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Private Place

My name is John Sutter. I'm a biologist for the Department of Agriculture
for the Alberta Government. I have a bachelor Degree in Biology and a
Masters Degree in a****l husbandry from the University of Lethbridge. I
spend my winter behind a dreary desk in Edmonton. Studying reports and
making more reports. To me very boring, but it pays real good and I have
all my summers in the field.

"Most of the large ranches in southern Alberta allow most of their herds to
range free on public land in the foothills. The largest of these ranches is
the Bar CK, owned by CK Williams. His ranch has about 25,000 acres and some
times as many as 20,000 cattle grazing on public land.

My job in summer is to look at the impact that these large herds have on
both the environment and the local fauna and a****ls. I always loved to go
CK's ranch. He was a crusty old fart, but always welcomed me when I
arrived. The first year I visited his spread he loaned me horses to get up
into the foothills. Worst summer of my life. Never again will I use
horses. Hate the fucking things. Although the Government supplied me with
one of their big 4X4 pickups, I always ended up taking my old army jeep and
trailer. It was much lighter and didn't get bogged down and was easier to
move around dead falls and rocks that littered the only road up into the
foothills on his ranch.

"The real reason I liked his ranch over the others was my very Private
Place I visited each time. It was a fair sized pool, fed by both a hot
springs and a mountain creek. That meant the water was always near boiling
in one place, but cooled by the mountain stream was great closer to the
stream. It also over looked a very large mountain meadow, that seemed to
draw the herds to its very lush grass and mountain flowers.

I could set up my cameras and equipment without disturbing the herds.

The highland meadow stretched for almost 20 miles, which made it easy to
follow the herd as it moved. I have always taken a rifle with me, but have
never used it. I had seen Grizzly, Wolfs, both black and brown bears on my
frequent trips up here in summer. None had ever bothered me and I left them

"This year I left a few days earlier than I usually did. Very anxious to
get out of the city and into the mountains. It was about a five hour drive
south. My old jeep would only do about 50 MPH. I picked up fresh food and
supplies in Calgary before heading south to CK's Ranch. The supplies would
never last the three to four months I would spend up in the hills, but CK
always made a supply run up at least three times on horse back. Never could
understand how anyone could ride a horse that far.

I always stayed a few nights at the Ranch. Most nights were spent in town
with the hands from the ranch. They used to laugh at my high topped combat
boots I wore, while everyone of them had cowboy boots. Understand this was
RED NECK ALBERTA down here. All these guys hated anything that was even
close to not normal. Gays were hated by all of them, which meant I had to
be very careful around them. Even sl**ping in the bunkhouse with all those
well built cowboys was a bitch sometimes.

This particular year CK only had about 12000 head on the open range. They
had been moved up to their summer grazing areas just two weeks before I
arrived. After checking all the new information from CK and informing the
Rangers, I headed up into the hills.

The trip up was always slow and took the better part of a day. When I came
in sight of my pool, I saw I was not alone. I could see someone swimming in
the pool. Even in the very powerful field glasses all I could tell was he
was male. It took about an hour for me to finally get to my camping spot. I
saw that whoever this guy was he was also camping. There was a low fire in
the fire pit and a knapsack and a few things laying around. I noticed two
small horses tethered just down the slope from the camp. Native was my
first thought.

Well whoever he was, I was camping beside him. I set out my air mattress
and sl**ping bag. Then rigged my rain cover. As I turned to grab my big
cooler, he was standing not five feet from me. Fuck I had never even heard
him coming. It startled me.

"Hi. I'm John." I stuck out my hand.

He shook my hand, but never uttered a word.

I couldn't help myself from looking at him. All of him. Long black hair
framed his very smooth face. Piercing black eyes, long angular nose and
what looked like perfect teeth. A light dusting of black hair covered his
chest down to his very prominent nipples. He had a definite Six Pack and a
dark line of hair going down into what I would call a loin cloth. He had
very muscular arms and legs. On his feet were moggasons that came half way
up his calf muscles. When my eyes went back to his face he was smiling with
a very perfect set of teeth.

"Sorry, I'm Henry." He said.

"I was not expecting company here."

"Well sorry to disturb you. This is where I usually camp to study the
cattle herds."

It is a very nice camp. I see you are also very conscious of the area."
"Well I work for the Alberta Government and they always want to make sure I
don't disturb the area as little as possible."

"Unusual for Government employees." He said very sarcastically.

I just let that slide by. He obviously did not have much truck with the
Government. I could understand too. History in Alberta showed the
government as more dictatorial toward natives. Some of the things they had
done could be almost described as genocide.

"I'm a biologist with the Agriculture Department. I'm up here to make sure
these herds are not effecting the environment in an adverse way."

"That is good. The herds actually help here by adding nutrients."

"Yeah, lots of bull shit." I laughed.

He burst out laughing too.

"Want a cold beer."

"You have cold beer?"

"Yup, I bring a couple of dozen with me. They never last all summer, but
are nice to have once in a while." I handed him a cold beer.

He popped the top of the can, took a sip and then got up and picked up a
few small logs from the wood pile I had collected last time I was here. He
put them on the fire.

"You like rabbit?" He asked.

"Never had it, so don't really know."

"I cook tonight. I think you will enjoy it." I sat and just watched
him. Well more than watched, studied him.

I saw under the two strips of wide leather hanging from his waist a leather
pair of briefs. I could just discern once in a while his cock and balls
moving inside the briefs. Damn seeing that started to get me hard. It had
been a very long time since the last time I had slept with another man.

He appeared to be ignoring me as he worked.

Soon he had a large pot slung over the small fire. He had added two rabbit
carcasses he had cut up plus several other things. What ever he was cooking
sure smelled good.

He finally sat back.

"Now we wait." He said.

"You like me John, Yes?"

"I guess so. Why?"

"You are Gay, Yes?"


"Later you will let me breed you?"

"Maybe. But it has been along time Henry."

"I will not **** you as the government has done to my people. I will go

The thought of him r****g me was making me harder. Jesus it was a long time
if I even got hard thinking about this guy I had met less than two hours
before was turning me on by mentioning r****g me. Fuck I needed to get hold
of myself.

"Can we just slow down a bit." I said.

"Why? You want to get fucked and I want to fuck you."

"Henry this is moving too fast for me."

He just laughed and stood up.

I watched as he walked down to his two horses. I saw him pull something
from a bag on one of the horses and start back. There is no doubt this was
one very hot looking native. Even his walk was sensuous.

He walked up to me. Towering over me he just smiled down.

"Stand up John and remove your clothes."

"Look Henry this is all getting out of hand now."

"Relax John, I will breed you later after we have my stew and a
swim. Undress, you can wear what I wear." He showed me a leather brief,
plus loin cloth and boots.

What the hell, I knew I was going to get screwed later and I really wanted
it so changing would not change my mind or his.

When I was nude Henry complimented me on my body.

"Once you have browned in the Sun, you will be able to get closer to your
herds. They will not see or hear you."

The leather briefs and boots were very comfortable. The loin cloth fit
nicely covering the bulge from my cock. "Later, I will taste your seed too

He had just said he was going to give me a blow job. I wondered how many I
was going to have to give him.

Thinking about it as we waited for the stew, I figured this could be the
best summer I had ever spent up here. If Henry stuck around. Did I want him
to fuck me" Definitely and I wanted to suck his cock too. I hadn't even
seen it yet, but at the moment that was all I could think about.

About an hour later, the stew was ready and I pulled out a package of paper
plates and steel cutlery. I also pulled out a fresh loaf of bread. Henry
took the bread and cut it into thick slices using a very wicked looking
knife. The stew, fresh bread and beer made a fantastic meal. The best I
had, had for a long time.

"You are a very good cook Henry."

"Tomorrow while you check on your herds I will find a deer. Then you will
really eat well."

I knew natives could hunt without a license year round.

My stomach was full, I felt great and the sparse clothes I had on were very
comfortable. I could have just gone to sl**p right then.

Too bad Henry had other ideas. After just sitting and enjoying the after
glow of the meal, Henry stood and dropped the loin cloth he had on.

"Come, let us soak to help the meal digest."

I stood and removed the loin cloth and headed for the path down to the
pool. As I pasted Henry he ran his hand down over my butt cheeks.

"Very nice John." He said. I started to get hard as soon as I felt his
hand. He walked up close to me and put a hand on my shoulder. That's how we
walked down to the pool. I sat down and slipped of the boots. He just stood
as he pulled them off and then pulled off his briefs. In the fading light I
saw a very long and very thick uncut cock and big balls, buried in a mass
of jet black pubic hair. He really was fantastic to look at, just standing
nude in front of me. He turned and made a perfect dive off the flat rock we
were on. I quickly shed my briefs and dived in after him. When I surfaced I
rolled onto my back and just floated. The water was a perfect
temperature. Henry moved up beside and ran one hand up between my legs and
gently gripped my balls. My cock was already hard laying along my stomach.

"These are very nice too John." He said quietly.

With me just floating, he gently moved my body into the hotter water. God I
was getting so relaxed. Here though the water closer to the hot spring was
quite shallow and now he was standing above the water level, his huge cock
was barely a foot from my face. I finally sat down in the shallow part as
close to the hot spring as we could with out getting burned by the boiling
water. When he sat beside me, I ran my hand down and gripped his cock. I
felt it grow in my hand.

"In a hurry John?" He smiled.

"No not really, just like the feel of your cock in my hand."

"I like it too."

As soon as he was fully hard, I knew, regardless of how slow he took me it
was going to hurt like hell. His cock was almost too thick to get my
fingers around it and very long.

"Don't worry John, I know it will hurt a little, but I will be very

"Henry, I'm not worried. As you said, you want to fuck me and I definitely
want to be fucked."

"Good." Was all he said.

After just relaxing in the hot water for about fifteen minutes, he took one
of my hands and led me back across the pool. We came out on the small clear
beach by the pool. He gently pushed me to my knees and pushed his very big
cock against my lips. I just opened my mouth as it slid inside. He was
definitely thick, my jaw started to ache as he continued to push his cock
into my mouth.

"Relax John let me in." He moaned.

I started to gag when his cock head hit the top of my throat, but using one
hand on my head continued to push his cock into my mouth. I thought my jaw
would dislocate he was so big. I sensed rather than felt his cock hit the
bottom of my throat. Now unable to even breathe, I could really do
nothing. He only held it deep in my throat for a moment before he pulled
back and out.

"You see John you can handle it."

"Damn your big Henry."

He lifted me to my feet and guided me up to the flat rock. He pushed me
onto my back. He bent down and picked up what looked like a leather
pouch. I watched as he smeared his hard cock.

"Bear Greece. I will put some in your hole too."

He knelt and lifted my legs to his shoulders. I felt one of his fingers on
my hole and then felt it slide inside. A moment later another finger joined
the first. The second one hurt and I grunted.

"Relax John."

Relaxing was the farthest thing from my mind. His two fingers were going to
be soon eclipsed by his massive cock.

He removed his fingers and I felt the big mushroom head of his cock on my

I watched, almost detached from reality as he tensed his thick
muscles. Gripping my thighs very tightly, I felt a pressure on my tight

"I swore on my ancestors graves I would have a white man to use."

Before his words actually registered my whole mind was almost totally short
circuited by the pain as he rammed his cock all the way into my ass. I
couldn't even hear myself scream as he just backed and thrust into
me. Nothing I had ever felt before could come close to the pain of his cock
r****g the inside of my ass. He never slowed or even seemed to worry about
anything other than just hammering away at me. When he stopped he let out a
bl**d curdling scream. I felt his hot seed flooding my insides.

As he leaned over me he glared at me.

"Now white man you have been ****d by an Indian, just as you ****d my

Two things were in my mind. One the sheer pain of having that massive cock
inside me and second the real feeling that I had enjoyed what he had just
done. I was just lying limp as a rag doll as he towered over me.

I just looked at his face, the shinning white teeth in a grin. I think I
could feel his very fast heart beating in the tool he had inside me. Using
all my will power, I clamped my ass tight around the base of his cock. He
eyes got very big and then he leaned closer.

"You want more John?"

"Yes." I crocked out.

This time his strokes were slow and measured. Pulling almost all the way
out before slowing sliding back into me. God forgive me it felt so good. I
never wanted it to end. This time I felt as his cock thickened. When he
finally again filled me with his hot sperm, I almost passed out from the
feelings of joy. Having Henry's cock in me was the best thing I had felt in
years and years. He just slumped over me when he was done. His cock
deflated quickly. I ran my hands over his muscular back.

"Thank you Henry, I wish you could do that forever."

I just held him as we laid locked together.

Henry finally sat back and pulled out. Damn I felt empty. HE picked me up
and carried me into the water. He gently bathed me. After he was done he
picked me up again and carried me back up to our camp. He had never said a
word. As he laid me on my sl**ping bag. He kissed my forehead.

He stood up and went to the wood pile and heaped a large amount of wood on
the dying fire. Soon there was quite a blaze. He started to dance and sing
around the fire. I didn't understand a word he said, but watching his cock
and balls bounce started to get me hard. Damn it was so erotic his sweat
covered body dancing in the fire light. Finally he let out another bl**d
curdling scream and walked over to me.

"Do you want and accept me white man John?"

"Yes Henry, anytime you want."

"The gods have answered me then. You have my seed inside you, soon your
seed will be within me. Now we become one."

He squatted quickly beside me. He pulled that very wicked looking knife out
and slashed his wrist. The bl**d gushed from the wound. Before I could even
move or protest, he grabbed my arm and slashed my wrist. Even before the
pain registered, he grabbed my arm in his.

"Now we are joined in bl**d too. We are one."

The pain in my arm along with the dull ache in my ass, meant my mind was
not comprehending what he had said. He just laid beside me and held me, our
two arms still locked together. Weather the pain, loss of bl**d or
everything else that happened this first day I just slumped into sl**p.

When I finally woke up the pains were all gone. I also felt that thick cock
buried inside me. I pushed back on that cock and John woke up. Without a
single word he pulled me to my knees and proceeded to fuck me in long fast
strokes. He fucked me until he again filled my ass with his seed. He just
pulled out and walked away. I looked at my wrist. He had bandaged it. I
slowly sat up.

"You want to tell me what the fuck happened last night Henry."

I was looking in my trailer for the coffee. When I turned I saw a coffee
pot already on the side of the fire. Henry poured me a cup and then sat

"We are now one, partners, married as you whites say."

"What you mean is that now I am your squaw?"

"Squaw only in that I can breed you. Tonight you can breed me. Then I will
have your seed inside me. Then we will truly be one."

"Henry, I can't fuck you. I only like to get fucked, not the other way

"Then I must suck you off to get your seed inside me."

"What did you mean, we are partnered?"

"We will be together for all time. The gods have decreed it. We have shared
bl**d and seed. I will be beside you forever John."

"But what about when I have to leave and go back to Edmonton?"

"I will come too. I will never leave your side John. I can not. The Gods
have said we are one."

I just shook my head.

"John I will hunt, cook, love you, hold you, and help you keep this land
clean. I can not do anything else. I can't go against my Gods."

Wow! Yesterday I was single and care free. Now I had a partner for
life. Granted I really loved his cock in me and I guess I was looking
forward to having him suck my cock, but Christ, how do I ever explain this
to my bosses.

Well the summer was long, so I would just have to wait and see.

"I see John you brought a wide variety of stuff with you. Do you actually
make bread?"

"Sure, why not? It is only pan bread but it helps."

I will show you other things we can eat too."

"You mean the wild corn, potatoes and other tubers. I found some wild rice
last year too."

"I think John you are more native in your thinking than a white man."
"Thanks Henry, but as a biologist I know a lot about local fauna and

"Your herd as moved to the upper limit of the meadow."

I picked my big field glasses and went and looked over the bluff. Yeah they
had moved alright. I scanned the tree line and then the upper limits of the
meadow. I spotted the dark brown shapes laying in the grass.

"Looks like the wolves have noticed too."

"Yes John, I heard them last night."

I knew wolves were not the dumb a****ls some suggested. They always picked
on the weakest a****l in any herd. There was not a chance in hell they
would ever take on a healthy bull or cow. They would lose real quick. The
bulls protected the cows like a Cat would protect her kittens.

CK was going to lose a cow or two.

I sat back down and looked at Henry. Damn he was so good looking. Neither
of us had even bothered to dress yet. Looking at his flaccid cock started
to get me hard thinking about him r****g my ass with it last night.

"Later John I will suck you off. You must tend your herds, I must hunt for

I started to set up my equipment. After about an hour, I finally slipped on
the soft leather clothes Henry had given me. They were very comfortable.

As I set up the cameras, I saw the wolves had finally decided to make their
move. I saw they had picked an old Bull. Looking I saw this really was an
old one. Why CK sent them up here was strange to me, unless he sent them
here to die. The rest of the herd moved off as the wolves quickly cut off
the old bull. I was really fascinated by the how the wolves attacked such a
large and dangerous prey. He may be old, but those horns could gouge and
gore anything that got close. Henry came up as I watched.

"Look through the camera Henry. Just touch this to take a picture."

I continued to watch through the glasses. I saw a wolf dart to close to the
old bulls head. He was flung away howling by the very dangerous horns. I
watched two more approach his head, while another snuck up behind him. One
coming behind him attacked his massive ball sack. As soon as the wolf
clamped his teeth over the sack the bull went insane. That appeared to be
the general signal. All the other wolves of the pack attacked. Soon the old
bull was one the ground and soon after that the wolves started to feed.

"Fascinating." I said.

"It does not bother you that the wolves downed one of the herd?"

"They are not my cattle Henry and it is natures way. Survival of the

I looked back at the big herd of cattle. They were back grazing barely 300
meters from where the old bull had went down.

"They will shun the wounded wolf." Henry said.

"I know Henry. That's how they work."

Henry watched as I set up the solar panel to charge my lap top computer. I
then went in and wrote up the attack I had watched. When I finished, I saw
Henry had left the camp. I grabbed a tube of sun screen and covered myself
before grabbing an axe and going out to gather more dead falls.

I watched as the wolves now full moved away from the carcass. The wounded
wolf gorged himself before he too limped away. Soon after that I saw a
coyote come to the bull and eat. Several scavenger birds were also on
hand. I figured in less than a week it would be nothing but white bones in
the sun.

After an afternoon dip I was just sitting enjoying the sunshine when Henry
returned. He had the carcass of a deer slung over one of his ponies. Its
head was gone and I saw as he strung it up to a tree, that it had been
gutted too. He expertly skinned the beer. He then cut two large steaks from
its flank. He brought them up and set them close to the fire pit.

He had said we were partners, but I learned right away I was just his
boy. He walked up to me and pushed his loin cloth and briefs down.

"Suck." Was all he said to me.

I never hesitated. I took that cock into my mouth and it got hard as I
tongued it. He grabbed my head and started to fuck my face. It did not hurt
as much as the first time but still he was very large to be sliding into my
throat. When he came I had to swallow very quickly as his big load gushed
into me. Damn he was very, very salty tasting. He definitely needed more
honey in his diet. After he was done he pulled out and sat down.

"You make a good women John."

"I'm not a fucking women Henry and don't ever call me one again. I'll
gladly suck your cock and you can fuck me when ever you want, but don't
ever think I am your women." My eyes were blazing.

"I am sorry John. I use the wrong word I think."

My real problem was I loved this big fucking native. But I was sure he
didn't love me. What I was to him was a place to empty his seed into. Just
a receptacle. Not that I minded. I just wanted something more from him.

"A word of endearment would help once in a while Henry."

"What are you saying John?"

"What else, I'm falling in love with you."

He just grunted and shook his head. He went on preparing our meal.

After getting everything ready, he came and sat beside me.

"What did you mean John? You said you were falling in love with me."

"Henry, last night you ****d me and then you made love to me. This morning
you made love to me again. I like that big cock of yours inside me. I love
it Henry."

I grabbed his head and pulled him close and kissed him. He pulled back
quickly and again just looked at me.

"Henry, you said we were mated. A pair, for life. Do you not feel more for
me than just a receptacle for your seed?"

Again I pulled him close. He resisted, but I still kissed him, this time
pushing my tongue into his mouth. He responded for a second and quickly
fought away from my embrace.

"I have only done that with my wife." He said as he hung his head.

I saw huge tears start to stream down his face.

I saw a lot of pain and anguish on his face. I reached forward and pulled
him into my arms. He didn't resist, as if everything had left him in a
single moment.

"Tell me Henry. Tell me Love."

He just held me as he cried. Finally able to control his emotions more he
sat back.

"Five years ago, I went with my wife and two sons to Hobbema for the
harvest festival. I drank too much. When I wanted to leave my wife asked me
to stay the night. I rejected the suggestion, I needed to be back at work
the next morning. I think I passed out while driving. The car crossed the
medium and hit a truck head on. My wife and Sons were killed instantly. I
only suffered a broken wrist. The RCMP charged me with Impaired Driving
causing Death. I spent four years in prison in Fort Saskatchewan. When I
was released my f****y shunned me. I finally asked forgiveness from my
Grand Father. He told me it was the white mans liquor that had destroyed my
life and it was only a white man that could restore me. `Find one and treat
him as you would a woman.' He told me."

"I found you John and now you say you love me, even after I f***ed myself
on you. I just don't understand."

"Henry, I want to be your partner. I love to feel you inside me. Maybe I am
part women in your eyes, but I really do love you. Love to hold you, help
you and just feel you next to me. You fill part of me Henry, that part of
me that was never filled before."

This time he leaned forward to kiss me. His tongue darted inside my mouth
instantly and we just hugged and necked. We ended up rolling on the ground,
neither wanted to stop. His muscular smooth body next to mine was almost
enough to get me off. My cock was rock hard and I could feel his as we
rolled around and necked. Henry finally managed to get me pinned on my
back. He slipped down pulled of my briefs. I was hoping he was going to
fuck me again, but instead opened his mouth and slid my cock inside him. I
was not anyway near as thick or even as long as him, but he gagged when my
seven inches hit the top of his throat. He backed off a little and dove
back down, slipping my whole cock into his throat. God he was good. I
wondered where he had learned to suck so well. He would bring me almost to
the brink and then back off. Finally I just had to push his head onto my
cock as I unloaded. He just swallowed it all. I had to almost f***e him off
my cock as it got so sensitive.

"You taste very sweet John."

"Damn that felt good."

After a real good meal of venison and wild vegetables, washed down by a
couple of beers we just laid together and looked at the clear starry sky.

After using the pit he had dug earlier, we both went to the hot springs to
bathe. Later he took me again on the same flat rock. No **** this time, but
a long sensuous session, I wished would never end. We slept together in
each others arms. Probably the best sl**p I had, had in very long time.

After a real good breakfast and several cups of coffee, I gathered my
sample kits. I finally dressed and prepared to go down and collect sample
from the cow pies left by the herd. Henry came up and rubbed some oil onto
my back and shoulders.

"That will prevent you from burning John."

"Thanks love."

"A black bear and two cubs were near the carcass this morning. You should
take your rifle with you John."

"That's probably old Hilda. Two cubs eh, I'm glad for her. I'll be fine,
she has never bothered me before and I will steer well clear of the
carcass." No one in their right mind went near a black bear and her cubs,
especially if she was feeding. That just begged for trouble.

"I will watch, in case." Henry said.

When I walked out of the trees onto the range Hilda did stand up and watch
me, but after I turned and headed away she sat back down. I collected about
ten sample of excrement from the heard and headed back up to the camp.

I spent the rest of the day examining the samples. The Government had a
vested interest in the cattle industry. Beef was one of Alberta's biggest
exports after oil. By figuring out what cattle ate and rejected made it
easier for producers to feed cattle in the winter months.

"Even Henry was fascinated by what I was doing and I explained a lot to him
even as he worked on preserving the deer carcass.

He still treated me more of a receptacle for his seed. The one thing I
noticed was he could recover very fast. He fucked at least four times
during the day and I sucked him off again before dinner that night. I was
getting very used to having his thick cock in both my holes and really
liked it both ways.

During the day he seemed more interested in just dumping his seed as fast
as possible. He always just hammered away at my ass or mouth until he
unloaded. He hardly ever even thanked me. At night when he used me, it was
always slow and easy. Even when we 69 each other it was really good.

This went on for a bout a week. A big storm came over the mountains and it
rained buckets for almost two days straight. For those two days I was
virtual prisoner to his cock. I am sure he used me at least 20 times in the
two days. My ass was pretty sore by the time the sun finally came back.
During those two days I also saw a change come over Henry. He hardly spoke
much, except maybe kneel or lay down. Sometimes he simply threw me down and
ripped off my briefs before entering me. I was becoming more and more just
a toy for the big Indian.

About three days after the rain stopped he walked up to me.

"I will be back." He said and then just left on his pony.

He was gone almost a week and really wasn't sure if he was coming back.
About mid afternoon about a week later I had just finished my tests when he
walked into camp. No ponies.

When I looked at his face, I knew something had happened. His eyes were
blazing. His mouth was turned up in a sneer. When he looked at me I saw
both hate and loathing, weather directed at me or someone else I was not

He finally stood and walked over to me.

"Stand up." He said.

As soon as I stood he tore the loin cloth and briefs off me. He grabbed me
by the cock and dragged me across the clearing. He let go and spun me
around and f***ed me to my knees. I yelled at what fuck he was doing, but
he just ignored me. Holding me down with a knee in the middle of my back he
grabbed my hands and tied them behind my back. He pulled my elbows back
painfully and inserted a thick branch under them. Even as I screamed in
pain he still ignored my words. What had come over him. Something must have
happened while he was away.

The next thing I felt was the searing pain as he f***ed his cock into my
ass. It had been a good week since he was inside me and I had closed up a
lot. I could only scream at his onslaught. After driving in and out he
finally dumped his seed inside me and pulled out. He spun me round and
pushed his semi-hard cock into my mouth.

"Suck it squaw man. Suck it until I say to stop."

I was f***ed to suck his slimy cock.

He then stepped back and pissed into my face.

"That is how I will treat you from now on white squaw man."

"Christ Henry, what's going on?"

He slapped me hard across the face.

"You will only speak if I say you can."

"But." Was all I got out before he swatted me across the face again.

"I think you need more lessons squaw man."

He pulled me to my feet and untied my hands, then tied one to each side of
a thick tree in the clearing, but high so I was almost pulled to my toes. I
watched as he sharpened two stakes and then pulled my legs apart. I staked
my legs far apart.

"Good, now all of you is useful for my fun white man."

I was now scared my very life. What had happened I did not know, but Henry
was a very changed person. Almost a savage now.

I watched with half open eyes as he cooked and ate a meal. He then built
the fire up. He started to dance and sing around the fire. It was very dark
when he stopped. I could see his eyes glowing with hate as he looked at
me. He reached down and picked up a burning sapling. As he walked toward me
I wondered what he was thinking very scared as he got close.

"If it was ancestors, they would shove this into your ass, but that would
ruin you as a place for my seed."

With those words I could only scream as he put the burning branch under my
balls. Never had I felt such pain in my life. He only held it there a
moment. When I looked down all my pubic hair had been burned off and my
cock was bright red. My balls still felt as if they were still on fire. He
just turned and went back to the fire.

He curled up by the fire and went to sl**p.

sl**ping for me was out of the question. My balls and cock still felt on
fire and ache in my shoulders and arms was excruciating. I could only hand
in the ropes. I was sure he was going to kill me and I guess I cried at the

In the morning he let me down, but still tied my hands behind my back. He
put me on my knees and pulled off his briefs.

"Suck it squaw." He said as he pushed his soft cock against my lips.

As soon as I opened my mouth he shoved his soft cock in and drained his

"Drink it Squaw it may be all the water you get today.

I swallowed his acidic and salty piss. He continued to slid his ock in and
out of my mouth until he was hard. He then pulled out f***ed my head down
and entered me. Now he just hammered away at my ass until he unloaded
inside me. Pulling out he again f***ed me to suck his slimy cock until he
pulled it out. He then pushed me down and hog tied me.

All during the long day he used me the same way. First I had to drain him
and then he fucked me and f***ed me to clean him.

Very late that night he sat down beside me as I laid close to the warm

"How does it feel to be ****d and abused white man. How does it feel to be
like my father and mother, abused and ****d by the white men. If I release
you must first promise to do anything I ask of you. Anything white squaw

I nodded my head yes.

"Swear it white man on your mothers grave."

"I swear I will do anything you ask, anytime you ask."

"Good." He cut me loose and told me to go bathe.

After I came up from the pool, he handed me a plate of stew and a thick
slice of unleavened bread. I ate everything I was so hungry. He then went
and pulled out the last six cans of beer from my trailer. He handed me one
and popped the top of one for himself.

"This is how it will be from now on white squaw man."

"While we are here, I will still hunt and cook for you, but that is all I
will do for you. You can study the white mans herds. Each morning you will
drain me and after I have dropped my seed in you, you will clean me. If I
am pleased with you I will suck you off at night. When we return to your
city, you will continue to do as I say. Each morning will be the same.
During the day I will do as I please, but you will work. You will support
me totally. All food, clothes I need. Everything."

"Okay." I said. "Do not think white man you can just agree now and then
break your word like most white men have done to my people."

"Henry, I don't think you listened when I said I loved you. I love to have
your cock inside me. I love to feel your seed filling me. I will learn to
love your piss and cleaning your cock each time after you fuck me. To me it
is all part of what I love. I do not know what changed you, but doesn't
matter, I still love you."

He handed me another beer and then popped another for himself.

"Nothing changed in me except to follow my grandfathers words. He said to
take a white man and use him as I would a women. You are now my women and
as long as I live you will always be my woman to use as I wish."

"Fine Henry."

The rest of the summer went by very quickly. As I packed to head back Henry
said he would come to my home in Edmonton. I gave him my address. To honest
I missed him almost as soon as he disappeared. I drove back to my home. I
both dreaded and hoped he would show up. Work took a lot of time getting
back into the routine of the office. I made sure the freezer was full and
there was lots of food always on hand.

Three weeks went by without a single word. I figured he was not going to
show up and I was very sorry. Something in having him just filled me up. I
was sitting sipping a cold beer when my buzzer rang. Not thinking, I just
pushed the door buzzer. A few minutes later a knock came at my door. When I
opened the door Henry just walked in. He never said a word, just walked
around the condo. He pulled a beer from the fridge and came into the living
room and sat down.

"Pull my boots off woman."

I knelt and pulled each boot off.

"Undress, I want you now."

I undressed and watched him finish. He walked to me and pushed me to my
knees and shoved his cock into my mouth. His body odor almost made me
gag. He let his bladder go and I swallowed quickly to save the carpet. He
pushed me down on my back and lifted my legs. This I knew would hurt and
hoped my neighbors were out. I yelped in pain as he entered me, but after
just a few strokes I was in heaven. He fucked in fast long strokes. After
he came he pulled out and pulled me up to clean him. After that he just sat

"Very good squaw man, you remembered."

After we both showered and he fucked my face he told me he was happy with
my home and me.

Henry and I lived together for almost 20 years. He died in his sl**p one
night and I spent a long time getting over him. I returned him to the
reservation and their met another young native. We now live as Henry and I
did. I was his squaw and I loved it.

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