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There is something about that striped blouse and dark skirt together that makes me want to do things to you. Bad things. Real bad things. You come home from work in that combo and I can't believe how fast I've gotten hard. Now it's your turn to submit. No mercy! You walk toward me with a slightly tired looking smile of greeting and I say "Stop. Get down on all fours. NOW!" You look a little taken aback but you obey immediately. A deal is a deal and you always keep your word. "Crawl to me - slowly" I say in an authoritative tone of voice. I'm already naked on the couch, having anticipated your coming home at this very moment. Punctuality is one of your virtues. Two more of your virtues are dominance and submission. You have the ability to switch from one to the other on demand. As you crawl closer, I get on my knees on the couch with my ass toward you. "Tell my ass that you're home." "Honey, I home" you say sweetly, the tiredness still in your voice. Honey? "What's this honey shit?" I growl. "My ass is your MASTER! Try again!" You're still on all fours looking up at your fleshy master with a mix of trepidation and desire in your big brown eyes. "Kneel before your master and say your home and kiss my ASS!" You rise up on your knees and say "Master, I'm home" as your warm breath blows between your quivering lips warming my cheeks. My hard cock is bobbing up and down of it's own accord. You grasp my butt cheeks and begin kissing both cheeks tenderly. Your tongue finds it's ultimate goal - my asshole. "Enough of your bourgeois gentility - get medieval on my ass!" I bark out and you start licking frantically at my anus with wonferful wet slurping sounds. I feel your sputum running down past my balls to my inner thighs. I suddenly turn around and stand up so fast that you almost fall back on your butt, but you manage to break your fall and kneel before my throbbing cock looking up at me expectantly. I begin slapping my cock against the cheeks of your pretty face. Left, right, left, right and across your full lips each time. I finally insert my cock into you warmly welcoming mouth and begin walking slowly backwards toward the bedroom about 15 feet away. You follow with my cock in your mouth walking stooped over double and holding my hips for balance. Arriving at the king-sized bed, I direct you to lie on your back with your head hanging over the edge. You're still fully clothed until I pull that cute blouse over your head careful not to rip it - it's my favorite! The bra comes off less gently and, foregoing subtlety altogether now, I ram my granite cock into your mouth as deeply as the laws of physics and your jaw muscles will allow. You're a slobbery bitch and that's what I love about you. I'm pumping away as if your mouth is a pussy with teeth and the saliva is splashing out of your mouth like Niagara Falls getting in your nose, your eyes, and even making it to your ears and hair. I'm pumping and ramming like an out of control jackahmmer and you are alternating between grunts of pleasure and yelps of pain!! You're holding the edge of the mattress for dear life and I'm squeezing your breasts so hard they're turning white. Finally the moment arrives that feels like the Big Bang that created life as we know it and the warm semen spews out all over your crazed-looking beautiful face before I ram my spurting spout back into your mouth for three, four, five final thrusts!! My rasping voice can barely be heard over your coughing, gagging, gasping moans as I shout to the unfolding universe around us "Oh baby, I love you so much!!!!!!!!"

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