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True Colour

These are accounts of first-time gay sexual experiences. They remind us
that we all begin our sexual lives somewhere sometime. What is encouraging
about these accounts is that almost all of them signal the pleasure the
participants got out of the experiences. It is hypocritical not to accept
that the vast majority of youngsters not only enjoy their introduction to
sex but often seek out a wider range of partners than those of whom society

This is not an attempt to advocate inter-generational sex. After all, we
should respect the laws democratically arrived at in a democratic
society. But it may help to point out that often the damage is done by
society's hysterical over-reaction to young people seeking what young
people have sought from time immemorial - pleasure from their own bodies
and their own natural urges.

My thanks to the contributors who have allowed us to share their
experiences. Here and there I have made minor changes to ensure their
anonymity; otherwise, I leave it to them to tell their stories.

The usual caveat.

If you are not of an age to be permitted to read these accounts, far less
enjoy them, you are urged to leave this site immediately and head for those
pleasures which the society where you live allows you to experience.

Otherwise, read and learn.

Jamie Kaye


Durning the summers, I would often spend time at my grandparents summer
cottage on a lake. One of the neighbors had two grandsons ages 12 and 10
that I spent a lot of time with when I was there. The first time I did
anything sexually was with the 12 year old when we were swimming. I reached
inside his bathing suit and felt his penis. I think he liked it cause he
smiled and did the same to me. This only lasted about 15 seconds as our
parents were nearby.

The next incident was when we had a sl**p over in a small building next to
the main house which had a set of bunk beds. I offered to let them sl**p on
the bunk beds and I would sl**p on a cot. After about a half hour on the
cot, I asked the 12 year old if I could share the bed with him as the cot
was uncomfortable. He said sure, so I climbed in with him.

We slept in the same sl**ping bag and it started to get hot, so I suggested
we take our clothes off as we'd feel much cooler. He was ok with that. I
took my underwear off and then asked if he wanted me to take his off and he
said ok. Lying down again, trying to sl**p, I got the urge to touch him, so
I reached over and felt his stomach.

He didn't say anything. So I slowly worked my hand down towards his
penis. He didn't have any pubic hair and neither did I. When I finally felt
his penis, it was soft and warm, but not hard. He still didn't say anything
although I knew he wasn't asl**p. I rubbed the head of his penis and it
started to get hard. He grabbed my hand and started using it to stroke his

When he knew I had a rhythm going he let go and reached for my penis. I was
already hard before I touched his penis and he started to stroke my as
well. We did this for about 5 minutes and then I told him to roll over on
his stomach. I then laid on his back and rubbed my hard penis on his
butt. This felt really good and after about 5 more minutes of doing this, I
cummed on his back. That was my first ever real orgasm.

I still think about those times now when I jack off.


My name is David Martin and my first experience was with my b*****r Adam. I
was walking down the hallway to my room when I saw him with a towel on. I
walked in and asked him if he ever wacked off he said, "No, what is that?"
I said do u want me to show u he said yeas. I dropped the towel to see his
2.5 inch dick there. I took it in my hand and he started to get erect. I
keep going and then I stuck it in my mouth and started to suck it up and
down. I took my pant off and told him to suck my penis he did. I loved it.


Three of us were friends. Myself, Ian, and Harry. I was about nine years
old. Ian and Harry were eleven. One time, we all played dirty under the
basement stairs in Harry's house. The two boys talked me into showing them
my penis and they showed me theirs. They talked me into letting them put
their boy dicks in my mouth. To this day, when I sometimes smell certain
smells, my memory flashes back to that strange clean taste and smell of
their stiffies that were bigger than mine. That next year, our friendships
sort of drifted apart and Harry moved away.

Later on, when I was thirteen and started my Freshman Year of High School,
Ian and I again became friends. Ian just turned fifteen. We were best
friends for the next two years. We were together in classes, after school,
and on weekends. We went to movies and school sports events. We polished
airplanes together. If Ian wasn't at my house,I was at his house. Adults in
our families began to refer to us as "the twins".

Ian was the b*****r I never had. But, best of all, we slept over at each
others' houses in the same bed nearly every weekend and sometimes during
the week. Although Ian didn't know it,I was in love with him. I was too
naive to realize I was in love. To me we were just best friends. I was
natural for me to cuddle up to him at night and sl**p with my hand up under
his t-shirt on his bare flat muscular stomach.

Sometimes we would sl**p without t-shirts -- my bare f******n year old
chest against his sixteen year old back. I would nuzzle my lips against his
neck and shoulders. I could feel and smell my warm boy breath return back
to my lips. But, it was always me cuddling with him. He never returned the
cuddling; but too, he never resisted or said anything about our bodies
touching. I would softly curl my toes under the backs of his toes as our
legs inter-twined during the night. He was straight.

We never had sex. I never touched his genitals; nor he mine. Many times I
would get an erection at night and I would bend it back between my legs so
that I could continue to sl**p with my crotch to his butt like two
spoons. In the morning, the crotch of my shorts would often be wet with
f******n year-old pre-cum.

Sometimes when we got in bed, he would ask me to "tickle" his feet --
lightly draw my fingers across the bottoms of his feet until he became
relaxed enough to sl**p. Or, he asked me to lightly run my fingers up and
down his stomach or across his back before we went to sl**p. I often wonder
why I didn't wander with my fingers up through uncharted territories to
tickle his thighs, his crotch, and up under his shorts.

Why didn't I kiss the fine boy hairs of his armpits or the calves of his
legs? Or, lean up and kiss him on the lips?

One morning, I woke up and it was daylight. For a short while, I watched
his teenboy face as he slept. I then leaned over and kissed his forehead as
he slept. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I would have
lingered in forbidden places with an extra caress of my finger tips those
nights before we went to sl**p. But, when he was s*******n, he discovered
girls. He dropped out of High School in my Sophomore year and our
friendship drifted apart. He now is married and has four c***dren. Although
I was broken hearted at the time, I moved on with my life and made new
friends. I still remember him as my best friend and my first love.


I was nineteen. I spent the weekend at my grandmother's. Tommy, a cousin of
mine, was also visiting grandma. Tommy and I used to wrestle all the time
in the back yard and we were friends as well as cousins. Since Tommy was
small, and grandma didn't have a lot of guest beds, she said Tommy and I
could sl**p together in one of the twin beds in the bedroom. Grandma and
Tommy's mom and dad went out to play Bingo.

Since Tommy and I weren't tired, we decided to watch television in bed. We
were both in our white Fruit of the Loom briefs. It was hot, so we had the
sheet turned back to the side of the bed. I sort of fell asl**p and Tommy
was awake watching the t.v. program. Half waking, I turned over and my hand
flopped over onto his boy basket as he lay on his back watching t.v. Still
not completely awake, I left my hand to rest where it had fallen.

He started to get an erection. Realizing that, I woke up but played as I
was asl**p. He turned over and started to roll the elastic band of my
shorts downward. He unrolled them about a half inch at a time until my
erect penis was exposed and slapping against my stomach. He then took off
his shorts and lay on top of me erection to erection and then reached down
and placed my penis between his legs.

I placed my arms around him and just lay still --enjoying the loving moment
that we were having. He started to French kiss me, but I turned my head and
kissed him long and tenderly between his neck and shoulder.

We lay there for about five minutes and then I told him we better put back
on our shorts before the f****y came home from Bingo. That was my first
experience. I didn't realize I was gay until I was twenty-three. But, I
have never forgotten that night of tender and innocent love.


This happened to me when I was 7 and here it is: I was vacationing in Rhode
Island staying at our jointly-owned summer cottage. My cousin Darren and I
were both 7 and our moms were s****rs. Like I was saying, it was summer and
it was hot, hot, hot out! I had short brown hair and blue eyes and Darren
had blond hair and blue eyes. Darren's hair was short at the sides and
little spikes on top and a long and very thin at the back reaching down to
bottom of his neck (like a "rat's tail").

Anyways, it was mid-morning when Darren accidently knocked over a ceramic
water pitcher in the kitchen/livingroom area and it had smashed into a
million pieces. He was alone in that area and had collected all the pieces
and hid it in a dresser. I know because when someone noticed it missing, it
was ME that found it in the drawer. We also noticed Darren was missing. So
we started a little search party for him.

I hit the beach and it was close to Noon or so when I found him. He was
waaaaaay down the beach hiding behind these multi-leveled series of huge
rocks. I found him and he was still sniffling. I guess he had been cry
pretty good. Darren looked so angelic! He was shirtless and I could see his
cute little "outie" bellybutton w/ a little nub in the center protruding
outwards. Darren had milky-white skin and so did I. He was wearing shorts.

He told me how scared he was he'd get punished if someone found out it was
him and he'd have to spend a lot of time indoors... which he hated! I told
him it was okay and that nobody was mad at him; just worried because he had
ran away. Darren started to dry up quite a bit stopped sniffling. Then he
looked at me and smiled and did something I wasn't expecting: told me I was
the best cousin in the world and asked me for a hug. How could I refuse?!

I was wearing a short sleeve shirt with buttons down the front and the
shirt was open. I reached over to him and pulled him closer to me and we
began hugging. It felt so good to feel his warm skin next to mine.

Our bare tummies and chests were touching and I had my arms around him and
he had his around me. Instead of it being a short hug, neither of us wanted
it to end so we contiuned for a little longer. Felt like a lifetime... but
in a good way. In reality, it was only like, a 45 second to a minute
hug. We stopped and both looked down. We both kind of chuckled and I said:
Mine is hard. Is your's? (I was pointing down to the tent in his short

He nodded and looked at me w/ such animation in his face and proudly asked:
what does yours look like when it's hard? While my cousin and I had seen
each other naked before a few times in the past, we had never seen each
other with an erection. I just simply asked: Want to see it? He exclaimed:
Okay! I pulled the front down on my shorts and showed him my 1.5" uncut
dick w/ a little cone-shape tip at the end (of the foreskin).

He giggled and I forget what he said. Something like, "neat" or something.

After looking at it (both of us) for a few seconds, I told him: C'mon,
let's get you back home to Sue (my aunt Susan; his mom). And I proceeded to
grab his hand and pull him. Darren didn't budge and said: Wait! Don't you
want to see mine?

I looked at him and thought: Oh, yeah! (while laughing) I looked down and
Darren pulled the front of his shorts down and revealed his 1.5" uncut dick
with a mis-shaped cone-shape tip. One thing I remember looking at it
sticking all out there hard was how interesting it was and I that I
couldn't believe I hadn't noticed it before; how beautiful it was.

As an adult, looking back, I'm just glad BOTH our parents left us uncut
*lol*! After looking at it for what felt like double the ammount of time he
saw mine, I broke our little Bubble and said: C'mon, I'll race you home. It
wasn't before I got the last word out that Darren said: Okay! and shot past
me. Sure, I ran close behind him... but my mind was still on what we had
shared together and enjoying watching him run in front of me all shirtless
and in short shorts. I guess everything went okay once we got home.

I don't remember if the dumb k** even got punished!!! *lmao* All I know is
how good it felt to share that first sexual experience w/ him! :-)


I'm not sure if I'm gay , I don't really find boys of my age attractive . I
seem to be attracted to very little boys. I can't help but get stiff when I
see a sweet little boy in the streets or out playing.

I think the very first time I realised this was when I was asked to babysit
for my little nephew Danny who was 3. I was 12 at the time and always
enjoyed playing with Danny. He was as cute as a button , with a thick mop
of almost white blond hair and ocean blue eyes. Whenever he giggled or
laughed the sound of his sweet voice would send shivers of excitement
through my body.

Well his mum had asked if I would watch him for a couple of hours while she
went shopping, Danny was a nightmare to take shopping . He would cause
chaos in the shops so she didn't really want to take him on her own. So I
eagerly aggreed to stay and play with him while she did her shopping. It
was mid summer and veryyyyyyyy warm .

Danny was running about the house in just his huggies, I was wearing just a
plain white t-shirt, shorts and sandles. The very sight of him almost naked
in his cute nappy got my penis to an almost instant erection. I didn't know
why, or was able to explain it. But I certainly had to try and hide it as
my boner was very prominent in my shorts. I went into the house and picked
up Danny, as soon as he saw me his lil eyes lit up as bright as sunbeams
and we both waved good bye to his mom.

She left waving goodbye and saying that she would be as quick as possible,
I said take your time we were gonna have fun. She smiled and went on here
way . Danny eagerly waving as she did. I closed the door and slipped on the
latch. Mum always used to tell me to lock the door if I was on my own so it
was kind of a habit as I was an only c***d and my mum and dad where

Danny ran to the kitchen squeaking in his sweet lil voice that he wanted a
drinky. I grabbed his lil Postman pat mug, and filled it with Orange Juice
and we went to the front room to play. Danny had a huge box of toys in the
corner that were neatly stacked up and tidy, within seconds he had almost
everytoy out of it on the floor. "You play with this " he said as he lifted
up one toy after another. He was so excited to see me , and I was still
very excited to see him too. My little boner was now throbbing in my
shorts, but there was nothing I could do to lessen it, the more I looked at
Danny the stiffer it became.

We sat and played for a good few minutes, Danny excitedly showing me all
his toys. When suddenly he stood up , looked down at the front of his nappy
and then at me and said in a quiet but very cheeky little voice, "me pee
pee". This was what id been waiting for for the last 30 minutes. I got up
and lifted Danny over the mound of toys on the flor and said come on then
lets get you changed.

We made our way to his room where all his changing gear was and I laid him
on his little bed. He lay back and spread his sweet little legs allowing me
full access to his nappy. I pulled at the tape on his nappy and quickly had
both sides released and slowly I removed his wet one from him.

There he was spread-eagled on his bed, naked as nature intended and as
relaxed about it as ever he could be. I wasn't so relaxed though, the sight
of his sweet little boy penis, not much bigger than half an inch was just
too much for me and I slipped my hand into my shorts to take a firm grasp
of my now throbbing 2 inch penis. I started to rub myself but my little end
was rubbing on the nylon shorts and was irritating so without even thinking
about it I slipped them to the floor.

All the while Danny lay there watching me smiling and giggling as I
masturbated infront of him. Then I don't know what came over me but I
crouched infront of Danny and took hold of his little toddler penis and
started to gently stroke and play with him. I never even dreamed that he
would get an erection but he did. Wthin seconds his little baby penis was
as hard as mine, this made me even more excited and I had no option but try
one thing I never thought of doing. I leant over and took his penis in my
mouth and started to suck on him, all the while masturbating my stiff

Danny wriggled and giggled but he did not move I could see he was enjoying
it as much as I was , after a few minutes I could take it no more, the
feeling inside my body was growing more and more exstatic and something was
happening, something that had never happened before. I quickly stood up and
pushed myself between his little legs and masturbated faster.

Suddenly a small spurt of cum shot out over Danny's naked belly and onto
his still stif little penis. Dribbles of it ran down between his legs and
over his tight non-existent testicles and down his bum crack. The feeling
was incredible, I didn't want it to stop but it eventually did and Danny
looked at his belly, the little puddle of cum collecting in his sweet lil
inney button. Still giggling he grabbed at it and rubbed it into his
tummy. I leant over him and kissed him sweatly on his lips and said come on
let's get you changed.

After wiping him and making sure he was well talced, I slipped him on a
fresh dry nappy and then put my own shorts back on. We went back downstairs
and tidided up his toys. A few minutes later his mum came home.

Knocking on the door as she couldn't get in I picked up Danny and went to
let her in. "Hiya boys " she said "hope you two have had fun." Oh my if
only she had known HOW much fun we did have. I will never ever forget
it. EVER....


We were both about 13 yrs. old and went to the same boys' school in South
London. We liked to play at doctors, examining each others bums, cocks,
and balls from what ever position we could get each other in .

My friend James had a lovely bum, so I liked to put him across my knee
still with his brief white knickers on. I liked to gently pull them from
out of his pretty bum crack, as after an energetic day at school, that`s
where they were, nice and moist, with a nice bum smell.

What an erotic sight lay before me once I got his trousers down and put him
over my knee back at his home. Once I had played a bit of peeka
boo. pulling his pants about to see what I could see, I would take them
down to his ankles where his trousers were. I would open his legs and grab
his balls and bury my face into his bum crack. One day his father came in,
just as I was doing that. We both gasped , but he pretended not to
notice. We stopped playing, waiting for the worst.

After an hour I said I had to go home. On the way down stairs James`s
father called me into his study. He said he could tell my parents and
teachers and every one, but that he wouldn't if I let him do some rude
things to me.

I had to agree to meet him at his office the next Sunday mornig. He was a
solicitor and often did a little bit of work alone at the small firm that
he owned. I was a bit scared, but at the same time was excited that this
man would help himself to me. The more I thought about it the more excited
but also nervous I got.

I arrived promptly.

He took me upstairs to a small office at the back. He told me how much he
had always liked boys of around my age. He sat me on his lap and began to
tell me what he liked about young boys. Soon he had his hand between my
legs, feeling gently my balls through my trousers and underpants, I
prefered to call them knickers. It made me feel stimulated knowing that
soon he would want to have his hand in mine, and no doubt a naughty finger
pushing its way between my buttocks and up inside me.

He could see that I wanted to keep it a secret, and was only too willing to
do as I was told , like any good schoolboy. He stood me up and told me to
strip naked. My cock was so hard that he had to help get my knickers down
over my hard dick. He popped it into his mouth and obviously enjoyed it as
much as I did .

Then he told me to place the palms of my hands on the floor just in front
of his feet. He said I was to do a handstand, and to kick my feet up one at
a time, so that he could grab my ankles, and hold me up. I had done this
before at school with our PE master, but never naked.

He held my feet together for a while, then said let`s have a look at
you. With that he parted my legs to have a look in between. He lifted me
up, to get his face into my bum. He held me round my hips and round my
chest with me upside down. He took his tounge from between my bum cheeks
and put his mouth over my balls. I thought he was going to swallow them!

Then he carried me over to his chair sat me on his lap and told me to bring
my knees up to my chest with my legs over the back of his neck, so that he
could see every thing down there at the same time. I was really excited as
I felt his breath on my anus . He said I was a beautifull boy, and was
ready to drink all the milk I could give him from my cock. I ve never had
such a thrill since but always enjoy being examined by the school doctor .


I WAS 09

I remember I wanted to have sex before I even knew what sex was. Not sure
if I was m*****ed and don't remember, or if I was just born horny.

Anyway, I lived in NC and had the cutest neighbor. His name was Michael. He
was blond and tan and only 6 when we first met. He was playing in his sand
pile. Actually, we lived nowhere near the beach. His grandfather just had a
huge pile of sand dumped off by his driveway for Michael to play in. He
invited me over to play with him and we just hit it off.

By the time I was 9 and he was 7, we were going out in his grandfather's
shed and dropping our pants. Not sure how we got started, but he always
seemed horny too. We'd play tag until we were all hot and sweaty and then
need to go take our clothes off.

He had the cuttest smile and liked to experiment. We'd touch eachother's
hard-ons and pretend to have sex. Unfortunately, my house burnt down when I
was 11.

My mom decided that we would take the insurance money and move to Ohio. I
haven't seen Michael since. I can still picture him though, after all these


As c***dren, me and my b*****r have always gotten our cousins to sl**p over
at home in vacations or holidays... once we have the visit of a older
cousin. We were about 8/9 and he would have been 15 or 16. In the middle of
the night (he slept in our bedroom) he waked up us to ask if we wanted to
play doctor with him.

We had just got as gift a small toy doctor case... while my b*****r started
to listen to his heart, I just went down to his slip, took it to his ankles
and started foundling his penis, balls and hairs... I could not believe I
was doing it, but I was loving it.

And he too I think... otherwise he would not have waked us in the middle of
the night... unfortunately I do not remember if he came or not... but I
wish he had came. it was the only time he slept at home... and now there
are years I haven't seen him anymore.


When I was about 7 I had a cute friend called Chris he was 6, we were very
close friends and one day he came round to my house and we were playing
with some toy spaners, then he turned round and said would you like to play
a game with called the willy twister and so I said yes, then we both
stripped naked and went under the covers with are toy spaners, and we were
under the covers for half an hour playing with each others willys with the
toy spaners, then my mum walked in the room and saw what we were doing then
told us to get dressed and so we did, I wanted to play that game a couple
of days after but Chris was to scared to get caught again so we never
played that game again.


Our p e teacher told me to come to his room in the break as I had only
recently joined the school at age 13. When I arrived he explained that he
liked to look at all new boys in his study to see what we were made of. He
sat on a chair in the middle of the room and told me to stand in front of

He felt my shoulders down to my hands, then turned me sideways and placed
his hand on my neck and brought it all the way down to my bottom. He kept
it there and put his other hand on my privates. I enjoyed the feeling, and
he could tell . He patted my bottom and said he wanted to take a look down
there. I was now getting very excited. He could see my hard dick in my

He soon had my pants down, with me acros his knee licking my bum and
rubbing my cock. I have to say that I enjoyed it.


I came from a broken home so to speak. My mom drank heavy and would bring
new guys home every time she could. I had to do things for myself, like
make my own meals and get to school. I knew that I liked to play with
myself since I was about 7 years old. I didn't think that I was a good
looking boy or that anyone would even notice me. I didn't have any friends
that I hung around with or that I could even talk to. I thought that I was
a loser. That's what mom's boyfriends would tell me. Now you know a little
about me.

I was 11 years old and living in a small town, not much to do here for a
boy! It was winter and a dang cold one at that. I didn't have too much to
keep warm, mom would spend everything we had in the bar. It was Friday
night and I put on my warmest coat, mits and the best runners I had. (the
ones that didn't have holes) I headed to the pool for the "k**s swim free
Friday nights" I was a regular there and the best thing was it didn't cost
me anything.

I always got there half hour later than most others. I didn't want anyone
to see me undress. I would go to the last row of lockers, nobody would go
down there. This cold day there was someone. By the time I got tho the pool
I was chilled to the bone and my fingers and toes were like ice. we had to
take the shoes and socks off at the door on the way in so I was already in
bare feet. I went past this man and a boy who were in the last row,. He
said to me "You look cold". I shook my head yes and went to the very end of
the row looking at the floor.

The boy and the man started to undress and I opened a locker putting in my
mits and coat. I snuck a look at them, both were nude and getting their
swim shorts out. I stood there pretending that my buttons on my shirt were
stuck. I wasn't going to undress till they had gone. The boy was having
problems with his shorts and the man was sitting beside this boy helping
him. I was sneeking as many looks as I could.

The man stood up and the boy quickly pulled up his shorts as did the man
with his. The man put his hand on the boy's light blond head and slid the
hand down to his back. I found myself getting mad that this boy had someone
and I didn't. He was a lucky boy. I knew the k** from school and was sure
that the man he was with was not his dad. I was thinking that I wasn't as
good looking as this "other" boy and thats why I didn't have somebody. This
boy was a year or two younger than me but I thought he was cute and with
boys like that out there I didn't have a hope in hell to meet someone.

They walked past me and headed for the shower area. The man gave me a warm
smile as he went past. I smiled back the quickly looked back at the
floor. I got a funny feeling in my chest and tummy and looked back at
them. He turned around and once again gave me a smile. This time I looked
back at him and smiled the best I could. I wanted to melt into a puddle on
the floor. I quickly got ready so I could follow them.

I found them and slid into the water beside the boy. I was a good swimmer
and the boy asked if I could get some diving rings that were just out of
his reach. (he couldn't swim) I did and gave them to the man. He thanked me
and put his hand on my arm. I felt like a charge had gone though me and
didn't want him to take his hand away. He did but put it on my back. It
felt great! We played games and every chance I got I would be leaning on
him or on his back.

We were all getting tired so the man said to the other boy "lets go, I have
to get you home." I decided to leave too, it was a long walk home in the
cold. We all went to the last row to change and I got my things out of the
locker and went down to change with my new friends. The boy had quickly
stripped off his wet shorts and I could see that he was smaller than
me. His didn't have the skin on the end like mine did. The man took off his
shorts and I saw that he didn't have a skin also. His was fat but didn't
have much to hang down. I felt dumb that I had skin and didn't want them to
see my ugly body parts.

"Are you going to change?" the man asked. I quietly said yes and slowly
pulled down my shorts. I looked up and the man was looking at me and
smiling. He gave me a wink and a nod. I looked into his big brown eyes and
felt OK that I was nude in front of them. He got a towel and started to dry
me off as the other boy got dressed. I was feeling very good. Before I knew
it he was ready to leave and I was still nude. He sat and watched me get

Outside the winter air cut into me like razor blades. I stood and shivered
untill I felt his coat cover me. The man had followed me out. He offered to
give me a ride home that I excepted. He went to start his old truck leaving
me wrapped in his warm coat. The three of us stayed inside then went out to
get in a now warm truck. He drove the other boy right home and dropped him
off with his dad. (I was right) On the way back he asked if I was
hungry. Sure I said...and I was very hungry. We stopped for pizza and took
it to his place. He put a movie on and we sat together on the sofa, I made
sure that we were touching.

He told me that I should call my mom and let her know that I was OK. She
was in the bar and wasn't home anyhow but I tried. He went upstairs and I
heard the shower running. "Something in that pool makes me itch." he said
before he left for the upstairs. I had to see him nude again and I went up
too. He was already in the shower when I took off my clothes and went
in. He was a little surprized but gave me a smile.

He was already hard and I had only seen me hard. I didn't think that
something that small could get that big. He moved me under the water and I
slid past him. His hard cock rubbing my tummy as I slid by.

He took the soap and started to rub my back with it, it felt SO good. He
moved on to my arms and I leaned back into him. I could feel his manhood on
my back just above my butt. His hands moved to my chest and tummy, soaping
me up. I had my hands on my now hard cock. He had slid down and was on his
knees behind me. He soaped up my legs and was working on my butt. I felt
his hand in between my cheeks and it felt fantastic. I turned around in
hopes that he would touch my cock. He didn't and I put my hands on his
shoulders. he washed my feet then legs. Thats when the water went cold.

We quickly rinsed off the soap and got out. He dried me off, I didn't do a
thing. We went to his room and sat on the bed. I had got soft but he was
still very hard and clear stuff was dripping off the end. I lay back and
put my hands under my head, he lay beside me rubbing my tummy. He kissed my
neck and then my shoulder.

He kissed my nipples and they got hard too. Then he kissed all the way down
to my cock. He was licking around then took my hard one in his mouth. He
sucked up and down. I put my hands on his head, feeling him bobbing up and
down. Soon I was moving my hips to the same motion. All at once I felt
weird but couldn't stop. With one hand I braced myself so I wouldn't fall
off the bed, with the other I grabbed the hair on his head.

I was pumping and he was sucking, then all at once I felt something happen,
like the inside of me squirting out into him. I said over and over that I
was sorry to him but he just smiled. I thought I had pissed in his mouth. I
didn't understand that what just happened was good. I started to cry and
roled into a ball.

He lay behind me saying that it was ok but I didn't want to hear it. I
asked him to leave me alone and he did. He put a house coat on and went
down to watch TV.

I spent the weekend with him after and just about every weekend after.


It happened last week...

My country house is being repaired right now, that's why I have to stay
there to check if the workers are doing everything properly. Well, last
week the new wooden windows were brought here, and one of the workers, who
was supposed to apply the new windows had a son with him, who I guess
obviously was bored to the bone... I felt a bit sorry for him, and
considering he was pretty cute, with his long, bleached hair and his baby
face, I invited him to come upstairs to see my computer.

We went up and he was pretty surprised to see my computer, which is really
cool and has a lot of gadgets, because it's only been three months since I
bought it... Well needless to say, he jumped to the computer and tried out
all of my latest games... Then he found an erotic quest named x-change. He
started to play it and, as I was sitting right beside him, I noticed the
bulge in his pants getting bigger and bigger, noticably enlarging my b**st
too :)... I asked him how old he is, and he answered he was 14... then I
asked him if he would he like to see some porn pages on the internet... he
said sure, and grinned a bit, beacause I think he had noticed that I was
staring at his joint all the time...

We were browsing some pages with our dicks stiff as wood, when he finally
asked if he could masturbate, just to let the tension loose, I said sure,
if only I could join him... so he finaly removed his shorts, revealing his
undies, with his hard dick in it... he had a very sexy body - tanned, but
without muscles... he rubbed his dick through his undies, which really
turned me on, and then he finally took of his undies... the sight of his
cock made me shiver from the turn on it gave me...

It was smaller than mine, with much lesser pubic hair, but really
pretty... I was now staring at his dick without hiding it, and the smile on
his face told me he liked it... then I started to rub my dick through my
jeans... and then undid the zipper and took my cock out (I had no
underwear, because it was a really hot day)... I guess the sight of my
penis turned him on big time, because he started to masturbate more

I slowly rubbed my cock, pulling my foreskin up and down... We were now
simply looking at each other's dicks and masturbating... then his hand
reached out and grabbed my cock, he started to masturbate me... I laid in
my chair and let him do it, enjoying every moment of pleasure this boy's
hand gave me... then I came... my sperm spilled on his hand and his leg,
but he just giggled a bit about it and didn't mind it at all... then I got
down on my knees, spread his legs and buried my face in his crotch... the
smell of cock and his pubic hair was really nice, and I felt myself getting
hard again...

I pulled back his foreskin with my lips and let my tongue work on his
shaft... he moaned and moved in the chair from the pleasure I gave him... I
was sucking and masturbating his cock for about two minutes, when he came
on my hand... Then I got him up, used his sperm to lubricate my now really
hard dick, and spread his buttocks to enter... his butt was a bit hard to
enter, but thanks to his sperm I managed to do that...

I started to ride his butt in a rhythm pleasurable to both of us... of the
feeling of my cock in his beautiful butt was heavenly... He started to rub
his dick and it got stiff again, then I shot my load in his but, and
cleaned my dick from our both sperm between his buttocks... then I sucked
him for the second time and he came in my mouth... the taste was a bit
strange but pleasant... We got dressed, he returned to his father, and I
have never seen him again...

I didn't even know his name, but I'll always remember my first sexual
experience with that beautiful boy...


This is something I've never told anyone before and I kind of like having
the opportunity to share it.

I was 13 and just starting to grow hair around the top of my penis, and
just learned on my own how to make myself cum by rubbing my penis. I was
horny all the time, and had sexual fantasies of doing lots of things with
girls and boys, but had never had an opportunity to do much except when I
was about 4 or 5, another little boy and I pulled down our pants out in a
field alone, and showed each other our dicks.

It was fun and exciting and I still recall exactly what his little uncut
dick looked like. He let me pull back the foreskin to see his "head" and I
remember feeling his balls. I also watched a 16 year old guy with red hair
jack off when I was 9. He was telling me about sex, and I was very
interested. He told me about "cumming" and I told him I'd like to see it,
so he lay down in a pasture (I grew up in the country) and jacked off for

I didn't touch him, but was so electrically charged by the sight of his big
(to me) dick, hard as a rock, with the beautiful patch of red hair, and
when he came into his left palm, the sight of the creamy sperm which came
out in 5 or 6 spurts. Well, that was my sex education, until - - -

I went on a campout with the boy scout troop connected with my church in
San Diego. The minister was the scout master, and he arranged for us to
have Ŗ-man pup tents" so we paired up and I got with a 14-year old tall
skinny boy. I can't remember his name now, but he was one of those lanky
toothy k**s with really red hair and freckles. I guess I was developing an
affinity for red hair by then, which I still have.

Anyway, we got our beds ready and after a long day of hiking and so forth,
we settled into bed about 10:00 PM. He was quick to mention sex, asked me
if I liked to jack off, etc. I of course told him I did, and before long we
were side by side in the dark tent, playing with our dicks and talking
about sex.

He told me he had a friend who was 16, and asked me if I'd ever sucked a
dick. I said, "no" and he told me his friend did it for him, and they took
turns doing it. He asked me if I wanted to do it with him. I said, "Only if
you go first." Next thing I knew, in the dark tent, I felt his lips on my
dick, and stopped beating my own meat while he took over with his mouth. I
laid back, took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and just drifted off to
heaven as he sucked me, but he quit abruptly and told me to do it to him.

He didn't have to argue with me, a deal's a deal. And besides, I had been
secretly hoping for an opportunity to do just that. So I got on my knees
over him, and with the flashlight, looked at his naked body for the first
time in the light.

He had a good thick loop of red hair, about an inch into the pubic area,
but totally hairless balls and a nice dick about 5 inches long, kind of
thick, and a low-hanging, loose scrotum with two big, plump balls. My heart
was pounding, as I lifted his balls in one hand, then scooped them up into
my mouth. As his balls filled my mouth, my buddy gasped and moaned.

I sucked his balls and felt his dick throb in my other hand. After about 30
seconds, his hand took the back of my blond hair and guided my head up the
shaft to the tip of his penis; I opened my mouth and slowly worked my mouth
down on his hard dick, and then started rythmically sucking in a slow up
and down motion, which I must've done 20 or 30 times before his hand caught
me behind the head and pushed down hard, forcing my throat to open deeper
and take the head of his dick back behind the base of my tongue and the
roof of the very, very back of my mouth when he let out a moan and thrust
even deeper, sending a hot streaming jet of fluid to the back of my throat,
which I had to either swallow or drown. I swallowed at least four times as
he came a huge load.

After a few minutes as he recovered, and while I lay there with a hard-on
trying to rationlize what had just happened, he said, "Thanks, that was

For the rest of the night, we repeated these sex acts, he helped me cum, I
helped him cum,a nd we each got our load off at least three or four times,
until nothing would run out of the end of our dicks and we were finally


My first experience was with my neighbours little boy called Timothy. He
was THE most gorgous little boy I had ever known , and I still haven't met
many that were like him. I had known Timmy all his life , I remember him
from when he first came home from hospital after he was born to the last
minute I ever saw him. Which was about 5 years ago now.

I had babysat for him many many many times before this incident, he was a
total joy to be with and I did everyting I could to be with this sweet
little boy.

His parents didn't mind either that I had taken so much of an intrest in
him. they were both very busy working parents and Timmy being an only c***d
I was great company for him.

One evening Timmy's mother came to our house and asked if Timmy could stay
over the weekend as they had to go out of town on buisness.He would usually
go to his grandparents but they were away too. My mother aggreed as she
kinda loved him too. He was always around our house anyway and it was kinda
like a second home to him anyway.

The following morning , I was sat eating my cheerios in the kitchen when
there was a knock at the door. Mum answered and in bounded Timmy , he was
dressed in the cutest lil blue shorts and sky blue tshirt with little blue
sandles. His gorgeous blond curly hair was wet from his morning shower and
it d****d over his sweet little face and eyes. He ran straight for me and
jumped up onto my lap. He was totally excited about staying the weekend
with us he simply couldn't control himself. "Whoooooaaaaa!!! Steady there
Tiger " I said to him as he scrambled onto my lap and started helping
himself to my breakfast. "Save some for me you little monster" I said to
him and he just giggled and continued to help himself to my breakfast.

After a few minutes Mum came in after waving Timmy's Mum and Dad off. I
think Timmy had already said his goodbyes and he sure wasn't bothered about
going to wave them off. Mum came in and said Hi to Timmy , he looked up
with the sweetest smile imaginable and sad " hewoo Mrs T. " he always used
to call my mum that. He couldn't pronounce our second name so quickly
shortend it to just T. Mum thought it was sweet ad so did I.

"Daniel , when you TWO have finished your breakfast can you go and make up
the spare bed for Timmy please, and take Timmy's things up with you." "ok
mom " I said back and she continued on with her chores about the kitchen as
we sat and played at the kitchen table.

Flicking Cheerios over to the milk jug and seeing who could get it
closest. After a few minutes we gave up as Timmy had got most of his on the
kitchen floor and I could see mum wasn't impressed with me teaching him a
silly game." Come on, Tiger, lets go sort your bed out and put your things
away" "okey Dokey " he said in his crytalline exquisite little voice. He
jumped off my lap and we headed up to my room.

Mum had laid out the old camping bed at the side of mine and had allready
placed some sheets and a couple of blankets on my bed to make it up with.

Timmy went and sat on my bed and watched me as I made up his little bunk
for the weekend. I bent down to tuck in the blankets I had just laid on it
when I glanced up at Timmy who was sat patiently waiting fro me to finish
with one leg dangling over the edge of my bed and the other at right angles
up on the bed. I could see up the leg of his shorts and his little sweet
penis and testicles were completely on view.

I had seen Timmy naked many , many , many time before . BUT for some reason
this sneak innocent peak at his wonderfull sexy little jewels , completey
turned me on. I then wondered why he hadnt got an underwear on. So I asked

"Hey, Tiger, your winky is showing , why haven't you got and underwear on?"

"I dwessed myself today, I think I forgot to put them on" he said and then
started to giggle.

"Come on buddy lets get you some on , we can't have your winky dangling out
when we go to the park. " I told him.

I rummaged through his Thomas Tank Engine backpack for some underwear and
pulle dout a sweet tiny little pair of Haines whitey briefs.

"Come here Tiger" I said and Timmy jumped of the bed and came over to
me. He stood infornt of me and I gently took hold of the waistband of his
shorts and slowly pulled them down. "OOPS!! look ive forgotten to take your
sandles off , we won't get these off with them on." He tried to lift his
right foot up so I could remove his sandle but he quickly overbalanced as
his shorts were also down to his knees. He toppled backwards and landed on
the camp bed , laughing.

"Come here silly" I said as I pulled him closer to me. I removed both his
sandles and slipped off his shorts. "I need to pee pee " He exclaimed in a
somewhat over enthusiastic voice. I knew what he was like , he would hold
it and hold it and hold it , but when it was time to go he would have to go
IMMEDIATELY else he would leak all over. "come on then Tiger quickly ." I
picked him up and we rushed to the bathroom.

He was still too small to stand at the David so he climbed up and sat
down. His legs spread either saide of the pan. He looked so sweet in just
his tshirt and I sat and watched him has a sudden stream of juice induced
pee left his tiny sweet little penis. Again I found watching him sat like
that incredibly arousing and I could feel my own penis becoming quickly
erect. I had never felt this way before about him and to this day I don't
know WHY it startd that morning. But I knew that this weekend was going to
be unlike an other EVER.

"I done Danny" Timmy exlaimed. "ok buddy go lets get your hands washed." He
jumped off the pan and I stood up , suddenly my penis which was still tiff
popped out the fly of my PJs. I forgot that this bottoms had a loose
fly. Timmy saw it and laughed ."Danny's winky fellllll out!" he started to

Over and over again he said it with a gorgeous funny little giggle behind
the words. I couldn't explain to him why it was erect and I don't know if
hed ever seen one erect either. He continued with his toddler tease of me
so I grabbed him and said"Right thats it you lil monster its tickle time
for you." I grabbed him around the waist and pulled him closer to me and I
started to tickle him around the waist , I could feel my now subsiding
erection beginning to get stiff again.

The joy of touching this semi naked little boy was simply too much to
take. "Hey, Timmy, I gotta take a shower do you want to come in with me " I
said to him. I didn't have to ask twice within seconds he had pulled off
the only bit of clothing he had on and was stood in the shower cubicle
waiting for me.

He was utterly PERFECT in every possible way. His body was as smooth as
silk and tanned from the hot summer we had been having. His angelic face
was as close to that of a real angel as ever there could be and his blue
eyes glistened in the light of the bathroom.I quickly slipped out of my PJs
my now throbbing penis bounced out of them as I pulled them off and I
stepped into the shower with this utterly sexy little toddler.

I reached up and turned on the shower head and adjusted the water so it
wasn't to hot or cold for Timmy. As I looked down, I could see the c***d's
eyes were firmly fixed on my STILL throbbing penis.

"You can touch it if you like, Tiger, it won't bite you."


I'd just told Timmy that he could touch my penis , what came over me to say
that I will never know , but I certainly wasn't expecting him to actually
do it.

But he did. He took hold of my in his little right hand and I guided him
along the shaft.

"You can squeeze it a little harder , it won't hurt," I told him and he
increased his grip on me. I gently eased his hand back and forth as I did
my foreskin slipped back exposing my shiny head.

He looked at it and giggled again. I adored the sound of him when he
laughed and now the thought of him laughing at playing with my penis was
simply icredibly arousing. I kealt down infont of him , as the warm water
splashed our bodies I gently took hold of Timmy's tiny toddler penis and
with the greatest of care began to masturbate him.

"That'ss nice," he said as I worked my hands around his cute little 1 inch
penis. He started to become stiff too.

I lowered my hands underneath his legs and rubbed his tiny tight little
pea-sized testicles and worked my way back up his stiff little shaft . He
was enjoying EVERY minute of this intimate examination of his jewels. I
wanted to see his head so I bagan to work his penis again and slowly and
very delicately I eased back his foreskin. It was tight but his head soon
showed itself to me and it was exquiste.

The shower water ran dwn his little body and found its way down the length
of his penis and dripped ofhis glowing little end like a warm stream of
pure clean pee. I looked up at him and smiled, he looked back at me and
reated his hands on my head as I continued to work his tiny organ.

By now I knew what I wanted and Timmy certainly wasn't in any dissagreement
with what I was doing to him. So I came closer to him let go of his penis
and placed my hands on his buttocks , slowly rubbing them in a circular
fasion and I took Timmy's stiffnes into my mouth. I began to suck his erect
firm little penis and it was incredible.

I could taste him on my tongue and the feel of his penis and testicles on
my lips was the most wonderfull thing I had ever felt. even better than
when I kissed him on his lips. I pulled him closer to my face and took him
entirely into my mouth , I had now got him whole. His penis and testicles
were totally under the control of my tounge and my hands were making a
steady but firm bee line for his tight little crack.

As I continued to suck him, I slipped a finger into the crack of his cute
little bum and gently rubbed his anus.

Timmy gave off a cute little "Ohhhhhhhh" sound as I rubbed his anus and
continued to suck his penis.

Suddenly I heard someone shouting, "BOYSSSSSSSS Have you made up that Bed

Geezuz it was my mum, I had completely forgotten she was downstairs. In the
passion of the moment I had forgotten about everything let alone my
mother. I could hear he coming up the stairs. So I shouted back." Yes Mum ,
I'm just having my shower. Timmy's here with me too, he wanted to come in
with me."

"ok boys hurry up though as I want to go shopping and you two are coming
with me."

I looked at Timmy, he looked at me smiled and hugged me.

"That was wealy nice, Danny "

I smiled back at him , winked my eye at him and gave him the biggest HUG I
had ever given anyone in my life. From that moment on we became


My first experience was when I was 14, last year. My cousin came to sl**p
over at my house. At the time I knew I was gay. Well he was in my room
watching TV and I went in to watch with him. We were watching a movie and
all of a sudden there was a sex scene in it. Well to be more specific it
was a blow job. So I asked my cousin if he would dare to blow somebody and
he said no. So I said "I would dare to blow you". He says "prove it".

So I lowered his pants and blowed him.(his penis is aufully small but I
didn't care) He didn't cum at all. It was weird since he was 13 at the
time. So after I asked him to bow me and he said no. So I left the room and
later at night we were in bed talking.(I share a room with my b*****r. Hes
straight by the way) So I was in the top bunk with him and my b*o was on
the bottom bunk. And we all were watching TV and I started whispering to my
cousin, letting him know I was hard. all he did was giggle. So I slowly put
my hand on his leg like nothing. And slowly moved up towards his penis.

At that time he was hard like me. I took off his shorts. I started
masturbating him slowly so my b*****r wouldn't find out. Then I took his
hand and put it on my cock so he could do the same. After a while he
did. So there we were, both masturbating eachother. 5 minutes later I
cummed all over the sheets. then I slowly put my mouth on his cock and
started sucking it.

My b*****r got up from the bed so I quickly got up like nothing had
happened while my cousin put his shorts back up. After my b*****r got back
down to his bed I whispered to my cousin to meet me in the bathroom.

After he had agreed. I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom. 2
minutes later he got up too. Once in the bathroom. I started sucking his
cock again then he did me. AT LAST!!!! I thought. Then I tried putting my
cock in his arse, but I couldn't fit it. we hadnt thought about lube cause
we were inexperienced. So after I cummed a few times and he did whatever it
was he did.

We went back to bed. I see him a couple a times now but we don't talk about
what happened. After that he stopped sl**ping over at my house. I think he
just can't accept the fact that he"s gay so he"s trying to run away from it
or me.


I grew up in a house that was next door to a row of shops. One day during
the summer holidays, a workman arrived to carry out some building work in
the shop next to our house. Being an averagely inquisitive 10-year old, I
was curious about the work he was doing and started spending time in the
shop, being the workman's 'little helper'.

After a few days, he suddenly stopped what he was doing. He took off his
belt and hung it round his neck, then undid his trousers and pulled the
front of his pants down. Out came the biggest willie I had ever seen (I had
once seen a man with an erection, but not as big as this one). He started
pulling his willie back and forth.

At the time, I thought that it would not be 'proper' to watch or stare, so
I turned my back and waited until I heard him zipping himself up again. He
said something about wanting to get the building dust out of his (pubic)

The next day I saw him again, and, again, he stopped what he was doing,
undid himself, and it already seemd routine. I remember thinking 'he's
going to show me his willie'. This time, I watched, and, looking at his
face a couple of times, I noticed that he did not appear to mind me looking
at him.

After a couple of minutes of pulling, a blob of white stuff shot out of his
willie and landed on the floor.

This carried on for a few days. Eventually, one day, when he started, I
slowly and nervously undid the top of my trousers. I pulled my pants down,
but did not have the nerve to show him my willie.

Instead, I turned my back on him. I had pulled my pants right down, not
just the front of them, so he would have had a good look at my bum. I
started playing with my willie, which I do remember was hard (I already
knew that it went hard and got bigger when I was being rude with it - I had
discovered this while playing with my older s****rs).

This happened a few times before I had the nerve to face him and let him
see my willie. I was pulling mine while he was watching and playing with
his. (I think that this was the first time that I enjoyed having someone
else looking at it, and it is true that I have grown up to be an
exhibitionist.) He only saw mine a couple of times, as it was getting close
to the end of the school holidays.

The last time we were both playing, he told me to step closer and asked me
if I wanted to take his willie in my hands. I started pulling it gently,
and he told me I could pull it all the way to the knob. He did not touch
mine - I still wonder what it would have been like to have had my
prepubescent penis played with by someone who wanted it as a sexual thing.


This story is completely true, to the best of my memory. We are talking
about twenty odd years ago after all. But I still think of fondly of D...

Part I

I remember it as if it were yesterday...or maybe the day before. I had been
playing the usual show and tell sort of games with a number of my c***dhood
friends, mostly girls, and usually at their instigation, but I hadn't
really figured out what my dick was really for. (Which was unusual, I
guess, in that I had three b*****rs, one of whom was older, and was going
through puberty at the time.)

Mum and Dad had divorced the year before, and we, (Mum and three b*****rs)
ended up moving away from the country and back to the City. My b*****rs and
I up to this point had never been shy about our bodies, and often would
spend evenings watching the small portable black and white tv up in my
bedroom in just underwear, or nothing at all.

The time in question, I guess I must have been a very young 13, and we were
all very excited about a new tv show due to start that weekend. It was
called Game for a Laugh, and it was a practical jokes show. So, Saturday
rolls around, and my older b*****r brings his mate (D, who was 14, blond
and absolutely gorgeous) around for tea and to sl**p over.

After tea, we all trooped up to my room, and Mum calls up, "get ready for
bed, because it's bed time after Game for a Laugh". Of course, we all
groaned, and my older b*****r even went so far as to argue...but to no
avail. Bedtime was after our show, and that was that. So, there we were, D
in his P/D's, and the rest of us in our tighty whiteys, huddled around the
snowy image on the screen, my three b*****rs on the edge of my bed, and D
and me leaning against the wall behind them.

We were all laughing at some stunt or other, and out of the corner of my
eye, I noticed D adjusting himself. Instinctively I guess, I turned to
look, and my stomach lurched. He had a hardon, it was poking through his
P/D's and it was HUGE!

I can still remember to this day, I did a sort of double take, looked into
his eyes, he had seen me looking, and I blushed as he smiled at me. By this
point, he had tucked "little D" away, and asked if anyone wanted a cup of
tea. My older b*****r predictably said yes, and D offered to go and make
it...but he would need help to find everything. "G will go with you", piped
up my b*****r, and turned his attention back to the tv.

So, "Little G" leading the way, (I had of course become instantly hard at
the unexpected peepshow) we both went to the kitchen to "make tea". I have
already mentioned that I didn't know what my dick was for, other than
peeing, but I can assure you, I was up for another viewing! So, kettle on,
pot ready, and cups out...not a lot to do really while you are waiting for
the water to boil. So, D says, "Did you like what you saw?"

My tongue had swelled to double proportions (at least, it felt like it) and
my mouth was somehow utterly dry...I nodded dumbly, blushing
furiously. "Want to see it again?" he whispered. (Mum was in the next room
and we had to be...erm...discreet) Again, I nodded, my own little dick
straining against my pants. He slid his hand into the waistband of his P/D
trousers, and pulled them down. Here was another shock...he had...HAIR!

I was mesmerised.

His dick skin was just a little paler than his arms and face, and I could
see the veins coursing up the shaft; His dickhead was almost completely
uncovered, and a beautiful shade of purple, the bright red piss slit
gleaming with a drop of pee, (it was what I thought at the time at any
rate.) his foreskin was red, and his small patch of pubic hair was almost
golden. I couldn't really see his sack, because that was still covered by
his p/j's, but I couldn't take my eyes off it, and he whispered again, "Can
I see yours?"

Still staring dumbly at his magnificent specimen, (to me I guess it was
huge, I hadn't started puberty yet.) I pulled my pants forward and down
releasing, my boy toy. Next thing I knew, he had reached out and had cupped
my sack, and is fondling my balls. So, naturally, I reached out to touch
him, and...

The kettle started to boil, emitting a piercing shriek through the
kitchen. I swear, my heart almost went from rushing along like a freight
train to stopping dead! I nearly leapt out of my skin, as did D, and we
both hurriedly let our respective waist bands snap back into place.

After calming down slightly, splashing cold water on my face, washing my
hands, we took the tea upstairs. I cannot for the life of me remember the
rest of the tv show, I spent the rest of the time it was on glancing at D's
pajama clad crotch...but what happened after is etched on my brain and will
be with me to the day I die.

Part II

As I mentioned in part I, Mum and Dad had recently divorced, leaving mum
with four lads back in the City. Now, the house we moved into had four
bedrooms, and for the first time in my life, I had one all to myself, and
the luxury of a little privacy. Of course, until the evening/night of Game
for a Laugh's first show, I didn't really appreciate what that would mean.

When the show finished, Mum called up, "Time for bed, you lot." After more
moaning, during which Mum ascertained that my b*****r, D and myself still
had tea to finish, the two youngest were told to go to bed, and the three
of us to come downstairs "just until you've finished your drinks." So, down
we went, and Mum asked my b*****r where D was going to sl**p. "There isn't
enough room in your bedroom," she told him, and promptly decided that D
would sl**p in my (slightly larger) room, and I would bed down with one of
the youngsters. "Mum!" I complained, "They both wet the bed, I can't sl**p
in with them!" This was indeed true, and the complaint made innocently
enough but looking back, I guess there might have been SOME ulterior motive

"It's ok, Mrs E," says D, ever the gentleman, "he can sl**p in with me."

At first, Mum wouldn't have any of it, "you are our guest, you shouldn't
have to share blah blah blah other parental sayings lost in the mists of
time." But, eventually we persuaded her it was ok, it was MY bed after all,
and D HAD said it was ok.

Now, at 14, D still slept in his pajamas, as you probably noticed from part
I, I hadn't worn anything to bed for YEARS! (actually, it was more like
months really, I just couldn't be bothered to put anything on when I went
to bed.) So at first, seeing him in them made me giggle...he was OLDER than
me, and yet what a BABY for wearing P/D's.

So, As I stripped out of my underwear, and started to climb into bed, D
came in from the bathroom smelling of toothpaste and soap, and saw my naked
ass as I scooted over. He grinned and turned out the light, before climbing
in beside me. My heart began to race again...Was he going to show me his
thing again? Would he want to touch mine? I wanted to touch his...that much
I knew for a fact.

But we just lay there, our heads almost touching on the single pillow,
looking at the light from the traffic outside as it slid across the
ceiling, talking. Well, actually, it was him doing the talking, I was as
tongue tied and flustered as before, my heart speeding up every time he
moved, grunting monosybalic responses every now and then.

Eventually, he turned on his side, facing me, and I could smell his
toothpaste flavoured breath as he talked. His hand reached out under the
covers, and again, for the second time that evening, I felt someone elses
hand on my dick. I was soooo hard! I thought it would break! As he reached
across, I could feel my own hand reaching over to touch him...He was
already poking out of his P/D's, and it felt...strange...not a BAD strange
mind you, just...different to when I touched myself there.

Then it moved in my hand! I had never seen my own dick throb, nor felt it
so it was kind of shocking...I yanked my hand back in alarm. He chuckled
slightly, and continued to feel my dick through my underwear. Then, it
slipped under the waistband, and I was in heaven...Never in all my born
days had I felt ANYTHING so exquisite!

He slid his fingers down my shaft, and reached my tight ball sack, and
again started playing with my balls, rolling them gently between thumb and
forefinger. By now, my courage had returned and I was copying him, movement
for movement...but his was SO much bigger...and there was hair...and sticky
stuff was oozing from his cock head.

Suddenly, he pulled back the covers, and kneeled up on the bed. He pulled
off his pajama top and pulled his trousers to his knees, and there in the
pale moonlight I saw his nakedness for the first time...It was the most
beautiful thing I had ever seen. It was like that time I had gone to the
museum and seen the naked statues of Greek boys, only better, his dick was
hard. It was curved slightly, and again his foreskin had retracted. (Again
this was unusual to me, as mine doesn't when I get hard...never has!) He
then pulled down my underwear, and started rubbing my dick up and down,
with his first two fingers and was heaven.

Then, my mind was blown for all time as he bent over me, and for the first
time in my life, someone took my cock into his mouth and started to suck...

His teeth were scr****g along the sensitive skin of my shaft, and rather
than hurting, it only heightened the experience for me. As his blond head
bobbed up and down on my cock, I reached out to hold his cock. It was
Nirvana. When he had finished bobbing on my dick, he lay back down next to
me, and allowed me to explore his body. I wasn't really keen on the idea of
taking his dick into my mouth, (that would come later) but smelling him,
feeling him, running my fingers through his pubic hair, ("Stop pulling
them, it hurts" he said at one point through gritted teeth) weighing his
balls in my open palm, but then...

Everything seemed to stop...

This dick had spasmed, and something had spewed out of the end, a sweet
smeling clear liquid. And the second this occured, I wasn't allowed to
touch it again. I was hurt...what had I done? D smiled at me, and said,
"one day, you'll understand," but I wanted to understand there and
then. So, he told me what had happened, that he had "cum", ("but you were
already here!" I insisted, confused.) and that afterwards it was very
sensitive for him.

Of course, I was none the wiser; I guess until you "cum" yourself for the
first time, you can't really have any idea what it means.

But, I can assure you, I soon found out. Partly with D's help, and partly
with P's. (P was another of my older b*****r's friends.)


I remember very well when I saw my little cousin Jamie first. It was on a
hot summer day about 4 years ago. Since we lived about 300 miles apart, our
families didn't visit too often. In fact, I hadn't seen my cousin once
since he was born. When I saw him for the first time that hot summer day,
he was around 7 and I was 9.

We arrived on their farm and mom introduced me to my younger cousin
Jamie. At the age of 9 I already knew that I liked boys and when Jamie
stepped up to me to shake my hand, I was looking at a gorgeous cute
boy. Since it was so warm, he was only wearing a pair of red Speedo's. He
didn't seem to be shy, for he smiled at me and grabbed my hand to shake it
before I could even reach out.

"Hi, I'm Jamie!" he said in a high-pitched voice, shaking my hand rapidly.

"Eeerrr.. hi, I'm Troy!" I stammered, feeling his warm, small hand in
mine. I looked him over. He was beautiful: dark brown hair and eyes, a very
firm body, a bit skinny (I could count his ribs easily) and a great tan all
over, which was accentuated by his tight red Speedo's with a little bulge
in it where his small penis was.

He kept looking at me and I knew I was in love. But then again, 9-year-olds
fall in love easily.

At least, I did.

"There is a little lake in the forest, want to go swimming with me??"

Thankfully my mother advised me to bring my Speedo's too, so I said
eagerly: "Yeah, sounds great!"

We only stayed at their farm for two days, but in those two days I tried to
spend as much time with Jamie as possible. He wasn't shy at all and I found
out he could be very funny too. He was easy to go around with.

After we went back, Jamie was on my mind for about half a year. Then I
started to forget about him, since I never heard anything from him any
more. And at 9 years old, you don't like writing letters much.

And now, 4 years later, I'm gonna see him again. My mother divorced my dad
when I was 4 and she thought it was time for her to go on vacation alone
for a change, without me. She gave me a long talk about that she still
loved me a lot, but that she would like to have some time for herself. I
couldn't blame her and told her that it was ok, I could understand.. But
did she trust me, a 13-year-old to stay home alone for 3 weeks??

She smiled and said: "Well, I arranged something. You can spend those 3
weeks at the farm of uncle Dave and aunt Shelley. I called them and they
thought it was a great idea for their son Jamie to have someone to spend
time with over those three weeks. Since they have the farm, they can't go
away on vacation. You remember Jamie, right?"

My memory went back to that hot summer day when I saw that cutie for the
first time.

"Yeah, I remember him!" I said, suddenly quite eager to spend some time
with him again.

"Great," mom replied, "thanks a lot for understanding this, Troy. I'm sure
you will have a great time at the farm too. Aunt Shelley said that Jamie
was keen on seeing you again too. He's a nice k**."

"Yeah, he is." I answered, already imagining what Jamie would look like
after 4 years. He would be 11 years old now. Would he still be as cute as I
remembered him?

In the meantime (as I heard later), 300 miles south, 11-year-old Jamie was
thinking about me too. Ever since he heard that I would spend three weeks
on their farm this summer, Jamie thought about me a lot. He remembered that
first time him and me met each other that hot summer. We had played games
in the little lake and I had read him bedtime stories before going to
sl**p. He thought I was great fun to hang out with, but he was a bit scared
that his now 13-year-old blond haired cousin wouldn't like to hang out with
a "little" k** like himself. It wasn't considered to be "cool". But his
fear would be washed away pretty soon, when I would come over for my
vacation of three weeks on the farm of my uncle....

I have to admit that I have been fooling around with two of my friends for
a couple of months now. First, there is Daniel; a beautiful 12-year-old
with jet black hair and blue eyes. He's the boy next door and we have been
friends with each other for practically our whole lives. Every once in a
while we did sl**povers. He would sl**p at my place and the other night, I
would sl**p at his place. Since we knew each other for such a long time, my
mom and his parents didn't mind us sl**ping in the same room. The one
sl**ping over would sl**p on an airbed. What they didn't know is that a
couple of months ago, when Daniel was sl**ping over, we got a bit closer to
each other than usual.

"Hey, Troy!" came a soft whisper from the airbed. We had been chatting with
eachother for about an hour, before mom had come upstairs to tell us that
we should turn off the bedlight and go to sl**p. Being the obedient k**s we
were (yeah, right!), we had said: "Yes, mom" and "Yes, Mrs. Peters" and I
had switched off the bedlight. We had waited in silence until my mom was
downstairs again.

"Yeah?" I whispered back.

"Do you ever play with your.... thing?"

I was surpised to hear him ask this, because we never talked about sex or
our private parts. But I was a bit excited too, because talking about it
with this beautiful boy. I decided to act as if I talked about these things
24 hours a day.

"Yeah, sure. It's very normal for boys to do that. Don't you?" He waited
for a few seconds, and then said: "Yeah...." I heard him shift a bit inside
his sl**ping bag and as I was laying there in the dark, I imagined he was
playing with his "thing" right now. The thought made me hard.



"You think it's ok for me if I joined you in your bed?" he asked a bit

My head was spinning. "Sure" I croaked, hoping I wouldn't sound too eager.
I heard him get out of his sl**ping bag and move over to my bed. I held the
covers open for him and he squeezed in. We were both wearing only our
briefs. His naked skin touched mine and it felt so very warm.

Knowing that cute boy was laying here with me in the same bed, both of us
practically naked, made me as hard as a rock and I was hoping he was hard
too. I started to shake lightly when he turned his head towards me and
whispered: "How often do you play with yours?" His breath was warm and
sweet. I smelled his minty toothpaste and it drove me wild. I was so horny
that I wanted to cum right then and there. He was so close to me and his
body heat was radiating all over me.

"Almost every time it gets hard" I answered his question. There was a pause
of about 2 seconds before he whispered his next question: "Are you hard
now?? I am!"

I couldn't remember ever being so hot for a boy and when he asked me that,
I just knew that this would be the start of something very good.

"Yeahhhh, " I breathed. I worked up the courage to ask him a question
too. "Can I see it?" I asked, hoping he would say yes.

"Yes!" he replied. I thanked God very shortly and turned on the bed light
again. "But only if I can see yours too!" Daniel added. That was fine by

He pushed the covers away and sat on his knees. I immediately saw his cute
white briefs tenting. His body was beautiful and smooth. Not a hair to be
seen anywhere. He looked at me a bit shy, then hooked his thumbs in his
waistband and pushed his briefs down. Out came a lovely boy boner of about
3.5" with a cute set of dangling small balls under it. He was cut like me
and his cock head looked hard and red. I moaned softly while I took every
inch of his perfect boy body in sight.

"Now you!" he woke me out of my daze. Jeez, I realised I was almost
drooling over this boy. I snapped back to reality and sat on my knees in
front of him. He looked down between my legs and saw a pretty big bulge in
my briefs as well. His eyes didn't leave that place on my body for a second
as I slowly pushed my briefs down my smooth legs. My hard on popped out and
he leaned forward to take a closer look. My cut dick was about 4" long and
was very hard by now. The sight of this gorgeous young naked boy that was
taking in every inch of my boy tool made me even hornier.

"Wow, there is some wet stuff on the end of yours!" he said loudly.

"Shhhhh!!!!" I whispered strongly, suddenly making him realise that we
should be quiet.

He looked back up to my face ashamed and whispered: "Sorry, I forgot for a

"It's ok" I reassured him.

I looked into his heavenly blue eyes and I was feeling so in love. He
smiled at me and then asked me: "Is it ok if I touch it?"

"Yes, please!!" I half whispered, half moaned.

I looked down and saw his small hand with his little fingers come closer to
my hard hot cock. The moment he touched it, I swear I felt little electric
shocks go through it. I moaned softly and he looked at my face smiling. He
wrapped his fingers around it now and worked his hand up and down. I felt
more pre-cum coming from my pee slit.

"Am I doing it right?" he asked me, as his hand kept up a steady up and
down motion on my rock hard boy cock. All I could do was moan with my eyes
slightly closed, my head nodding to his question. He then moved his other
hand towards my balls, stroking them softly in their tight sack. I f***ed
to open my eyes wide to take in his naked body. I felt I was about to cum
and I wanted to cum while seeing that smooth young boy body.

"Oooh God, Daniel! Please go on, I'm going to cum soon!" I whispered.

He started to stroke me faster and faster, gripping my cock a bit
harder. His fingers got wetand slippery from all the pre-cum that was
already flowing from the slit in my hard dick. I couldn't have stopped it
if I tried, the cum was being massaged out of my still small balls by his
soft fingers, it travelled through my dick and to the tip of my very hard
cock head. The feeling was tremendous and intense. I had to try hard not to
scream in ecstacy.

Then my creamy boy juice shot out of my cock, all over his still milking
hand and underarm. The first 2 globs landed near his upper arm. I breathed
heavily as Daniel was still slowly stroking my softening dick, until I
pushed his hand away.

"Wow, Troy! That was way cool!" he exclaimed. I watched his beautiful face
and I couldn't suppress a smile.

"You made me cum hard, Daniel! I loved it!" I told him. He giggled and
said: "Yeah, you shot all over me, hehe!" He raised his sticky hand and
sniffed at my cum. The sight of that made my cock jump a bit. I was hoping
he would lick it off of his hand and arm, but he didn't. He looked around
to see where he could wipe it. I reached back to my desk and from a drawer
I handed him an old handkerchief.

"Here!" I said with a grin on my face, "Clean yourself up, will you?"

He took the handkerchief from me and wiped my already drying cum off of his
hand and arm. Of course, I wanted to return the favor to him now. I
noticed he was still hard and when he was done cleaning himself up, I asked
him: "Maybe I can help you with that now?", pointing between his legs.

He giggled again and said: "Yes please!" with a wide grin on his face.

I made him lay back with his smooth legs spread wide. I laid down between
them and watched his stiff boy cock up close. What I had already suspected
earlier turned out to be true: he was completely hairless.

My fingertips softly stroked his drawn up marble sized balls and I felt
them move slightly in their smooth skin. I looked up to Daniels face and
was rewarded with a beautiful sight: his mouth half opened in a long moan
and his eyes closed, showing a mask of pure bliss on this gorgeous

He was obviously enjoying this and I was only touching his balls yet! I
took his by now throbbing hard dick in my hand and let my fingers wander
all over its soft and yet so hard surface. They travelled all the way up
towards his tiny pee slit. His body jerked involuntarily and I decided to
give him a big orgasm as soon as I could.

I grabbed his boy tool at the base and started a slow but firm up and down
motion with my thumb and two fingers. Hearing him moan made me horny too
and I sped up a bit. I looked up again and saw that he was stroking his
hard little nipples with his fingertips.

Faster and faster I jacked him off, now tickling the sensitive skin of his
balls with my other hand. He was moaning and almost trashing around on my
bed now, pinching his own nipples between his fingers.

"Cum for me, Daniel!" I whispered, "Let me see you shoot!"

He moaned one last time, his body stiffened, his hips thrusted upwards to
meet my downstroke and his little balls contracted under my touch. I kept
working on his hard on, and after about two seconds I was rewarded by the
sight of my cute 12-year-old neighbor shooting a small amount of clear cum
from his little pee slit on his heaving belly.

I kept stroking him, watching his convulsing body until I felt that his
orgasm was over. He was panting with his eyes closed and I let go of his
still hard, but now softening cock. I brought my face down to watch his
clear cum and without really thinking about it I stuck out my tongue. He
was so caught up in the afterglow of his orgasm that he didn't even notice
me licking up his sweet cum, until I had swallowed the last drop. He opened
his heavenly blue eyes and looked at me surprised.

"What did you just do?" he asked.

>From the tone of his voice I could hear he already knew the answer.

"You should thank me," I replied, "I just cleaned you up!"

I laid down next to him and he said: "Wow Troy, that was just the best cum
I've ever had!" We put our arms around each other and we fell asl**p,
dreaming about having much more fun with each other in the future.


As a very young c***d I loved being naked and would take off my clothes
when ever I had the chance. We were poor growing up and lived in a very
small 2 bedroom house. When I was 5 my little b*****r (3) started sl**ping
in my bed so that the new baby could sl**p in his crib.

In the winters we would sl**p in night shirts and in the summer we would
sl**p in our undies. (we had no air-condition) I loved sl**ping with my
b*****r. I loved his little body next to mine. It was summer. I pulled his
undies off and then pulled mine off. I had no idea what I was doing. I
loved the feeling of his naked body next to mine. for some reason I started
sucking his little dick. he loved it and so did I. The next morning when
mothe woke us up we were still naked. She ask what happend I said it was
too hot.

Through out the years we have had a lot of fun. With both his friends and
my friends and our boy cousins. and mom is still clueless.

I do not want to grow up. I still like little boys the best.


I was 10 years old. Me and my best friend play a lot each other. He was 10
year old also, 2 months younger than me. With his parents we went their
weekend house. It was summer and his parents yield to strip our clothes. We
running and playing naked, then we went to the garden's end, where no one
saw us.

There we sit down on the bench side by side. We began talking. Suddenly he
ask for me take his penis in my hand, and pull the foreskin back and
forth. I ask he why. He said because it's a funny and ticklish sensation,
and very good feeling. I agree. His penis was soft, but while I pulling the
foreskin it's began stiff.

My penis was already hard. I said him do it same to me. He did. First I
feel nothing, but later began a soft tickling in my glans. It was really
funny, and good feeling, as he said. We continue about 4 or 5 minutes, then
we stoped without reach the orgasm. I was wery excited and some clear stuff
oozed my penis, but I did nothing. Few days later I try again myself, and I
managed to reach a dry orgasm. One time, we playing naked again, in their
house. He laid down the floor, and hid his penis between his legs.

He was look like a girl. I laid on his top, then hug each other, and I
began moving my fully erect penis between us as if I fuck a girl.

During that time we kissing. Later, at 12 we regularly masturbate together
in naked, watch the other spurt of sperm. Some time I put in my mouth his
penis, and give him a blowjob. I like when he ejaculate in my mouth and I
swallow his sperm. He sometimes did same to me. I imagine sometimes that I
put in my penis to his ass, but we never did it.


I used to spend the night at my friend Andrew's all the time. We were about
7 or 8 maybe. I used to go over there, we'd stay up late after his parents
went to bed and play with a little vibrator that was meant for
massaging. We'd rub it on ourselves and have so much fun. Anyway, one night
we didn't have the vibrator and so we were a little deprived of sexual
outlet that night. It was late and it was dark in his room, we were both
sl**ping on the floor. Then, suddenly I feel his back of his body rubbing
up against the front of mine, which gave me an instant hardon. He turned
around and said "Does that feel good?" Of course I answered "Yeah."

Minutes later we were exploring each others bodies, taking turns pretending
we were each other's "girlfriends," taking off each others clothes and
pretending to have sex by getting on top of each other, rubbing and feeling
each other. I'm not sure how, but then it evolved into something he called
"Pennywise"...something about being anyone you want or something like
that. I was lured right in, and before I knew it we were fucking each other
in the ass! Of course we had to work with what we had, but it was so much

I slept over there pretty often, until I was 12.


I was camping with a group, sharing a tent with another boy, David. I was
12; he was 13. It was raining and we were stuck in the tent. He was sitting
near the door and I sat up to see what he was doing. He was playing with
his penis. I had only discovered masturbation a week or two before, and
pretended not to know what he was doing. He invited me to watch. His penis
was much bigger than mine and he asked if I wanted to do it to him. I did -
his penis felt amazing; so much fatter and longer than me. After a while he
came, which I could not yet, so I had never seen sperm come shooting out.

The next day we were in our sl**ping bags and he put his hand down inside
mine and started feeling me. It felt great. His hands were all over my
penis and balls. I did him again. I still remember how his penis felt - all
fat and much softer than my hard little one. I could not come for some
months, but later back at school we met up a few times and did it to each
other. Then I left and moved house - I never saw him again.


I was very naive but horny at 13. My cousin was a year younger than me, and
continuously touched my privates, which I though was naughty but nice. He
kept feeling my crotch everytime we had "fights", which were no more than
boys fights at the time. When I overcame him in these wrestling matches I
tried to kiss him as I lay on top of him, but he resisted. But I still got
to feel his hard on within his pants - what I loved was the feel of his
soft balls and I still do!

I also had a good friend called Peter who always wore very tight pants. I
used to grab his privates 'good time' and he would always roar with
laughter. So I assumed he liked it. One Saturday morning while I was in bed
he came to visit. He climbed up on the bed and he straddled me while we
chatted. I kept pulling him forward, smelling his crotch as he stradled
me. I smelled the pee in his pants and it drove me crazy.

Never had any need to get into water sports, but I can still smell Peter's
crotch from that time, the smell of wet and possibly hormones drove me


My first sexual experience was with Kenny. He and I were both 13. He slept
over at my place one night and I dared him to be naked in the dark. He
threw his underpants across the room. I did the same.

We lay there talking. We talked about sex, nudity, and so on. He was on a
mattress beside my bed. After a while, he asked "Can I touch it?". "Sure",
I said, so he reached over and touched my cock, which was bigger than
his. He invited me to touch his too - I did, and I felt him. He had no hair
yet. It felt warm, thick, hard, and long. When I held his, I started
shaking mine in his had. He felt so wonderful... a second later I came!

He had never seen cum before so he was startled. I apologised profusely. It
did not matter, he told me, it was OK.

I still relive this experience in almost every fantasy I ever have, even
when making love with my wife. If I could ever hold a boy that age in my
hand again... wow.


It happened when I was 11 while travelling with my parents on vacation. I
was so bored throughout the entire trip because of the travelling in
coaches. We got to know this guy who was in the same coach and he had a
rather charming smile. I was quite attracted to him and I could say that it
is really love at first sight. We then became friends and accompanying each
other no matter what we do and where we go.

One evening as we were travelling and we both sat on the back row, he
wrapped his arm around me and started caressing my body. The touch sent
warmth and tingling feelings all over my body. My groin had this funny
feeling and the rod in between started to get erect. He could see it as it
was very obvious. Slowly, he drew me closer to him and started kissing my
lips and then sticking out his tongue into my mouth. At the same time, his
hands were moving towards my private parts. I was very shocked and didn't
know what to do. Should I stop or let it happen?

The immense amount of urge finally won, I just kept quiet and let him did
it. Slowly, he unzipped my shorts and inserted his hand into it. The
stroking was so good that I ejaculated the moment his hand touched my
penis. The juice was all over his hand and he rubbed it off at the back of
the front seat!


I was a Jewish boy, a late physical bloomer, I knew nothing about sex, what
went where, etc. Coming from an affluent f****y, my housekeeper asked me if
I was ready for my Bar Mitzvah night. She proceeded to tell me that it was
customary for the Bar Mitzvah boys uncles, father and older b*****r to take
me to "the hooker" on the night of my Bar Mitzvah. Well, I was so
scared. So, that week, I hurriedly and frantically made plans for a few
friends to stay over my house after the bar mitzvah and open gifts with me
and then sl**p over.

So, one of the k**s that I invited to sl**p over was named Robert. He was
not one of my closest friends, but then I was desperate to have anyone
sl**p over, as that would protect me from having to go to the
"hooker". Well, long story short, all the other k**s went home around 9 or
10PM, but Robert's parents were going to be out late so he had to sl**p
over. As it turned out, the "custom" my housekeeper told me about was not
true and my father was in bed by 11PM as normal, probably without any clue
of this "hooker" thing. I was so relieved.

So, now I had Robert sl**ping over. I had always noticed that he was the
most wonderful looking k**-not Jewish. Dirty blond neat hair with some dark
streaks. He was on the swim team so his body was firm, yet soft, he had yet
to undergo puberty, same as me. Well, my b*****r's Bar Mitzvah gift to me
was a 1 yr. subscription to Playboy and I had the first issue in my room
with Robert and me that night.

We were both in our white jockey type underwear and t-shirts. We started
looking at the nude women. We both had boners. For some reason, I got up
the courage to ask Robert if he wanted a massage. He said sure and laid on
his stomach. I went under his shirt, rubbed his back and shoulders, his
arms, his feet, his legs and then finally his butt over his undies. He
squirmed with delight and I could feel his joy. I worked my hands inside
the back of his legs, carefully nudging his balls and probably his dick
too. I remember feeling inside of his underwear on the sides and reached
around and under to the front of his area surrounding the crotch. Rubbed
his penis a bit, making it seem accidental a few times. Then we switched
and he did pretty much the same to me.

Neither one of us came that night. And I think we were both so embarassed
that our friendship never really grew although in Little League a few years
later when we were 15, he was the team catcher and I always tried to get
into his pants, but he wasn't into it.

My attraction to him probably has caused the feelings I have that remain to
this day. Suffice it to say, it is probably the best, and about the only
memory I have of my Bar Mitzvah day.


Two years ago, I went with my dad to visit my aunt out of state, which I
hadn't done for years. I had forgotten that a long time ago, my aunt and
uncle had adopted a son, whose name was Leo. When I went to visit, he was
13. At first, I didn't think much of him; he was really quiet, always shy,
and loved to play on his computer.

We still got along. I stayed with my aunt over the summer, and my dad had
to return home because of a business trip. Leo and I stayed up late many
nights watching TV, and my aunt would go upstairs, close her door, and go
to sl**p early. One night, as we were flipping through the channels, we
found a scrambled porn channel. Leo left it for a long time, and this gave
me an erection. I noticed that Leo was really into the "show", and I
casually asked him if he had ever masturbated before.

To my surprise, he said no. I asked him if he would ever think of doing
it. He said yes, but when he was older. I immediately knew that he still
hadn't fully developed. So, again very casually, looking at the TV, I asked
if he knew how to do it. He said no, and right away, I asked if he would
want me to show him---friend to friend, that is. He waited some time, but
after a while, he said yes in a very nervous tone.

So I told him to grab some tissue paper and go wait for me in his room. He
did, and I went to the bathroom to wash my face because I couldn't believe
that this was really happening!! I've always liked girls, but I'd also
wanted to jack-off with another guy, just to see how it was like. I had
never had sex before.

So I went into the room, and he was on his bed pulling some tissues out. I
told him to take off his pants and then his boxers, which he did with a
little hesitation. I told him to lie down on the bed, and while he did, I
could feel myself getting a bigger erection. I spit into my hands and
rubbed them, and then I very carefully grabbed Leo's penis, which was of
medium size, smooth and had just a very small amount of hair on the base.

This made him shudder and close his eyes, but I told him everything was
alright. I started to pull up and down, up and down, very slowly, and I was
surprised when he started to laugh. I stopped, but he told me to keep
going. I showed him many techniques, even how to delay orgasm by stopping
the flow of cum. I stroked his sensitive spots, massaged his genitals,
rubbed his nipples, and taught him everything I knew. He cummed, and he was
very surprised at this, because he had never done it before.

After that, he just lay in bed, looking at the ceiling and laughing because
it had been so good. I took a bath and worked on myself (of course) and
also laughed because I still couldn't believe it had happened. Since then,
Leo and I have been like best friends.


I went to an all-boys boarding school for three years from age 11-14. My
first sexual experience was there, at age 12. There was another boy named
William who always acted like a girl, liked to dress up like one, everyone
said he was a fag.

One day me and another boy had him alone in the dorms. He was talking
really sexy and trying to grab our crotches, so suddenly, I pulled down my
pants and said, "here, is this what you want." He got all giggly and then
started to feel me. The other boy, named Jack, then did the same. I
remember I was so excited I started to shake as he felt my cock. Then we
heard someone coming so we quickly zipped up.

William came up to me a few minutes later and whispered, "I'll come to your
dorm after choir practice tonight." All three of us were in choir, and Jack
sat beside me on the bus coming home from practice and he said, "William
said he's coming over for us tonight."

We talked about it. we were both a little scared and excited. So we went to
bed (we were both in the same dorm) and sure enough after about five
minutes wally came in. First he went to Jack's bed. I could hear them
giggling, then I guess Jack got a little scared because I heard him say
quite loudly, "No! Fuck off, William."

So then William came to my bed. By that time I was so excited I could
hardly stand it. I was shaking. I have always had a big cock, and William
slipped into bed and started telling me how big it was and stuff. He was
feeling my cock very gently and telling me what a man I was. William was a
bit shorter than me and had a smaller cock. he slipped off his shorts and
we were both naked, rubbing our coks together.

I was so turned on. then he started to go down on me, I mean he started to
lick me, first my neck and then down to my nipples, then slowly working his
way down to my throbbing cock. then, holy fuck, he starts to suck my dick.

It was incredible feeling, and I came in about 20 seonds. I had never
actually come before, and it was in William's mouth. he kind of gagged, but
he swallowed it! After that he and I had a lot of good times together.

He would always initiate it, by coming to me and saying meet me in the
teachers' basement, which was where we'd always go. He loved to suck me and
I also fucked him a few times.


When I was nine years old I had an adult friend who was 35. I was a shy boy
and had no friends. I met him when I was playing all alone on the parking
lot at our local train station. He asked me if I was also interrested in
trains and he told me that he had model trains with him at home. I went
over to his house and we played together with those little trains. This
went on for a couple of weeks and I asked my mother, who already knew about
him at the time, if I could spent the night with him. It was no problem for
her, knowing that I finally had a friend to spend time with.

That night he told me that he had feelings for me and that he wanted to
show me something very sspecial. He took off my pj's and started to stroke
me all over my little naked body.

After a while he asked if he could touch my penis and after some
hesitation, I agreed. The first touch by his gentle fingers felt strange
and after a few minutes, I got an erection. This was a sign for him and
without asking, he started to suck me. My god! This was the most wonderful
feeling I've ever felt in my whole life!

It was a bit strange at the beginning but after a while, I've experienced a
warm feeling between my legs. My friend was very tender with my penis and
after I while, I came for the first time in my life.

This relationship went on for several years until we moved to another
city. Those few years were the best of my c***dhood and I'll never forget
them. The people that I've shared this story with, think that I was
m*****ed but I can assure you, it wasn't.

My wish is to meet him for one more time so I can thank him for the years
that he cared and loved me.

I'll never forget it.


My first real sexual experience was with a guy about 25 or so, I was
12. Although I had been masturbating for a few years already, one day I was
coming home from school, walking through the park. I was feeling very horny
and wanted to masturbate. My 12 year old cock was already stiff inside my
undies and I wanted to do it badly.

Well this old toilet block in the park was just the place I needed. In I
go, no one there, I went into a stall, it had all the necessary holes in
the walls and the door and all the sexy writing all over the place. Took my
pants and underpants down, standing there with a stiff cock, reading the
sexy notes on the wall. I put my stiff cock through one of the holes in the
wall, it felt good and very sexy.

All of a sudden I heard someone come in. I quickly jumped back and sat down
pretending to be busy with toilet. This guy went into the stall next to
mine, I coudn't help but take a peek through the hole. I saw him take his
pants down and sit down on the seat. In a short while I saw him rubbing his
cock up and down, like I did when I masturbated.

I had not seen anyone do this before, and it made me feel very sexy. Hoping
he wouldn't look through the hole I took hold of my now very stiff 12 year
old penis and started to rub up and down on it. Absorbed in my own
thoughts, knowing he was in there doing the same thing, I was feeling
extremely horny and was masturbating real hard now. All of a sudden a voice
came through the hole, I jumped out of my skin with fright.

I saw him looking through the hole, watching me jerk off. Quickly I covered
it up as best I could. Then I saw something that frightened me a bit, his
cock was now poking through the hole. I was big and he had a foreskin like
me. I heard him say "play with it" so very cautiously I just touched it for
a start, he was going back and forward with his cock through the hole.

He pushed it right in, it was about 6 inches in my stall, so I took hold of
it and started to rub it back and forward. I was now very excited and was
playing with myself while playing with his. He all of a sudden pulled right
back, he looked throught the hole and said to me "I am comning in with
you". I froze with fright.

He gently pushed the door of my stall open, I offered no resistance what so
ever. In he came, stood there, looking at my 12 year old cock, it was still
stiff. He let his pants drop to the floor, standing there in front of me,
this huge cock and balls. He bent down and took hold of my stiffy, a thrill
coursed through my body, although I was still a little scared. He began to
masturbate me properly, I loved the feeling, of course at that age I
couldn't cum. He said put this in you mouth and suck it.

I wasn't sure if I was going to do that, but he came closer and put his big
stiff cock at my lips. I couldn't help but to open my mouth and let some of
it in. He moved back and forward, I was feeling absolutely over the moon, I
had never felt this way before.

Anyway, to cut to the chase, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and he said
jerk it off, so I rubbed back and forward, pulling his foreskin back and
then forward, he seemed to groan a little and then, HOLY COW! what's this,
he shot his load all over my shirt and my bare legs. I hadn't seen cum
before, and shit myself when it flew all over me.

He then cleaned himself up and went, leaving me high and horny. I had to
masturbate by myself then. But after that I went to that toilet when ever I
could. Masturbated heaps. A year later I had my first orgasm in that same
toilet, by myself. But I have had many boys and a couple of older guys
since then. In that toilet.


Last year, when I was 14, I just moved into a new house, I stayed in the
basement, and I will never forget that room down there. I quickly made
friends with a BEAUTIFUL 13 yr old across the street named Travis. We got
very comfortable with each other and spent all day everyday in my room.

One day we talked about masturbation and we decided to jack off, he was
embarrassed about his cock being too small so we did it in the dark by
ourselves. Afterwards I said I had been watching him and I thought it
wasn't small at all. So we started touching each other, we were naked in no
time and hugging and kissing like mad.

I have never kissed anyone so hard. I starting sucking his dick and stopped
and looked to see if it was ok, his eyes were closed and he looked like he
was having a good time, so I turned around and put my dick in his face and
we both sucked each other off.

That was the best feelign in the world!!!!!! Everyday we'd suck each others
dicks. We'd shower together and jerk each other off in there, we'd sl**p in
the same bed, we'd skinny dip together, we did everything together,
naked. I miss you Travis!!!


When I was 11 we went to the beach for 2 weeks. I met up with several
boys. The oldest was 16 and I was the youngest. He was the leader. One day
the 2 of us were together and it started to rain. We went to his place as
it was closest.

We were both pretty wet so he told me to get undressed and get in there spa
to warm up. I kept my undies on but he got in naked which made me
embarrassed a little. When it got time to get out it was even more
embarrassing as I had a stiffy which pushed my undies out. He say it and
laughed. He asked I knew what sperm was and if I wanted to see any. I said
yes and he made his cock stiff and started to wank off.

He got me to help him when his hand was a bit tired. It was scary but
exciting. after a while he spurted out. it was amazing to see some of it
landed on my stomach undies and leg. He licked it off me. it was amazing
and a little gross that someone would lick cum. It was ticklish when he
licked it off my leg and tummy but a bit scary when he licked it off my

My dick was stiff and I felt uncomfortable. He said he needed to wash my
undies and slipped them off me before I really new what to do. It was very
embarrassing now that naked and I just lay on his bed frozen. he started to
play with me to see if I had any cum in me but I didn't have any yet. he
then licked my dick for a long while. I just lay there it was great.

After that we tried to get him to cum again. his hand got tired again and I
had to do it. It took much longer than before but we finally got more to
come out onto my tummy and dick. he licked it off me again. he put some in
my mouth but I didn't like it. He sucked me again then we got back in the
spa and played with each other some more.

He wanted me to suck him but when he put it in my mouth it was gross. he
didn't take it out straight away and it was awful I started to be sick and
he took it out. I didn't spew but it was close. after he sucked me off one
more time and I left. Next day he acted like nothing had happened it was
real strange.

It wasn't for another 3 days before he invited me over for a spa and we did
it all again. It was the best holiday I've ever had

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