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King University's New Slut Part 8

Chapter 8: Another Unexpected Twist

"Mr. Howard?!... What are you doing here?" I say.

Mr. Howard looked at me with a puzzled look on his face.

"Tyler? You know Darius?" he asked.

"Darius is my friend, I just came to visit him." I say.

"How do you know him?" I ask.

"Darius is my son.,” he said. My eyebrows rose from total shock.

"Oh! Your son? But his last name is Ford?" I ask in confusion.

"His mom's last name is Ford. I'm in the process of getting a divorce. He decided to keep his last name as Ford instead of Howard." he said. 

I was speechless, I guess that explains the night at the party when he had no wedding ring on. Less then ten minutes ago, I had just slept with my math teacher's son! Here I was standing here with his future grandk**s inside me.

"I was just about to leave." I respond. "Darius is sl**ping right now." 

"Oh, in that case I'll just drop this off." Mr. Howard said dropping a gym bag down on the floor.

"I'll just come by later." he said.

I walk out the door with Mr. Howard feeling very awkward and very much like a home wrecker in some odd way. 

"So how are you liking my math class so far Tyler?" Mr. Howard asked walking down the hallway with me.

"Its pretty good, math is not my strongest subject, but with a lot more studying I'll get it pretty soon."
I say calming down.

"You know my son is really great at math, you should study with him sometime, I think he would like to help you out." he said.

"I'm sure he would." I say with a comforting smile. 

"Well this is my stop." I say noticing my door off to the side.

"Oh and you room right by him, what a coincidence." Mr. Howard says.

"Yeah isn't that funny." I say.

"Well I'll see you next class. If you need any help just let me know or Darius." he said walking to the elevator.

"Thanks, I think I will..... (And for other things)"

Feeling exhausted from today’s sexual events, I decided to take a nap before I had to go class. I go up to my door and here loud laughing again. Quinn must have brought his friends, Rufus and Kelvin to visit again. I walk in and see Quinn, Kelvin and Rufus all in the same spots like before but with a new guy I've never seen before. 

"What up White boy!" It was Rufus, he must have forgotten my name.

"It's Tyler." I say.

"I know man I'm just playin" he said laughing like a damn Hyena.

I walked in noticing all eyes on me. Quinn had a nasty, evil looking smirk on his face, he looked like he wanted to diss me. I knew if he did say something it was all just for entertainment for his boys. 

"Hey, we were just about to watch some football. The Raiders go against our team tonight. You wanna join us?" Rufus said trying to be nice.

"Actually I'm gonna take a nap before I go to class. Kinda tried." I say walking to my room, not really caring to hear his answer. 

I went to my bathroom and took off my clothes. My cum soaked underwear had a very strong smell, after all I had taken three different loads in me. I scooped some up and tasted the strange different flavors of each guy I took. I didn't know if I liked it or not but if I was going to be swallowing from Quinn anytime soon then I better enjoy it.

I took a long shower, cleaning out my ass the best I could and the whole time I thought of Jamal and our little argument. To be honest I was really starting to feel bad about the whole thing even happening.

I really think I was growing feelings for him and that rarely ever happens with anyone I had ever dated. In a strange way I feel like I cheated on him even though were not even together. 

My thoughts were broken when the door to my bathroom opened, I turn around and it was Kelvin to my surprise.

"Kelvin what the hell are you doing?! Why are you..."

"Stop talking." His very deep baritone voice echoed through the bathroom, causing me to get weak in my knees. He towered over my half naked body like a giant. 

"Quinn told us what he did to you." Kelvin said staring down at me with hardly any emotion coming from his face. I got nervous and my body started to shake from the nerves hitting me, I stuttered... "I'm ssssoorrry, Quinn made me..."

"You Alright?" he cut me off again. My shaking stopped, he was worried about me. 

"I'm fine. It's just a...."

"If he does somethin' else to you, you let me know." he said cutting me off again. I shook my head yes and he walked out of the bathroom. I felt like I had just been interrogated, but I felt relieved that Kelvin actually showed some feelings for me.

I walked out of the bathroom and put on some fresh boxer briefs. Within minutes I was sl**ping like a baby. 

I woke up feeling strong pain coming from my ass.

"What the... Who the hell..."

"Ssshhhh.... stop moving." The whispering voice belonged to Rufus.

"Rufus what the fuck man? Get off me!" I shout, I try to push him away from me but he kept all his weight down on me. He had his dick inside of me and he was fucking me slowly.

"Q, put somethin' in his mouth!" Rufus shouted.

"Quinn?!... No!" 

"Shut the hell up bitch!" Quinn shouted.

"Let him fuck you. You know thats what you want." he said. His dick was thicker than Quinn's dick. I didn't think it was humanly possible to take Quinn's dick, here I am getting stretched by someone who was even fatter!

"Dayum k**, this ass is perfect! Q I can see why you came in this ass so quick. This bitch is eatin' me up!" Rufus said in my ear.

I couldn't believe I was getting ****d and Quinn was standing there watching us, with a evil smile on his face. He had planned this whole time!

"Hey white boy, I saw that ass leaking when you walked in. Who else fucked you?" Quinn asked getting closer to my straining face.

"Nobody... but.... you." I said with each grunt from Rufus's dick.

"Why you gotta lie? I told you already white boys are fuckin' sluts for black cock. Stop tryna act like a shy, innocent, white bitch, I know yo' muthafuckin' ass been out there fuckin' around. So tell me who fucked you?" Quinn asked again. 

"Why the hell... (Ouch!)... Would you care!.... (Uhh... Mmmm!)" I say from every thrust Rufus made.

Quinn sat back for a second and thought about it. "You know what, I guess you right. It was probably some little dick nigga anyway, but you know what I'm thinkin?" Quinn asked. 

"Fuck this pussy is GOOD!" Rufus shouted in my ear.

"Shut up man and let me talk!" Quinn demanded.

"I'm thinkin' about turnin' you out to this whole school..... Yeah, I like that." I could see Quinn's head get bigger from the idea, but I wasn't having it.

"No! You can't do that to me!" I say.

"Oh yes I can and I will." He said back.

"I'm thinkin about chargin' ten bucks for a hit at that ass. Five dollars for hit at that mouth." Quinn said.

"NO! You’re fuckin' crazy!!! I fuckin hate... MMMMmmMMMMmmMMMM!!!!" Rufus covered up my mouth with his hand and I tried to struggle away from him.

"Trust me, your gonna like it. I know it and you know it. Once you get some black cock in both ends, you will be hollerin' for more. And I'm gonna be there laughin' at you." Quinn said. 

"Fuck man I'm gonna nut all in this ass." Rufus said.

"Do it. He wants it!" Quinn said.

I struggled even more. I was shouting NO NO NO in my head. 

That's when I woke up. I was soaked in sweat and breathing hard. I wiped myself off with a tissue. I looked over at the clock and saw that I was once again late for class, but I didn't rush this time.

I got up feeling intense pain shoot through my ass. I stopped and felt my ass, it was leaking cum..... was I dreaming or was this real?????

END of Part 8!  

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