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Extra Innings

It was a hot summer day in the windy city. I was at my girlfriend's house watching the Cubs play the Reds in Wrigley Field. My girl Lisa was a big Cubs fan but I was into the White Sox so we always debated on which team was better. Lisa, a hottie with flaming red hair, five foot five, and a body that wouldn't quit. On a hot day she wore short shorts and sandals and already I was feeling hard below the belt. The game was at the bottom of the eleventh inning with the game tied at three. With the game on the line I had to keep my mouth shut otherwise Lisa would have a fit. She was afraid I might jinx it and she was sitting still on the couch practically holding her breath. I blame her f****y. They were all die hard Cub fans from her grandfather, to her father, and her little b*****r. It was bases loaded and two outs in the bottom of the inning and the batter was down to two strikes. The pitch came and the batter swung it sending the ball straight out of the ballpark. All of Wrigley exploded and my girl was jumping for joy. She screamed and yelled and jumped into my arms hugging me real tight. I was happy for her even though I wasn't a fan, but I loved seeing her happy. When the celebration ended she looked into my eyes and gave me one big wet one on the mouth. After I came up for air she grabbed my prick letting me know what she wanted. We locked lips once more and we were down on the floor clawing and grabbing like wild a****ls in heat. She was on her back while she took my shirt off and unbuckled my belt. I took off her tank top and unbuttoned her shorts. I pulled them off along with her sandals getting tangled up in them. With my pants completely off my prick dug in deep in her pussy and I was hammering her good and her screaming and moaning was music to my ears. Her soft slender legs wound tight around my waist keeping me pinned down. In my ear she told me to eat her pussy like immediately. She wanted me in a big way and I couldn't refuse her. She was a hungry tigress and I was the meat she craved. With her legs still around my waist I carried her to the kitchen and planted her ass on the counter. She opened her legs for me and I licked and sucked her pussy and it tasted nice and smooth. Lisa screamed and even laugh a bit. She was always a bit ticklish when it came to my tongue slipping and sliding. Words like "don't stop" and "please don't stop" always meant I was getting the job done. Soon she cummed and we were both drenched but I was far from done. I turned her over and shoved my dick up her ass. The screaming continued and already I was hearing the neighbors complaining about the noise. I didn't give a shit. I was with my girl and I'll fuck her anytime I want. I was finished and I was exhausted. Lisa would be smiling for days after this. Soon I learned Lisa would get hot after her Cubs win a game and I thought I should come over and watch more games with her. It was hot outside but it was hotter inside and as much as I hated saying it but, "go Cubs."

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