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A Sincere Thank You to My Friend

I have a very sexy female friend who is 39 yrs old but she has this urge to have sex with younger people. I say people because I honestly don't believe it matters if they are male or female. She has this way of getting into their very souls when, after having sex with them, she fondles and caressing them and asking them about their previous sexual experiences or hidden desires. She is quite good at this and I have heard some of the taped discussions they have had.

Sometimes when she feels extra horny she will stop by and have a few drinks and when she brings out her little tape recorder I know we are about to get it on.

A few days ago she seduced a young guy who was doing some lawn work for her. The way she described it had me hotter than hell and she said that afterwards, as they lay there in her bed, she began asking him questions in a very soft voice, a whisper actually. She had the recorder hidden in the headboard of her bed so the audio was perfect.

She started by telling him how good it felt to have him cum in her mouth and how many times she had cum while he fucked her pussy. She asked him how many girls he had fucked before and he said,"two". She wanted to know how old they were and where they had done it? He finally admitted that the first was his mother and the other was his s****r. This really got her started and she asked him if he was still fucking them? He admitted that he still fucked his mother when they were alone and she had a few drinks. His s****r had moved out of state so they seldom saw each other. She went on to ask him if his mother's pussy was as tight aa her own and he said, "no, yours is even tighter than my s****r's"

At this point she said she reached for his young cock and found it wet with precum. She rolled him onto his back and mounted him and covered his face with kisses then went back to her gentle questioning. She asked if his mother or s****r had ever sucked his cock? After begging him for a reply he admitted that his mother had sucked him off. She asked if his mother swallowed his cum and he said that she did. She asked if he had ever had anyone else suck his cock and after an eternity he admitted that his mother's boyfriend had sucked him off several times. When asked about the boyfriend swallowing his cum he answered in the affimative. She said about this time she was about to cum all over his throbbing cock but somehow was able to hold back.

Her voice becomes barely audible at this point but she asks if he had ever had the boyfriend's cock in his mouth? He said that he hadn't but my friend asked him,"why not? He has sucked you, why not return the favor?" There was no reply to this so my friend tells him that she would love to see him and another guy sucking each other. At that point she said he grabbed her ass and violently thrust his hips upward and started cumming in her. She was no longer able to hold back and her convulsing pussy sucked his throbbing cock. As the climax subsided she kissed his mouth and thought of how sexy it would be to be kissing him with another man's cum in his mouth.

After a brief nap, the recorder comes on again and she gets up and fixes them a drink and returns to the bedroom and decides that his huge balls still have more of that sweet cum for her. She tells me that although he was limp at this point she could not resist taking his beautiful cock into her mouth. She said after the first deep throat that he started to grow and now when she kissed his mouth he seemed very excited that her tongue has been all over his cock. She decided to try her next move. She asked him if he had ever sucked his mother's pussy after her boyfriend had fucked her? He said no but that she had wanted him to. She told him how exciting it was to have a guy suck her pussy after he had cum in her. All this time she was holding his cock and at this point it was started to throb more often.

She said now it was time, she asked him if he would mind sucking her pussy? She gave him a very passionate kiss and his mouth went directly between her outstretched legs and glued his mouth to her. She lifted her ass and slid a pillow underneath and placed her hand to the back of his head, the other on her swollen breasts. He loved what he was doing so much so that she realized that he was jacking off while sucking her. She said at this point she was completely out of control and even thought of turning over and begging him to fuck her in the ass. She was sure he had his own cum in his mouth and moaned for him to kiss her mouth and feed her their combined liquid love. He did so and quickly got his cock back inside her drenched pussy.

She says this was the hottest sex she has experienced in a very long time but now she wants to have him over for the night and I will join them. This rainy weather will not hamper what is about to happen tonight. As for now, I must shower and try to keep my hand off my cock, I want it to be ready for tonight!

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