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A Motherful Delight

It was the first time after graduating jr. college that mom and I had some time to spend together. She had planned a nice sunny day for us to have a picinic and to have some conversation. She looked so beautiful that afternoon, she was wearing a yellow dress that complimented her silky blonde hair which was tied up with a white ribbon. She was also wearing white nylons with white heels that had tiny yellow bows on the back of them. I was so impressed of her wonderful looks that I needed to tell her often about it. After awhile of driving and talking we finally made to our spot that I use to go as a boy just to relax and just liked the scenery. It's a little grassy clearing alongside a little clear brook. My mother unfolded the blanket and bent over to lay it down in front of me. I was immediately greeted by her pantiless bare bottom and trimmed blonde haired vagina. At that moment I didn't say a word, but instead became thilled! As we sat and had lunch with a couple of glasses of wine, we talked about alot of what's been going on with our lives, but I still couldn't get over seeing her beautiful round ass and sweet pussy. We finished our lunch and we both decided to have some dessert, some cherry pie with whipped cream! While we had our pie she brought up the subject of sex, I couldn't believe she wanted to talk about it and yet in detail. She mentioned many ideas about how good it is to have sex, and before I knew it she turned her attention towards me, asking how big my erect penis gets. My honest answer of seven inches did something to her, because she pulled her shoulder straps down to expose beautiful c-cup breasts! Instantly after seeing her do that my penis grew hard and started to throb within my slacks. She knew what she was doing to me, because her eyes lit up and she licked her lips when she seen her son fully excited. She wanted me as I wanted her, as she sat there I approached on my knees and slowly reached under her dress. I gracefully ran my hands up her thighs probing for the source of the warm moisture that radiated within her dress. While I took my time seaching for her motherhood, she unbuckled my trousers and pull them down to my knees. Her hands instantly found my throbbing hot erection and proceded to stroke it. My erection felt like it was going to bust when I slid two fingers into the hottest, wettest, and most beautiful pussy I'd even had the pleasure to have. She was being satisfied by her son, and returned the favor by licking my raging hot erected penis. She teased it before she couldn't hold back any longer, she opened her mouth wide and leaned over taking my shaft into her warm throat on the first attempt. She like it that way as she deepthroated me up and down! She coated me with her saliva and it started to drip sloppily from both of us. I fondled my mom while she kept proforming wet oral sex on me! part 2 coming soon!

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