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Tgirl fun

Because it was a little cold I went out dressed in a nice pair of tailored jeans, which show of my bum beautifully, black bra, lacy top and a really tarty shimmering jacket. I was wearing a lovely pair of ankle boots and was able to quickly slip out the front door of my house and into my car. It felt wonderful to be dressed up and driving through the rainy streets. People were able to look at me when I stopped at traffic lights but no one seemed to notice anything amiss. I wasn't able to park too close to Mandy's flat so had a longish walk before I got to her front door. I loved the sound of my heels clacking on the pavement and the sheer feeling of naughtiness about what I was doing and was about to do. Mandy was shorter than me (I'm 5'10") and thinner. We went up to her lounge where we chatted for a while. There were plenty of sex toys lying around so her intent was clear. When I mentioned this to her she told me a story about 2 T-girls who had been to her flat previously. Mandy was deeply impressed that one of them was able to take a rather large dildo and push it deep into her pussy with very little effort. She showed me the dildo and I thought I can manage that easily! I know this sounds very slutty but I quickly lubed up the dildo and was able to sit on it and slide it deep inside me. Mandy was speechless but then quickly decided that this needed to be captured on film. Whilst the dildo was still deep inside me we started kissing and the sucking each other. This went on for a while before Mandy went out of the room to get something. I decided that I was really going to impress her by taking a long double ended dildo and pushing it into my pussy with the first dildo still buried deep inside there. She came back to find that I had 2 of her sex toys inside me! She quickly slipped onto the other end of the double dildo and we had a great time fucking each other and playing with our cocks. After a short break, Mandy lowered herself onto my rock hard cock, we then changed position and I took her doggy style and really made her squeal with pleasure as I f***ed myself hard and deep inside her. Just as I was about to cum I pulled back a little so that I came just inside her ring. I was able to give her a beautiful cream pie that trickled down onto her balls and the tops of her stockings.

Riding Mandy's dildo whilst she takes pictures

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