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3 Teen Cross Dressers Misadventure - Part 2

Here are 4 men all at least 6" taller than us with athletic builds; we really thought we were about to get our asses kicked and robbed. One man got up an opened my duffel bag and of course found all of my crossing clothes. "We have us a couple of fags don't we." He said, opening the other bags finding more of the same. We were silent until Sean said that we just do it to get a kick from people and that we weren't gay. They all stood up and one put the chain lock on the door. "You are tonight boys" Craig said. Yep we were fucked; way too d***k and no exit.Plus they started to swig the liquor we brought so this wasn't good.

"Strip" one of them said. "All of you strip down now. We're gonna have little fashion show." Sean, half smiling but scared shit-less said, "just be cool." This didn't go over well. Having a teenage sissy telling them to chill out turned the mood even worse. The three other men pulled out wigs from our bags and tossed them to us. "love me a blonde" he said as I was given that wig. They basically stopped playing games after that point and we all were pretty sure what was coming.We were still frozen, sitting on the one couch in the room. All of them walked over to us, stood over us and told us that if we didn't strip down and dress as they told us we would be in a world of hurt.

What else could we do? I was the first. I took off my jacket and then practically before I even took off my shirt a bra was handed to me. "Put it on" I did and proceeded to drop my pants. I had on silk panties and striped stockings; then a pair of heels were handed to me."Now the wig,sit down and cross your legs faggot." "Slim, your turn." They handed him a bra, wig & heels as well. When he took down his jeans he had on argyle stockings, his favorite and apparently also Craigs. "I get first on the schoolgirl." he said. We were all thinking the same thing we are fucked. Again the man handing the clothes told him to sit down and cross his legs. Finally it was Sean's turn, same as before. Bra, wig, heels but he had on regular long johns and boxers because it was pretty cold outside. When he took off his long johns one noticed stubble on his legs and told him to shave because he liked smooth legs. Maybe to quit delaying he said he had a razor in his bag, he grabbed it and walked toward the bathroom. As if the situation wasn't strange enough they all spoke in a half- joking, half-sinister tone.

Craig stopped him quick and told him to take a swig from the liquor they had been gulping down. "We can't have you getting behind while your in the bathroom and make it quick" Surprisingly he must have been out in two minutes. In which time they had made me and Brett take a drink but not much else. As he emerged one of them rubbed his thigh and said "Perfect, put on that thong and the red stockings with the garter and sit next to your friends" There we were, dressed from head to toes wigs and heels. I thought I know what is gonna happen next, but it didn't. Then the most quiet of them said he wanted to see makeup on us.

All in front of a large mirror we quickly put it on and in the reflection behind us Brett, Sean, and I saw them taking off their shirts and shoes. We just looked at each other for a split second and took a deep breath.

"Back to the couch ladies, and have another drink." I am not sure how many we had by now but one more and the room would be spinning, Sean was probably the least d***k but still pretty smashed. This was bad enough when Craig took out a tiny bottle. Me and Brett were clueless but Sean looked as if he had known what it was, and he did. Craig said no more drinking for us because he didn't want us passing out or throwing up. He told us to line up so we could get the party started; and as we stood up the other 3 men took off their pants. One of them had no underwear on and his thick cock was in full view. Sean glanced over and the guy told him he gets the first taste.

We were lined up in front of Craig who also stood up and told Sean, who was first in line, to unbutton his jeans and pull down his pants. He did and although he had on briefs and wasn't erect his cock must have been 10+ inches and thick. Sean stood back up and Craig put a finger over his nostril and said inhale. I saw him go into a haze of sorts and one of the men, also with a tiny bottle, grabbed him and threw him on the bed. Before I knew it I too had been thrown on the other bed and my head was spinning. Then almost instantly Brett was on the couch with his face in Craig's lap.

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