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My Father In Law – Part Six

Friday morning when I awoke in my father in law Doug’s arms he said he had a special treat for me. I asked what it was. He said that his b*****rs had such a good time with me and I was so intent on wanting their babies in me that it would be nice if I spent the entire weekend with them. I smiled & giggled, asking him if he remembered that this weekend would be the prime time of the month to get me pregnant. He said yes he remembered and that’s why he wanted me to be with them taking all the hot cum they had for me. I said it would be my pleasure and I would be very proud to have babies by his b*****rs.

Around noon Doug dropped me off at their house. Uncle Cal answered the door. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. When our lips parted I told him I would be proud to bear his baby as I had borne Doug’s.
He said that he and Ben were going to do their very best to impregnate me. He then took me into the living room where Uncle Ben was sitting. I went over and kissed him and again I repeated I would be proud to have his baby. He said he and Cal were going to keep me very full this weekend. At that point Cal took out a preliminary schedule to show me who I would be in bed with and for how long. They had a very aggressive plan each would keep me in bed for five hours enjoying me then they would switch. I was told I would not be getting much sl**p in the next 72 hours. That meant they would each take me about 14 times this weekend. Wow, but I had no doubts they were up to it, but I wondered if I was.

Cal was first to take me to bed. He told me he really enjoyed the position where he pinned my knees to my shoulders & rammed me with his 9” cock. He said he planned to hold me in that position while his fertile seed made it deep into my ovaries to fertilize my eggs. By keeping me pinned like that none would leak out guaranteeing that it would all be in me to do the job of turning me into a bun oven for him. I couldn’t wait. He fucked me with passion continually telling me I will look so beautiful when my belly grew from his seed. I said that’s what I wanted. I could not keep count of the number of times I had orgasms. He was/is good. Before I knew it the first five hours were up. Uncle Cal helped me up and led me to the door so I could continue with Uncle Ben. I smiled as we kissed and said I’d be back for another refill. He grinned
Uncle Ben was waiting for me. Before I got into his bed I recoated my lips with lipstick. Both my Uncles enjoyed it when my lips were creamy & wet. As I lay there with Uncle Ben he said that while he wasn’t as thick as his b*****r in cock size he had the benefit of length. He said when he shoved it into me the chances were very good that the head of his prick would be shooting his hot seed directly on & into my eggs in my ovaries. I smiled knowing he was probably 100% correct. As we started to make love he also wanted to see how his depth would be with my knees pinned to my shoulders. Wow I felt like it was going to go in my stomach & out my mouth. At first I screamed and he pulled out a bit. Then he found a good pace and began to bang me relentlessly. His tempo was hypnotic. I could not speak to even ask him to stop. I was beyond helpless. When he finally shot his load I had already had multiple orgasms. And he was right it felt like a steady stream of his fertile semen seed was going directly on my eggs. I didn’t want him to stop. But before I knew it another five hours was up.

This went on and on, I lost all track of time and whether it was night or day. But my weekend came to a close. My uncles drove me back to my father in law/husband Doug’s house. Both of them had to support me out of their home and into the car. As well as into Doug’s house. They sat me on the couch and Doug asked how my weekend was. I said that his b*****r’s made sure I was kept smiling and totally full of their love.

Just an update, I have been to my doctor since I’ve been home (with my husband, Brad). It’s been about almost two months since Brad’s uncles had their pleasure fertilizing & impregnating me. And it looks like I am carrying two well fertilized eggs in me. As I will start to swell I guess this time I may have to be honest and let Brad know I’m carrying his uncles babies & that our daughter is actually mine & his father’s. But maybe I’ll invite Doug, Cal & Ben over and let them break the news that I am their little slut also. On a positive note, my husband has always wanted to get into my Mom & she’s mentioned she wouldn’t mind Brad taking her.

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