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I am such a slut...........12

I am such a slut...........12

Please read my other blogs to catch up. They are true and part confession, part cathartic. I am a man in the process of becoming a woman and loving it. I welcome your comments....Dani

I was lost with desire, dressed as a slut, a sissy slut. on my knees in a hotel room sharing the cock of a man named David who I had just met minutes earlier, sharing it with a young blonde woman who’s name I still did not know. Sucking his cock and licking his balls. Our tongues touching and sharing sensual kisses, all the while Derek, who’s personal slut I was quickly becoming, videoed. "Thats it Dani. Suck his cock," Derek said to me. "Oh what a sissy you are. What a slut. You really like that cock don't you Dani? Look at me as you suck him you little whore." And with David's cock in my mouth I looked up at the camera, almost smiling, filled with lust and desire and only wanting more. This is what I had become. This is what I desired. To be a whore, a slut. To be used by men. To suck them and lick them. To taste them. To feel them inside of me, deep inside of me. To feel them shoot their hot cum in me. I so longed to be their sexy feminine whore, willing to do whatever they might ask of me. I was in a trance, partly from the coke, partly from the pill that Derek had given me, and partly from my own wanton lust. I just wanted to suck that cock, nuzzle his balls, kiss them and serve him. I was a slut.

I felt a finger upon my assbud and felt it begin to go in and out. In and out. And again. How good it felt. I realized that the young woman was no longer beside me and I heard Derek say, "Julie, stick it in her" and I felt the tip of something larger begin to enter me. My body shook as my ass first parted to receive what was behind me. “Fuck her ass with that strap on Julie” I heard Derek say, and feeling her hands on my hips I felt her begin to thrust in and out of me. Long deliberate strokes. God, how good that felt. My nipples hardened and my boyclit became excited and twitched. David’s hand was on the back of my head and with his cock buried in my mouth he pushed my lips all the way to his pelvis, my nose resting upon his abdomen, almost gagging as the head of his cock touched the back of my throat down into my throat. Then releasing me, I began to suck him with long strokes, my manicured hands, my red fingernails, teasing his balls and his shaft. His cock was rockhard. “God his mouth feels so good. Derek, I want his ass now before I shoot.” I heard David say, and pulling his cock out of my mouth, leaving me panting for more, he stepped back from me as I also felt the plastic cock exit my asspussy. Julie giggled and said to Derek, “Look at his hole” and I saw the camera shift to my ass. “Get on your knees on the bed you whore,” Derek said to me and taking the same position as on the floor, I kneeled on the bed, my panties now off and my white leather mini skirt hiked up over my hips exposing my ass.David with his long hard cock was now behind me as I spread my legs still adorned with the black thigh highs and heels, and I felt his cock at the tip of my hole and then entering as in one motion he pushed himself all the way inside of me, grabbing my hips and pulling himself tight. I let out a moan and a squeal. It did not hurt as much as it just filled me with its length and my body shivered. “Fuck her David. Fuck our little sissy. Let her know what it feels like to have a man inside of her fucking her.” And David continued to fuck my ass as Derek videoed the action. “Oh, this is great. I love this shit” said Derek.

Calling over the other man who I had not even met as of yet, he said “Brian, get in front of our little sissy and give her that fat cock of yours” and laying on the bed in front of me Brian proceeded to give me his cock, much thicker than David’s, much thicker. Julie lay beside him watching me and playing with and kissing his nipples and fingering her own pussy, all the while smiling at me. She too was high on something, that was obvious, as I smiled back at her.Soon Derek yelled at Julie to get down and spread open my ass while David fucked me, and as she spread my ass David pulled his cock all the way out. “Fuck look at that spread ass, look at that gaping hole” I heard Derek say as all three of them chuckled and laughed. Julie took the exposed cock into her mouth and began to suck it tasting my ass juices, then moving aside, being almost pushed aside, David pushed it back in, all the way in. I was in heaven. A used whore. Not quite sure what was going to happen next, and not really caring. As I sucked the cock in front of me, I felt Davids pace quicken and felt him begin to breathe heavier. “I’m gonna cum, Im gonna cum in the slut,” I heard him say and then felt his hot load begin to shoot inside of me. He pounded me as his cock shot again and again, and I whimpered with lust as I took the cock in my mouth all the way down my throat. “Spread his ass Julie,” I heard Derek say and was a bit sad that he had referred to me as a male. “Oh, look at that used hole. Suck David’s cock Julie. Lick that ass, too” and Julie proceeded to suck the cum off of David’s cock and lick my gaping ass, swallowing David’s cum and tasting the juices from my hot asspussy. She was wild with lust and her warm probing tongue upon my hole felt so good. I continued to suck on Brian’s cock, enjoying the attention that my now used ass was getting. “Julie, you are my little whore. I love you you nasty girl” I heard Derek say and wished that he had been talking to me. “Well, Brian, I think that it is your turn to use our little slut. You ready?” and Brian slid out from under me with his thick cock now fully aroused, and standing, moved around behind me. I felt Brian’s cock as it entered my ass. It was so thick that it hurt, just a bit, well quite a bit, as his large head and shaft first passed my rim. Again I whimpered a bit, but soon I felt his cock enter me deeper and deeper, my asspussy now stretched, my body shaking and my mind filled with desire, wanting him, loving being used, now needing his cock, not just wanting it.

With his hands on my hips he pulled me all the way to him, my ass against his pelvis, him completely buried inside of me. He gave a contented purr at having fully engulfed himself in me and then began to move his cock in and out of me, slowly and with ever longer strokes. From fully buried to almost withdrawn, I had my head laying on the pillow in front of me, my ass raised to meet his thrusts, softly moaning and so enjoying the sensation behind me. I felt a hand upon my boyclit, stroking it softly, exciting and hardening it. Then I felt a mouth upon it, softly sucking it, as my asspussy was slowly fucked and spread. How wonderful it felt. “Julie, why don’t you go lay in front of Dani and give her that treat” said Derek, and as Julie moved around and lay on the bed in front of me, I realized that the mouth on my cock was not hers but David’s. Julie lay in front of me and spread her legs, presenting her pussy to me. I began to suck it and lick it, nibbling at the clit. With my mouth upon her pussy and my tongue inside, I began to notice how wet her pussy was and soon realized that I was licking not her juices but someone’s cum from her. Lustful and hungry I devoured her pussy, wanting every drop that was before me. “Look at that whore eat your cunt, Julie,” said Derek. “Look at her. Julie she loves that cum in you. She can’t get enough” and he continued to video me as I licked and ate her. I felt Brian’s strokes getting faster and faster, the pain now gone, replaced by my lust. My boyclit was so hard, I knew it was going to explode and as Brian fucked my asspussy, I came in David’s mouth, shuddering and shaking as I exploded in him. David slid out from under me and came up to where I was laying and giving me a long deep passionate kiss, pushed my hot load into my mouth, the camera barely a foot away. I heard Brian say that he was getting ready to cum, and feeling him increase his speed as he grabbed my hips and fucked me harder, I heard him scream and moan as his load shot inside of me, again and again, finally grabbing my hips and pulling himself all the way in as he emptied himself inside of me. “Oh Gawd, that felt so good. So good!” he exclaimed as I melted below him. “David, Julie, get over her and finish this off” Derek commanded, and as David sucked the cum off of Brian’s cock, Julie spread my ass for the camera, my gaping ass. “Look at that pussyass, Derek” giggled Julie with her hands on both of my ass cheeks and pulling them apart. “Oh fuck, look at that” replied Derek, the camera going back and forth from David sucking Brian’s cock to Julie spreading and now scooping Brian’s cum from my ass and licking my asspussy.

“Okay folks, let’ s take a little break. I need a line or two after that” said Derek. And Julie with her mouth filled with Brians cum from my ass, laid down next to me, and kissing me softly, pushed the cum from my ass into my mouth. Savoring it, the taste, the flavor, the texture, rolling it around in my mouth, I then slowly swallowed it. “Dani, you are a little sissy slut, aren’t you?” said Julie. “Yes, Baby, I really am. I really am. ” I replied.

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