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"Out" In the City 2

Just before the Summer ended my master Hank vanished on me. I was his slave and his nature trail bitch. We'd meet at the same park every day it was sunny and then go fuck in the woods. (Actually he'd fuck and I'd hold still)

One day in late August he introduced me to Gary. It was so awkward for both of us. To this day neither of us knew what Hank was up to. He always came to the park alone except for the last day we met. There was no sense asking Hank what was up. He wasn't much of a talker.

"This is Gary." was all he said about it.

I thought maybe we were going to have a threesome or something. But Hank made me follow him toward the woods and sent Gary away.

All the while we walked I couldn't get over how much Gary looked like me. We were both a couple of young skinny pale skinned twinks with long hair and long pointed noses. The biggest difference we had was Gary had blonde hair and at that time mine was dark brown.

For the next few days after it poured like a mother. Hank and I only met when the weather was good plus we never did exchange phone numbers.

The first day it was nice again I must have waited for hours but no Hank. The following day, same deal, Hank was a no show.

Two days later I was about to leave when I heard someone calling me. I looked up and there was Gary walking toward me.

"I wasn't sure what your name was," he began. "Except I was was sure it was close to mine."

"You got it right," I assured him as he sat next to me. Then we both asked the same question in unison.

"You ever see Hank?" That made us both laugh.

For the longest time we just sat and waited around to see if our master was going to show. When we were sure he wasn't we began to chat. It turns out Gary and I had allot more in common than just being the same bull queer's jizz jar. If it wasn't for the chill in the air we never would have noticed the sun was going down.

"My place isn't too far away," Gary suggested. "Wanna check it out?"

The apartment was typical for that part of the city. From the tiled entryway you either go to the living room, the kitchen or down a long hallay to the bedrooms.

Gary took me into his living room. At first we just just kind of looked at each other. It seems we both weren't used to taking the lead. Not with another guy anyway and certainly not with Hank.

After a few minutes we slowly inched towards each other and finally kissed. Once we got over the "Holy fuck I'm kissing another guy" phase we started to fondle each other and steadilly get more excited.

As we hugged and explored each other I noticed a big bulge in Gary's pants. Feeling his massive erection made me want to take charge. Or should I say my penis addiction took charge.

As I dropped to my knees I unzipped Gary's pants. Reaching past his shorts I almost lost an eyeball when his long eight inch boner popped out.

"What do we have here!" I teased.

Taking Gary's man meat with one hand I began to suck on it. That was Gary's chance to take a little intiative himself.

"Hold on, he ordered.

After he dropped his pants and shorts in the living room he took me down the hallway to his bedroom. With his long cock waving in the air
Gary spread his legs as he leaned back on his twin bed. At once I was back on my knees deep throating his boner.

I bagen to notice that with every stroke of my mouth and tongue Gary kept raising his legs further and further back until he assumed the perfect catcher's position. That was just too much to ignore. My cock bagan to hungrerly throb.

Standing up I shoved my big stick into Gary's open ass hole.

"Oh shit!" I grunted.



Much tighter!




Soon I was exploding up Gary's bum.

"God," he exclaimed. "You cum a helluva lot quicker than Hank!"

"It's all good" I assured him as I pulled out and proceeded to give Gary a two fisted hand job. After several long strokes my fingers were drenched in his sticky goo.

"Fuck!" Gary sighed. "You're good!

"I learned from the best," I replied.

For the next few weeks Gary and I were a couple. We hung out in all the good gay friendly places in the area. It was so good to have someone
to share all my inner secrets with.

Well, most of them anyway. We were on roll until I brought up how I'd love to stand in front of my mirror wearing my mom's wig I took from her.
From the look on Gary's face you would thought somebody had farted.

"I don't do the CD thing!" declared Gary. "But I know someone who does!"

-to be continued

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