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Shopping with my s****r - Part 2


We drove along chatting freely, laughing when we saw guys checking out the two hot babes in the car next to them. Jane told me what purchases she planned for me, practically a whole new wardrobe I thought to myself, but hey who am I to complain. Jane pulled up in a quiet corner of the carpark and leant over and kissed me gently on the lips, her tongue probing mine. "Come on Dannii, lets go shop!" she giggles.

I climbed out of the car as ladylike as I possibly could, feeling the fresh air up my skirt and flow over my balls felt amazing, a nervous excitement building in my stomach. Jane and I held hands as we walked through the shops, I was sure people were looking at me, but Jane reassured me they were just perving on us "Trust me Dannii, they're just looking at me the same way we always do!"

We entered the first shop, Jane started browsing the racks of clothes, I wasn't sure what she was looking for but looked too, seeing if anything took my fancy. Jane had a handful of clothes, "Come on let's go and try these on!" she giggled excitedly.

We entered the changing room, for some reason it seems normal that two girls go in together. In there Jane's hands are all over my body, we're kissing hungrily as she undoes my skirt and pulls it down over my hips. She starts rubbing my cock through my knickers, I feel it getting harder with every stroke. "Jane, stop it, I'm getting hard!" I whisper.

"Exactly! Then we'll know if you can get away with this dress. Now lift your arms up." Jane eases my top over my head and kisses my chest and neck, "Here, try this on!"

I step into a purple summer dress, with pink flowers around the waist line. It sits nicely around my body, its flowing cut hiding the stiff cock I have underneath. "What do you think?" I ask Jane.

"I love it!" She says as her hands run up the back of the dress and caress my ass. "Now try these on!" she says passing me a skirt and top. The skirt was a little too tight and showed my cock underneath...kind of hot for Jane and I, but not ideal for wearing in public. The top on the other hand was hot, it curved round my breasts and was cut across my waist, revealing my flat stomach, making my hips look more womanly.

We stood in the queue patiently when I felt a pair of eyes looking at me, I turned round and saw a guy behind us with his girlfriend. He blushed when he realise I'd busted him checking me out, I smiled at him, trying to let him know I was flattered. The queue seemed to take for ever to go, and I was getting restless. I look behind me once more and smiled at the same guy, then without really thinking, I leant forward and adjusted my shoe, knowing that I was showing off even more of my long legs. I'm sure he must have been able to see up my skirt...part of me hopes he could see my ass but I'll never know. I look back at him again and he's smiling at me as he waits patiently with his girlfriend.

We look in a few other shops and pick up a nice pair of black heels, slightly higher than the one's I am wearing but I manage to walk in them ok. I stand with my back to the mirror and am amazed how toned and shpely the heels make my legs look. Jane smiles too and she squeezes my hand a little harder, as if she realises how special I feel right now. Next I pick out a little black dress (well every girl should have one!) and another skirt and pretty check top.

"Come on," Jane says, "Let's grab a coffee then get you some new underwear!"

We enter Starbucks and queue patiently just chatting about where to go next, Jane decides that I should get a new bikini as well, and who am I to complain!? The guy in front of turns around, its him from the shop earlier. I smile and blush slightly as our eyes meet and the recognition kicks in. The connection between us is broken when his girlfriend asks us what he's my mind I'm imagining it was me....

Jane realises what is going on and laughs, "Dannii you little slut, can't you see he's got a girlfriend?" she whispers.

"I know but its just nice to get some attention, knowing that my look turns on men is very reassuring." I whisper back, "But you're still the one making me feel sexiest." I kiss her neck gently, just as he turns again, his eyes nearly pop out of his head when he sees we're together.

Not through choice, we end up with a table opposite the guy in question. He can't help but stare as Jane and I gently brush our hands up and down each others legs, holding hands gently and touching each others faces from time to time. However, I can't resist opening my legs ever so slightly for him, turning so he can see my inner thigh and practically all the way up my skirt.

I excuse myself from the table and head to the toilets, suddenly realise that I need to go to the ladies. As usual, there is someone else in there so I have to wait outside. I almost jump out of my skin when he walks round the corner to the gents "I just wanted to say how beautiful you are, my s****r caught me checking you out and told me to come after you, she knew I've been looking at you all morning. I'm Jason by the way." he holds his hand out and I shake it as ladylike as I can.

"Your s****r!? We thought it was you're girlfriend!" I laugh, "I'm Dannii, its nice to meet you."

"Anyway, I've got to go," Jason said, "But here's my number, if you ever fancy going out for a drink let me know."

I take the card and slide it into the little hand bag Jane has leant me. "Thanks Jason, I might just take you up on that!" just then the ladies becomes free so I say good bye and we go our seperate ways.

Jane and I walk hand in hand off to her faviourite lingerie shop. This is the first time I felt really nervous and I had a stirring in my groin, knowing that I was going to have a pick of sensual sexy underwear to make me feel womanly.

"Any thoughts on what you would like?" Jane asked me.

"Well, every girl needs a sexy black set," I say, "Any thoughts from you?"

"I have just the set in mind for you, and I've seen a very sexy blue set that will suit you oh and maybe some everyday bra and knickers if you want to do this more often." Jane said as if she had thought this through clearly.

Inside, Jane leads me straight to the blue bra and thong. It was a soft baby blue sheer lace, with a white lace trim across the waist band and around the cup of the bra. "Wow, that is beautiful I say," as we search through for my size.

Next we look up a plain white and black t-shirt bra and a pack of thongs. Finally, the area I've been waiting for. My eyes fell on a beautiful black lace bra, now to decide thong or shorties? "Which do you think?" I said holding them up for Jane, the thong was flowery black lace all over that looked as if it would sit nicely around my ass. The shorts were similar material all over, but would shape my ass cheeks nicely.

"Why not get both? I'm paying remember!" Jane said happily. "And look, this red bikini will look amazing too!"

We finish paying and sit on a bench enjoying the fresh air. "My feet are starting to hurt," I say to Jane, running my hand along her thigh, "Perhaps we should head home now."

Jane and I walk back to the car hand in hand, carefree, ignorant to all the stares as we kiss each other tenderly on the lips. As soon as we get in the car our hands are all over each other, squeezing and groping breasts, thighs and arms. Our lips and tongues entangled as we kiss passionately. "Come on," I whisper breathlessly, "let's get home."

We get in the front door and again our lips meet, aching for each other, our hands and fingers roaming over each others back. My cock is hard in my thong and pressing against Jane, she lifts my skirt so she can fondle my cock and ass at the same time. We stumble up the stairs and back into Jane's room, tugging each others tops off on the way. Kissing and embracing again we unhook each others bras and let them fall between us, breast to breast, nipple to nipple. I lower my head and suck hungrily on Jane's breast, swirling my tongue over her nipple, biting gently.

I lie back on the bed, and lift my hips as Jane pulls my skirt down, exposing my cock swollen in my knickers. Jane pulls my thong to the side letting my cock spring loose and gently kissing the tip of my cock before standing and dropping her skirt, letting me take in the beauty of her tanned firm body against the white lace thong. She turns, running her hand over her body, and sighs as her hands brush her pussy as she removees her thong.

Jane climbs onto the bed next to me and starts kissing my breasts and nipples again, working her way down my stomach and kissing my inner thighs gently. My cock twitching insanely, aching for her to suck it again. Jane works her body around until her sweet smelling pussy is over my face. I need no second invitation and lap hungrily at her pussy. My tongue runnning along the length of her lips, tasting the juices that are all ready flowing from her.

Before I know what is happening, I feel Jane's mouth take my cock deep inside and start sucking furiously. I take this as a hint and start licking her clit harder and faster. Jane's moans get louder her sucking more furious, feeling her lips move up and down my shaft, her hand cupping and caressing my balls, sending waves of ecstasy through my body.

I move my tongue so it presses against her hole, teasing it gently before easing inside her pussy, licking hungrily. Jane's moans get louder, her breathing shallower. I move my tongue back to her clit and press harder against it as I move my face in time with her hips, feeling the orgasm grow in my body at the same time.

Jane stops sucking on my cock and wanks it slowly, still cupping and squeezing my balls. I sense her body tighten as her hips go still on my face. She moans and pants furiously as her hips then buck wildly at my tongues touch. I slide my tongue back in her pussy and sense the change in taste now she's cum hard oover my face. I hungrily lick her juices as her tongue and mouth go back to the tip of my cock.

She starts sucking furiously, her head bobbing up and down on my cock, hand wanking in time on my shaft. I feel my balls tighten with each stroke, the passion building in my shaft, my stomach and legs tensing, I breathe louder and start moaning, Jane wraps her mouth tighter round my cock as my hips lift to her. The streams of cum start flowing furiously from my cock into her mouth, I feel her swallow it down with my cock still deep in her mouth.

As my orgasm subsides and my body stops shaking Jane comes and lays next to me. Again we kiss tenderly, this time full aware that our lovers mouth has just tasted the juices of our passion. This draws us closer as our tongues probe deeper, hungry for our own taste on our lover.

Jane straddles me and kisses my nipples again. "Baby that was amazing," I tell her. Jane rests her head on my chest and we hold each other as we drift off into a post coital sl**p.

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