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Trying To be A Good GirlI'

I'm afraid that I have been naughty once again. I had promised myself that I would refrain from simply going wild over sex and just let it happen from time to time but that only lasted for a month or so.

Yesterday, I was busy cleaning up my yard. The winter had been rough and there were a lot of tree limbs down and just a lot of cleanup to get done. I knew I needed to just hire someone to do it but ended up just saying to hell with it for the day and the following day I would find someone to do the work for me.

I had just gotten out of the shower and heard the doorbell ring. I found this strange because people who know me just come to the back door and knock. I had on a robe and answered the door and there stood a young guy who was looking for work to mow grass, trim shrubs or whatever needed to be done. I told him that I had quite a bit of work that needed to be done but that it was probably more than one guy could handle. He told me that he had a friend who could help if need be.

I told him to meet me in the backyard and I thought of getting dressed but then it dawned on me that he probably wouldn't be interested in the work anyway. All I wore under the robe were my panties but I sincerely had no intention of showing this k** anything. (although he was very cute)

I showed him around the yard and told him what I wanted done. We agreed on a price and he was to start the following morning. I walked him to his truck and found myself getting rather excited of the thought of him being around. I know I should have simply walked into the house but instead, dumb ass me asked him if he would care for a cold beer? He thought that would really taste great so while he seated himself at my picnic table, I went inside to get the beer. I told myself not to do it but I found myself with this urge to give him an erection and see what his response would be?

I joined him at the table and as I sat down I made sure to expose my titties to him. He seemed very pleased at my mistake of allowing my robe to open so far and as we sat there drinking the beer, I inadvertenly touched his leg with my foot. I apologized but he said there was no problem so I knew I had him for my own.

After several beers, I asked him if he had a girlfriend? He told me that they had just split-up. I reached for his hand to comfort him and out of nowhere, I told him, "I can help you forget about her." I have no idea of why I said that other than the fact that the slutty self was showing herself. We gazed deeply into each other's eyes and I took his hand and placed it inside my robe where he was able to fondle my titties.

His hand felt so good! My nipples were fully erect and the way he pulled on them was out of this world! I took him by the hand and led him inside my home where I immediately removed my robe and standing in front of him, I removed my panties. He honored me by removing his clothing and when his swollen cock popped into view, I knew I had to have it for my own! I wanted to suck it, kiss it, squeeze it between my titties, and watch him slide it into my hungry pussy.

I reached for his swollen cock and at the same time he moved closer to me. He was wet with precum and when I sucked him into my mouth he let out a gasp of pleasure. I placed my hands on the sweet little cheeks of his ass and pulled him completely inside my mouth. I had never tried a deep throat before but now I was very willing and able!

His cock and my mouth fit perfectly together. His balls only added to the pleasure as I held them. Then I felt his body start to tremble and he erupted in my mouth. I have to admit that I have had guys cum in my mouth before but nothing like this! I thought he would never stop! It was very thick and I was not about to dishonor his manhood by letting it escape my mouth.

Later, as we lay there, he kissed me very passionately and while fondling my breasts, he performed the greatest oral sex I have ever experienced. He kept inviting me to "Fuck my mouth" Which I did.

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