed anyone she then proceeded to put her hand on my cock and gently squeeze it through my trousers “I’ve always dreamed of being with a trans girl and you are the girl of my dreams so do you want to spend the night in my hotel room with me” I said she smiled and nodded so we quickly called a taxi and was on are way.
In my hotel room I told Holly to make her self at home and that I was going to jump in the shower, it had been a hot day so I thought that I would freshen up before hand. While I was in the shower it must have been five minutes or so when I heard the door open and in walked Holly stripping off while she was walking in, she stepped into the shower room with me but before touching her I just looked her up and down, to take in the sight that stood there before me, her skin was even more tanned under her clothes than I first thought she had tan lines over her boobs and a thong tan line around her waist where her bikini had been, her cock was a decent size was shaven and cut, she was truly beautiful I thought and again we kissed and rubbed my hands over her back towards her bum, giving a quick squeeze and pulling her tight to me, I could feel her tits against my chest her nipples where hard and sticking out so I moved down to suck on them moving my tongue around her nipples. I moved up to kiss her again but changed my mind getting on my knees to suck her cock, my first time I thought and was wondering if she was enjoying as much as me. She pulled me up on to my feet and kissed me I had my hand all over her cock stroking it gently, she then got on her knees to suck me off and she was amazing at it and knew what she was doing. When I was nice and hard I pulled Holly up just like she had done to me and turned her around so she bent over to show me her tight ass hole, I pushed my hard cock into her slowly taking my time and she moaned when I got to the end of my cock and I began to fuck away. I started to fuck her harder and harder until I was going full tilt reaching around for her tit and squeezing her nipple hard, holly then pulled away and told me to get on the shower floor so I did double quick time so holly could straddle me giving me a cheeky wink and a smile and started jumping up and down taking my cock like a pro I was mesmerized by her cock slapping up and down hitting me on the stomach watching her tits jiggle around and bounce around and the cock moving like it was and the speed holly was fucking me gave me that all familiar feeling and i told holly to slow down but she didn’t listen and told me to cum in her so I emptied my balls deep in side her she hopped off me and started fucking her self with to fingers in her ass, I was still on the floor so got to my knees and started to suck her again she said no and told me to wait, so we both got up and kissed while washing each other off.
Back in the hotel room the door was knocked on by room service who brought up two bottles of red wine that holly had ordered when we got to rights, so we laid on the bed talking and drinking. An hour had past and we started the second bottle, the time was 11pm and for the first time since I had met holly the conversation had dried up and turned to just giggling and fonder ling each other, I undid her bath robe and parted it to reveal holly’s nakedness, I took her cock in my hand gave it a few strokes while looking in her eyes and slowly pushed it into my mouth after a few minutes she was really hard and she was looking me straight in my eyes while moaning and fidgeting in the bed, I really enjoyed making holly moan. Then after a while I heard her say “I want to fuck you now” stopping and looking up to her said “I’ve never had sex like that before” “it will be ok” she said and moved around behind me and eased her dick into me, I could feel her inside me and had to let out a little squirm “everything ok” she said not saying anything I just pushed myself against holly taking her deeper inside me, she started of slow at first before working up a head of steam, I have to admit it felt good really good and could hear holly enjoying it as much as I was her breathing was getting harder and harder until she couldn’t take no more and cum all over my back she was screaming and I could feel her hot cum all over me, when she had finished holly lay down next to me and began to run her petite hands through my hair and kiss me.
The next thing I know I’+ve awoken to the sun hitting me in the face trough the window so I turn over to find an empty bed, I could still smell her on the pillow and called out to her “Holly Holly” but there was no answer I knew then that I would never see her again, she had given me my first experience of transsexual sex and possibly NO most defiantly the best sexual experience of my life and I never even got to say thanks or anything, I even went back to the bus tour station to see if she was here but she wasn’t. I still dream about her and fantasize about my next transsexual experience.

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