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The experiment

I'll admit that I was a little bit d***k when she sat down beside me at the hotel bar.

Another business trip, away from home, this was getting to be a drag, and sipping on some bourbon helped a little. The smell of her perfume as she sat down snapped me out of my haze, and I looked at her. She smiled, turned to the bartender and ordered a drink. Looking back at me, she said "Can I freshen your's up too, darling?" I must have looked like an idiot, staring dumbfounded at her. I looked down at my glass, then back to her and said "sure." Her voice was surprisingly deep, but she was pretty. I was uncomfortable. We sat in silence for a few minutes. She broke the ice. "Business trip, right? I can tell, you look tired and maybe a little bit discouraged." I replied that I was both, never taking my eyes from my glass. "thanks for the drink by the way, it was rude of me not to say thanks sooner." She smiled. "No worries hun. You know, I think I can help you out, make your trip a little bit better." I looked at her without speaking. Her eyes were hazel and she had on just the right amount of shadow to make them pop. And a vey subtle lipstick that made her lips look just a little wet. Very nice. I felt my dick begin stiffen.

"So how can you help me?" I asked. She replied "If you'll walk me to my room, I can help relieve your stress. I give great head, and I know a sure fire way to make you forget about your troubles." My dick was really coming alive now. I told her I was game, we finished our drinks and left the bar together. As we walked toward the lobby it occurred to me that she was taller than me, and her walk was just a little bit masculine. Alone in the elevator, she let me in on her secret. "I'm a crossdresser you know, a man like you. I know that I can give the fuck of your life, but if you want to back out now, it's ok. I'll walk out of the elevator when it stops and you can just stay on and ride it wherever. Nobody will be the wiser." The elevator stopped and I followed her to her room. My dick was on fire with anticipation.

Inside, she poured us each another drink and we sat on the edge of her bed. "I have something a little different in mind for you, I hope you're willing to experiment a little bit." I replied that I was already experimenting. She grinned, put down her drink, and began rubbing mu dick through my pants. We kissed, her lips and tongue were hot and moist and she tasted of the whiskey she was sipping. I was throbbing, my dick straining to be free of my pants. She undid them and pulled them down, thrust my dick into her mouth as if she'd never had one before. I think I yelled "jesus", but maybe I just imagined it. This girl could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch! What a fucking blowjob she gave me! I don't think I lasted for more than a minute before I came right into her mouth. She kept on sucking until my head was tender.

When she had tasting every last bit of me, she stood up and motioned with a cock of her head "Come with me, it's time for a little experimentation!" I stood up and she removed the rest of my clothes. We walked to the bathroom, where she laid a couple towels on the floor and reached into her travel kit. "Lay down on the towel." She held a Fleet enema in her hand. "I'm going to fuck your ass and want it to be clean, I don't like to get any shit on my cock." My head was in a fog. I lay down with my feet in the air, and she gently pushed the enema into my ass. The tip was cold at first, but lhe liquid felt kind of nice as it flowed into me. "This is one of MY favorite parts" she said as she removed the empty enema from me and tossed it into the trash can. "I absolutely LOVE the exquisite pain of holding the enema inside me until I can't hold it any longer. I'll tell you when you can get up and let it go." Seemed to be no trouble at first, but soon I had the feeling that I was going to shit all over myself. I squirmed and told her I needed to go, she told me to hold it longer. This was insane, but she was right, it felt really, really good. She finally let me rush to the toilet, and she kissed me and stroked my back while I pissed the warm fluid from my bowels.

She wiped me, and led me to the bed. I lay there and watched her strip, she left her stockings and heels on and they looked beautiful against her shaven legs. Her ankles were sexy, I wanted to caress her legs and kiss them, but I was afraid to move. She stared at me while she stroked her cock, and as it grew I could see that it was big. Not big, it was huge huge! Stiff and veined, with a large head that was almost purple. She was going to put that thing in my ass? She grabbed a tube of KY that was laying on the bed, lubed her hard dick, and told me to get on my knees. I did what i was told.

I felt her cock rubbing across my asshole, and then her head pushing against my sphincter. "Relax." she said, "Relax." I did what she said. The head of her cock slid into me. I gasped, it hurt a little but at the same time it felt nice. Really nice. Warm and filling. She was very gentle, easing herself into me ever so slowly until her entire shaft was buried in my ass. I could feel her pulse as she stood motionless, letting me get used to the feeling. Then she pulled it almost out quickly and my head started to spin. It felt so good. Back in very slowly, no more pain, only indescribable pleasure. Out quickly, in slowly. Out quickly, in slowly. She was an expert, and she was driving me insane. Her pace quickened, we rocked back and forth. I lost all track of place and time, I was in heaven. She had her hands on my ass, rocking me and moaning. Out almost all the way, pause, slice it back in, out quickly, back in. Now she comes out all the way, rubs the head around my sphincter, and gently slides it back in. Jesus fucking christ. Out, in, out in, rocking, pushing, pulling, filling my ass. Don't stop, please don't stop!

And then I came. Uncontrollably. I didn't even know it was going to cum. I spilled myself all over her bed. And I moaned. What pleasure this was. I had no idea. She began rocking me a little faster, moaning louder, rocking, moaning, out, in, out, in, moaning. I felt her stiffen and her cock began pulsing. I felt her hot cum shooting into me, her torso jerking above me. We were both moaning, covered with sweat, our hearts racing.

We collapsed on the bed and she kissed me, smiling. She was right, the tension was gone. She whispered "I want you to give ME and enema now."

I did what she said.

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