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The Middle

Being anxious to get abused takes a lot out of you, and at the same time has your body, your mind and your nerve endings going a mile a minute.

Getting into a groove of being used, takes mental preparedness. Knowing how to sit, stand, kneel, talk and look. Knowing that when I meet him, I have to be bra-less and be wearing no underwear. Coming from work was no problem, sitting in traffic, I would simply remove them, one time getting the attention of a bus driver.

But always arriving wet. Wet was never a problem for me with him. The thought of his mind power over me was enough to make me not only wet, but orgasm.

The "middle" was always filled with some sort of interesting game, denial sometimes, but often it was a game of control, being his and only his, and learning what he wanted. Conditioning myself to do and to be his all.

Tied to the bed, spread eagle, clamps on my nipples, hair braided tight and in his hand, his other rested on top of my pulsating mound. "Cum for me baby", his voice, his deep voice whispered to my blindfolded nakedness.

My breathing gets heavy, in-sync with his voice, his breath in my ear, illuminates my orgasm with no assistance sexually.

I am wet, very wet, he massages my pussy lips, pulling at them, smearing my cum all over myself. First it is one finger, pushing into my g spot, massaging it, stroking it, and he tells me to cum again, all over his fingers, almost gushing now.

Two fingers, the pressure is almost to great, but more is to come. He strokes the inside of my pussy faster, deeper, the length in his fingers reaches far beyond what many others there are three, his groans of self pleasure are in my ear, rubbing his cock on my thigh as he reaches further inside me.

Four, cumming harder and harder with each demand, only breaking to smear my own cum on my lips and face from his hand. He breaks rubbing his cock across my lips, but not cumming.

Fisted, hard, pain is blindsided by the pleasure of his voice, his demand and his desire to own my pussy.

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