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The neighbor

She enjoyed sun bathing topless and sometimes all nude in her back yard. Her huge tits were still firm and had no sag even at her 40 years of age. Today she was nude. First she layed on her back then she turned to her stomach. The sun felt good on her ass. She then had a feeling some one was watching her but she saw no one. She would have no problem being seen naked as she loved to flaunt her body. She closed her eyes and changed back to her back. She dozed in a light sl**p when she felt some one rub her nipples. She moved liking the feel thinking it would be her hubby. Then she realized the fingers were smaller. She opened her eyes and there was her neighbor boy. He had her nipples between his fingers really tweaking them. She said,"Joe, what are you doing?" He smiled and cupped both breasts in his hands massaging them. He was home from college and had been enjoying his neighbors body every day as she bathed in the sun. She wanted to stop him, but it felt so erotic with the young boys hands on her tits she let him continue. He then layed on the lounge with her and started to suck each tit. He loved the big tits on the sexy woman. As he sucked he stretched them out pulling the nipples. She loved the sensation. Today she was naked and he then rubbed between her legs. Her pussy was shaved and smooth. He felt her pussy lips and her full clit and then felt her hole. She layed and enjoyed his hands on her pussy. He then spread her legs so he could really play with her as he ran his fingers up and down her smooth slit. His lips on her tits as his fingers worked at her cunt. Then he inserted two fingers in her wet hole. He heard her moan and started finger fucking that great cunt. It was not long till she came and he still kept fucking her. He could tell she loved his hands working magic on her cunt. Then he whispered in her ear, "Do you want my big cock?" She nodded her head, so he pulled his fingers from her hole and mounted her. She then knew he was not k**ding as he did have a huge cock on such a young man. He got between her legs and pushed his cock to the entrance of the beautiful cunt. Next he arched his back and shoved inside her. Slowly he got the whole big member in her. He was going to ride her till she screamed as he fucked her hole. In and out he went, faster and deeper till all was inside the neighbor lady. He fucked her fast and hard and as he kept pounding her pussy she started to cum but he did not stop the fucking. As she came several times he still fucked her. He was young and could fuck for hours. He then grabbed her tits as he plunged in and out of her. She had never cum so many times but then she had never fucked a young college boy either. He had the stamina she only dreamed of. Then her pussy started pulsing over and over and she started to scream. He covered her mouth to silent her and fucked faster so he could unload his cum inside her warm hole. As he filled her cunt with his juice she was screaming in pleasure against his hand over her mouth. Her cunt had never had such pleasure. The boys big cock filled her while she had multi orgasms. As he pulled out she saw his huge cock still hard. He saw he look. "If you want more be here naked again tomorrow" "I will fuck you till you scream and can not walk pretty lady with the beautiful pussy." She knew she would be there waiting.

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