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Mature ex mother in law (The Story)

ok well .....i met her daughter 5 years ago and got married 3 years ago. the whole f****y got along fine with me. we went on trips and did a lot of stuff as a f****y. until a year and a half ago her daughter cheated on me with one of her co workers. her mother (widowed) was ebarrassed at the fact that her daughter cheated on me, and also stated "i didn't raise no daughter to be a slut". she told me i was her best son in law and i didn't deserved to be cheated on. so months later her daughter and i got divorced ..but her f****y are still in good spirits with me and i still get along fine with them. so on new years eve i get invited by her mom to spend new years with them since my f****y resides in puerto rico. so i said fuck it i'm not spending new years alone so i'll go to my ex mom in law's and have a few drinks. so i spent new years eve at my ex mother in laws house getting d***k and having a good time until the bitch of a daughter shows up and we got to an argument and then she left with her new found boyfriend. so me and her f****y kept on drinking and @ 12 midnight everybody said their goodbyes to 2010 and some people went home and some of her f****y members stayed to crash at a bedroom and what not. my ex mother in law tells me "your too d***k to drive home stay and crash here". so my ex mother in law offered me her room because all the other rooms were occupied by some of her f****y members. her bedroom was in the attic and it really does look like a bedroom. so i crashed on her bed until the next day. 1/01/11 the next day i woke up with a headache and a tiny stomach ache... i noticed she was in the room changing her clothes and i had asked her for some headache pills and she turned around half naked in an embarrassed moment and she said "i thought you were still sl**ping i'm sorry i'll go down and get some for you." when she went downstairs. i had the biggest hard-on a man can ever have...especially towards an ex mother in law. she came upstairs with a couple pills and a glass of water and as i swallowed the pills with water..she sat down and said (blushed and embarrassed) ..."listen i'm sorry for what just happened i didn't know you were awake"...and then i interrupted and said ..."don't worry, you look gorgeous, you look great for a 52 year old." "if you got this bad boy here rock hard ,that means you look good." as i told her that, she blushed when she saw my boxers and saw that i had a boner.As i was putting on my pants she asked me if i wanted some breakfast and i responded "the only breakfast i want is what i saw five mins ago." she blushed again,and told me to stop being disrespectful then i said ."its normal for a guy to wake up in the morning with a boner but i woke up to half naked woman now thats even worst."
she blushed again...then i was thinking to myself {what do i got to loose,i'm already divorced , her daughter cheated on me and i don't even know her dead husband!?. and its been five minutes and she's still sitting there blushing ,if it were somebody else, out of respect she would've left the room by now.} so i told her that i had to take a shower before i leave i took off my pants and she again saw me in my boxers with a big boner. i took off my boxers and said "you see me naked , now were you feel comfortable now?" her eyes opened wide and she blushed again and as i asked her for a towel so i can go take a shower,i got closer to her. i had my cock in front of her face. and i told her "you know what? your a widow ,i'm divorced we have nothing to loose." she did not say a word. she just slowly grabbed my cock and began stroking it gently then she put her mouth closer and started licking the head of my cock. finally she puts it in her mouth and as she started sucking and slurping my cock i held her head like a piece of ass and slowly starting fucking her mouth back and forth. While sucking my cock i noticed her grabbing my ass cheeks and her middle finger massaging the rim of my asshole ... i paused for a sec and i asked her what are you trying to do?...she said "don't worry i'm just making your cock harder..." and you know what? it did get my cock harder. so after she was done sucking my hard cock ...i figure its time to chow down on that pussy. when she took off her skirt and pantie she laid down and spread her legs and there it was....the pussy where the bitch of a daughter came i started sucking on that pussy like if it was meant to happen. circled her clitoris with my tongue and kept on sucking on it. she started to moan and i remember her telling me not to make her i stopped then i shoved my cock in to her wet warm pussy. it wasn't even a minute that i shoved my cock in her pussy she let out a good orgasm. as she came i was still fucking her and she was telling me at the same time in my right ear "please don't tell know one about this" that got me so hard for some reason i felt like i was violating her. after we got done with the missionary position, i told her to get on all fours and as she did there it was ...finally a true vision of her ass. i was licking her asshole in seconds of her bending on all fours with her ass arched up ...and as i was licking her asshole she began playing with her cunt...i slid my cock inside her juicy cunt and began fucking her doggystyle for like a good 5 mins as i kept spitting and fingering her asshole. i also slid some pussy juice up from her cunt to her ass and kept fingering until my four fingers were almost all the way in. then she finally said it "take my ass" i slid my cock up her ass as she grabbed the bedsheets and bit the pillows just to keep quiet ...i slide my cock back n forth ever so gently and as soon as she gets the hang of it she begins to rub her cunt again with her fingers while i'm stroking my cock in her asshole. i pulled out my cock and i saw her gaping asshole. that got me even hornier i shove my cock back in and i began fucking her in the ass for a few more minutes as i was fucking her ass i leaned over and grabbed her nipples while she was masterbating her clitoris. she began to moan louder i had to cover her mouth because i didn't know if there were people still in the house or not. i forgot to ask but it was too late she was already in the zone of fucking. . i pulled out my cock and slide it back into the juicy wet pussy and i asked her to spread her ass with her hands so i can see the big gape on her asshole,and at that moment when i saw that ass gape....i had thoughts in my head of {her daughter cheating on me...and i'm here fucking her mom who's in front of me with a huge asshole gape}. i started fucking my ex mother in law so hard that she couldn't take it anymore and she had another orgasm in which i also came. i never felt so much spunk coming out of my cock, that pussy was filled. when it was all said and done she grabbed my head and looked me straight in the eyes and said "i haven't been fucked like that in years." i told her "i learned a lot of things with you." (especially that asshole trick it really got my cock harder, hard enough to make me come cum on the spot.)
so today, we are now fuck buddies. when ever she's horny or if wants to plan a fuck date she calls me and lets me know, i respond all the time and it goes vice versa. She lived a real strict life as a k** and as a wife ...she says that this is exactly what she wanted to be free with no strings attached. She is so enthused with xhamster. There is more vids to come. and that is the end of the story. they say payback is a bitch but in my case revenge is a motherfucker. AND I'M ENJOYING EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

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