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Fucking My Friend's Hot Mom

One day, while I was in high school, on my way home from soccer practice, I stopped off at my friend Rob’s house to see what he was planning on doing over the weekend. I rang the doorbell, and his mother answered the door, dressed in a pair of shorts, and a vest. His mom was a total fox, tall and slim with blonde hair. It was hard to believe that she had a son my age. “Hi Mrs Connolly,” I said, as I my eyes roamed over her body seeing how well she filled the shorts and vest that she was wearing, “Is Rob here?”

If she noticed me checking her out, she gave no indication of it, and she replied, “No, I’m afraid he isn’t Dave. He has gone to movies with Steven. Are you on your way home after rugby?” she asked, looking at my dress, and the fact that I was all hot and sweaty. “You look like you could do with something cold to drink, would you like me to get you something?”

I was rather thirsty, so I replied, “I would really appreciate that Mrs Connolly, thanks a lot.”

“Well, come on in then,” she said, standing back from the door to allow me to walk past her, “Go on through to the f****y room, while I get us something to drink. You know the way.” She closed the door and walked past me, as I was putting my things down in the entranceway, towards the kitchen. I looked up at her retreating form as I stood up, admiring the way her lovely ass moved in the shorts that she was wearing. Mrs Connolly suddenly looked back over her shoulder, and caught me looking at her ass. She smiled as I blushed uncontrollably, and then went through to the kitchen. I went into the f****y room, and sat down on one of the old couches that had a throw over it, not wanting to dirty up anything with my sweaty body. Mrs Connolly came back, carrying two bottles, a beer, and a Coke. “Which would you prefer?” she asked, holding both bottles out towards me, “a beer, or a cold drink?”

“I’ll have the Coke thanks Mrs Connolly,” I replied, “you know I am only 17, and not really allowed to drink. Are you trying to corrupt a minor?” I added jokingly, “besides my mom would smell the alcohol a mile away, and want to know where I’ve been drinking.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” she replied smiling as she handed me the Coke, keeping the beer for herself. “Could you be corrupted Dave?” she asked, arching her eyebrows as she spoke, taking a large swig of beer.

I took a long drink of my Coke while I tried to think of how to answer her question, trying to figure out exactly what she meant. Mrs Connolly was standing in front of me, and I looked up from where I was sitting, and noticed that her boobs were straining against the thin cotton of her vest, and that the outlines of her nipples were clearly visible as they pushed against the vest. I was sure that she was not wearing a bra underneath her vest. She looked down at me and noticed me staring at her boobs. “I think you’re already corrupted Dave,” she said smiling, “otherwise you wouldn’t be staring at my breasts the way you are now, would you?”

“I’m not staring, Mrs Connolly ….” I began, but she cut me off.

“It’s alright Dave,” she said, “I don’t mind, in fact I rather flattered that a young man like you finds them attractive. I do try to keep in shape, and I’m glad that you notice. I did catch you looking at my butt earlier too, in case you didn’t know.”

Glad that she wasn’t angry with me, I allowed myself a better look, and her boobs looked truly wonderful as they pushed against her vest. “Mrs Connolly, I am sorry that I was staring at you, but I just think you are incredibly beautiful and sexy,” I began, “and I….”

“Would you like to see more of me Dave?” she blurted out, once again interrupting me.

Without thinking, I replied, “Of course I would Mrs Connolly.”

Mrs Connolly suddenly reached down the bottom of her vest at her waist, took hold of it, and pulled it up over her head, shaking her hair free as she did so. I was stunned by her actions, but could not help myself. I had been right earlier, she was not wearing a bra, and I gazed up the wondrous sight of her tits. They were bigger than I had imagined, with large protruding nipples. My mouth dropped open in awe as I took in the sight of her tits. “I can see you like this view of my breasts even more Dave,” she said as she looked down at me, “and please lose the ‘Mrs Connolly’, as you well know my name is Liz. Would you like to touch them, or perhaps even suck on them Dave?”

Astounded that this was happening to me, I momentarily lost the ability to speak. “Of course I would Mrs… Liz,” I stammered. She smiled and leaned forward, guiding her ample bosom towards my face. I watched closely as they neared me, noticing that there was hardly any sag in her tits, despite their size and the fact that she was already well into her thirties. I reached out tentatively with my hands, cupping her large tits in each hand, feeling the weight of her tits in my hands, squeezing them gently as I guided first one tit towards my mouth, and then the other. Liz moaned with pleasure as she felt my mouth touching her tits, kissing and sucking her nipples gently.

“Ooooh, yes. That’s it baby, suck my titties,” she cooed.

I lost myself in the wonderful sensation of actually touching and sucking on the tits that I had so often fantasised about. They were definitely better than I had ever imagined them to be, I thought, as I took my time, kissing and sucking on each tit in turn. I would gently squeeze the boob I was sucking, forcing the nipple against my mouth, and then I would lick around the nipple before sucking the nipple into my mouth, and then I would gently nibble the nipple with my teeth, while sucking harder and harder. These actions were eliciting loud moans from Liz as she was clearly enjoying the attention I was giving her boobs. She stood up in front of me, wresting her boobs away from my grasp. “Mmm all that loving has made me really horny Dave,” she said, rubbing her tits as she spoke, “I really need a big hard cock inside of me right now. I want you to fuck me Dave. Please will you fuck me hard right now.” I couldn’t believe my ears. My friend’s mother was asking me, begging me to fuck her; this was going further than I had ever dared to dream about.

Growing in confidence now, I quickly replied, “Yes of course Liz, I want to fuck you too, but what about Rob and your husband?”

“Oh don’t worry about them, Rob won’t be home for hours,” she answered, “and my husband is probably banging his secretary as we speak. He thinks I don’t know about her, but I do, so don’t worry about either of them, we’ve got the place to ourselves for quite a while.” As Liz spoke, she unbuttoned her shorts, and shimmied them down over her hips, dropping them to the floor. She reached back up, and pulled her panties down over her hips too, dropping them to floor to join the shorts puddled at her feet. I stared at her long shapely legs, my eyes moving up them to where they joined her body, focusing on the juncture between her legs, noticing that she had no pubic hair whatsoever. “You like my bald pussy?” she asked smiling as she rubbed her hand over it, adding, “Richard [her husband] likes me to keep it like that, and it also really helps when wearing my bikini too. Well, aren’t you going to take off your clothes too Dave? You can’t fuck me with your clothes on!” I quickly stood up and removed my clothes, dropping them on the floor. Liz stood watching me admiringly. “Mmmm, such a strong virile young body you have Dave,” she said appreciatively as the last of my clothes dropped to the floor, her eyes dropping to my stiffening cock between my legs, “and well endowed too! I can’t wait to feel your lovely big hard cock inside of me.” Saying that, Liz took a step towards me, wrapping her arms around me, and pulling my head towards hers. I gazed at her beautiful face as our heads met, marvelling that this was actually happening to me. Liz’s eyes were closed as our mouths finally met, our lips sealing around each other as we kissed, our tongues entwining as they wrestled with each other. We kissed long, hard, and passionately, drinking in the essence of each other, our tongues battling for supremacy as they moved around inside the others mouth. Liz moved her hands down my back, pulling herself against my body, crushing her tits against my chest, the huge mounds of her tits flattening against my body. I allowed my hands to roam down her back too, over her ass until I could cup each cheek of her shapely ass in my hands, squeezing them, and pulling her against me too, by the ass.

Liz gave a throaty moan as she felt me fondling her ass, thrusting her pelvis against mine as we kissed, my stiff cock rubbing up against her stomach. She reached between us with one of her hands, searching for my cock, taking it in her hand and began to stroke it slowly. She pulled her mouth away from mine and began to moan into my ear, “Mmm, you have such a lovely cock Dave, hard and strong like a rod of steel. I want you to stick it into me, and fuck me hard with it. I want to feel it plunging into the very depths of my body! I also have a very special treat for you, I want you to stick this rod of iron into my ass and fuck my ass hard. Richard is always trying to fuck me there, but I never let him. I want you to fuck me there, hurt me if you want too, but I want you to have my ass, my virgin ass. I need to prepare you first though.” She suddenly pulled away from my grasping hands, and picked up her shorts, delving into one of the pockets before coming up with a tube of KY. She quickly removed the top, squirted some onto her hands, and began to rub it liberally over my stiff cock. “I need to make sure your cock is well lubricated if you are going to stick it into my butt Dave,” she explained. I couldn’t believe it, first she had begged me to fuck her, and now she was wanting me to fuck her in the ass! Satisfied that my cock was well lubricated, Liz stood up, handing me the tube of KY jelly.

Liz turned around, and bent over at the waist, leaning against the couch, giving me a superb view of her shapely ass. I gazed down at her firm round ass, my eyes drinking in the sight of her smooth ass cheeks, and the crack between them. Liz reached back pulling her ass cheeks apart, exposing the wrinkled little rosebud of her ass to my gaze. “Put some of the KY on your finger Dave,” she told me, “and spread it around my ass. Make sure there is enough to that your cock will slide in easily.” I followed her instructions, squirting a huge dollop of the jelly onto my fingers, and began to rub it over the tight muscle of her asshole. Liz shuddered a little as she felt my fingers make contact with her ass, and then began to groan softly as I rubbed the lubricant over her asshole. “Push some of it into my ass with your fingers Dave,” she instructed me, “lubricate the entrance of my asshole with the KY.” I squeezed a bit more of the KY onto my index finger, and slowly and gently pushed it into her waiting asshole. Liz’s body stiffened as she felt my finger penetrate her virgin ass, and she moaned softly as I inched the tip of my finger into her ass. I felt the tight muscle of her ass clasped around my finger, and wondered then how I was going to fit my stiff cock into her tight virgin ass. I rubbed my finger around inside her ass, spreading the KY jelly as much as I could, before slowly extricating my finger from her ass.

Liz sighed softly as my finger left her ass. “I’m ready now Dave,” she sighed, “put your cock into me, and fuck me!” She held her asscheeks spread with one hand, while she reached between her legs with the other, rubbing her fingers over some of the excess lubricant and rubbing it over her pussy. I stood back watching her as she rubbed her pussy, loving the sight of her exposed ass and smooth pussy.

“You have such a beautiful pussy Liz,” I said to her, “I would love to stick my cock right into your lovely pussy, and fuck you right now!”

“I would like nothing more than that too Dave,” she sighed, “but I can’t afford any accidents, like getting pregnant, if you cum inside of me. Besides, I want to give you something special, something no-one has ever had before. I want you to fuck my ass, where even my husband has never been before. Now please do it before I lose my nerve!” I moved closer behind her body, running my cock over the crack of her ass, teasing her with the tip of my cock. Liz moaned as she felt my cock moving up and down the crack of her ass, tensing each time it moved over her asshole. I stopped teasing her, and pushed the tip of my cock against her asshole, sensing her apprehension as she felt it make contact with its intended target. I ever so slowly began applying more pressure with my cock against the tight muscle of her asshole, watching as it battled against the resistance of her ass. The head of my cock finally squeezed in, through her tight nether muscle, aided by the liberal lubrication we had applied, and I slowly pushed it further into her ass so that just the head was firmly nestled inside her ass. Liz rubbed her pussy frantically and grunted as she felt my cock penetrating her ass. “Ungh, ungh, ungh,” she grunted through clenched teeth, “I don’t know if I can do this Dave. You’re so big, it feels like you are splitting me open!”

I had got this far and I was not going to be put off. Her ass was incredibly tight around my cock, even though just the head was inside of her at that point. “I am going to fuck you Liz,” I told her, taking control, “and it’s going to either your ass or your pussy, you better decide. Rub your clitoris while I let your ass become accustomed to my cock inside of it.” Liz listened to me, and began to rub her clit desperately, in the process bringing herself closer to orgasm. I could feel her ass relaxing ever so slightly around my cock, and used this new development to my advantage. I began to ease my cock bit by bit into her ass, while I rotated my hips behind her, slowly screwing my cock into her ass, as I stretched it open wider and wider to accommodate my cock. My cock was moving more easily now into her ass, and Liz was moaning loudly as she felt my cock moving deeper and deeper into her ass. “Ooh, ooh, oooooh,” she moaned, “your cock is filling my up so much Dave. I’ve never felt so stuffed full of cock in my life before. It feels better now, it’s not painful, and what pain there is, is a pleasant kind of pain, it turns me on. I’m ready now Dave, fuck me please! Fuck my ass with your cock.”

I had pushed my cock in as far as I could and the entire length of my cock was firmly embedded inside Liz’s ass. She had stopped rubbing her clit now, and was holding onto the arms of the couch firmly with her hands, her knuckles whitening as she held on tightly. I grabbed hold of her firm asscheeks and lifted them slightly, allowing myself to penetrate her even further, so that my entire cock was buried inside her ass, my balls rubbing against her pussy as I ground my hips against her ass. “My cock is all the way inside of you Liz,” I told her, “you’ve taken my entire cock up your ass. Your ass feels incredible around my cock, much tighter than any cunt, and as hot as a furnace.”

I held Liz’s hips steady as I rocked slightly, moving my cock ever so slightly inside her, enjoying the tightness of her ass around the entire length of my cock, embedded inside her ass. Liz looked back at me smiling. “It feels good for me too Dave,” she said, “knowing that I am giving you so much pleasure, feeling all of your manhood stuffed so deep inside of me, in a place where no other cock has ever been. Just the thought that you, a friend of my son is busy fucking me like this in my ass, is such a turn-on for me. It feels like your cock is all the up through my body, rubbing against my spine, all the way to my head. I wish I could see it like you can, stuffed inside my ass. Fuck me now Dave, I want to feel your hard rod moving in and out of my ass, I just know it is going to drive me absolutely insane.”

I was not about to argue, so I slowly began to withdraw my cock backwards out of Liz’s ass, until just the head was still inside of her, watching her body shudder as she felt my cock moving out of her. Then I slowly pushed it back into her, as she pushed back against me, forcing my cock deep into the tight sheath of her ass. Liz moaned with pleasure as she felt my cock moving back into her ass. I began to slowly fuck her like that, moving my cock slowly in and out of her ass, shoving the entire length of my cock as far as I could into her. Liz’s entire body was shaking now, and she was mewling with pleasure as I slowly fucked her ass. She was pushing back against me with each of my forward thrusts, urging me on, trying to get me deeper and harder inside of her ass. I increased the tempo of my thrusts, driving my cock harder and faster in and out of her ass, ramming it as far as I could into her. This was obviously what Liz wanted, because she stopped pushing back against me, and leaned forward against the couch crying out, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Dave, like that! Fuck me, fuck me hard! Fuck my ass like that!” I thrust harder and faster into her, marvelling at how she was able to take this fucking in her ass, for what she claimed was the first time ever. Liz’s entire body was shaking as I fucked her ass hard, her legs wobbling beneath her as drove my cock hard and fast into her ass. She was crying out louder now as I pounded her ass with my cock, growing more and more vocal each time I thrust into her, her entire body trembling with each thrust. Suddenly Liz pushed back hard against me, grinding her ass against my thighs as I pushed forward, her whole body shaking violently, and I could feel her entire ass tightening like a vice around my cock, resisting my penetration. I realised that she was actually cumming from her assfucking, and held her steady by the hips as I slowly pulled my cock back, against the tightness of her clenching ass muscles, and then lunged powerfully forward, driving my cock through her contracting ass muscles. I did this again and again, forcing my cock in and out of her constricting ass. Liz was shaking uncontrollably now, and crying out unintelligible words, “OOOH, I…. ooh… fu… yes… mmm… ass…. FUCK…. oooooh… me… cock… fuck…. fuck…. fuck….. yes…. yes…. can’t….. no more…. no more…. cum…. cum…. please….. please…..” I shoved my cock hard, as far as I could into her ass, holding it motionless inside of her, feeling her ass clench and unclench around it. Each time I felt her trembling begin to subside, and her ass begin to relax around my cock, I would push forward with my cock, causing her to begin to tremble, and her ass to tighten around my cock all over again. Liz’s body eventually slumped down in front of me, my cock popping out of her gaping asshole, and she slumped into a seated position on the couch.

I watched her as she got her breath back, rubbing her hands over her face, my cock waving around in front of me. “Whew… wow,” she exclaimed, “That was incredible, unbelievable! I’ve never cum like that ever before… Wow! Dave, that was amazing, you’re amazing! You’ve done things to me I never thought possible, made me feel things I didn’t know I could feel.” She looked up at me, and saw my cock waving around in front of her. “I’m sorry Dave,” she apologised, “You’ve done things to me, and made me feel so good, and you’re still standing there with a hard-on. I’m sorry, but my legs just couldn’t hold me anymore, they still can’t! I wanted you to cum inside of me, but you have such incredible control, especially for a young guy, you haven’t even cum yet. I want your cum Dave, your lovely sweet cum inside of me! Come closer, let me suck your cock Dave,” she continued, reaching out and grabbing hold of my cock, drawing me closer to her where she sat, “Let me suck your cock until you cum, I want to feel and see your lovely young cum squirting out of your cock.”

“But, but…” I began, “it’s been inside…”

“I know, and I don’t care Dave. I want your cock now!” Liz interrupted me, as she planted her mouth firmly around the head of my cock, circling the tip of my cock with her tongue, licking it clean, sucking my cock into her mouth. I watched as my friend’s beautiful mother sucked my cock, which has just vacated her ass, into her mouth. She pushed her mouth further and further down the length of my shaft, her lips wrapped tightly around my cock, as she sucked. She grabbed my hips, holding me steady, as she fucked my cock into her mouth. Liz had my entire cock buried inside her hot sucking mouth, much like it had been earlier in her ass, and she was shoving her head back and forth on my cock, fucking my cock with her mouth. I watched as she took the entire length of my cock into her mouth, until I could feel it banging against the back of her throat, but that didn’t deter her at all, she just kept on fucking my cock into her mouth. I took hold of her head, guiding her rhythm, pulling her mouth further down onto my cock. Liz didn’t resist me at all, and allowed me to shove her head down onto my cock, forcing all of my cock into her mouth and throat, fucking my cock into her face. I pulled her mouth faster and faster down onto my cock, and she just kept on sucking as I fucked my cock harder into her face. I felt myself about to cum, and she did too, because the looked up at me with her eyes pleadingly, begging me to give her the sweet nectar she craved. I let go of Liz’s head and she continued fucking my cock with her mouth, holding my cock steady as I began to shoot my cum into her mouth. As the first squirt of my cum hit the back of her throat, Liz suddenly pulled her mouth off my cock, continuing to stroke it with her hand as I continued shooting my cum. She aimed my cock carefully at her face as it squirted cum, and then over her tits as I shot load after load out of my cock. I watched as my white jizz shot out of my cock, landing squarely over her mouth and nose, running down her chin, and then the rest of it as I shot over her ample tits, covering her chest and tits with my cum, until it ran down the valley between her tits. Liz continued slowly stroking my cock as my orgasm ended, milking the last drops of cum out of it, and she leaned forward and deftly licked the drops of cum oozing out of my cock, gazing up lovingly at me each time she did so.

“Mmmm, that first mouthful is always the best,” she smiled, licking her lips, “strong and powerful, and the last few drops are lovely and sweet too. I loved tasting your man juice Dave, feeling your large powerful cock shooting into my mouth. I wanted you to cover me with your cum, to drown me in your cum. I wanted to feel your cock and cum wherever I could in my body!”

“You were truly amazing Liz,” I told her, “I have always seen that you are hot, but I had no idea that you were anywhere near as hot as you have shown me today!”

“I am glad I was able to please you Dave,” she answered, “I could feel that you thoroughly enjoyed fucking my ass, which by the way was mind-blowing, in case I haven’t told you already. And I loved feeling your big hard cock inside of me, first in my ass, and then later inside my mouth. I would really love to do this again some time. Next time though, I want you to cum inside my ass. I would love to feel your hot cum filling my ass until it leaks out and runs down my legs! Now that would be so hot!”

“I’d better get going though Liz,” I told her reluctantly, looking around for my clothes.

“I suppose you better,” she agreed smiling at me, “remember though, you can’t say anything to Rob about this! It has to be our secret. Nobody can ever find out what happened here today. You’ll have to act like today has never happened when we’re not alone together. I just hope I’m going to be able to walk properly after the good fucking you gave me today, I probably will not be able to walk properly for a couple of days. I also don’t know what it’s going to feel like when I need to have a shit, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. I might have to douche my ass to clean it out first.”

“If I see you walking funny Liz, only you and I would have any idea why you are walking like that,” I said to her, “and with each step you take, I’ll be thinking about how good my cock felt inside your ass.”

“You’re terrible Dave,” she laughed, pushing me away, “now get your clothes on, and get going, otherwise your mother will be wondering where you are. I don’t want to be accused of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, even if it is true!”

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