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One night in a lift with a hot girl...:xxx

Frstt of i'll thanx my frndz that they like ma first story...and now this is ma second story iam realy a sexy guy love to fuck grlz...ok that story is abut that time when iam in spain with my b***** big b***** also love to fuck grlz..i realy enjoyed there..i saw there tow many hot chicks..
gosh...i just want to fuck any grl...but i got no chance...there....then one day..i go in a mall with ma b*o....there...i saw too many hot b*o ask me that why should you go on the second floor u'll enjoye and i go there .
when iam in lift there i saw there a hot short skirt..white bra...ufff what she is luking....i just want to to kiss her on her ass...yummy...i just thinking that and that moment the lift was stop in one place...that is about something rong in we she is in my arms...and i just say my heart..she is luking so afraid...i just feel waoo..and then i kiss her in her neck...she is realy shocked..i ask her dnt wrry ma love..u'll enjoy the ride of my she is impressed with me....i caught her big my dick become..biger..and want to come out from a tiger...then i ask her suck ma cock..take this in ur mouth..u'll be in haven...she look in ma eyes and then gone wild...with ma dick..she kiss ma dick..and playin with ma dick...i realy enjoyed..after five minute she is starting to fingring his pussy...then i ask her sweet ready for a fuck...she say..iam ready..lets go...then i put ma dick on her ass.. and puss that slowly..but that create problem ...then i put ma saliva in her ass...and start ma fuck..when i put ma full dick in her pussy..she shouted and her pussy filled with bl**d..waoooo...i puss her boobs..and and kiss her in she is also felling better..and enjoying the sex with ma dick..then i through ma sperm in her mouth..she eat ma toatly cum..then i sit in her arm.and she going to kis mee then after a gud sex we wear our cloths and clean the bl**d lift is now on..then we tried to..go from there huridly...

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