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Submission 9

If you're just interested in the sex parts, I recommend just reading the beginning and ending portions of the story. If you've been keeping up with the characters, read it all.


When I heard the kitchen door open and shut, I knew that Fred had arrived. I saw him peek around the corner, but all he could see was Beverly sitting nude in the lounge chair. I was sitting on the sofa chewing on my mother's huge tits. I was being a bit rough with her nipples, but I knew how much she loved it, especially in front of an audience.

A minute later, Fred came waltzing in, sans clothes, and with his pecker bobbing up and down, in a not quite fully erect state.

"Welcome Fred. I'm glad that you could get away tonight."

As he looked around, he responded, "No problem." Now he could see all of us. Beverly was sitting in the chair, with her legs spread wide and positioned over the chair arms, leaving her beautiful pussy open to his leering eyes. His gaze swept to my dear mother, in her nude condition, her legs wide apart, and her abused nipples swollen and bearing some slight marks from my teeth.

Fred couldn't help his sharp intake of breath, as he finally caught sight of Beverly's mom. Mother and I had trussed her up, just as mom had been a few times. Tina's hands were tied above her head to a shelf brace, and her legs were tied wide apart with the bath towels, exposing the moist lips of her gaping pussy. Her eyes were heavy with lust, and as Fred took in her blatant display, she moaned and flexed her cunt.

"Fred, let me bring you up to date. I've forbidden these three slaves to say anything. I'll release them from that shortly." Looking at Beverly, mom, and then Tina I warned, "Of course that doesn't mean that they can just run off at the mouth. They had best choose carefully when and what they say.

"On the phone I told you that I have fucked Beverly, and that I fucked Tina last night. Fred, she really is a filthy slut...aren't you Tina? Don't speak, just nod." Tina nodded and moaned, at being so humiliated in front of a boy that she had known all of his life.

"There is a story as to why she is such a dirty whore." Tina moaned again. "But that can all be related to you later. Right now she badly needs to be serviced. Or, to be more accurate, she needs to be whipped, don't you Tina?" Again she nodded rapidly.

"You see Fred, Tina is a slave now to Beverly. And she has agreed to be a slave to me as well, yet she is in bad need of the proper kind of training. She's already a serious pain slut. However, her problem is that she likes sex to much. She's incapable of controlling her desires, which prevents her from being a proper and obedient slave for her master.

"This presents me with a problem. I've still got a bit of work ahead of me, to whip mother into shape, and then there's my darling Beverly. Who, I'm sure will require a great deal more work on my part. Therefore, having discussed my dilemma with Bev, she has agreed that we must bring in someone else that we can all trust, to train this poor, wretched slut, who so anxiously awaits her torture.

"My friend, Beverly and I would like for you to take that horny old bitch and turn her into a proper slave. You'll be doing us and Tina a great favor if you can help her find herself, and regain some self respect, as an obedient whore.

"You and I have spoken many times of the women that we'd like to fuck, and Tina was always high on our list. She has agreed to be trained by you, and to be your slave, if you find her worthy.

"So now I ask you, Fred. Will you do it for us and for her?"

Fred's cock looked as though it was about shoot a load of jizz without even being touched. His breathing was intense, as he stared at Tina. It was an important moment in his personal development as a master.

He looked back at me, and then to the ceiling. "Tim, as you've so accurately pointed out, we have both had our fantasies about Tina. And while I would love to have her groveling at my feet, and to have her available to fuck when ever I wished. I realize that training such a nasty slut would be a lot of work.

""When you began training Sara, you had the advantage of living with her. I will have to come up with some lame excuse to be away from home and get in late. There will be times when I won't be available to administer punishment, as it is needed." He shook his head, "I'm just not to sure that the filthy cunt is going to be worth my efforts."

I glanced at Tina and she had a look of serious concern that Fred may actually refuse to accept her as a slave in training. Of course I knew that he was only building some anticipation into the scenario, and I'm quite sure that Bev and mom did too. However, Tina, in her lustful state of mind, had bought into the lie that she may be left hanging (Both literally and figuratively).

There was silence, and I realized that poor Fred didn't know how to progress from this point. I would have to take a bit of the lead here.

"Fred, suppose we handle it this way. On those occasions that you're unavailable, Beverly or I, or perhaps even mother could take up the slack. That way the dirty whore will always have someone in control of her, and we can keep her from fingering her pussy every five minutes."

He walked over to Tina, staring at her large tits, and pinched one nipple. Apparently he was quite vicious, as I judged by the painful look on Tina's face.

Then he turned to me and said, "I'll take her in training with two understandings. First and foremost: I will be her number one master, not you, not Beverly, not Sara. I won't mind any of you using her at my command for her to submit to you. And I certainly won't complain about any activities that you put her though in my absence.

"Second: I want to hear from this slut, in her own words that she will obey me and acknowledge me as her one true master. Those are my terms."

Well God damn! I didn't think he had it in him to come on that strong. My respect for him went up several notches, and I made a mental note to tell him so, but not now.

I looked at Beverly and she nodded her approval. As I nodded my assent to his terms, I said, "Very well Fred. I agree and Beverly has agreed to pitch in to help break this out-of-control piece of shit hanging off of my bookshelf."

I stood and went to Tina. "I am giving you permission to speak. If you are willing to live by this agreement, then tell him in your own words, that he will be your primary owner."

Tina smiled and nodded at me, and then looked to my good friend. "Fred Taylor, I've known you since you were a tiny tot. I've watched you grow, and lately I've noticed you sneaking looks at my body. I liked it. It made me feel like a woman, but I need more, much more.

"Master Tim is right, when he said that I have a story to tell you. There are many parts to it, and even Beverly and Master Tim don't know every detail. If you will allow me to learn at your feet, I want to tell you every dirty, filthy thing that I've done, and how I became a whore and a painslut.

"I know that I'm unable control my desires and that I need a harsh master to lead me. Please accept me as your slave in training. I promise to obey you, and I will submit to the most brutal punishments that you wish me to suffer. I long for your hands to abuse me. I crave the harsh crack of your whip on my tits, ass and pussy. And I lust for your cock to penetrate all of my holes for your pleasure."

Damn! I began to wonder if I hadn't given away a real prize here. But no, there really was no way that I could handle her and Bev and mom.

Fred began to fondle her large breasts saying, "In order to seal the agreement Tina, I'm going to hurt you. I'm going hurt you real bad. I'm going to make you scream. But we can't have you upsetting the neighbors, so I'll gag you. Will you agree to this, knowing that you're going to be tortured?"

She nodded. Fred slapped her twice. "I want to hear you say it, bitch."

Tina was breathing so deeply that she could hardly speak. "Yes Master Fred. I want you to gag me and torture me. And please master, if you find me worthy, please, please fuck me."

From the box of toys he produced a ball gag, which he placed upon her. She closed her eyes as he buckled it behind her head. Then picked up the riding crop, swished it through the air, and laughed as Tina's eyes got as big as saucers.

"Tits first!"

He didn't hesitate. The first blow was directly across the top of her breasts, followed by a second one slightly lower. "Now let's see how sensitive you nipples are. You know, I've always wanted get a good look at your tits. You've got quite a pair. And now I'm really going to enjoy whipping the hell out of them."

He swished the whip through the air again, before landing a horrendous strike right on her nipples. Even though she was wearing a gag, the high pitched wail of agony was extremely loud. "One just isn't enough my slut. You must prove your worth through pain. Don't you agree?"

Tina didn't respond at first, so Fred teased her abused nipples with the end of the riding crop. Finally she had recovered enough to respond. She arched her back and nodded her head.

"Good for you. And after this one, I think one more. Don't you dare make me wait so long for you to offer them to my whip."

His accuracy was quite impressive. He matched the first welt with another just below, yet still on her nipples. Her near silent scream was a thing of beauty. With little delay this time, Tina offered her tortured bosoms to Fred's demanding lust for her pain. The third blow was no less severe than the others, and Tina's eyes were tightly squeezed shut, as she endured her agony.

I was hard as a rock now, and looked to my slave Beverly to discover that she had tears coursing down her cheeks. I motioned for her to join me on the sofa. As she did, I embraced and gave her kiss on the forehead.

Quietly I said, "There, there now my love, your mom's doing fine. She needs this harsh treatment. Fred is right to be so cruel initially. It's the only way for her to have respect for him as a master."

She sobbed a little in my ear, and then, "I know baby. What's more, I know that I would do the same thing to her. It's just that, sitting here watching her get tortured...I mean that's my mommy, and I love her."

"Of course you do, and she knows that. Do you remember when I told you that it was difficult to accept yourself for what you are? Well, you're still in that phase where you are learning to know your true self. But your mom has already done that. She knows and accepts the fact that she is a painslut. She also knows that you approve of her in spite of that. Don't you see that she loves you in spite of what you are? If she can still love you, and I can still love you then you must not be so bad. You must learn to love yourself, Beverly.

"I want you to be a whore. I want you to be a painslut. But I also need you to love me even though I'm the kind of man that expects that from his woman. Honey, there have been a few times when I really unloaded on mom, and she took all that I had to dish out. Yet, I felt like shit after words. I would talk to mom about my feelings honestly, and she helped me to realize that as long as both parties agree to the activity, then there need not be any guilt by either person.

"When the opportunity arises, tell her how you feel. Listen to how she feels. Probe her thoughts and get her opinions. You'll both be better for it, and you'll both grow even closer. After all, there aren't too many people that can have that kind of open discussion."

She dried her eyes and hugged me and observed, in a smart ass way, "Oh Master Tim, you are so wise." I grabbed a tit and squeezed it, but not hard.

While we were talking, Fred had been working over Tina's skinny little ass. Her face was etched in extreme anguish; tears flowed down her cheeks and dripped on her large welted bosoms.

Fred lifted each of her tits, one at a time, and gently kissed each nipple.

"Well slave in training, do you still want me to fuck you." She quickly nodded her desire to be plundered by her long time young neighbor. "Good. However, there seems to be an area that hasn't been treated properly yet. Would you care to offer it to me for punishment?"

Tina's head fell to her chest when she realized to what area Fred was had referred. But then she lifted her head, nodded 'Yes' and thrust out her, as yet, undamaged pussy.

With a gleeful grin, Fred responded with one word. "Excellent!"

Beverly was clutching my arm so tight, I thought I might never get circulation back again. I patted her shaking hand. "It's alright baby; she's going to be just fine."

Fred lined up his first shot and held back nothing. The crop disappeared into the crack of Tina's loins, directly on her clitoris. Her screams and her gyrations told all of us how horrible the agony must have been for her.

"Two more Tina, and then I'll fuck you. Now offer your cunt again."

As mom had done weeks ago, when I first put her through the same torture, Tina brought up her vulnerable pussy for the wicked blow that was to follow. I glanced over at my mom to see her fondle a breast with one hand and rub the outside of her cunt with other. She knew that she had been caught and quietly said, "I'm not going cum I promise master."

The final vicious blow on Tina's swollen pussy was nearly anticlimactic. It was brutal and her screams were as loud as ever. Fred threw down the whip and unbuckled the gag, tossing it down as well.

He gripped his cock in his fist, aimed it at Tina's abused snatch and said, "You suffered nicely bitch. Here is your reward." His cock disappeared inside of her pussy and when his pelvis struck hers, it lifted her up at least a foot.

Tina threw back her head, banging it into the bookshelf. "Aaaaaahnng!" She grunted loudly.

Fred began a steady pounding of her loins as he twisted her nipples. In an evil voice he shouted, "You dirty fucking whore, I've wanted to drill you for a long time. Oh shit I love twisting your tits."

Tina grunted with every thrust. For a brief moment I feared that she wasn't into it at all. But then she began a litany of filth, in appreciation of his efforts.

"God yes fuck me master. Make me your slut. I loved how you made me scream with agony from your whip, and now the pleasure of your cock. Fuck your dirty whore. I'm yours Master Fred, I'm yours."

She could hold off no longer. Fred had become quite good at recognizing a woman's impending joy, and he slowed down just a bit, as Tina exploded, and what an explosion it was. Her pleasure was announced by a series of, "Fuck, fuck, fuck...Oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeee."

My good friend was right behind her, as he too blended into an enormous climax, born of his possession of this woman whom he had lusted for, for so long.

As Fred finished his final thrust into Beverly's mother, I looked around and realized that I wasn't the only one who had a need for relief. But I was able to hold off a bit longer, enabling another scenario to take place.

I stood and went to the bookshelf as Fred's limp prick withdrew from Tina's slimy cunt. I cast a glance at mom commanding, "Mother, get your slutty ass over here and clean Master Fred's cock. Beverly, you help me untie your mom and put her on the sofa."

Without a word, Bev took one side of Tina and me the other. I held Tina up so Bev could undo the towel on her side, and then undid the one on mine. We carried her to the sofa, laying her down gently, as mother's cleaning grew louder in her effort to return Fred's cock to a pristine condition.

I had Beverly look over her mother carefully to see that, while she had some vicious looking welts, she was not too seriously harmed. Still the look on my darlings face spoke volumes. I knew that her concerns were not only for her mother, but for herself. Bev was very smart, and had made the obvious connection to tonight's performance. That being, at some time in the near future, I would have her hanging from my bookshelf, and writhing in agony.

She looked up from her mom and gazed at me with an unasked question. I answered it for her, shaking my head yes. I said, in the gentlest tone that I could muster, "Yes my love, some day I will expect you to suffer on that very bookshelf. If you submit, it must be of your own free will. You will not be f***ed. But once there, I shall show you no mercy. Indeed, as the great love of my life, I will be most cruel. However, I know that you're not at that point yet. When the time is right, you will gladly suffer the worst pains for my pleasure."

She still maintained a very concerned gaze at me, as though asking herself, 'Who is his guy, and can I really submit to that kind of agony?'

I decided to address a different issue. "I'm horny and I need to cum. So is mother and, I suspect, so are you my dear," looking at Beverly.

"Beverly, I have an offer for you to consider. Your mother's pussy lays there, filled with a load of Master Fred's cum. I would like to see you return the favor that your mother gave you earlier, but I'll not insist on it. I can have my slut mother suck Tina's cunt, if you'd rather not."

I could tell that Bev was aroused, but I didn't know if she was that aroused. She pondered her answer briefly, and then said, "I know now that cleaning a slave's pussy after a good fucking is something that both you and Fred expect. So, while I'm not real excited about it, I'll suck Master Fred's cum from mommy's dirty cunt."

With a smile I complimented her. "Well spoken my love."

"Oh Timmy, I just love it when you call me that."

I suppose that I should have punished her for being so informal with her master. However, I just didn't feel the need. And furthermore, I was beginning to realize that if I was to accept her as a switch hitter, there would have to be some leeway given to her at times, which I would not extend to a singular slave.

"Very well my love. As you so elegantly said to your dear sweet mother, eat cunt bitch."

Tina was lying on the sofa, with her legs spread wide. As Beverly leaned down to cleanse her mother, Tina lifted her hips up to meet Bev half way. I couldn't see exactly what was going on, but I could hear the sloppy sucking that was under way.

Beverly's gorgeous ass was there before me, and it was calling to my lust. I reached under her and fingered her pussy, and she moaned loudly while pushing her warm mound onto my probing fingers. I used both hands to spread her legs apart. Once she was in position, I guided my erect prick to the entrance of her cunt. As I maneuvered the head of my cock up and down the length of her slit, Beverly pulled up for a moment to say, "Oh dear God master, please tell me that you're going to shove that cock in me right now."

I never said a word. I let my cock do the talking. With one great lunge, I buried myself inside of Bev's burning cunt. She grunted and pushed back at the invading organ, but never did she stop eating her mother's pussy. I was really hot and didn't feel that I had to wait for anyone. After all, I was the master. My pace quickened as I approached my time of ecstasy. Although I didn't give a damn about Bev this time, I needn't have worried. As I climbed the mountain one more time, Beverly was right there with me, both of us cursing and moaning to each other's delight.

It wasn't as mind blowing as our earlier go round, but it was really good. As we recovered, mother asked for permission to speak, which I granted.

"Well everybody has had a really nice time so far, but I sort of got left out, and I am seriously in need of some nasty action."

I knew exactly what to do for her. "Tina I want you to suck my mother's pussy. Beverly, you loved it when Fred and I whipped mom's tits. Well, I want you to whip them now, as your mom munches my mother's hungry hole."

Glancing at Fred, I asked, "Is that alright with you?"

With a huge evil grin he responded, "Hell yes, Sara, go sit on Tina's face."

As an after thought I said to mother, "Mom, when you're finished, you'll have one more task. You can thank Bev for whipping your tits, by cleaning your master's cum out of her pussy."

Mom screamed delightfully as Tina ate her, and Beverly took joy in welting her bosoms. She came quickly. Evidently she was hotter than any of us realized.

Then Tina asked if she could cum again. I put a stop to it all right then and there.

"No Tina, you may not. After you get dressed, Fred is going take you home right now. Beverly will stay with us tonight. Fred, Tina is your slave in training now; you can do what ever you want with her. Just remember, that she cums to often, and is in great need of conditioning herself to better self control."

Out of nowhere I had an off the wall idea. "Oh by the way, I'm not going to make a serious bid for class president. I'm in the race, so I won't quit, but you and Bev can help here. The elections are two days away, and I want you to briefly talk to as many people as you can."

Fred asked, "What are we supposed to say?"

With a very big shit eating grin, I told them, "You tell them that you are representing Tim Jorgenson for president, and he wants you to remember this old English limerick. And it goes like this:

"There once was a man from Legreeds,

Who swallowed a packet of seeds,

The blades of grass shot out of his ass,

And his balls were all covered with weeds."

Beverly looked concerned. "Honey you're not serious, are you?"

"Oh yes I am," I replied adamantly.

Fred just shook his head saying, "Well if you're going to throw the campaign, that's as good a way as any, I suppose."

With an upper-crust British accent I said, "Quite so."

While Tina put on her skirt and blouse, I had a chance to speak briefly with Fred.

"You know something Fred, I'm so proud to be your friend. You really showed me something tonight. I think that Tina's lucky to have you to train her."

He almost blushed at my compliment. "I just hope I don't screw it up."

I patted him on the shoulder saying, "You can't screw it up; she's a slave. When you aren't sure what to do next, just do something. At least you'll be leading, and that's a lot better than doing nothing. As long as she sees you taking control, she'll be happy. Now you've got to get going. I'll see you at school tomorrow."

Once Fred and Tina had left, Bev and I showered together, laughing as we washed each other's private parts. Nothing happened, of course. We were burned out. Mom cleaned up in her bath, all alone she sadly pointed out.

Mother felt better when I announced that the three of us would sl**p in mom's big bed. We carefully blew out the candles, and crashed, with me lying between them.

About four AM, I awoke to find the most amazing sight. Beverly and mom were clutching at one another in a sixty nine position. I just caught the end of their act, as they brought each other off. I had had no indications that my Beverly would have an interest in this kind of activity as a single source of pleasure. Nonetheless, I loved watching it, and I told them so.

When they realized that I was awake, they both offered to blow me. So I commanded my bitches to lick and suck me together. I shot all over Bev's face and mom licked her clean. Then we went right back to sl**p, as though nothing had happened.

Mom got up before Bev and me. When Bev and I walked into the kitchen, we found mother dressed in her dog collar and high heels. She had fixed a good breakfast and wanted to give me my morning blow job, before heading off to school, but after the early AM blow job, I just wasn't up for it.

Bev stopped off at her house to change. Fred had already left to do like wise at his house, which left me briefly alone with Tina, who wore her own dog collar, garter belt, stockings and heels.

"So Tina, how did it go last night?"

"Master Fred has forbidden me to talk about it. He said that he would bring you and Bev up to date at school. He did say that I must offer you my tits and pussy to use any way that you wish."

With a sincere grin I informed her, "I'm afraid that I won't be using you this morning. You daughter has taken care business for me.

"I don't want you to worry about Beverly, Mrs. Bryson. I love her a great deal, and would never f***e her into anything that she didn't agree to first."

"Thank you for saying that, Master Tim. You're a good man, just like your father." I was very touched by her compliment.

Bev came back down and wanted to know about her mother's night, and was told the same answer that I got. She hugged her mom, gave her a peck on the cheek then we went off to school, like the good little k**s we were.

Both Bev and I wanted to hear what Fred had to say about the previous evening. Once we found him and got him to where no one else could hear us, he had little to tell us.

Looking a bit smug he said, "Well, I tied Tina to the bed, fucked her and went to sl**p. I'm afraid that's really all that happened last night. In the morning, I had her give a blow job. I made her beg for some kind of release, and then I smacked her tits and ate her pussy, while I pinched her nipples. She damned near broke my neck when she came. Then I went home to clean up and change."

Bev looked a bit peeved. "Fred, you don't seem to have a great story telling ability. But, I'll give you credit for brevity."

We needed to get to our respective home rooms, so I stepped in. "Hey guys, we've got to roll, but don't forget to tell as many people as possible that limerick I gave you last night. It's important."

Bev just shook her head in wonder. Fred complained, "I still think your nuts. And why won't you tell us what's up with that?"

"Because it's a surprise. Now just do what I ask, OKAY?"

They agreed and went their separate ways.

Later that day, Beverly caught up with me at my locker. She moved in close and quietly said. "This damned limerick thing of yours is a very bad idea Tim. It's already gotten back to a few teachers, and I've been asked by one of them to tell her what this is all about. I do hope you realize how stupid I feel when I have to say 'I don't know'. I don't like being in this situation."

With a reassuring smile I told her, "Just tell them the truth babe. You have no idea, and your candidate isn't saying. I had a similar talk with Fred not an hour ago. Just you keep spreading the word."

Frustration written all over her face, she said, "OK smartass."

As my face presented an insincere anger at her, I admonished, "That's no way to address your master."

She moved in very close to me, shoving her beautiful big tits at me. "Now that's something I can get into. I really haven't been able to get last night out of my head. And when I replay it in my mind, I get horny. Would my master please pinch my nipples, just so I can make it through the rest of the day?"

She raised a large notebook that she was carrying, blocking anyone's view of her breasts. I briefly caressed both her bosoms, and then captured her nipples with my fingers. Beverly's head dropped a little, and she closed her eyes as she begged me to be cruel. I twisted them, as I watched her face scrunch up in pain, and heard her sharp in take of breath. Then I slowly released them, yet massaged each one to kick start the bl**d flow again. She swooned.

"Oh master, you sure know how to treat a horny slut."

With a huge grin, I replied, "I'll take that as a compliment. Know go forth and spread the words of your master."

For the next two days, my life was a whirlwind of sex with mom and Beverly combined with preparing my speech to the senior class, and fending off inquiries about my use of that silly limerick. "No comment!"

Election Day was held on Thursday. The entire senior class was seated in the auditorium to hear speeches from the candidates, and then would vote before being dismissed. The results wouldn't be announced until Friday morning.

Thursday morning, I was greeted by Mr. Downs, my guidance counselor. He asked me the same question that I had been dealing with for two days. When I smiled and told him, "No comment," he gave me a warning.

"Listen hear young man, there are some people here from a few universities that are interested in offering you a scholarship. Don't do something stupid that will spoil your chances. And ABSOLUTELY don't you dare use that damn limerick."

I was dead serious as I looked him straight in the eye and said, "I give you my word of honor that I will not utter a single line of that little poem."

"Good!" He turned and left, while I wondered if the stunt that I was going to pull would be screwing up my scholarship opportunity. I had been thinking where to go for a while, and my greatest concern was that it would require me to leave mom behind. And although she had come a long way, I was worried about her special needs not being addressed, in my absence. Of course, my needs were a concern as well. I wanted be close to home, so I could see her frequently.

Keeping all of that in mind, I knew what I must do this afternoon.

There were four candidates for the office. We drew numbers to determine the order in which we would present our cases to the seniors. As luck would have it, I would go last. After the other three had given their boring (in my opinion) speeches, I rose and went to the podium.

I took a long pause, looking around the auditorium, and began.

Using a positively wretched upper crust British accent, I addressed the gathering. "I wish to thank our fine principal, our fine counselors, our fine teachers of this marvelous institution, and most of all my fellow seniors." I paused, shaking my head, tapping chest, and then continued. "It is with a sad heart that I bring no solicitation for your support, but a tale of extraordinary grief and triumph, from which I hope that we can all learn to carry with us, as we trod the rutted road of life's challenges.

"It is one man's story and his determination to survive the cruelest of hardships. This poor fellow lived in a distant land, in a rural area that had fallen on terrible times. He had lost his f****y, his job and his home. With so many people suffering a similar affliction, he was unable to find help from his neighbors. He found himself living outside, with no shelter, and no food. He realized that he would die if he stayed where he was."

My mouth went dry as I looked at the front row and saw that my mother was sitting there, gazing up at me with a puzzled look on her face, as though to ask, "Where are you going with this?" Well I was knee deep in it already, so I might as well continue. At least I was getting a few chuckles from my phony accent. That was the response that I had hoped for. So what the hell, I thought, I'll ham it up even more by resorting to 'over the top' theatrics.

I began raising my arms and occasionally pointed to emphasize something while I orated, as though I was Winston Churchill.

"The poor fellow made a fateful decision. He would walk to the big city, where he might find help and perhaps work. It would take days, and he knew that he was already weak, yet it provided him his sole opportunity for survival. Thus it was that he began his, now famous, ambulatory endeavor.

"The days drew cold, and the nights colder, yet he pressed onwards. Finally the skyline of the city rose in the distance. But his health had deteriorated to a point from which he feared would leave him unable to go on. He knew if he didn't reach the city that his life's light would be snuffed out, as a candle in a stiff breeze."

At this point, I pulled out a huge handkerchief, wiped the non existent tears from my eyes, and blew my nose. The crowd laughed, including my mom.

"Please pardon me, dear friends. The man's tale always stirs my emotions to the breaking point. Now where were we? Ah yes, his approach to the city...well.

"As he trudged down the long road, his body now hunched over with weakness, he glanced down at something that caught his eye. He thought, at first, that it was a piece of paper. However, when he looked closer he saw that it was a small envelop of some sort. Painfully reaching down he picked it up, and found it to be a gardener's vegetable seed packet. How marvelous he thought. If only he had time to plant them, and time to wait for them to grow and harvest. But he knew that his cruel find would go unappreciated, as he would have passed away by then.

"A thought stuck him, just then. He could eat the seeds, and perhaps what little sustenance he might receive from them would provide him the strength to reach the city, and to live. With out further thought, he consumed those seeds, chewing them slowly at first in order to savor the first morsels of food he had taken in for days. Yet, his hunger took control of him and he gulped down the last of them whole.

"He felt better immediately. He realized that the seeds couldn't have had a nutritional benefit effect on him yet. Nonetheless, his mental state had perked up considerably. His pace picked up, and indeed, he was able to reach that city, where he did find help.

"But our tale doesn't end there. You see, the few seeds that he didn't chew, had begun to germinate as they passed through the gentleman's very fertile lower tract. And they grew there, in place, until one day, their expansion could no longer be contained. Much to his shock and everyone amazement, there was a tremendous explosion from his nether region, and looking down he gazed at the remarkable sight of plants covering his loins and falling to the ground at his feet.

"He became somewhat famous locally, as a result of this extraordinary event. And many people referred to him by his original home area. He would move to another city, later in his life; and become even better known as the man from Nantucket. But that's another story.

"But, to those wonderful people, who had aided him, when first he entered their city, in the time of his greatest need, he would always be their man.

"Of course I'm sure that some of you have heard of him, through the shorter version of his sad tale of woe. And it goes..."

I raised my arms, lifted my hands, as though offering the senior class a gift. Here was a very pregnant pause, until Fred, God bless him, began the limerick.

"There once was a man from Legreeds"

My fellow students picked it up quickly. By the third line, the entire senior class was standing and shouting out the remainder of my little tale.

"And his balls were all covered with weeds."

I looked down at mother, who was laughing but shaking her head negatively. In true 'Monty Python Style', I arrogantly tilted my head up, thrust out my chin, tucked one hand in close to my upper belly, and then slowly strutted off stage. As I left the stage, I caught Mr. Downs staring daggers at me. He grabbed my arm, once I was out of sight from all but those behind the curtains, and pulled me over to three gentlemen who had observed my performance.

Before making an introduction, Mr. Downs scolded me. "Damn it young man, you lied to me. You said that you wouldn't use that limerick."

Having foreseen this admonition, I was prepared. "No sir, I did not lie to you. I gave you my word that I would not utter a single word of that limerick, and I didn't. Furthermore, this was a political endeavor and as such, I felt that I was safe in using a political ploy to get my way."

With anger he bounced back, "What in the hell are you talking about?"

"In politics, it is quite common to imply one thing, while intending something different. You drew the inference that you wanted to hear. I want you to know that I hold you in great regard Mr. Downs. What I did here today doesn't change that. However, I reached a decision two days ago, that I didn't care to be the class president. But it was too late to quit, so I thought at least I'll give the class a laugh. Actually if you think about it, that's good politics as well."

He just shook his head and said, "Well young fellow let me introduce you to these gentleman, who just might hold your future in their hands."

All three men seemed to be around fifty years old, and one of them was a priest.

"Tim I'd like you to meet Father Delaney of Notre Dame, Mr. Bailey from Harvard, and Mr. Carson from Yale. Gentleman, I give you Timothy Jorgenson."

As we shook hands, there was a loud series of cheers coming from the auditorium. Before anyone spoke, a teacher came running over to Mr. Downs and whispered in his ear. He shook his head and to me he announced, "It seems that your opponents have all withdrawn and suggested a voice vote. You have failed in your attempt to 'Not' become the class president. Congratulations young man; you are the first person to ever be unanimously elected as the president of the senior class."

"Oh darn, it backfired on me."

With a slight Irish accent, Father Delaney said, "I think you'll find that life's like that sometimes, young fellow. You gave a very entertaining performance out there today. However, Norte dame is a very straight laced place to matriculate. So I'm afraid that any hope of a scholarship is out of the question." He shook my hand saying, "Good luck son."

Mr. Bailey of Harvard was next. "I'm sorry to have to say that I agree with Father Delaney. You won't be invited to Harvard. We expect people to take more seriously the opportunities they receive, and to not waste them," another hand shake, and another good luck good bye.

I looked at Mr. Carson with a smile and asked, "Are you going to wish me good luck too?"

With a huge smile he replied, "Indeed I am young man, indeed I am. I am also going to offer you a full scholarship to Yale University, where people who are creative, and understand there politics are appreciated. I've had a few talks with your Mr. Downs, and I've gone over your grades and teachers comments extensively. Your record was very impressive, yet somehow lacking in illumination, as to just who you are.

"I had formed a vision of a different young man who was full of himself. You know, a real tight ass, with no personality. Your little show out there today changed my mind. I'm convinced that you'll be a credit to the Eli."

At that point mother, Bev and Fred came running over to me. I introduced them to Mr. Carson, who Stared at mother's large chest, and then at Beverly's ample young breasts before saying, "And you even surround yourself with beautiful women. You truly are remarkable."

Bev threw herself into my arms, giving me a large deep kiss, and then saying to the man, "You have no idea what an understatement that is, Mr. Carson."

After an exchange of phone numbers, he departed. And I was teased, without mercy, at being elected as class president, against my will.

As it was close to the end of the school day anyway, The senior class was allowed to go home,. Beverly, Fred, mom and I piled into mom's car and headed for Bev's house. She would be spending the night at my place, but she needed to pick up a few things first. Furthermore, we all wanted to see what was up with Tina.

Tina greeted us at the front door, much as I had been received by mother, at our house. She was in thigh high stockings and heels, the obligatory dog collar, and a leather corset, which lifted her huge tits up and out. She knelt on the floor leaning way back, with her hands on the floor behind her. This presented her breasts in a very vulnerable fashion.

She ignored us and addressed Fred. "Welcome home master. You whore offers you her tits as sacrifice for your pleasure. Your whip is on the table by the door."

Fred looked at us and said, "Well you folks can do whatever you want. I've got work to do." He grabbed the whip and began to lash Tina's substantial bosoms.

Beverly excused herself and ran upstairs, as Tina's yelps and cries followed her. By the time that Bev had returned (Three minutes), Fred was pounding away in her mother's gushing pussy. Tina wasn't crying anymore. She was moaning and begging for a harder fucking from Fred.

We left quickly. In the car, we admitted to each other that that brief scene had stimulated us, and we couldn't wait to get home. During the short drive, mom told me that Aunt Jane had called and begged us to visit this weekend, if it was at all possible. She had indicated that it would be my decision, and that we would let her know tonight.

I asked if there was any emergency and what was going on. Aunt Jane would only say that everything was fine, but that Ron wanted us to visit and observe the situation. I could tell that mom was avoiding mentioning anything that would let Beverly in on the i****tuous relationship in that part of my f****y. I realized that mom was probably right to be careful, yet it wasn't as though Bev didn't already know enough to sink the whole damned fleet if she wanted to. I decided to explain it all to Bev later, but not until we returned from the visit.

Once we arrived at home, I ordered my bitches to strip. Mother asked if she could be allowed to pleasure both Bev and me, as a warm up to my obviously impending victory fuck. How could I deny such a heartfelt request?

Mother dropped to her knees; as Beverly moved in close to offer me her breasts. I fondled and suckled at my darling's bosoms, while mother paid homage to my throbbing cock with her warm, soft lips. When I slid my hand down to Bev's wispy haired pussy, I found that my dear, considerate mother was already providing stimulation to that wet anxious love box.

Finally, I pulled mom's face off of my cock and ordered them both into the den. I had mom lie on the sofa, and had Bev straddle her face. As mother ate cunt, I began a light slapping of Beverly's bosoms; nothing to harsh, just a few little stinging blows, to fire her up. When Bev started breathing really hard, I stopped and went behind her to slap mom's big tits. With her, I was far more severe, taking great pleasure in her obvious moans of pain. I knew that each vibration of anguish would provide more delight for my love.

I was ready. I pulled Bev off of mom's face, ordered mom up and for Beverly to take her place. Last I commanded my mother to suck my cock, and then to insert it into the pussy of my other slave. Mother liberally coated my prick with her saliva, and finally pushed it into that red hot female meat, which was now thrusting up to meet the instrument of its destruction.

There is no way to describe the feeling of having one woman's mouth suck your cock, and then to have that woman give your throbbing erection to the pussy of another. And for the first woman to be the object of years of lust and your own mother; and the second to be a girl, whom you had known your whole life and who just happened to be drop dead gorgeous, is beyond any lust filled dream that one could possibly imagine.

Mother squirmed her head down to our crotches and began to lick my balls, and then Beverly's ass. Neither of us lasted long. Our lust had built quickly to a fever pitch, as I mauled my darling's tits, and mom serviced our loins. Beverly came first, screaming the usual vile filth, which I so dearly enjoyed, sending me over the top right after her. We were an excellent pair.

A short while later, mother asked, "Master, would it be all right if I was allowed to cum? You two have me hot as hell."

Beverly looked at me as though she was awaiting instructions. I was tempted to have her do something really rough with mom, but then I remembered that mom and I would be going to Aunt Jane's in the morning. So I opted for a different direction in dealing with mother's lustful need.

"Mom, I want you to lie down on your back. Beverly, I want to see you make gentle love to my mother. I really enjoyed the sight of you two together last night. And Bev, please be nice. Make it good for her."

Mom said, "You know son, if she wants to give me some serious pain, it would be alright with me."

Harshly I warned, "NO! You slaves have your orders, now obey your master."

With no further response, they set about their task. Beverly began by kissing mom, which quickly progressed to deep thrusting of tongues and moans of urgency from mother. My gal slid her hands to my mom's breasts and softly massaged them, and then tweaked her nipples.

I surprised mom by kissing her toes, taking each into my mouth and sucking it. After a few minutes on each foot, I started my patented licking and kissing up the length of her legs. Mother's moans were getting quite loud, as I reached her pussy; yet I hadn't touched it.

Beverly was licking and sucking on mom's huge tits, while telling mother how much she loved that mom was such a filthy slut. At the same time, mom took one of Beverly's hands and thrust three of Bev's fingers into her mouth, sucking loudly on them.

I began my assault on my dear mother's pussy. Using my tongue to part the fine hairs of her gorgeous cunt, I traced a soft wet line around her clitoris. Mom arched her hips to give me better access to her loins, moaning as she spit out Bev's fingers.

"Oh yes, please master, don't make me wait. I'm ready! Please make you dirty slut mother cum."

I buried two fingers in her pussy, as I sucked her entire clit into my mouth, thrashing it with my tongue. The sudden thrust of her hips nearly broke my neck. Mom grasped Beverly's head and yelled, "Bite my tits, you fucking whore; bite them hard."

Evidently Bev bit down mercilessly, because mom screamed in agony. I knew that mom was in the middle of a really big orgasm, and I wanted to make it as powerful as possible. So I bit her clit, pulling it up away from her cunt, sending mother over the edge into a world of extreme pleasure. As soon as she was in the throws of ecstasy, I reverted back to a gentle massaging with my tongue, until she pushed me away.

I stood and looked down at the two most beautiful women in my world, feeling nothing but deep love and a determination to protect them any way that I could. It was a master's responsibility, and I swore to my self then and there to meet that obligation.

Bev got up and hugged me. I held her close whispering, "I love you so much Bev. It goes way beyond the hot sex thing, but that's important too."

"I know baby. I feel the same way. I feel so safe to be with you and mom and your mom and Fred. I know that I am free to cut loose. It's wonderful!"

Mom began to move around. She sat up saying, "I've never had orgasms like I've had with the two of you. You guys make it so easy to be a horny old whore."

The three of us moved into the kitchen and made sandwiches. Neither of us seemed to think it was out of the ordinary, to be doing it while we were naked.

I had to address the trip to Aunt Jane's, with Beverly. Taking her in my arms I said, "Baby, mom and I have to go out of town tomorrow. We've had a call from my cousin, and apparently it's important for us to make the trip. I'll explain what's happening there when we return. We'll get back Sunday night. But in the mean time, I want you to stay here. Your mom and Fred are in the early stages of her training, and I feel that it might upset the situation if you where around."

With concern she objected, "But can't I go with you?"

"No honey, you can't. As I said, I'll explain when we get back. And the reason that I want you to stay here is because I'm not ready to have you sexing it up with Fred. When he uses you for the first time, I want to be there."

She had a puzzled look on her face, so I clarified my position on the subject.

"Alright, I admit it. I'm a little bit jealous. I'm going to give you to other's, but I'm just not ready to do it yet."

She squeezed me tightly saying, "Thank you baby. Thank you for being man enough to tell me the truth. It's very important that you don't treat me as a piece of property. Although, that's really all a slave is. I guess I'm trying to say that I needed to know that you really love me. It's the only way that I can be a complete slut for you. Is that too weird?"

"No it isn't. It actually makes a lot of sense, and I wouldn't expect anything less from my brilliant co-campaign manager and slave."

A little later, I called Ron to let him know that we would arrive in the morning. But, try as I did, he wouldn't say what was up. So I spent the rest of the evening talking with mom and Bev, nothing special, just chit-chat.

Mom and I packed that night, so we could take off early in the morning. We all slept in mom's big bed again.

This time we took turns masturbating in front each other. Apparently, women have a more difficult time with that type of public display than men. Mom was at a point where she really got into showing off, yet Beverly was surprisingly shy. It took her quite a while to loosen up and enjoy her self, but she did.

The two hour drive to my aunt's house was uneventful. We talked about what we expected to find there. From previous discussions with Ron, Bob and Aunt Jane, we felt that mom's s****r was probably about where mother was; basically a well trained slave, a woman who had come to terms with her own need for submission. However, that's not what we found.

Ron greeted us at the door and led us to the f****y room. Well, it used to be the f****y room. It had been repainted in a dark burgundy color, which made for a very somber atmosphere. Subdued lighting enhanced the heaviness of the room, and implied a seriousness to the events which took place here. Now it looked more like a dungeon, with rings in the ceiling, walls and floor. Chains hung from the ceiling hooks, and each one held wrist manacles to secure the willing victim. There was new furniture as well. All of it was heavily padded, black leather. And finally one-half of a wall was devoted to the display of clamps, crops, whips, chains, dildos and butt plugs.

Ron smiled and asked, "So what do you think?"

I just shook my head and mumbled, "Damn Ron, I hate to admit it, but I'm jealous as hell. Mom why didn't I think of something like this? We could have, and still can convert the basement into a...aaahh...pleasure chamber. I'm going to have to look into it."

"Aunt Sara, do you have any comments?"

"Oh Ron, my pussy is getting wet just thinking of the possibilities."

Ron replied, "I take your responses as positive reactions to our modifications. I approved the changes; but of course, it was Bob who came up with the idea."

"Well cousin, it looks great. I definitely approve. Speaking of Bob, where is he?"

Mom jumped in with, "And where is my s****r?"

There was a rather pregnant silence, before Ron took in and let out a very large breath of air. "Bob is with his new girl friend, and they will be visiting a little bit later. There's been a huge change in our boy Bob, since hooking up with a twenty six year old weight lifter. I'm not going to say another word about their relationship until they arrive. You'll find it hard to believe, yet easier to understand, when you see for yourself.

"As for mom, I'll bring her here in a moment, but I want to warn you that she's gone through some serious changes herself. Most of these changes were the cause of a few fist fights between Bob and me. He did some things without telling me, and he did them when mom was at her most emotionally vulnerable period."

"Oh dear god, what have you boys done with Janie (A name mom called her little s****r when they were k**s)?" The fear in mother's voice was quite apparent.

I was now placed in an awkward situation. Mom had quite strongly questioned another master, and done so by referring to my cousins as boys. I too, sensed that a very bad thing had happened to Aunt Jane. Knowing how violent Bob had been with mom the first visit, led me to suspect that he had gone way too far with his own mother. Still, precedence had to be established, if I was to maintain my dominance and title of Master.

Grabbing mother's arm, I spun her around and slapped her hard, nearly knocking her off of her feet. "You fucking cunt! How dare you question a master?" Wanting to guide mom's thinking, and to alleviate her concern for her s****r, I added, "What ever has been done with Aunt Jane has occurred already. She is still your s****r, and still loved by us all."

Mom rubbed her cheek and meekly replied, "Thank you master, for reminding me to be polite. I deserved that slap and any other punishment you feel I deserve." To Ron she said, "I apologize to you, Master Ron. I'm sure that my master would surrender me to you for retribution, should you desire it."

Ron shook his head no. "Hold on folks, let's not get too carried away. There is much catching up to do, and there will be plenty of time for Aunt Sara to spend suffering in the chains. Why don't you have a seat and I'll go get mother."

I took a seat on the sofa and ordered mom to remove her blouse and skirt. Beneath them she wore my favorite combination. Black garter belt, stockings, with heels and a half bra, which lifted up her large pendulous breasts. I had her sit at my feet, on the thick padded carpet.

I stroked her face and asked, "You do understand why I had to slap you, don't you?"

"Yes master. I suppose that you're going to have to punish me from time to time, to keep me in my place. I'll try not to embarrass you by going astray." She looked up at me, with tears in her eyes saying, "I know how much you love me. I just fear for Jane, and I know that you do too."

I nodded. "Yes...yes indeed I do."

A few moments later, the sound of high heels approaching announced the arrival of Aunt Jane. Ron led her into the room by a leash, which was attached to a wide dog collar, ringed with silver metal studs. In her mouth, Aunt Jane had a large penis gag, complete with artificial hairy testicles. I thought 'What a marvelous way to increase the sense of humiliation.' We could see that her ankles were attached to an eighteen inch spreader bar, which kept her legs wide apart.

She wore a long cape, which covered her from the neck down. But what was unusual about it was the fact that it was on backwards. Her arms were protruding from the front (her back) of the cape, affixed behind her back at the wrists, and her elbows had been tethered tightly, forcing her to arch her back thrusting out her large breasts.

Mother looked relieved to see that her s****r seemed to be all right, yet there was doubt in her eyes. My gut told me that there was something more serious to come.

Ron addressed us both. "Before I remove my slut's cloak, I will tell you that Bob had her pierced. The bastard never consulted with me about it; he just did it, thus the first fist-fight. The reason for the second and most vicious fight of our lives came as a result of his unilateral action regarding her pubic area.

"Look her over thoroughly, and then we'll talk. After we've had a discussion, I'll remove the gag and allow my whore to speak and answer questions."

He undid a clasp at her waist, and then removed the cape with a flare, as though he was opening a curtain to reveal the entertainers. What appeared before us was shocking, disturbing, bizarre, and arousing, all at the same time.

The first impression was drawn by the size of her bosoms. Aunt Jane had always possessed breasts that were nearly as large as mom's. However, they had been significantly enlarged by implants, which caused them to stand straight out from her chest.

The second impression was due to the amount of jewelry, which hung from my aunt's nipples and pussy, not to mention her belly button. Each nipple had been double pierced. Actually, the nipple had been pierced, but her areole had also been perforated as well. Her areole bore a larger bar through it, from which hung a silver half-moon shaped ringlet. Each nipple had a similar treatment, only smaller, creating a concentric circle visual effect.

Rolling my eyes down to her tummy, I found her naval now sported a post with a bright gem in it. I'm sure that it was a real diamond. With the money that her ex-husband had settled on her, it was easily affordable.

Moving down toward her loins, my gaze froze, to concentrate my vision on the tattoo just above her shaved pussy. Then it hit me. It wasn't a tattoo, but a burned in, two word proclamation, PAIN SLUT. That little son-of a bitch Bob had had his mother branded. And I would be willing to bet that she wasn't given anything to handle the pain.

Mother must have realized what we were seeing about the same time that I did.

"Oh dear God Jane! Why honey, why? Oh my God how awful." Mom was in tears, as she took in the horror that her dear sibling must have suffered when the heated iron was placed upon Aunt Jane's pubic mound, to mark her permanently as a woman who freely accepted pain as her way of life.

Yet, there was more to be seen. She now displayed a small ring beneath her clitoris, from which a short chain swung, and there was a little bell on the end. The most remarkable features were her outer labia, which had each been punctured four times, and now showed large gauge rings in each hole. Her inner labia had one perforation each, with smaller gauge rings. However, from these hung round, cylindrical weights, which pulled her cunt lips down a good four inches. It looked quite painful.

Another look at mother told me that she was about to be very angry. So I spoke before she did. "Damn Ron, this really is a surprise, I must admit. And you say that you had nothing to do with this?"

He shook his head no. "As I said, Bob did it on his own; although mom says that she approved it before hand. But that just didn't cut it with me. I should have been involved in the decision. To be honest with you, I like some of it. I'm quite fond of her nipple rings and the clit ring. The rest of the piercings are just not necessary if you ask me. And as for the branding...well that was insane. I never would have gone along with that.

"There's something else that you probably haven't picked up on yet. Mom hasn't shaved off her pubic hair. That shit-head b*****r of mine had it removed by laser treatments. It will never grow back.

"I've talked with mom about having some of this stuff reversed. It's expensive, but we can afford it. Mom really put her foot down. It's the first time that she's been defiant. She says that she paid for it all with her agony and bl**d; and she wants to keep it."

Mom went over to her s****r and embraced her lovingly, kissing her on the forehead. "I love you dearly Janie, but I hate seeing my little s****r turned into a pin cushion. Because I'm a pain-slut too, I can sort of relate to being used like this. I guess it's very liberating, in a way. There absolutely is not any doubt now, when someone sees you exposed. There'll be no way that anyone could misunderstand your status as a slave."

Aunt Jane had tears, as did mom. Still unable to speak, due to the cock and ball gag protruding from her mouth, she just nodded her agreement.

Ron stepped a bit closer to us and said, "Now that the shock is wearing off, why don't you take a real good look? Touch her where she's been pierced, and get a good look at her brand; it's almost completely healed. But I should warn you, mom heats up really fast when people start pulling on her rings."

I must admit to a morbid curiosity regarding my aunt's new look. I stood next to her and ran my hands gently over her inflated tits, paying special attention to the rings on her breasts. She moaned with delight as I caressed them and delicately pulled on her silver decorations. I was certainly intrigued by the look, but I didn't care for the artificial feel of her implants.

I called to my mother, "Come here slut. Look at the proof that your s****r is a complete and total pain slut." I slid my fingers over the brutal looking brand as I drew mom's attention to it.

"Kneel before this filthy cunt and get a close up view."

Mother slowly went to her knees, and put her face a few inches away from Aunt Jane's pubic mound. She stroked the horrible looking wound, as she asked her s****r, "Did it hurt a great deal?"

Jane nodded and through the gag was able to mumble, "Oh yeth...bad...very bad."

Mom had started to mist up, at her younger sibling's response. She leaned forward and gently kissed her s****r's pubic mound, where the cruel brand announced Jane's perverted status. I could see the wheels turning in mother's head; and I knew what she was thinking.

I grabbed my mother's right nipple and twisted it harshly. "You're wondering if I'll insist on you being pierced and branded, aren't you?"

Mom glared back at me with obvious fear in her eyes. Yet she answered, "I'm terrified of the thought. Yes I admit it. I don't want to have this done to me. But if my master decides to permanently have me scarred, then I would submit to the torture, for his pleasure."

I nodded, and looked to the ceiling, as if in thought. Then I turned to Ron and asked, "Ron, have you been told exactly how this was done, and if so, would you please tell me. Also, I'd like to know where it was done. It's very impressive work."

I heard mother's sharp intake of breath, when she comprehended my query. But she never saw me wink at Ron, to let him know that I wasn't serious. I thought that perhaps a single clit ring would satisfy me. But as for the rest, I didn't care to fight all of that crap hanging off of her, just to push my cock inside of her. And I certainly would never subject mother to the horror of being branded.

With an eager smile Ron jumped in on the tale of my aunt's tortures. "Well after the fist fighting was over, Bob told me precisely what and how it had happened. Her boob job was first, and that was done in a hospital. We had both agreed to that. As a matter of fact, it was mom's idea. It seems she was a bit insecure about the lack of youthfulness in her sagging tits. So her tits had pretty much healed by the time he took her to be pierced. I thought that he was just taking her to the doctor, for a follow up exam, of the breast surgery.

"The piercings were done in the back room of a tattoo parlor, but apparently it was a virtual operating room. Even mom said that it was immaculate, and that she felt comfortable with the room. The guy doing it was covered in tattoos and piercings of his own. He assured them that he had done this type of thing hundreds of times. Mom was offered a local anesthetic, but Bob wouldn't allow it, so mother declined.

"She was nude, strapped down tightly on a gurney, with her arms and legs tethered at several spots. Her legs, of course, were spread fairly wide. Her torso was strapped down above and below the breasts, across the hips and at the top of each thigh, to keep her pelvic area from jumping around, when he punctured her outer labia.

"The guy used a large gauge needle to pierce mother's areola, which apparently was extremely painful. So much so, that they had to gag her for the rest of the procedures, to stifle her screams. The nipple received a smaller needle, but Bob had insisted on her nipples being penetrated with a red hot needle. Mother said that the pain was far more severe than the unheated, but larger needle.

"The insertion of mom's pussy rings went slowly. This again was Bob's idea of fun to have her suffering longer from the drawn out process. He said that mom had two, not one, but two orgasms, as the man pierced her. After the outer and inner labia had been taken care of, it was time for her have the clit ring installed. Bob wanted to be a part of this action, so he gripped her clitoris with a surgical clamp, pulling on it hard to expose the underside for piercing. Of course the shit-head wanted it to be done with a red hot needle. Damn if she didn't climax a third time.

"She was given a brief moment to calm down, and then she was unstrapped and put on the floor on her hands and knees. Then Bob fucked her in the ass, while the other guy used her mouth to get off. Apparently that was part of the bargain that Bob had made with him. Everyone came, including mom, for the forth time."

Ron stopped his narrative, and silence filled the room. Mother and I just starred at Aunt Jane, trying to imagine the absolute horror and agony of her terrible ordeal. My eyes focused on her nipples and envisioned what it would have been like to be present at the process of her puncturing. Then my gaze swept down to her bejeweled pussy. To my joy and shame, I sported a huge erection. This was a reminder of just how twisted I had become. It was also a reminder of how careful I needed to be, when exercising total control of my slaves.

I looked to mother and realized that she too was deeply aroused at Ron descriptive revelation.

Ron broke the silence. "Well, doesn't anyone have anything to say?"

I glared at him saying, "I want to fuck your mother. And you can tell that my slut mom needs to be used. I suspect that she would just love to experience the chains. And I'm sure that she is looking for some really rough stuff." I looked at mom asking, "Aren't you, you dirty old whore?"

"Yes master, you know me so well. Master Ron, please place me in chains and do your worst. I'm sure that we'll both enjoy it."

Ron ordered his mother to sit on the black leather settee. Then he requested my help in securing my dear horny mother in chains. A few minutes later found mom standing with her arms high over her head, yet held behind her, causing her large tits to swing freely from her chest. Her nipples had been clamped and the light chains leading from them were attached to the opposite wall so that if Ron pulled on her hair, the action would cause her to rise up and stretch her massive tits. She was bent forward over a slim padded bench, about three feet across, six inches wide, and had a strap across her lower back, which was tightly affixed to each end of the bench. Her feet were tethered to rings at the floor level of that same bench, which spread her legs wide and left her ass and loins open for abuse and plunder.

I deserted mother, leaving her to the perverted whims of my cousin, so that I could pursue the abuse of my sweet, fat titted aunt.

I approached her saying, "Are you ready to serve me Auntie?"

She nodded, causing the testicles of the cock and ball gag to sway with the motion of her head. I unbuckled the gross looking gag and plopped it out of her mouth then slapped her a few times to start warming her up for worse things to come.

I couldn't keep my hands from fondling her silicon filled breasts. The firmness of them was so unnatural, and the unique feel of her nipples, with their rings, was an undeniable attraction. Yet I missed the natural heft of her once pendulous bosoms.

Aunt Jane asked me, "Do you like grabbing your aunt's tits?"

"Oh yeah!"

"You know Tim, you can pull and twist my rings. It not as though they will rip out. I was told that it's much harder to yank them out than most people might think. And as for me, the pain is delicious."

Without regard for her discomfort, I began to slowly pull on her nipple rings. The elasticity of her areola was amazing. As I twisted the rings, my aunt's pain level rose, and I gauged her degree of anguish by the depth of the wrinkles in her furrowed brow and tightly shut eyes. Yet she merely moaned and leaned into my torturing hands, offering herself to my harsh desires, and reaching for the agony which she clearly needed for her own twisted pleasure. God help me, but I did love it so much.

"You really are a filthy painslut, aren't you Aunt Jane?"

"Yes Master Tim. I need pain. I love pain. I love the thought of my own sons and nephew abusing me, and degrading me like the dirty whore that I am. I want to suffer for you master. Do anything that you want to me; all of the dirty things that you fantasized about doing with your stuffy old aunt. You know I'll submit to every nasty thing that you wish."

Mom screamed, as Ron began flaying her pendulous bosoms. For a few moments I watched mom being whipped. Oh how I enjoyed seeing my mother used so cruelly. I made a mental note to tell her this. Then I returned to my chores, with my dear auntie.

I lifted her left tit and brought my mouth to engulf her ringed nipple. I so enjoyed sucking a soft, fat nip onto my tongue, yet this was different and awkward. The presence of the nipple ring was rather arousing. But that damned larger one, though her areole, was a pain in the ass. I had to take the entire end of her monstrous boob into my mouth, just to get past it, which left no room inside for my tongue to work it over. And when I took just the first ring in my mouth, my lips were being banged by the second ring. I found the entire experience far too cumbersome and rather frustrating. Well, I decided, let's check out her pussy.

Down here there was a variety of possibilities. I ordered her to stand, to enable a better view of her pussy. I loved the way her inner labia hung down so far, as the weights on them swung back and forth. Aunt Jane jumped a bit, when I lifted, and then dropped them causing her to yelp with the short lived pain. I removed the spreader bar at her ankles, and ordered her to spread her legs and make the weights swing for me. While doing this, she informed me that Bob used to love seeing her do that, while he whipped her ass and pussy. She also said that she missed the really harsh treatment that he gave her.

I began to wonder why he wasn't giving her more attention. That just didn't sound like my cruel selfish cousin. There was clearly something going on that I hadn't been made aware of. It was more than just his new girl friend; I was sure of it. I'd press Ron for answers, after I had finished having some fun with my aunt.

I commanded Aunt Jane to lift the weights and drop them, thus she would torture herself for my visual pleasure. Between drops, she told me that the boys sometimes used the rings of her outer labia to close her pussy. They said it was like having a built in chastity belt. By connecting them with pad locks, she had no way of entering her own pussy. Of course, she could still finger her clit and get off. But, she pointed out, that she really liked to do that as someone was using her cunt. Apparently the combined experience made for a more explosive orgasm, especially after a period of denial.

Now there was something that I would file away for future use with Beverly. A loving master must always be on the look out for different ways to pleasure his slave.

Using my fingers to explore the bizarre territory of my aunt's pierced cunt, I gently stroked the edges of the punctures. I was curious as to how well they had healed. They seemed to be just fine. I gripped two rings on either side of her pussy and pulled wide the entrance to her moist dark tunnel. Aunt Jane was breathing deeply and her slight hip movements had the weights swinging. She was very hot, and way ahead of me. I needed to catch up.

I smacked her hard on her clitoris. Her yelp of shock and pain got her attention, as I continued to slap her cunt. She made no effort to protect herself. Indeed, she thrust her pussy out at me, offering it to the abuse, which she obviously was getting off on.

"You've become quite a filthy painslut," I observed.

"Yes I have Master Tim. I never knew how erotic pain could. I love being roughly abused; and I love that it's my nephew who is doing it to me. It makes the humiliation all that much more intense."

Lifting the weights one more time, I asked, "You know what's going to happen now, don't you Janie?"

"Yes master. Your going to drop them, and the pain will shoot up through my cunt lips deep into your dirty aunt's pussy. And I'll love you for it."

This time I indulged my cruel side and threw the weights at the floor. Aunt Jane's scream and anguished look sent jolts of lust to my aching cock. I was rapidly catching up to her level of arousal.

I took a quick look over at my mother, just in time to see Ron bury his cock in her from behind. She was pulling back up, which caused her nipples to stretch, deliberately abusing herself. I knew that neither of them would last long, at the pace of his furious assault on my dear mother's cunt.

To my surprise, Aunt Jane spoke as though she knew of my brutal inclination creeping to the surface. "It's alright Tim. Let yourself go. Torture your aunt all you want. Make me suffer. Make me scream. Do all of the dirty nasty things you ever dreamed of to me. Don't hold back."

I'm ashamed to admit that for a brief period, I snapped. I began to slap her face viciously, and then transferred my venom to her enflamed bosoms, peppering them with a severity that I had never released before. I pulled on her tit rings; until I thought that they would come tearing through her nipples. The viciousness of my assault was self supporting, growing on the very cruelness that I perpetrated; each act building on the impetus of the previous one.

Aunt Jane was screaming at the horror of my torture, as I moved to her precious vaginal rings. I reveled in her agony, as I began yanking at them, twisting them, spitting on her cunt and slapping her pussy so hard that if I had used my fist, it would have hurt her no less. I wanted to rip this bitch apart.

As if from some other world, my mother's voice broke through to me. "Timmy, that's enough honey, that's enough. Get control of yourself Tim."

The sound of a mother's command to her little boy brought me back down to earth. But not so much that I still wasn't about to have my pleasure. I quickly undid the clasps, which held the weights to my aunt's labia; thus freeing her cunt for my immediate penetration. I began my invasion of her pussy, as I pushed her back on the chase lounge.

Even in her painful state, Aunt Jane made her pussy available to me by thrusting her hips toward my cock, and spreading her legs wide to facilitate my **** of her metal clad loins. The raw pleasure that had consumed me was still raging within, as I plundered her cunt, driving deep into her, until my pelvis smashed against her vaginal jewelry.

Aunt Jane was on a lustful high, as well. She screamed loudly for me to, "Fuck your aunt, Tim. Fuck me hard, and don't hold back. I need to be ****d by you. I want to show you what a nasty whore your aunt is. Pull on my nipples Tim. Hurt me bad baby."

At her urging, I grasped her nipples with my fingers and twist them cruelly, rings and all. I pounded her pussy relentlessly, as she cried out in misery and mindless lust.

I was close, and I began to spew the vilest insults at her. She was my whore for now; my cunt, my slut and my slave. My dirty painslut aunt was begging for more harsh abuse. I lowered my mouth to her left ear, gripping the lobe with my teeth and biting it until I tasted bl**d.

My raging lust was at its apex, as I erupted inside of her; her cunt a vacuuming inferno which sucked the cum from my balls. The pleasure and power of my climax was such that I passed out, just as the waves of evil bliss began to ebb.

I wasn't out for long; just a few seconds. However, I was embarrassed anyway. I felt that it was a sign of weakness, and I was concerned that I had shown a chink in my masterly armor. But then I felt the realization of just how badly I had lost myself, in my desire to dominate and brutally abuse my aunt. I had been completely out of control. And that was a much greater chink in my hallowed armor. I knew then that I needed to step back a bit, and evaluate what my limits were; and of greater importance, how to avoid going too far. I was actually quite frightened by what I might have done, had mother not reigned in my galloping lust.

I think everyone was a little taken back by the raw brutality of my actions. None of us spoke, as I helped Ron release mother from her bondage. Neither Ron nor I required the s****rs to clean our cocks; such was the atmosphere of trepidation in the room.

I had much to ponder.

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