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The village

This village was controlled by the men. The women were used to bare c***dren and service the men. The more c***dren a man produced the higher he ranked in the village. As soon as the daughters were of age to breed they were readied and matched with a man. The women were fucked every night and some times during the day to make them pregnant. They wore only a thin dress that tied in the front and nothing else so the men could get to them fast if they wanted to fuck them. It was common for the woman to be nursing a c***d on each tit as her man was fucking her. The men wanted c***dren to enlarge their village.
Today Tasha was of age to breed. The women prepared her for the first step. They bathed her and shaved her pussy then wrapped her in a thin sheet as her "uncles" came to get her to take her to her father who would ready her. In her fathers room the uncles removed the sheet so the father could see her naked body. The uncles squeezed her tits and nipples so the father could see the size of them as they swelled. Tasha had big full tits and her father was pleased as she could hold lots of milk to nurse babies. Then they turned her so he could see her ass. A strong ass was needed to birth many babies. Tasha's mom had birthed 22 babies and was still breeding. The uncle's rubbed Tasha's ass and spread it wide for the father to inspect. Next they laid her on the table and spread her legs as her pussy would be prepared for the fucking it would get from now on in her life. Two uncle's held her legs wide as another spread her pussy. It was the father's duty to break her "cherry". He looked at the young cunt before him. Then he ran his fingers over the clit and down to the hole. He circled the hole watching his daughter squirm. With no care he poked a finger in the innocent hole. This caused much pain to Tasha. He moved his finger in and out then without care added another finger. He continued till he had all four fingers in the hole and broke the skin protecting it. The men had no care of the pain as the women were here to breed. Tasha needed to be readied to accept the cock of the man chosen for her. The man would not have to waste time with a virgin. Next the uncle with the smallest cock was summoned to mount Tasha and enter her hole. He would fuck her but not cum in her cunt. He was just to stretch her and show her how to be fucked. As he pumped in and out of her hole stretching her the pain was horrible. Next a bigger cock was used. He pushed in deep to stretch her hole more. The third uncle then got to fuck her. He had the biggest cock of the uncles. He had trouble making the tight cunt stretch to his size. The young girl was indeed in so much pain. He got his big cock in her and the father told him to fuck her hard as she needed to be ready for breeding. He pushed in and out of the tight hole fucking her without mercy. He loved getting the young women ready for the breeding time. When he had to stop before his cock shot cum in her the father stepped forward. He had a huge cock. The biggest of all the men. He told the uncles to hold her down while he plunged his cock in her tight cunt. As he pushed in deep the daughter screamed as she felt the huge cock go deeper and deeper. Her father had picked her breeding partner and had inspected the man's cock and it was long and thick. The man would not be gentle so the young girl had to be ready. The breeding men loved to fuck. They had huge cocks and fucked hard and rough. The young girls suffered the first few times. The breeder men would fuck the young girls several times a day at first to get them pregnant fast. A girl like Tasha with the huge big tits would make a nice breeding mate. Her tits would hold lots of milk to nurse her babies. Many men nursed the women to enjoy their milk also. Young girls nursing never closed their dresses so he men could suck their tits and always fuck them. Fucking was as common as eating. It was a usual site to see a naked woman cooking dinner as her man fucked her.
When the father got done fucking the tight pussy, it was time to bring in her breeding mate. He came in naked and fully erect. He had a cock like a donkey. The faher instructed the daughter not to fight and accept the huge cock. The breeder came over and looked at the young gal. He admired the huge tits and tight cunt. The men raised her so he could enter her. They held her tight so she could not resist. He put his cock to the entrance of her hole and startd to push in. Even after being fucked today he had a struggle stretching her cunt to fit him. The girl screamed and her father slapped her face. She knew her place. He pushed in more and the daugher tried to get free. The father then grabbed her nipples and twisted them hurting her. She knew he would cause her pain till she let the breeder in her hole. As the breeder pushed in, he fucked her without mercy. Faster and harder with his cock, his balls hitting her ass. He knew how to fuck a long time before cumming and he pounded the tight pussy till he finally came. He shot hot cum deep in her hole. The father smiled and instructed the men to leave the room. The girl would stay with the breeder and be fucked constantly till she was pregnant.

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