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Sukky Foxxe - contracted pornstar

The continuing story of Sukky Foxxe, one time glamour model, now a porn star, and more!!!!

Contract Girl

The Euro star thundered into the channel tunnel. The internal lights flashed by in a blaze of green, blues and gold’s. She glimpsed the occasional worked, frozen in a burst of light. Sukky relaxed into her seat, and closed her eyes. She dozed, and then slept. Sukky woke as the train slowed at Brussels’ Midi. She had to change trains here, onto the Belgium/Dutch intercity, which would take her to her destination. Sukky carried her bag to the other platform. It wasn’t heavy, just her wheeled carryon suitcase, not even full. She was missing Joe already, he would normally do the carrying, but he couldn’t come with her, he had his own work, this wasn’t a day’s booking, not even two. So she was on her own. Sukky took her seat, smoothing the skirt of her smart business suit under herself, just as the train lurched forward. It was a slow train, but clean, and efficient. How different to British trains. The Belgium, then the Dutch countryside flashed by, past neat gardens, and pretty little houses, and soon Sukky was there. She got off the train, and walked to the barrier, in a crush of other passengers. Sukky was supposed to be met, by a company rep. She looked about, and saw a young man, wearing a smart deep blue suit, he waved in her direction. He greeted her, and took her bag. He spoke precise, but accented English. They walked to the front of the station, where his car waited. Very nice, an almost new Mercedes. He pulled away, and they drove through the city. He explained The Company was based on the outskirts. Central Amsterdam was soon left behind. The young man, Johann, stopped at the front of what looked like a huge warehouse, three or was it four storeys high. He took her in. The foyer was smart, and very business like, all glass and chrome. The staircase was open, but with glass treads, the handrails, highly polished chrome. Even the desk was clear glass, with just a modesty strip frosted. Behind the desk, a glass elevator. The person she was meeting, from their legal department would be about ten minutes, he apologised for the delay. Sukky took the opportunity to visit the ladies. She checked her make up, and “freshened up”.
Max greeted her, and took her to his office. He was the legal director. They went over the details of the contract Sukky was being offered. She had been sent a copy several weeks before, and had already gone over the detail with Joe, Chris, and a solicitor. Ophelia was contracted to them, and had given her an insight into The Company. This was The Company Chris had sold some of her first photo’s to, it was they that had brought the videos of her with Valerie, and Leon. The contract spelt out what was required of her. It guaranteed work for the next two years. Sukky would be paid a salary, and well paid, very well. But it was exclusively with the company. No other shoots for other photographers. She would miss seeing Chris. She was also to attend business receptions, dinners, “parties” and promotions, as required by The Company, for which Sukky would receive bonus payments over and above the agreed salary. At the end of the period, she would be very comfortably off indeed. “If you are absolutely sure, please sign.” He said. Sukky signed. For the next two years, her body was there’s, to photograph, film, and fuck. She was not to have any relationships, other than with Joe, unless the company authorised it. Even Joe had to have a monthly bl**d test, to make sure he didn’t pass anything onto her. Sukky’s sexual favours were the companies, if required she was to use them at the receptions, and parties she had to attend for the company. If they said fuck, then Sukky would fuck, A porn actress yes, and a high class company prostitute? For this Sukky was to be paid, and extremely well paid indeed. She would be in her book at least, be bl**dy rich.
That done, it was time for her to meet some of the people she would be working for, and with, both here in the Netherlands, but also in Britain. There would also be overseas trips, to the exotic. At the expense of the company, her contract stipulated. Sukky couldn’t wait. Sukky was also introduced to her new Doctor, another company stipulation. She was middle aged, and German. She would check her over, take bl**d samples, and issue the health certificates, which would enable Sukky to work. No certificate, equalled no work. She would be taking very good care of Sukky indeed, as it was made clear. The company would be investing heavily in her, and would want a return on that money. She took Sukky to her surgery, and completed some forms. Her Doctors records would be forwarded from England. bl**d pressure checks. Then it was bl**d samples, and a smear. She prescribed a new contraceptive pill, one that allowed her, not Sukky to control when and if she had a period. Nothing would get in the way of work. Sukky liked her.
Next, a stop off at the wardrobe department. Sukky was measured, naked. Bust, waist hips, length of her back, neck to the top of her bum. Neck to the top of her crotch. Length of legs, inner leg, outer leg. Thigh thickness. Shoe size, ankle width. Then she was measured for a G-string. That was a job Joe would enjoy, G-string measurer. Even the outside dimensions of her pussy were measured.
“Anywhere else you guys want to put that tape measure.” She laughed. Her new clothes, supplied by the company would be delivered to her flat tomorrow. She would dress as the company wanted her to dress. Then it was time for lunch, where work it seemed was the sole topic of conversation.
Sukky was booked for some publicity shots that afternoon, then it would be down to work proper tomorrow. She showered, then went into the make up room, where her hair would be done, and make up applied. Make up girls, and a hairdresser. Sukky emerged two hours later, with a new hair cut - cropped short. The company had decided that Sukky would look good with a very short crop, bleached blonde. She was not consulted. That was a surprise to her, but it did look good. The make up, expertly applied, dark smoky eyes, false eye lashes, bright red lips, which went great with the blond hair. Wardrobe again, where she was given a rail of clothing, all in her very exact size, for the shoot. Sukky dressed in the first outfit.
Then onto the set. There would be a series of stills. The photographer was a true sweetie, gay as a daffodil. Click, click, click. A couple in an evening dress, a beautiful long taffeta dress, with a semi see through bodice. Sukky stripped for the camera, posing as they wanted. Some underwear shots, followed by a lot of nudes, with the inevitable open pussy shots, and some with various vibrators. The time flashed by, and they were done.
Sukky was just putting her panties on when she noticed Johann standing in the doorway. For some strange reason she felt embarrassed, having him seeing her dressing. He smiled “ As soon as you’re decent I’ll run you to the apartment you are using for the next three weeks, and when ever you are in town, its not far”
Sukky pulled her knickers into place, then put a bra on, some shoes, and a dress, as he watched her dress, never once looking away. “Ready,” she announced, unnecessarily.
He drove her to a smart town house, on the edge of the city. He gave here the door code, and showed her how to work the alarm. There were six apartments, each with its own small kitchen, and shower room, with a sitting area with its own telly, and DVD player. This will be your apartment. No one else will use it. It had a separate coded entry lock. There was a small bistro opposite, which he recommended.
“Early call tomorrow, so don’t be tempted by the city lights,” he warned her. “I’ll collect you at seven thirty. Be ready, Make up is at eight. Oh, and here are tomorrows scripts”
Sukky took the scripts. She was knackered, and fell asl**p, half of tomorrows work un read.

Make up the following morning took just on the hour. Then dressed in a high necked blouse, and tight pencil skirt, with some gorgeous silk underwear, Sukky walked onto the set, in the highest of heels. The shoot began. There were lots of people on the set. God there were. Sukky obviously. Two stills photographers. Four came****rsons. Sound men, director, several people with clip boards, electricians, and many more. Make up artists. Quite a crowd. Not so long ago she’d have run a mile at just the thought of just standing in front of so many people. Now, well now she was stripping off, and preparing to masturbate, with all these people watching. Not just watching, taking pictures, being filmed. And being told how to do it. Like she didn’t know. This was different, it was for the camera. Sukky felt like a girl on her first day at a new school.
“Ok, lets get started, we have a lot to get through today, only Sukky is doing anal today,” the director called out Sukky walked to her “mark.” The camera’s started, and the stills photographers began their work. Sukky soon forgot about crowded studio, and concentrated on the camera. The skirt, dropped from her hips, and unbuttoned the blouse. She ran her fingers over the top of the gorgeous silk thong. Then bent her arms behind her back. Sukky unclipped her bra, dropped it forward, then let it fall. She squeezed her tits, rubbed her nipples between her fingers, and thumbs. The were both erect. Sukky bent her head, and licked one of them. She moved her hands down, and slipped one hand inside the silky knickers.
“Cut. That’s great love.” Right now we want you over there, on the sofa, on you’re back, legs open.” Sukky moved over to the sofa, and took up position. Her hand started its work inside her panties. She fingered herself, closed her eyes. Mmmm, that’s felt nice, she thought. Then she lowered the knickers, to just above the knee, stretching them wide, and continued playing with her by now very wet cunt, and sliding a finger into her arse. The stills photographers clicked away. Sukky moaned with pleasure. “Cut.”
What, she was just getting going.
“Ok, we’ll re start, time for the vibrators, and for fuck sake, make sure there’s a butt plug for her” The boy from props, brought over the necessary toys. He looked as if he should still be in school. Two vibrators, one very big, the other a small gold clit buzzer. With them was a butt plug, with a diamante cap. That would be what would be seen, when she had the thing inserted, just the diamante cap. Sukky got going again, using the larger of the toys. It really buzzed nicely, that was nice. Her hand touched the bottom of the toy, and found the second switch, flicked it, and it started to pulse, as well as buzz. God that hit the spot. Sukky felt that feeling in the bottom of her stomach, and came with a load groan. She held the big vibro with her pussy muscles, then reached for the little vibro, switched it on, and touched her clit with it, bl**dy fantastic, she felt herself starting to come again. Don’t stop now, she couldn’t stop now even if the director said “cut.” Sukky finished with her little friend, and reached for the butt plug. She sucked it, before reaching behind herself, and pushed it home. Then laid back, arched her back, and let out an involuntary groan.
“Cut, and lunch, thank you everybody.”
The director called Sukky over. “Your doing smashing. Can you walk with the butt plug in, and in heels?”
“I am not sure, I‘ve never had a butt plug”
“Well give it a try will you.”
Sukky walked back to the sofa, re inserted the butt plug into her arse. Then walked back to the director.
“Walk about a bit more for me, will you.” She walked around the set, a few times, wiggling her hips.
“Bend over a little for me, will you”
Sukky bent forward.
“Looks good, you have the bum for it.” The director was satisfied.
“Great, time for your salad, and mineral water” He laughed, a nice laugh.
She could get to like him, she thought. Sukky eat her salad, and drank my mineral water with the make up girls.

Half an hour later the work started again. “Where’s that fucking butt plug” Sukky heard the props boy shout. She walked over to him, stood in front of him, and bent over, parting her bum cheeks with her hands. The diamante end of the butt plug twinkled in the lights. She’d left it in over lunch, and liked the feeling.
The cameras began turning again. This time Sukky had to re-dress, in the clothes she had earlier stripped out of. Only the butt plug remained in. Once re-dressed, Sukky had to walk across the room. Then they “cut”, and moved to another part of the building, where there was a staged staircase. The butt plug remained where it was, and she glided down the stairs. Then moved yet again, for the final scene of the day. An entrance hall set. Here she greeted some “friends”, who had come to play! Two lady friends, who were “fascinated” by the butt plug. It was, Sukky decided hers! In various states of undress they had a full on three girl scene. Sukky was the blonde, there was a redhead, she was about ten years older than Sukky, and a young brunette, who was very young, but must have been eighteen, because that is the minimum age, even if she looked much younger. The other two played with butt plug, whilst Sukky licked each of their pussy’s in turn. Enter two guys, who joined in. At last Sukky was going to get fucked. A face full of pussy is all very nice, but she liked a cock as well. Sukky sucked one of the guys, the brunette licked her clit. Then at last, Sukky got some cock in her cunt. Aaah. The butt plug was still in place, and the feeling of that, and the cock was great. They moved around, and Sukky had the other guy, and the redhead. Then the butt plug was removed, and a cock took its place. Sukky came twice before the scene ended. A good day, but bl**dy hell, it was hard work. She was going to have earn the money she was being paid.
Sukky was about to go for a shower, before changing and heading to the apartment.
“The producer wants to see you” said the gofer. The gofer was a k**, who looked about sixteen. “Nice tits” he said.
Cheeky little bugger. Sukky put a wrap on, and wearing heels, went to find the producer, who she had yet to meet. The butt plug was where it belonged, at least for now, up her arse. Sukky knocked and entered his office. The producer was the “wanker” from the day Sukky had met Ophelia.
“Hello” he said. “ Enjoying yourself again I see.”
Sukky knew what he wanted. He wanted a blow job, just as he had had every day at the London shoot. Oh well, why not. Sukky took off her wrap, and knelt naked between his knees, and unzipped him. She pulled his dick out, and went to work on it. God, she’d forgotten how big he was, it was huge. He had one of the biggest dicks Sukky had ever seen. Not only long, but thick. She opened her mouth, and took it in, wanking him with her hand at the same time. He came in her mouth. Sukky swallowed, catching a little dribble with her finger. She licked it clean. “Come to diner with me tomorrow night?”
“Are you asking, or is it part of my contract?”
“Its part of you’re contract, but, I am asking, please, pretty please”.
Sukky agreed, even though she really had no choice in the matter.
“Keep the plug” He said as she left the office. Sukky shut the door, and smiled.
It had been a good first day, but she was exhausted.

The next day’s filming flew by, and before Sukky knew it, the car arrived to take her to the apartment. Sukky showered, and made herself up. She dressed, in black underwear, stockings, and a little black dress. Every girl should have a little black dress. Sukky’s was black, and very little. It had been delivered that day, supplied by the wardrobe department. The Company had re stocked her wardrobe, from underwear, to evening dresses, to shoes, there was nothing they hadn‘t thought of. Sukky would wear what they wanted her to wear, nothing remained of her own clothes, they were all gone. Even her little suitcase had been replaced by several Louis Viton cases. She looked at herself in the mirror. “Looking good girl, this line of work is agreeing with you.” Strange really, Sukky had never thought of herself as a nypho, but she was enjoying all the sex. It was just sex, but very enjoyable all the same. The entry phone rang. Her “date” had arrived. She was about to leave, when she remembered something. Sukky popped into the bedroom, collected the butt plug. She lowered her knickers, and pushed her new best friend home. Then went down into the night.
Dinner was at one of Amsterdam clubs. Very expensive, very posh. The meal was to die for. She had been surprised to find she was not alone. Surprised, but also delighted. Ophelia was there. It was good to see her again. They adjourned to one of the private rooms, where they chatted like old girlfriends. The producer coughed. He was being ignored. Rude of them really. They looked up. There he was standing naked, massaging his big dick. Ophelia and Sukky smiled at each other, both licked his dick. They both worked hard on him, and he came quickly, which was what they both wanted. Then continued their fun with each other, the producer watching. Ophelia was delighted with the butt plug. “Still liking it up the arse I see” she laughed.
The producer re joined them. Sukky was amazed to see he had a hard on, already.
“Viagra is a wonderful thing” he said, “wonderful”
His pushed his cock into Ophelia, and fucked her hard.
“Now you sweetie” he said to Sukky.
Sukky got astride him, lowering herself slowly onto him. He was big, so big. They fucked, then he and Ophelia fucked, all the time Ophelia, and Sukky enjoyed each other. Sukky thought Ophelia was gorgeous, and Ophelia felt the same about Sukky. Ophelia had been overjoyed when Sukky had been given a contract, and had done what little she could to ensure that was the case. Sukky remembered the night when she had shared her with Joe. He had enjoyed fucking her as well, but they had spent most of that night together, Joe watching. Even so Sukky felt a pang of guilt that she was here without him. The producer withdrew from her cunt, and pushed his way into her arse. Fucking hell, he was big, Sukky groaned. This was the biggest dick she had taken in the “back door”.
“Just go with it, like the first time” Ophelia whispered in her ear. Then she nibbled her ear lobe. Sukky did, as suggested. Ophelia started to lick Sukky ’s clit, and then she had the biggest orgasm of a day of orgasms. Fucking hell, this was going to be a night to remember. They fucked the night away. It was nice to fuck for the fun of it. They left the club together. The producer’s car dropped them at Sukky’s apartment. Ophelia was staying the rest of the week, as they were working together tomorrow. Tomorrow, today. Ophelia looked at her watch, only five hours, before the early morning call.
Sukky woke up before the alarm, she was cradled in Ophelia’s arms. Was she falling in love with her? Then what about Joe? Could she be in love with the two of them at the same time? Ophelia opened her eyes, and Sukky knew the answer.
“Hello love” Ophelia said with an early morning husky voice.
They showered at work, and went into make up together. They had a day of each other. Ophelia would be playing the “mistress”. Sukky was the wife of one of her “clients.” Plenty to look forward to. Sukky watched her do her first scene. She “disciplined” the guy. Sukky felt herself become aroused. Her nipples were rock hard.
“My turn next!” Sukky almost shouted.
After what seemed an age it was Sukky’s turn, she was tied to a St Andrews Cross, hand and foot. Legs spread wide. She was then gagged, with a red ball gag. Left there while Ophelia continued to work on the guy. Then she turned her full attention to Sukky. By the end of the scene she was sweating as if she had just run the London marathon. Sukky could hardly breathe. She had, had a mild electric current passed through her clit, which was turned higher until she screamed with pleasure. The current continued, and Sukky pissed herself.
“Fucking hell, that was incredible.” She said to Ophelia later, “fucking incredible.”
Ophelia smiled. “You’re only just beginning, with The Company, there will be many more days like that, and others when you’d wish you’d never heard of The Company.”

Several days later, the Producers car collected them both from the flat. They were both dressed up to the nines. A new butt plug had been delivered to Sukky , gift wrapped, wear it tonight the card had said. It was bigger than the other one, but fitted snugly, as arm in arm they walked down to the car. Only the driver was in the car. They got in, and the car drove off. He took them to the producers club. This was one of those “parties” the contract had specified Sukky was to attend. They got out, and was e****ted in by the manager. He showed them to a private room at the top of the building.
“What’s going on? Sukky asked. Ophelia didn’t know any more than Sukky did. The room was plush. Deep buttoned leather sofas, and chairs. A small raised area was in the far corner. The room was buzzing as they entered. Businessmen with their wives, or mistresses, all dressed in amazing dresses. They took a drink, and eat some of the nibbles. The bubbly flowed. Neither of them were working the following day, so they drank a glass. Then the Producer took them both by the arms, and took them to the raised area, which looked more and more like a stage. It was a stage Sukky realised. He spoke to the party goers. Introducing them both. Then to Sukky’s amazement, he announced they would do a live show, just to get the party going. Sukky looked at Ophelia, and she looked at Sukky. Sukky shrugged her shoulders. Ophelia smiled, and the tip of her tongue was on her top lip. Not so long ago Sukky was nervous at a nude photo shoot. She thought open leg shots were a big deal. Now she was a porn actress, and it seemed about to do her first live show. Sukky knew it would not be the last. Ophelia took a step towards her. She took hold of Sukky’s head, with both hands. She pulled her face towards hers, and kissed Sukky deeply. She kissed her back, and as she did so, she felt her lifting the hem of her y dress above my bum. She caressed Sukky’s arse, probing with her fingers. Sukky reached behind Ophelia’s neck, and undid her dress, a halter neck. The dress dropped away, and she stood there in just her knickers, and heels. Sukky kissed Ophelia’s nipples, biting them lightly. Sukky’s dress joined hers in the floor. Sukky felt her hand between her legs. She stroked her pussy, making Sukky’s knickers wet. By now they were on the sofa and centre stage. Ophelia laid back, and Sukky bent across her, her bum to the audience. Ophelia pull Sukky’s knickers down. Sukky heard several of the women remark on her new sparkly butt plug. Bending lower, arse in the air, Sukky put her face in Ophelia’s cunt. Like hers it was wet. Sukky went to work on her clit, and then pushed her tongue between Ophelia’s pussy lips. They continued, both coming several times.
“I needed a drink.” Sukky whispered in her ear.
“Signal the waiter, and he can bring us both one.”
Sukky looked around the room. Most of the people had stopped watching, most of the women were down to their undies, and were being fondled by one or more of the other guests. Some were fucking on the floor, or in the various chairs, and sofas, that furnished the room. Sukky waved at the waiter. He came over. “Two glasses of bubbly, darling”
“Certainly madam” he said, as if this were the Ritz, and they were not two sweaty girls, who had moments before been having sex with each other, in front of a room full of people.
He returned a few minutes later, silver tray, two glasses, and a bottle of champagne. He opened the bottle, with a pop. Filled the two glasses, and put the bottle on a small table to the side of the sofa. They both sat, and sipped their drinks. It was their turn to watch. The party had turned into a full blown orgy. They had done their part. They got their clothes, and slipped away.
The manager saw them leave the room. “I’ll arrange for your car, the producer asked me to see you got away safely, and asked me to give you these.” He handed each an envelope. While they waited for the car, they opened them. Each contained three thousand euros‘, and a note. “Thanks” it said. A very nice little bonus.

The Chairman

It was Wednesday morning. On Friday she was travelling home, to Joe. She had a week off. She realized that she had been working harder than expected. Three, sometimes four scenes a day, were bl**dy hard work. Most nights she had been in bed before nine. As to the night life in the city, forget it. Since the night out with the producer Sukky had not been out, except to the corner shop for groceries. Ophelia had gone away last week, to work on a video in Sweden. Sukky had missed her so much, it almost hurt.
As Sukky arrived for work, the receptionist, a stuck up bitch if ever Sukky saw one, called her over. “Can you go and see Claire, as soon as possible.” She said in a haughty tone. Who the bl**dy hell did she think she was, that’s what Sukky wanted to know. She walked to the admin offices, and found Claire. Claire was a treasure, Sukky had soon discovered. She knew everybody. She was also Sukky’s assistant. She made appointments, kept her diary, made sure Sukky knew when she was filming, and in which studio. In short made sure Sukky was where she should be, and on time. She had even sent Joe an email, telling him which train Sukky would be on, on Friday evening, and had booked the seats, first class! She also had a secret crush on Sukky.
“Hello.” Claire said “Got some exciting news for you.”
“Exciting, your not pregnant are you?” Sukky said.
“No, exciting for you, you’re finishing earlier than planed this afternoon. I will come and get you. You are having diner with the chairman.”
“But doesn’t he live in the South of France, somewhere.”
“Yes, that’s what’s so exciting, his plane is collecting you, then bringing you home, after dinner.” She said flushed with excitement.
Sukky had heard all about out mysterious chairman. He was as rich as they came. Once a year did he appear here at the studios. He was a bit of a recluse, or so Sukky was told.
“I’ve booked you in to have your hair done, at three. Then make up. Wardrobe will provide you with an outfit. The plane leaves at five, the car will be here at four thirty.”
“Four thirty, what about check in?”
“Honey, it’s a private jet, you go straight to the plane, in the car.”
Sometimes Sukky could be a little on the blonde side. Claire was on set at a quarter to three. Sukky was just finishing her scene, with two muscular guys. Claire watched as they fucked her. Sukky finished up, and walked, naked over to Claire. She handed Sukky a wrap, and they walked down to the showers.
“I wish I could be fucked like that, I mean by two hunks.” she said.
Sukky smiled at her, “One day perhaps, eh.”
After Sukky showered Claire took her down to have her hair done, then make-up. Then dressed in a loose fitting dress, she took Sukky to the car. The driver drove swiftly to the airport. Claire seated beside Sukky, handed her an envelope. In it were her passport, and airport passes, for here and France.
“You won’t need either, but just in case, they’re there. In the back is a case with what you are to wear tonight. Change at the Chairman’s, the butler will show you where. Good luck, oh, and here is the jewellery you are to wear with the dress. Don’t loose them, I had to sign for them, they’re real!”
The car stopped, and Sukky got out. The driver was already passing the case into the aircraft, as Sukky boarded. Flying Ryanair doesn’t prepare you for private jet travel. The seats were leather, there was plenty of room. There was no fight for a seat, Sukky was the only passenger. They took off. The steward, brought her a glass of mineral water. She went up to the cockpit, and looked out through the windows, as the Netherlands passed swiftly beneath them. Time for a nap, Sukky thought. She had no idea what to expect.
They landed at a private airstrip near the Chairman’s villa. A chauffer driven Rolls was waiting. Talk about style. She was driven swiftly to the villa. Electric gates opened as they approached. The villa was surrounded by high walls. The car stopped at the front entrance, and the butler glided down the steps, and opened the car door. He then took Sukky inside, the driver bringing the case in. He was charming. He showed Sukky to “her” room. She had an hour to dress. He would fetch come an e****t her to the dining room.
He left Sukky alone. She opened the jewellery case. In it was a fabulous choker necklace, and a matching pair of earrings. Platinum, and diamonds. Sukky opened the other case. In it was the most beautiful evening dress. It was deep red in colour, the material so fine, it was, Sukky saw totally see through. She took it out. There was matching silk knickers, they too were totally transparent. Strappy evening sandals completed the outfit. Sukky dressed carefully, after retouching her make up. Having cropped hair, was a great advantage, as it pretty much took care of itself. Sukky looked at herself in the mirror. In the transparent material of the dress her breasts looked good, her nipples could clearly be seen, her pussy only slightly obscured by two layers of the gossamer thin material. The butler knocked discreetly on the door. Time to meet the man himself. Sukky was so nervous, more so than her first photo shoot, or even first video.
“Hold yourself together girl.” She thought.
Sukky walked into the dining room. It was small, with a table for perhaps twelve people. Sukky saw that the table was set for four. The Chairman, a tall man, with greying hair, and an outdoor tan greeted her. He looked fifty ish, but Sukky knew from what Claire had told her, he was nearer seventy. He had broad shoulders, and a soft Irish accent, and a warm smile.
“Come in, welcome. I am so sorry to have to fetch you down here at such short notice, I hope you don’t mind, here let me get you a drink, and then I’ll introduce the others.”
He ordered a martini. He then introduced the two other people in the room. One was the Chief Executive of a shipping firm. With him was a very pretty woman, his “niece” perhaps. They chatted amongst themselves, small talk. Then sat down to dinner, the meal was fabulous. The wine flowed, but Sukky sipped at her drinks, Sukky didn’t want to get even the slightest bit tipsy. After diner they danced on the terrace, under the moonlight. The chairman wanted to know all about her, what had she done before, how was she settling in. Was the work load too much. Sukky answered as best as she could. The Company was thus far great. Sukky couldn’t wish for a better employer. That seemed to please him.
Then suddenly out of the blue, he took her in his arms, and kissed her. Just a light kiss, his lips brushing against her lips. It was electrifying. And that was it. Sukky had thought she had been brought here to be the Chairman’s plaything for the evening. But no, he just wanted a companion for dinner, someone to make up a foursome. The night was over. He kissed her hand, and showed her to the car. As it whisked her away, to the airport, he waved her goodbye. He was after all, in spite of his millions, a lonely man.
The plane landed back at Schiphol just after two, a car was waiting, with Claire inside. She wanted the jewels. Sukky reluctantly handed them over to her. The car dropped Sukky outside her flat. Time for bed, tomorrow was a work day.
The week flashed past, Friday came, and it was time for Sukky to go home, home to Joe. She had a week to look forward to no work, no early mornings. Mmmm.

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