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My first Crossdresser - Part Four

I'd have been happy to make love to her right there in the doorway, but she had other ideas. We kicked off our shoes. She led me into her huge room and sat me down on the couch. She stood over me motionless for a moment, and then slowly began to strip. First her blouse, unbuttoned very slowly to reveal a sheer lacy demi bra. Then her skirt, slipped down her beautiful legs revealing her garter and sheer lacy panties. She stopped there. Her skin was flawless, pale and smooth. Her stomach flat, a dangling jeweled ring accenting her perfect navel. And her panties, while trying their best, were failing miserably at hiding her erection.

She bent down and undid my belt and pants, pulled them down over my legs and tossed them across the room. She tugged my boxers down as well, my cock happy to finally be free to stretch to it's fullest. She moaned softly as she cradled my balls in one hand, gently stroked my shaft and admired my stiff member. She dropped to her knees and kissed it's head, then moved down the shaft with her tongue and began working my balls. Exquisite. I moaned. Back up my shaft with her lips, tongue licking gently around my glans, and finally encircling my head with her lips and tongue. My mind is reeling and heart racing as she beging taking me deeper and deeper into her mouth. Every time I think I'm about to explode she stops. And waits. And giggles and moans as she licks the pre cum off me. Finally she whispers to me "this time I want you to spill into my mouth so I can taste you", and slides her lips around my shaft. Still working me slowly, but now with purpose, I feel my cock stiffen and sparks begin to ride up my spine. My pelvis jerks uncontrollably as I gush into her mouth. She hangs on and keeps working me, so much cum that some leaks out of the sides of her beautiful lips and oozes down the sides of my shaft. When I finish, she licks the spilled cum off my balls and cock, looks at me and smiles.

"That was incredible she says, you taste wonderful, better than I had imagined!" She stands up and reaches for my hands. "Now it's my turn." She leads me to the bedroom.

We fall onto the bed and kiss. She whispers "I want you to taste MY cum now." I've never had a cock in my mouth, but I'm loving this. I start working my way to her crotch, kissing her neck, then her chest. I'm a little clumsy when I try to remove her bra, she giggles and helps me. Her nipples are wonderful, stiff against my lips and tongue. She likes it, arching toward me and moaning as I play with them. Down to her soft flat stomach, and finally her panties. I kiss the inside of her thighs a few times, then pull her panties off and toss them to the floor. Her cock is gorgeous, her shaft is thick and bent a little. I kiss it and begin sliding my lips and tongue up and down. She moans.

I take her shaft into my mouth. I love the way it tastes, the way it feels against my lips and tongue. I quickly become completely consumed by her cock, her moaning, her hips rocking ever so slightly under me. I'm ravenous, I can't get enough. And I'm already hard again. Jesus.

I try to work her like she did me, bring her close to the point of no return to tease her. I manage to do it a few times, but she gently puts her hands on the side of my face, picks me up and whispers "you're amazing, I need to cum. Work me this time until I can't cum anymore." I take her cock back into my mouth and work up and down slowly, lips riding her beautiful shaft. Soon her moaning becomes intense and I feel her cock stiffen and her pelvis tighten. She explodes into my mouth, hot, sticky smooth cum into the back of my throat, spraying over my tongue. It tastes fabulous, salty and smooth. There's much more than I imagined but I swallow every drop, and as she goes limp I return to her side and kiss her gently.

She gazes into my eyes and tells me I was wonderful. Then, after a pause, she says "now I need you to fuck me, I need to feel you spill inside me. KY is in the drawer." I open the drawer and find the KY among her set of dildos as she rolls to her stomach and gets on her knees, ass in the air. I get behind her and admire it. She's flawless. Her ass is pale and smooth and her man pussy lightly pink. I'm drawn in and I begin licking around it, tasting every bit of her. I gently push my tongue inside, it tastes sharp but delightful. She rocks and moans.

I straighten up and lube my cock, then I lay it on her ass and slide it up and down. I position my head against her man pussy, and holding it down with my thumb I gently ease it in. Her moans are different now, deeper and coming from a different place. I slide it in as far as it will go, and she pushes back toward me, We begin to rock slowly. She's tight and hot, and my balls slap against hers. I rub the sides of her ass and her back. I'm not going to be able to hold out long.

Just when I think I'm going to cum, she pulls me out and rolls onto her back. "Now slide it in again and let's finish you off". Her legs in the air, I slide it in. Easier this time, we begin to rock. She tightens her legs around me and pulls my face to hers. Deep kisses, tongues and lips, rocking, sexy, I don't want it to stop, Suddenly she moans, I feel her man pussy tighten around my shaft and her cum sprays hot against my belly. It's too much, I explode into her. She moans again as we collapse into each other.

We lay together silently for a few moments, gazing into each others eyes. I've never felt like this, so consumed with passion, giddy like a teenager, hungry for more. I stroke her cock and I feel it start to stiffen. She smiles at me and we kiss.

I knew I was in trouble the moment I saw her.

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