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A date with the garden hose

Ever since i was little i have liked to have my ass toyed. I remember filling myself with ice cubes in the tub, the cool sensation felt great in my ass as i rubbed my cock, not even aware what i was really doing at the time. years later i used rubber gloves to give myself a prostate massage, my skin rippled every time i came with something in my ass. knowing this i began to make plugs with candle wax to use in the shower. cum would rain down into the drain as i nearly lost my balance every time i blew a load in the shower my ass tingling.

but something was missing, the pleasure i felt was missing something a feeling of fullness maybe? the next day i found a aquarium pump and some line, i waited for a good moment and i took it. the house was empty so i locked my room door with myself, a bottle of lube, the pump, and the line. i lubed up the line till i had no grip on it, i waited in expectation as the line breached my asshole and i felt my stomach collapse with a loud whoosh as the air already present exited. the pump hummed softly as i began to fill with air and my cock stood rock hard ready for what was about to happen.

the feeling was unimaginable i felt like i was being fucked by a cloud as my asshole tightened its grip around the line, i came before i even touched my cock.
i was in so much pleasure i didn't even notice my stomach had swelled to the size of a basketball. as i lied there covered in cum fighting sl**p a cramp set in that burned my stomach with pressure, i ripped the pump cable out of the wall and heard a loud whoosh. as the pressure in my ass lowered drastically i came again onto my belly. out of wind on both ends a thought passed through my mind

that night i sneaked out of my house and over to the neighbors in the dead of night. i began to hyperventilate as i grew closer to my goal, the garden hose looked good that late(3:27 AM) so i hung my clothes up in a tree out of sight. completely naked wearing only latex gloves i grabbed the hose and held it tight against my asshole. as i bent over to turn the water on i felt a whoosh of air inside me followed by a ice cold blast of water. i had become what i had been dreaming of recently, a water toy.

as my dream had come true i increased the flow too much and i pushed too hard and felt a heavy thump on my hole, as the hose slipped inside me water flushed from around the sides soaking me as i came onto the ground. the f***e of this made me drop to a squat and fall forward onto my face this made my asshole tighten as i swelled to the size of a beach ball in seconds. this made me cum again, as the fear set in i was sure i would burst until the hose popped out of my asshole. as i slammed shut i rolled onto my back exhausted, full of water i began to cum endlessly all over myself. sticky and full i fingered my asshole as gallon after gallon after gallon of water poured out of my asshole onto the neighbors backyard.

draining myself let my mind wander the the thought occurred
(i wonder if i could make a water balloon in my ass)

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