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Yes... There! That One!

Yes....There! That One!
A Very Risqué and Taboo Erotic Psalm
John, “Big John” Gallivan
Warrior Poet/Erotic Psalmist
"Viking Gladiator"

I am John Gallivan, the warrior poet, the erotic psalmist,
The defender of women, the hopeless romantic, and the modern day gladiator.
I am here today indeed to poetically tell the female congregation this erotic psalm of love:
To go down there on a pretty female, and passionately French kiss that other sweet area,
Is the ultimate supreme without any question whatsoever.
To do things to her that no man has ever done before or ever will,
Will make a man feel like a god of romance.

Oh I long for my soul mate, the Spiritual Poetess, Christine Elaine.
Do you know that I spiritually care about you?
Do you see that I will always be with you?
Do you witness that all I want is you and you only?
Are you aware that I emotionally adore you?
Do you realize that I avidly respect you?
Do you understand that I ardently romance you?
Do you comprehend that I vehemently need you?
Do you recognize that I intensely desire you?

Do you acknowledge and absorb how much I love you?
Yes ladies! Oh yes indeed cuties. That one! Let’s go there! Hell yes!
It is so wonderfully delicious, outrageously incredible, and exotically romantic.
My heart feverishly races, as my manly lips yearn to kiss her soft anus;
Tantalizing and teasing her exterior sphincter to throbbing sensations.
My tongue profusely craves to passionately thrust into her pretty rectum;
My rhythmic zeal, my risqué desire, and my erotic beliefs.

Teasing that taboo pathway from her perineum to her rectal area,
With my coarse goatee and masculine kisses is so intense;
Simultaneously inserting two fingers deep in her feminine shaved vagina,
Applying lovingly that sweet pressure on her sacred G spot,
Giving her new sensations, and bringing her to a new level of sexual pleasure.

What do you know of the rock candy of Scandinavia?
Its sugar crystals adhere to your mouth,
Resonating pure sweetness in one’s inner cheeks and tongue,
With divine flavor, sensual taste, and unbelievable zest,
Appetizing one everlasting for more and more.
However ladies, this I must point out here and now:
Nothing compares to French kissing that place for pure enjoyment.
Yes ladies. There. That one!

Her delicate frame is on my bed with her curvaceous ass in the air,
With that specific arch in plain sight that mesmerizes me.
I approach her boldly and mightily, wholeheartedly knowing that
I, the warrior poet, am the god of eroticism and the deliverer of all pleasure,
That makes a female convulse to multiple orgasms instantly,
As I pull her hair from behind inserting my tongue there.
Oh yes ladies! There! That one!

My jar of melted cherry candle wax drips systematically down her
Splendid seat, as the ice cube in my other hand chills her clit,
And my tongue moves counterclockwise along the walls of her other area.
Yes ladies. There! That one!

The submissive body of my poetess is so delightful,
Blindfolded and hands tied to the bedpost,
Screaming my omnipotent name in tantric orgasm and pure ecstasy.
Moaning so sacredly from that inner female within…
She had no idea that it could be so abundantly amazing.

I place one clothespin on one of her precious pink nipples.
My pretty baby doll, “I love you” I say.
I place another one on her other stimulated nipple.
My gentle princess, “I need you” I declare.
I slap her left cheek once soft….. then hard.

My gorgeous soul mate, “I desire you” I proclaim.
Sensual bittersweet pain pulsating through her whole entire body,
I insert three fingers in her and propel them with immeasurable speed,
As my tongue changes patterns of penetration there…
Yes ladies! There! That one!

Have you ever consumed the butterscotch sweet roll of Scotland?
Its unique icing will surely coat your tongue in original taste,
And its creamy soft texture will render your taste buds ecstatic.
However ladies, there is something that I must articulate:
Nothing compares to enthusiastically kissing, licking, and tonguing,
That one there for the real flavor of love. Yes ladies, there. That one!

She then sits upon my face with that certain angle where
My tongue will be inside there. Yes ladies. That one!
Gyrating and riding my mouth as my tongue reaches deep…there;
My rugged hands are caressing her full breasts,
Alternating from one nipple to the next,
Ice in one hand and hot oil in the other,
Sending her womanly nipples to pure nirvana,
As the vibrator too is inside her inner sanctum at the same time,
And my mouth sucks on that other area.
Yes ladies. There. That one!

As she lays on her back, hips propped on a soft pillow,
With one finger in each, one going in, then one going out,
Changing depths, velocities, and stimulating cycles,
My mouth is intimately kissing that area I so adore indeed:
Yes ladies. There! That One!

As she climaxes, I drink it using a Crazy Straw,
So she can witness me consuming every drop to
Quench my parched throat,
The vibrator goes in that splendid area.
Yes ladies. There! That one indeed!

Baby, “you’re so pretty”, I tell her. I kiss it again softly.
Yes ladies. There. That one!
Cutie, “you’re so girly and feminine”, I inform her. I lick it again vivaciously.
Yes ladies. There. That one!
My other half, “you’re so seductive and enchanting”, I notify her.

I insert my tongue….
Again there deep indeed, sucking it all into my manly mouth too.
Yes ladies. There. That one!
My finger has oil that heats on contact, and it reaches deep,
Inside her there. Yes ladies. That one!
As I also gently, yet firmly massage
Her Mons Veneris, caress her Labia Majora,
And tickle her splendid sweet clit….
I must once again passionately move to French kiss,
There! Yes ladies! That one!

For I, the Viking Gladiator, the warrior poet, surely proclaim this:
Some, “men” come home and watch football or sports on television.
Nah, I don’t care to watch men in spandex on TV…
For I worship my Spiritual Poetess and lick her there.
Yes ladies! There! That one!

Some, “guys” like to go fishing or hunting.
Nah, I don’t give a damn about such wasteful activities,
For my life is sexually pleasing my woman 24 hours a day indeed.
Some, “dudes” must have, “guys’ night out”.
I don’t think so. To Hell with that nonsense.
Nah, I don’t hang out with fellas for we have nothing in common.
For my passion, my life, and my universe,
Is pleasing my female romantically,
Sexually, physically, emotionally, and spiritually,
With all my love, all my soul, all my passion,
All my devotion, all my loyalty, and my entire mind.
But only on two occasions of course….night and day.

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