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Excerpt 6

i couldn't help but moan, my hands gripping the sink feeling the cold steel underneath my palms as i leaned into a body that was so much more than mine, definitely masculine. strong hands moved their way over my hips and underneath my shirt just to tease by touching my belly. and then fingers just brushed up against the underside of my left breast only to slowly move their way down. I gasp loudly, breath becoming more panicked with excitement as i feel a warm mouth on my neck, gently biting and sucking. i felt myself tighten, and juices flow down my legs as i leaned back against that body, head moving up to nuzzle the mouth against my skin.
the mouth moved, i knew i'd have a nice mark later from the teeth that gripped my neck, but i liked the feeling. it scared me at how much i liked it only making the adrenaline pump into my system more as my hands continued to grip at the sink. a strong left hand moved down covering my crotch through the flannel pants only to make a hooking motion to dig in. feeling at how much the wetness seeped through the material only to have the right hand's fingers grip around my nipple harshly and roughly pull.

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