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Boy Toy - Part 1

I swear I wasn't looking for a boy toy.

I am a 33 year old intelligent, professional, responsible woman... normally. But I have myself a slight exhibitionist streak. Until now, I have only had one dirty little secret: I love to post my naked pictures online. I love when men from many countries, states, colors, backgrounds come to the site and look at my pictures and jerk off to them. I love tributes, comments, even the cave men types that message me and tell me every day how many ways they would lick suck and fondle my tits, fuck my many holes. It makes me feel good, it makes me smile, it can sometimes be a much needed ego/emotional boost at the end of a long mentally and emotionally draining day or week. I'm addicted to posting pics and getting feedback.

His e-mail started politely. "Hello, I am enjoying your pics." He probably says it to all the girls. I remember smiling and thinking, aw, that was a nice, non-vulgar thing to say. I could appreciate the respectful tone even if he probably was imagining me in many degrading positions. I took a look at his profile. 6'2, long brown hair, 19. One of the youngest to have contacted me. Adorable. And physically completely my type. He looked just like a real life (tho same age as me) crush that I have. I said thank you, told him he was adorable. I did not, however, notice where he was from. We had a little chit chat, nothing too naughty, just expressing our mutual physical attraction. He wanted to know how to keep in touch with me, I gave him my e-mail address and I responded coyly that I would 'be around.'

Fast forward to Thursday evening. I had been working 24 days straight in a row between my two jobs. I was fighting allergies or a cold, I needed a mental time out. I stopped off at a local coffee shop after work and since it was hot, ordered an ice coffee. It was mostly empty so I sat down at one of the tables and spread my worksheets out in front of me going over a project I wanted to put together by the weekend. I heard the jingle of the bell on the door signaling that someone was coming in and I looked up briefly while taking a sip. I had to catch myself before I spit the light brown concoction all over my worksheets. OMG! IS THAT HIM? Six feet of gorgeous had just stomped in and was removing his mirrored shades. He shook his hair out and my eyes were glued to the thick dark waves as they fell down his shoulders and back. No. It can't be him. Just a coincidence. Good lookin' man tho... now that I had regained a grip on reality I turned back to my worksheets.

I was idly flipping through the pages looking for some random number, I forget now, because I was listening to his smooth voice placing his order. I glanced up again and to my surprise I found that his eyes were on me. I smiled and looked down, pretending not to be affected but I'll admit it, that look I saw had my panties a little moist. I tried, unsuccessfully to re-focus on my work but all I wound up doing was staring at a bunch of numbers and trying to ignore the feeling of being watched. I heard the clinking of the register as he paid and grabbed his cup and just kind of held my breath waiting for him to leave the same way he came in so I could go back to work.

But he didn't leave, next thing I see is a legs and a pair of jeans standing next to my table, I still have been unable to look up for fear that my expression would betray my every last secret. I hear him speaking down at me. "Hi there." I do my best to compose myself, smile and look up. "Hey" I say back and turn back to my papers like he isn't there.

He takes it upon himself to grab the chair across from me, turn it around and sit on it backwards so that he is still facing me but sitting the wrong way on the chair. "You don't know who I am, do you?"

I freeze for a second. He can't possibly be, and even if he were, he can't possibly know who I am. I don't post my face anywhere that I post my naked body. "Am I supposed to? Are you famous or something?" I try to pretend like my heart is not pounding in my ears.

He laughs and takes a slow sip of his hot coffee. "Well, there's only one picture of me online, but darlin' there are plenty pictures of you so I guess you're the famous one here"

I put down my pen and slid my hand to my purse for mace, but fuck, I've completely zippered my purse so there isn't gonna be any easy way to get that out. "I don't know what you're talking about, why don't you fuck off?"

He chuckles again and I find it kind of a delicious sound. "No tygress, you know exactly what I'm talking about." And he leaves it at that while my face, I am sure, turned beet red as I try and figure out how he can POSSIBLY know who I am.

"Still don't know what you're talking about, go away."

"Yeah, liar liar, your face is on fire."

I look up now and narrow my eyes at him. "You don't know what you're talking about, I don't know what you're talking about, go away before I call the cops."

I start to write and he puts his large hand on my paper where I was jotting something down. "You gave me your real e-mail address, remember? I just looked you up on Facebook. You're cute. The perfect face to go with that rockin' body."

I snort in disbelief. "Get real. What are you, like 15? Rockin' body? Yeah, sure."

"I'm 19 tygress, and you know it. You know exactly who I am, I wasn't hiding my face." His eyes appraised me again and he took another arrogant sip. I suddenly had the urge to wrap his hair into a ponytail in my hand and pull him down off that chair to kneel on the floor in front of me.

"Keep your eyes on my face Handsome and don't let me catch them wandering again. And do not speak again until I give you permission."

His eyes snapped up to meet mine and I had a surge of self confidence as I saw his pupils dilate. I smiled and licked my lips and my eyes traveled the length of his body. Good Lord he looked like a jungle gym that I suddenly wanted to play on. Tall, lean, all limbs, but totally solid. I gathered my papers while he watched me in silence. I told him to stand as I sucked up the last sip of cold ice coffee and shook the cubes loose at the bottom of the plastic cup. I took the lid and straw off of the cup and fished a couple cubes out with my fingers. Looking way up into his eyes I could see their intensity as well as feel the burning focus. I smirked mischievously and yanked the waistband of his jeans just far enough for the rest of my fingers to deposit the melting ice cubes into his shorts. His gasp made me smirk and while he was distracted I reached into his pocket and took the keys to his vehicle.

I used my key fob to unlock my doors as I told him "You'll get these back if you're a good boy. Now be a good boy for me and go open my car door."

I watched the conflict in his eyes, saw his mouth start to open, then shut again as he took his coffee and went outside. I watched as he went to my car, which happened to be the only other car in the parking lot and open the drivers side door. He stood there, like a chauffeur. So cute and tall, silent, standing there at my car door waiting for me. I rewarded him with a handful more of ice cubes into his pants and told him to adjust the passenger side seat and get inside.

He walked around the front of my car and I watched him glance at his truck, then to me, he opened the door to my car, reached down and moved the seat and slid in beside me. What a good boy.

"May I speak, Mistress?"

I smiled... sounded so good on his lips. "No."

"Where the fuck are we going? Where are you taking me? What the hell is gonna happen to my truck."

I made a tsking noise. "I said, no." My grip tightened on the steering wheel and I was aware of his power and energy sitting next to me. If he really wanted he could have snatched his keys back at any time and probably could do me some real physical harm if he really wanted but since we were moving, I felt relatively safe. He shut up for the 2 minute ride to my apartment.

I parked and changed my plan slightly... instead of making him come open my car door again I got out, got my stuff and turned toward my building without another thought to him. I heard a low growl and footsteps behind me and knew that he followed me the two flights up to my floor. I dropped my things on the floor and went immediately to the kitchen to get a bar of soap. I ran the water a bit and lathered the soap and turned back to The Toy as I was starting to think of him.


"No fucking way"

I slapped his cheek and held the bar up. "Open"

He looked a little shocked and surprised that I struck him but this time he opened up and I rubbed the bar on his tongue and pulled it back. "Pull your tongue back in." I watched him wince and shudder a little as the pungent soap caused his mouth to fill with saliva. He looked genuinely scared and I felt a thrill down my spine. "Every time you want to open your mouth when I have not given you permission, your tongue will make good friends with Mr Bar o'Soap here. You don't like that, do you?" He shook his head and I saw him fighting the urge to spit or swallow. I gave him a little paper dixie cup. "Spit in there" which he did immediately.

I looked at the wet spot on the front of his jeans and remembered how uncomfortable he must be. He patted the front of his jeans and I felt his cock jump a little under my hand. I hadn't gotten to see it, but it felt to be a good size, I was curious. "Take your jeans and t-shirt off while I go get comfortable."

When I came back he was sitting on the couch in just his boxers and socks with a pout on his face. Totally, adorable. When I came into the room and sat cross-legged on the chair across from him his look fell even further... maybe he was expecting lingerie, sexy outfit, something but here I was in something truly comfortable to me, a comfy t-shirt which stretched around my ample bust and some yoga pants which hugged every curve from my belly around to my ass and thighs. He shifted a little and watched my fingers as I pulled the elastic out of my hair and fluffed out my red and black curls. "Please Mistress, may I speak now?"

I was still going over the myriad of fantasies that popped into my head when I so much as looked at him so I figured I'd allow it. "Go ahead."

"Mistress, you are absolutely stunning with your hair down."

I laughed. It was completely the last thing I expected. I smiled at my Toy. "Thank you, Handsome, you too." I smiled at him and he blushed a little. "Are your shorts dry?"

He felt the material in an attempt to adjust or hide himself, I am still not sure. "No, Mistress"

"Did you like the ice cubes, Toy?"

He was quiet for a few seconds. "Yes, Mistress."

I smiled and tossed a towel down on the floor between my chair and the couch where he was sitting. "Take off your shorts and get on the floor, Toy." I got up and went to the freezer to take out a small tray of ice cubes and knelt on the floor near where Toy was now sitting. He was covering himself up, but that wasn't going to last for long. "Take your hands away or I will tie them to the coffee table, do you understand?"

He appeared to contemplate this for a moment and I considered the thought he might want to be tied, but I wasn't in the mood to tie him up yet so I hoped he wouldn't push me to it. He was obedient and moved his hands back leaning on them.

I took an ice cube and moved it down his chest. He sucked in a breath as I swirled it around each nipple and then bent my head to lick at them. I sucked on his nipples and heard him groan before he shifted position grabbed me and pulled me over to straddle him. His eyes twinkled when he smiled up into mine and my heart melted just a little for him and reveled in the moment as he gripped me tight and nuzzled my tits. I let him work his hands up under my shirt and felt those long fingers stroking over my heavy breasts. I leaned over to kiss him, I could still smell and taste the acrid soap I had punished him with earlier. His strong fingers were kneading my tits like bread dough and I groaned in his mouth and squirmed against his crotch dry humping him through my clothes. I could feel his pre-cum soaking into the seams of my pants as I rolled my hips with his. The ice cube melted into his navel and I threaded my fingers into his hair and kissed him hard, my tongue stroking his, our tongues dancing the way our bodies wanted to meet. I was able to yank his head back just as he found my ultimate weakness when he began kissing my neck. I couldn't let him do that, not yet, I wasn't ready to be lost to the Toy.

I wasn't looking for a Boy Toy, I really wasn't, but I had one now.

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