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A way to a mans heart...through his feet?

The crawl to the feet s always the warm up. Sly, slouched and tiger-like, behind high in the air with a whim of readiness. If I am not wet now, I will me after I take my time and worship his feet, I think to myself.

I love the crawl, head low, yet eyes focused purely in his. I love the way he looks down at me.

With my mouth only I remove his shoes, socks...and the fun begins.

I love the long strokes of my tongue against his feet, sliding all the way up to his toes. Sucking each one, individually, slowly and very detailed. Not missing one inch of his soft foot in my mouth.

Sucking toes is no different than sucking a nice hard cock...except when you worship a foot, your showing dedication on a whole new level. Anyone can suck a cock and keep a man takes pure talent to make sucking toes, sexual, sensual and desired.

When you can master it, a man, your man, will intrust his lil piggies to your mouth as much as he wants his dick there, which won't be a problem after you can show your tantalizing tongue play


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