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Smoking TV tart

My makeup was perfect. Well, I say perfect, others would disagree. My red lips glistened with 4 coats of shiny lipgloss. Outlined in black liner, overdrawn to make the lips look large, and inviting. Heavy red blusher outlined my high cheekbones. My eyes were coated in a mix of eyeshadow and vaseline, giving the pink and white segments a shiny wet look, below the two inch long, heavily mascara'd eyelashes. The back combed platinum blonde wig, piled high above large diameter, dangly hoop earrings. He hadn't specifically asked for the OTT drag makeup, but had demanded my black PVC leotard, and matching backless miniskirt, held together by 3 thin straps around the back. Ff black stockings were slid inside my brand new clear plastic lace-up knee boots, with two inch platforms. They were already slightly misted from my body heat, and my clear plastic mac was waiting to be donned as soon as he arrived. Too much plastic, too soon, and my makeup would be ruined. My 6 inch long, bl**d red nails were always last to be fitted, and looked even better with the unlit 120mm white filtered cigarette between them! I don't normally smoke, but, dressed like a total whore, I lit the tip and savoured the taste, admiring the bright red ring from my lips on the tip. There's something so erotic about a cigarette being smoked by a complete tart, and not just the phallic imagery. A text message sang from my phone. He was on his way up. It went on to say that my new boots were to be christened tonight, and my clear plastic mac was going to get smothered, too! My excitement increased further more. Did I have enough cigarettes and lipgloss? I checked the two packs, extinguished the cigarette, then applied more lipstick, lipgloss and a final coat of lipstick. I was ready to go!

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