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The housewife and the boy part 2

I just stood there looking at the drops of spunk that lay across her, I didnt know what to do next, she clearly did, she lifted her nightie and I was transfixed by the dark triangle of hair that lay across the top of her thighs. " ever seen this before?" she asked, "no" I stammered " i mean in magazines but not like this, its... amazing", "do you want a closer look?" she asked and moved around , she opened her legs and beneath the curls I could see two pink pussy lips, "can I touch it" I asked, " oh yes" she said "let me show you how" and with that she took my hand and rubbed my fingers over her clit, I crawled onto the bed to lay beside her and she moved my hand around in circles. "just keep doing that" she said breathlessly and lay back. I kept doing as I was told and moved my other hand up as well, I wanted to see my fingers inside her so while my left hand rubbed her clit my right finger slipped inside her, she gasped so I quickly withdrew my finger thinking I had hurt her but she just laughed and told me to carry on.
My finger once again slipped inside her soft wet folds and I started sliding it in and out, finger fucking her felt great and I was enjoying the feeling of my other hand sliding across her clit. Gladys was laid back and her breathing was getting quicker, "dont stop" she husked "dont stop" , my finger was moving quicker and quicker inside her pussy and my cock was starting to swell again. Gladys began to thrust her hips down onto my hand and I felt her pussy grip my finger as she began to climax, my cock was at full attention now watching her cum like this had been the catalyst it needed. "mmm , that was nice" she said, "now lets take a look at this" and with that she grabbed my cock and pulled herself towards it, her mouth was open and she flicked her tongue across its tip, she then engulfed it , I was in heaven, she ran her tongue up and down the length of my shaft and sucked it firmly , her mouth moving it deeper each time. I wanted to cum, I couldnt help it since it felt so good but I didnt know what to do, I wanted to fuck her so I figured honesty was the best policy and just told her "Gladys, I'm gonna cum but I want to fuck you", she stopped sucking and looked up at me, "cant you do both?" she asked with a cheeky smile then went right back to it, her tongue swirling over the engorged purple head as she sucked like a vacuum cleaner on speed, I couldnt hold back and I felt semen oozing out of me as I bucked back and forth. She clamped her lips tighter round me squeezing all the hot cum from my young cock and swallowing it down...................Final part once a few comments posted as to whether you enjoyed this or not!

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