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My s****r

Joe was 19 and his s****r 18. The had lived sheltered lives and still lived at home with their parents. Joe was so curious about sex and would sneak at night down the hall and watch his parents fuck. He was amazed at what they did. He loved to watch his mom on top of the dad and her tits bounce as the dad pounded her pussy. Sometimes the dad would put his cock in his moms mouth and she would suck it as he went in and out. His favorite was watching dad lick moms pussy. As their night light would shine he could see the dad spread his moms cunt and lick it. He loved to see his dads tongue invade his moms hole making his own cock hard. Joe did not realize he was blessed with a huge cock many men would love to have. Long and thick.
Susie was 18 and still a virgin. She was wanting sex and many times felt her own body at night in her bed. She loved to touch her pussy making it tingle. She had huge tits like her mother and she loved to play with he nipples.
One week end mom and dad went away to visit friends and Joe and susie stayed home. Joe just came out of the shower with a towel around him as Susie started to enter with only a towel covering her body. Joe grabbed her towel off to tease her. But as she stood there naked yelling at him, he noticed her huge tits. She and his mom both had large round perky tits. He then reached over and felt them. Susie started to slap his hand but then loved the feeling he was giving her. She stood there and let him touch her. As he played with her tits he looked at her pussy. It had no hair on it and now he touched it too. He rubbed the pussy with his finger as he had watched his dad rubs his moms. His s****r leaned against the wall and let him feel her up. This was way better than when she touched herself. Then she jerked his towel off and looked at his cock. It was huge and starting to stand out. She ran her hand over it and felt the huge size of it. She wanted more.
Then they moved into Joe's bedroom and layed on the bed. Joe sucked Susies tits as they felt so good in his mouth. He spread her legs and looked at her pussy as he ran his finger over it. Susie moaned and wiggled loving it being touched. He then found the hole and pushed his finger inside making Susie go crazy. She grabbed his finger and pushed it in and out till she soaked it with her cum. By now Joe's cock was rock hard and Susie was rubbing it. Joe layed back and let her stroke the hard cock. He pushed her down to stick his cock in her mouth as he had watched his parents do so many times. He bobbed her head up and down on the huge rod. She first licked him then started to suck his cock. she could not get the whole long member in her mouth but what she did was turning Joe on. He then turned her so he could look at her pussy as she sucked him and now he could lick her cunt. As they sucked and licked each other both came. Joe squirted his cum all over Susie's face and she came on his tongue. Even after cumming they both continued to lick and suck each other. Now Joe turned his s*s over and laid on top of her. He spread her legs and felt his need to fuck her. He pressed his cock to the opening in her cunt. He got the tip in but was so big to get in her all the way. Her cunt felt warm and moist and he wanted to fuck that hole hard. He pushed in more. She felt the pain but wanted him inside her tight hole so she pushed up to him. He pushed in inch by inch till he got all in her and knew she hurt. But the pleasure was better then the pain hurting her tight cunt. With his huge cock in the tight pussy he began pumping in and out. It felt so good. He fucked her hole hard and fast. She wanted more and more loving the feeling of the fullness in her body. They were able to fuck for several minutes before they both climaxed. He filled her hole with his warm cum as her cum mixed with his. He finished by sucking each of her huge tits. Her tits were huge like their mothers and he knew why his dad spent so much time sucking his moms.
They spent the rest of the day in bed. licking sucking and fucking. It was a great week end.

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