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I am such a slut..........11

I am such a slut..........11

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I had turned a corner from which there was no going back. Walking down a path to becoming the woman that I desired to be, driven by my lust for men, for their smell, their taste. The feel of their cocks in my mouth.....and in my ass. The desire to be used by them as their slut, their whore, their toy. It was now Saturday evening and Derek had asked me (told me rather) to come to a party that he was having. He gave me the room number of the motel, the same hotel that he had used before. He told me to come dressed and that there would be some 'other people' there. When I asked who he told me he said that it was none of my business. That I was a slut, that I should come dressed as a slut, and be prepared to be a slut. I had spent the early evening showering and removing hair from my body, making myself so smooth. I was determined to show Derek what a slut I could be. I painted my toenails and my fingernails red. My lipstick was red as well, cocksucker red. I did my eye makeup and liner a bit darker. Small gold hoop earrings in my pierced ears. My body I had covered in a scented lotion, then perfumed. Earlier in the afternoon I had stopped at the tanning salon. The looks and the smiles that I got from the young girls working there were a bit embarassing, but I really didnt care. The warmth of the lights felt so good on my body as I tanned with only a pair of pink panties on. I had been doing this a bit regularly and loved how my little clit strained against the material, and I was becoming tan. I played with my hair, my now longer hair and decided that I needed to have it styled next week. But I parted it and pulled the one side back, my dark brown hair resting on my neck. I actually looked rather pretty, so I thought. Tonight I would dress as the slut that I was becoming. I pulled on some black thigh high stockings with and shuddered as I felt them against my legs. They always excited me. Always. A matching pair of black panties and bra held me in place. A white leather mini-skirt and black and white satiny top. And my four inch black heels. God I felt so good. I was so hungry. So horny. I knew what I wanted and what I needed. I placed some bangle bracelets on my wrists. I loved how feminine they made me feel. A little fairy dust and I dropped some more in my purse and I was off.

I called Derek as I approached as he had instructed me to do. He told me to knock on the door. That they were waiting for me. He said it with somewhat of a chuckle. I parked my car a bit aways as he had told me to do and walked around the hotel to the room. It was a bit chilly outside, the cool air against my legs. I came up to the room and knocked....A man in his early forties opened the door and invited me in and introduced himself as David. He gave me a hug and a kiss and pulled me to him. His cologne smelled very nice as he nuzzled and kissed my neck. I looked through him and past him into the room and what I saw excited me and aroused me. On the bed was a woman, appeared to be late twenties, maybe early thirties, blonde, slender, small breasts. She was laying on her back, her legs raised in the air as a man was on top with his unprotected cock buried deep in her pussy, going in and out of her, fucking her. Derek was standing at the far side of the bed with a video camera filming her and the gentleman. The woman looked to be either inebriated or quite high as she had a dreamy look on her face. Perhaps it was just the lust and the passion.

As I entered, Derek raised the camera in my direction and said "Here comes our little slut now. Hi Dani. Say Hi for the camera," and the attention of the room seemed to turn to me. As I said hello and gave a smile, the young woman on the bed began to giggle a bit as the man in her continued to thrust in and out of her pussy. "My Dani, you look like a sexy whore tonight. We are going to have some fun. Why don't you help yourself to what is on the desk" and he directed me to the desk where there were some pills and some lines. I took a pill not quite sure what it was and a line and turned around, feeling so good and so sexy. Addressing the man who met me at the door, Derek said "Dave, why dont you give Dani a kiss and show her what you have." David did just that drawing me to him and a bit more f***eful and more passionate, kissed me and hugged me, his hands running under my short skirt and over my ass. How good his hands felt upon me. Taking my hand he placed it on his cock and I could feel that it was quite large through the material of his pants. I heard Derek tell me to take it out and turning to him I saw that he was filming us. I began to undo his belt buckle and pull down his zipper as he kissed my neck and told me what a pretty slut I was....and that he was looking forward to fucking me, which caused me to whimper with anticipation. As his cock came out of his pants I grasped it in my hand and was surprised as to how big it already was. A soft moan came from me, caught on camera, as I looked down and saw what a nice cock it was, a large cock. Without being told I dropped to my knees and first kissing the head, I proceeded to take his cock into my mouth and began sucking it as it grew and hardened in my mouth. I heard Derek's voice next to David saying "Dani, you slut. You like that cock don't you. Look up Dani" and as I said "Yes i do, I really do" I was looking into the camera as Derek was filming me. I loved it. I loved his cock. I loved the attention. I loved that I was being filmed. I was so excited that these men, these hot hard men, wanted me and were going to use me. I felt my clit tingle with excitement. I loved sucking that wonderfully hard cock, taking it down my throat, feeling his hand on the back of my head as the entire length of his cock, his big cock, was inside of me, filling my mouth and my throat. And releasing me I continued, sucking it and occassionally looking into the camera, encouraged on by the men in the room. I felt someone next to me and looked aside and there on her knees next to me was the young woman. She began sucking on David's balls as I sucked his cock and soon we were sharing both his cock and his balls back and forth, encouraged on by both Derek and David. "Look at these two whores!" exclaimed Derek. "God this is going to be a fun evening before it is over" he chuckled.

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