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My first Crossdresser - Part Three

Harrah's was crowded, loud, and bright. She walked in front of me, holding my hand and leading us through the maze of people. I didn't mind being led because I could watch her walk, her ass and legs were as sexy as any I've ever seen. We made it through Harrah's, lurched onto the street and into the cool night air. The sidewalk was crowded still, but now we could walk side by side, hand in hand. I could hear giggles and whispered comments as we passed other pedestrians, but I didn't care. We crossed the strip in front of Caesars Palace and made our way to the Bellagio fountains, where she wanted to stop and linger.

We leaned against the rail and watched the fountains. I think the song playing was "Singing In The Rain", but to be honest, my head was spinning with lust and emotions so it's hard to remember. I put my arm around her and she leaned her head on my shoulder. We didn't speak. After a minute or two she turned to look at me, and when I looked back she kissed me. Soft and sweet, her lips and tongue began caressing mine. We pulled each other closer, kissing even more deeply, and I could feel her cock pushing against my leg. Just when I thought I might cum in my paints, she pulled away, tossed her hair and giggled, took my hand and led me down the strip.

We walked over the bridge from New York New York to The Excalibur. In the middle of the bridge she stopped me and we kissed again; this time she cupped my ass with her hands and pulled me tight against her. Our cocks were straining, tongues working each other, and she was moaning ever so softly. I imagine that we were making quite a scene, but didn't want to stop, I don't remember ever being so turned on. I felt like a teenager again.

We boarded the monorail at Excalibur for the short ride to Mandalay Bay. We sat tightly against each other, her head on my shoulder and holding hands. She whispered in my ear "You did very well, I can't tell you how much I loved that walk. I'm going to reward you with the best sex you've ever had." My dick has been hard ever since we met, but this makes me throb. The train stops, we walk into Mandalay Bay and find the elevators. Holding hands all the way up, off and into the hall, we walk to her room. She opens the door and we walk in. The door shuts behind us. She takes my face in here hands a begins to kiss me even more passionately than before. My head spins and my cock throbs.

To be continued...

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