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Yet another Gor story! Not my universe, no profit, etc etc. Hope you enjoy!

A chill wind brings a light shiver forth as he makes his way through the pass... surprised at how quickly the cold seems to have come on, he is grateful to see home in the distance. The glow of the fire reaches out into the gloom, growing more pronounced as he nears the steps, and it is with growing anticipation that he climbs the stairs quickly, unlatching the door and slipping inside, closing it behind him, loathe to let the chill in.
The air is so much warmer in here that he stops a moment and closes his eyes, smiling. After a few blissful seconds, he unlatches his sword belt, slinging it over the peg near the door, then shrugs off the heavy armor piece and sets it lightly underneath. He turns to the roaring fire in the fireplace, just in time to see you rise from the furs in front of it, stretching with catlike grace, a smile tugging at your lips. He smiles himself, widely, seeing you are practicing the naked rule in his absence, his eyes raking over your naked form as you cross the room at once and sink to your knees before him. Bending before you can greet him, he threads his fingers into your hair, finding your lips with his and kissing you softly, chuckling as you lift off your knees into him enthusiastically.
"I have missed you, my Master." you say as he pulls away, and he smiles, glancing over at the furs in front of the fire. He sees a few scrolls laid out there, and looks back to you.
"Doing a bit of reading?" he asks, and you nod with a smile. "Well... go ahead and return to it then. I'll join you in a moment."
"Yes, my Master." you reply quietly, and he smiles, watching you go, his eyes perusing your body again, from the back this time. He swallows hard as you sink onto your knees and slink forward, stretching out slowly, sinuously on the furs, settling on your belly. Shaking his head a bit, he chuckles, certain you have done it that way for his benefit, and stomps upstairs.
In the bedchamber, he immediately fills a pot with mead and sets it over the fire to warm. It takes him moments to untie his boots and shed his kilt, and moments more to bathe quickly, the warm water untying his knotted muscles. He hurries, naturally, his thoughts undeniably on you, waiting for him there before the fire. The wind howls agains the stone walls, and he shivers a bit involuntarily, remembering how quickly the chill had stolen over the land on the way home. Drying quickly, he shivers again, eager to be back down before the roaring fire.. eager to be close to you. He grips the pot by its handle. Pausing to snatch a heavy blanket off the bed, he throws it over his shoulder and heads back downstairs.
Smiling, he notes that you are right where he left you, your heels kicking against the backs of your thighs as you read, suitably engrossed. Dropping the blanket over the back of his chair, he moves to the storage room, pulling out a tankard, remembering his horn far too late to warrant going and getting it. He fills the vessel with the steaming drink, inhaling gratefully, knowing he could easily have told you to do it for him, but taking pleasure in watching you read. Reaching up to the shelves, he pulls down the little dish of honey, dipping a spoon in and plunking it into the tankard with little finesse. Still smiling, he crosses the room to you again, sinking to his knees behind you, setting the warm tankard on the small of your back. You go very still immediately, and he smiles as he stirs the drink slowly. Pulling the spoon out, he sets it aside, chuckling as a few hot drops land on your naked back and slowly drip down. Lifting the tankard again, he bends forward, pressing his lips to the little drips one by one, chasing them down your smooth back. He notices your head is raised, bent foward, and he smiles, taking a deep drink of the hot mead before bending forward and pressing his lips to your neck, feeling as though you were offering it. Your sigh of enjoyment brings forth a chuckle, and he sets the drink on the rug to his left. Moving forward, he straddles your backside, returning his lips to your neck and shoulders, making no secret of his plans.
"I missed you." he murmurs quietly at your ear, his fingers kneading at your shoulders lightly, moving lower very slowly. "I thought about the entire time I was gone."
You purr softly as his lips nibble at your earlobe... your neck... your shoulder. His hands continue their slow, sensual descent down your back, massaging gently in some places, firmly in others, his hands exploring you languorously, possessively. He can feel himself hardening for you, and makes no effort to hide his arousal, shifting his hips, his erection resting lightly against your backside, a perfect fit. The logs in the fire shift slightly, one dropping with a crash, creating a light shower of glowing embers. You arch your back slightly, inviting his kisses, and he chuckles, perfectly willing to oblige you. His lips move a bit lower, pressing kisses over your shoulders, then between your shoulder blades as you arch your neck for him. He moves down your body slowly, a light shudder rippling through him as his hardness glides lightly over your ass, then your smooth thigh, his lips tracing their way down your back as he moves. Your hips begin to wriggle slowly, and he chuckles, moving lower still, his lips brushing over the small of your back... unable to resist, he gives your backside a light smack, bringing his palm down upon your ass, then squeezing lightly, kneading as the pink flush spreads across your flesh. He hears your soft intake of breath and smiles, bringing his palm down crossways on the other cheek, just hard enough to leave a light sting.
"Master!" you cry out softly, sounding stricken, and he chuckles, knowing you can be a pretty good actress.
"Up on your knees, girl, and present your ass to me." he says quietly, f***efully, hiding a smile as you scramble to do as he says, drawing your knees under you, lifting your backside, resting tensely on your arms, your head turned back toward him a bit, eyes wide.
"Have I displeased you, my Master?" you ask softly.. convincingly. Are you playacting? He can't tell.
"Not at all, my girl." he says quietly. "But you are mine, and should I desire to discipline you, you must obey my will."
You nod now, your lips unsmiling, but your eyes change, he notices... softer. They sparkle, he thinks.
"Yes, my Master." you say in a muted tone, but he smiles a bit at the undertones there.
"Count for me." he says, nudging your legs apart a bit more, sinking back on his knees behind you.
Swallowing hard at the sight of you presented for him, he steels himself, raising his hand, bringing it down on your rear with just enough f***e to deliver a nice sting, and bring a nice rosy glow to your flesh.
"One." you say in stoic fashion, as the smack echoes lightly off the warm stone walls. Smirking slightly, he raises his hand again, bringing it down on your other cheek with just a bit more f***e, watching your supple flesh pinken beneath his hand.
"Two!" you cry out quietly, and he smiles, leaning over this time to press light kisses across your glowing ass.
"I love you, my girl." he murmurs, following immediately with another firm swat to your upturned backside.
"Three!" you blurt out, your eyes watering a bit, and he massages gently, carrying on, a lesson learned long ago that has not been forgotten. This time, he returns to his ministrations, kissing lightly over the pink handprints he has left on your skin, smiling as you tremble, a shiver that has nothing to do with cold... a fact thrown into sharp relief by the crackling, popping flames.
"Shall I stop?" he asks softly.
"Whatever you desire, my master." you reply in the same muted tone, but the glistening dew of your arousal gives you away, this time.
"Whatever I desire?" he asks, smiling, pressing a light kiss to the back of your thigh as he lightly traces his middle finger up and down your slit, finding you hot and slick for him. "What about you, my girl? What do you desire?"
"M...master..." you whisper, a light flush spreading across your cheeks as you look back at him. You bite your lip, and he chuckles, perhaps emboldened by the utter submission in your pose. Scooting closer, he drops back onto his ass, lowering himself, then leaning forward to lightly drag his tongue over your sex. His heart leaps as you whimper quietly, and he settles in, his hands at the small of your back, pulling you gently to the perfect angle as he begins to lap at you slowly.
"You taste so good..." he murmurs, his tongue delving into your pink, exploring, seeking out the spots that make you gasp and quiver. He is hard and throbbing for you, of course, and can't resist giving himself a few slow strokes as he licks you, feeling as though his heart is swelling in his ribcage. Your submission does something powerful to him, something he has been attempting to decipher for months now. He listens with delight to your soft gasps and moans, his throat constricting as you give voice to your pleasure. It begins to occur to him slowly that.. though you lay here, spread open and bent over for him.. wholly exposed, offering your charms to him... you are exposing him just as much, if not more. He is utterly naked for you, laid out, his simple, c***dish desire to please taking him over almost entirely. He delights in your pleasure... savors it, longs for it, even more than his own. Gripping your ass firmly, he delves more deeply now, taking you with his mouth, possessing you, savoring your essence as he darts his tongue in and out of your sex... as he swirls round and round your swollen clit, listening to your soft pants and gasps. His head begins to swim, all his senses consumed with you... with your taste, your scent... the feel of your supple flesh in his hands as he squeezes, the sound of your voice, escalating in pleasure... and certainly not least of all the sight of you before him, presented to him. All at once, it is too much, and he growls low in his throat, rising again onto his knees behind you.
He does not speak as he grips his shaft in one hand, aligning himself.. he can't, there his nothing to say, no words can express how he feels. The crackling fire only adds to the atmosphere of.. heat. His hips move forward, drawing a soft cry from you... and from him... as your sex wetly kisses the swollen head of his cock, inviting him, and he obliges, a low groan tearing from his throat as he squeezes your hips firmly and pushes inside you. He watches in rapture as you accept him, as he buries every inch of his shaft into your hot, pink center.
"Perfect..." he breathes as your bottom comes to rest against his hips. "Oh, that's so good..."
You nod breathlessly, pushing back into him, beginning a slow rocking of your hips, and he moves opposite you, slowly, a deep, a****listic grind. Shifting, he moves forward, his chest against your back , pressing you into the furs as he humps against you slowly, shifting the angle of his hips, gasping quietly at the feel of you squeezing tight around him. He watches as you reach out before you, extending your arms fully to grasp at the furs, your fingers twining into the snowy curls, muffled sounds escaping as you hide your face. The wind continues to howl outside, but he barely notices now.
Rising up again, he paces himself to last, dragging his fingernails lightly up and down your back, determined to draw every sensation out, enjoying the feel of the muscles in your back rippling and tensing in pleasure. As one hand continues the light up-and-down motion, the other twists deep in your silky hair, pulling back firmly, listening to your low, primal growl. He trails his hand down your back once more, then around and beneath you, over the smooth skin of your belly, to play lightly with the piercing he placed there, feeling the dangling gemstones tickle over his fingers.
Your cries are low and rough now, and he feels your sex flutter around him, a sensation that makes his eyes roll back in exquisite pleasure.
"M..master... I need to..." you moan shakily. "Can I..?"
"No." he says roughly. "Not yet. Wait for me."
He hears your soft gasp and continues his rhythm, a smile playing about his lips, wondering if you can hold back.
"B..but.." you begin, and he pulls back to give your ass another stinging slap, drawing a sharp cry of surprise from you.
"I said not yet." he says firmly, well aware that a spanking surely isn't going to slow your rapidly peaking pleasure at all. He chuckles as you wail into the furs, his thighs tensing as he teeters on the brink of climax, slowing his motions dramatically, sloooooowly pulling himself out to the tip and then pushing back in, feeling your whole body tremble.
"Master..!" you cry pleadingly, and he hasn't the heart to deny you again.
"Cum with me." he says roughly, feeling his climax welling up. "Now!"
Your wail of delight echoes off the walls as you reach your peak, and he joins you, crying out loudly, unabashedly as he buries himself inside you one last time and erupts, his eyes closing tightly as you squeeze hard around him, milking him for all he's worth. A full minute passes before the trembling stops.. you slump forward on the furs, mewing quietly, and he presses light kisses up and down your spine as he follows you, wrapping his arms beneath your belly. He pulls back up, bringing you with him, sinking back on his heels, your bottom resting on his thighs... refusing to pull himself free of you. Reaching out toward the chair, he snags the heavy blanket with his fingers, pulling it to the floor, wrapping it around you as he pulls you over onto your side. He hears your quiet laugh and smiles as you reach back, your fingers threading in his hair as you turn to kiss him.
"You forgot your mead." you murmur quietly, and he laughs, his eyes moving to the tankard sitting a few feet away.
"So I did." he agrees, reaching, stretching to grab the handle as you pull the scrolls toward you again, resuming your reading in his embrace. He takes a sip of the rapidly cooling drink, finding its taste to be lacking in comparison to yours, and sets it aside again. He reads over your shoulder for a bit, but after a bit he flops into his back, yawning, and feels you snuggle up against him.


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